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The Art of Seduction Audio Book

SUGAR SISTERS I SWEAR BY THIS! I don’t have the patience to read anymore so this is just ideal. Listen to it when you’re showering, doing make-up, cooking, before sleeping - bitch just LISTEN!!! This is the ULTIMATE book, like it will never not be useful. It will teach you how to DESTROY ya SD/POT/peers in general. Finesse their hearts and wallets. I swear you’ll thank me later, this has helped me so much in my everyday life as well as Sugaring.

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This one’s for everyone out there who isn’t celebrating Mother’s Day (in the USA). She doesn’t have to define you. x

Sugar Tip #3

When speaking to a POT earlier today, he asked what my allowance expectations were. I told him, he agreed, but added:

“I’m reluctant to hand that sort of money over in one go, so I’d like to do a PPM arrangement while we build trust.”

More often than not PPM is not going to be worth your time and is a tactic used by splenda and salt daddies alike. 

Never the less I smiled sweetly and replied:
“Of course - I’m happy to have platonic PPM dates while we get to know and trust each other.”

This is a great counter move; if he’s saying he doesn’t trust you enough to give you your allowance in full at the start of the month (which is understandable!), it’s unreasonable for him to expect you to trust him enough to be intimate with him. 

He’ll either accept your terms or run to the hills, either way you haven’t lost anything.

What he says and what he means

“There has to be chemistry” - I have to want to fuck you.

“Are you open minded?” - I’m into some freaky shit. I’m probably submissive.

“Are you naughty?” - Do you fuck on the first date?

“Mutual attraction is important” - pretend to like me. Don’t flinch when my wrinkly hands fumble at you.

“I don’t pay for sex” - I’m too poor to pay for sex.

“I want to get to know you better, come over” - I want to know what you look like naked.

“So many scammers on here” - Girls keep rejecting my low offers.

“What’s in it for me?” - I have my dick in my hand, help me get off.

“I offer my companionship and mentoring” - I feel entitled to your body for nothing.

“Maybe next week baby” - I will never buy you that thing. But if you think I will, you might suck my small, flaccid penis some more.

“You don’t trust me” - I don’t want to pay you before I’ve cum inside you.

“The last girl I was with didn’t want money” - the last girl didn’t know her worth yet. Then she left me…


Part of the Afon Babi (river of the baby). A local tale tells of a ‘changeling’- a fairy child left in place of a human child stolen by the fairies.

In Wales it was thought that a changeling child, ‘plentyn cael’, resembled the human it substituted at first, but then it gradually grew uglier in appearance and behaviour. It was given to screaming and biting. It could be identified by its more than childlike wisdom and cunning. It seems that the way to identify a changeling was to cook a family meal in an eggshell. The changling would exclaim, “I have seen the acorn before the oak, but I never saw the likes of this,” and then vanish, only to be replaced by the original human child.


get to know me meme: [1] male characters — james cook

“You think you know death, but you don’t. Not until you’ve seen it, Really seen it. And it gets under your skin, and lives inside you. You also think you know life. You stand on the edge of things and watch it go by, but you’re not living it, not really. You’re just a tourist. A ghost. And then you see it, really see it. And it gets under your skin and lives inside you, and there’s no escape. There’s nothing to be done, and you know what? It’s good. It’s a good thing. And that’s all I’ve got to say about it”

Sugar Tip #48

This tip is aimed at sugar babes who have a certain level of financial security to rely on without working in the sugar bowl.

Don’t ask your Sugar Daddy to reimburse every little thing! Remember you’re trying to come across as an independent woman that doesn’t *need* a man to live this luxurious lifestyle… 

You’ve arrived at the bar early? Buy yourself a drink, better yet get one in for your Daddy too. This not only shows you’re mature and confident, but reassures front of house / bar staff that you’re not on the ‘look out’.

If you’re meeting him in the town / city you live in, there’s no need to ask him to pay your fare. Girl, you’re a grown woman, you should be able to afford an oyster card or a train ticket for a few stops down the line. (Of course he should pay if you’re travelling out of town)

Don’t ask him to pay for your weekly grocery shop at the local supermarket, this should be something you can cover yourself! However there’s nothing too wrong if he wants to take you to nice restaurants or foot the bill for your excursion to Fortnum and Mason’s.

The point is; if you expect him to pay for every little thing you do, he will start to lose interest. He will also see this as a form of control over you. In his eye’s you’d be lost without him - after all, you’re implying you can’t afford a train ticket or basic groceries…

Not the look you’re going for!