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On 1 July 2016, 1,400 volunteers took part in a national memorial to mark the centenary of the Battle of the Somme. ‘We’re here because we’re here’ saw soldiers in First World War uniform appear unexpectedly in locations across the UK. Commissioned by 14-18 NOW, conceived and created by Turner Prize-winning artist Jeremy Deller in collaboration with Rufus Norris, Director of the National Theatre and 27 other organisations including Lyric Theatre Belfast, Manchester Royal Exchange, National Theatre of Scotland and National Theatre Wales.

The soldiers congregated without ceremony in public places up and down the country. Like ghosts, the soldiers remained silent throughout the day and when approached simply handed out a white card displaying the name, rank, battalion and regiment of a real soldier who had died at the Somme on July 1 2016.  All the volunteers carried the details of a different soldier.  

19,240 British soliders were killed on the first day alone of the Battle of the Somme.

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Name: Issy
Age: 14
Country: UK

Hello! I dont really know how to describe myself so here goes nothing… I like, dodie, supernatural, the 1975, harry potter ect. I am bisexual and half brazilian. I have lived in brazil, africa, scotland ect. I kinda speak portuguese but I havent spoken it in a while so im a little rusty. I play violin but i really want to play the ukulele. and I am starting my GCSEs next year!

Preferences: ages 12-16
i dont mind gender

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Name: Max
Age: 14
Country: UK

My name is Max and I’m in way too many fandoms to name but I like anime,kpop,cartoons and more gay shit. I’m really gay but I don’t care about your sexuality/gender. I’m a huge meme and also really sappy and emotional. I’m into Japanese fashion and I draw!! Pls befriend me I am a lonely boy;-;

Preferences: Lgbt+ friendly please
I don’t mind about gender or country

ID #71727

Name: Poppy
Age: 14

helloo! im poppy, I’m 14 but 15 in September, gay and female. im really into music and play guitar, piano, drums, even flute like 5 years ago lmao. philosophical topics really interest me and politics is a big part of my life so that’s cool to talk about too. some of my favourite bands are tame impala, catfish and the bottle men, arctic monkeys (their older stuff is better just sayinnn) and all kinds of indie stuff. also i really love poetry so anyone who likes that stuff would be sweet to talk tooo:) also up for ranting sessions hahahah

Preferences: i’d prefer someone female, although any gender is cool. age preferably like 14-17? someone who speaks english because oh boy i am awful at languages unfortunately

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Name: Hana
Age: 14
Country: UK

So I am a teen girl just looking for a friend. Because life is boring without friends, right? I like Kpop, Anime, Books (I’m in a lot of fandom’s so beware), TV series and Alt rock music. Don’t be shy to message me, I’m open to everyone and anyone.

Preferences: So basically anyone who isn’t racist, homophobic, islamaphobic and judgemental. I prefer it if we talk on line first because stamps are really expensive where I live at least and talking inline is much faster. But we can talk thought snail mail if you want later down the line. (12-16 but if you’re slightly older or younger I don’t mind)