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Miket hallgatsz mostanaba Lotti? Puszi😘

Flume-Never be like you
G-eazy-me myself and i
Mazde-Pitch black
Black coast-Trndsttr
Es a szokasosakat pl Years and Years osszes szamat ja Zayn uj muzsikajat is nagyon csipem:D puuuszi


Undertale AU: UNDERJAIL 


After the monsters broke through the barrier and returned to the surface they weren’t exactly welcomed with open arms. The humans were scared of the unknown and felt as though they were being “invaded” 

Soon to “protect themselves” they formed a squad of [Monster Hunters]. Rewards were put on monsters to be captured alive.

The Monsters, not wanting a repeat of the first war gave up peacefully and most were captured and put in a jail… that was built underground… oh,the irony


*Alphys: Somehow thinks it’s her fault that this happened. Realized she probably should’ve studied actual Human history. Meeker and unsure than before. Still likes anime though.

*Asgore: Still a very kind and gentle goat dad.

*Flowey: Has yet to be captured…he pretends to be a regular flower whenever people are around. Sometimes goes and taunts the Monsters in jail.

*Frisk: Kept separate from the monsters. The Human leaders think they are the “mastermind” behind the “invasion” of monsters. Can no longer reset the timeline. The power had something to do with the Underground where Monsters used to live.

*Metatton: Is still Metatton despite everything.

*Muffet: Doing surprisingly well. Somehow she manages to scam the guards (and other monsters) into giving her things (mostly cash)

*Napstablook: He sometimes visits the jail when the guards are distracted but is unable to do anything. He’s a ghost.

*Papyrus: Has realized that he’s not all the strong and powerful and is now timid and unsure even if he pretends to be like before. Gets bullied by guards and sometimes even by other monsters. He’s precious, please protect him.

*Sans: Has realized there will be no more resets and is more protective than ever of his brother Papyrus, hates humans with a passion for putting his Papyrus and him in jail. Has a pretty bad temper from being in jail.

*Toriel: No longer as kind as she was in the Ruins. The fighting and capturing of the Monsters triggered some bad memories turning her more aggressive.

*Undyne: More determined than ever to get rid of humans and protect Monsterkind. Will kick anyone’s ass if they get too close to Alphys.

[GUARDS]: Just Humans… some are nice, some are mean, some experiment on the monsters while others are sympathetic and actually wants to help them. But get too close and you’ll get hurt…

*Feel free to self insert yourself as a guard*

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Mi vagy te?

egy idegen,egy uj diak,egy elhasznalt ember,egy ex,egy szereto,egy baratno,egy ketszinu lany,egy lany a multbol,egy ribanc,egy jo barat,egy legjobb barat,a napsugar,katasztrofa,valakinek a mindene,egy hiba.

Dear Certain Big Larrie Blogs(tm):

If you are trying to co-opt George’s reality and personhood and bravery to fit your agenda of advancing fuckin SHIPPING, that is harmful to George and to queer fans. IT DOES NOT MATTER HOW MANY QUEER MEMBERS OF UJ THERE ARE IF YOU’RE TALKING ABOUT 1D AND VICE-VERSA. George, AND Jaymi, have nothing to goddamn do with anyone’s relationships except their respective own. Stop it. Shut up.

If your response is, like Wootten’s, “lol everyone already knew,” then you are harming George and queer fans. “Lol everyone already knew,” when a queer celeb comes out – whether it’s George now or when it was Ellen Page or whoever – reinforces the need to self-police to not “seem gay” and asserts a standard of “straight” behavior that’s somehow inherently different. Stop it. Shut up.

If you are trying to use the incredibly brave and open example of George to coerce or force or suggest or hint or demand that some other person come out, that’s fucking bullshit and you need to fucking eat some wool socks. Stop it. Shut up. George came out because he was ready. That is the only reason that anyone should ever publicly come out. Stop it. Shut up.

If you are also queer, and your response to a queer person coming out in a hugely public way, is to claim that your doing ANY of the shit above is somehow less harmful or less problematic or less shitty just because you are also queer: no. A Big Larrie on Twitter today tried to argue that it’s fine for them to pervert George’s reality and truth into an argument Against the Antis and that they can’t, and don’t need to be, an ally to him because they are also queer, but honestly:

Fuck that shit.

If queer celebs can’t count on queer audiences to be their strongest allies, then what the fuck hope is there for straights? I am queer. I am allied with George in celebrating his coming out his way – without labeling him with an orientation – and by making sure that his act of bravery and truth is about HIM. Not about anyone else. Not about Jaymi. Not about Josh. Not about JJ. Not about Dan Whiplash. Not about Harry. Not about Louis. Not about anyone except George. I am on George’s side. That is what being an ally means. I am on his side, and I will fight for him and with him and whatever else he needs to keep feeling so secure in being himself, like he said.

If you’re running a goddamn blog about celebrating open queerness, and you aren’t on the side of actual queer people besides yourself and the queer folks who adhere to your personal wishes and standards, then what are you actually doing?

kiraktak. kiraktak! KIRAKTAK???

adott volt a szituacio, hogy a munkahelyemen  meg fog szunni a poziciom valamikor a jovoben (2-3-4 honap, senki se tudta), es nem tudnak athelyezni mert nicns hasonlo munkabeosztasu pozico szabad. ezert voltam olyan elozekeny, es elkezdtem idoben munkat keresni, hoyg ne hozzam a fonokomet abba a pozicioba hoyg ki kelljen rugnia. tiszteltem es szerettem a fonokomet. 
minden szuperul alakult, hetfore fel is vettek kb almaim munkajara. szoltam is fonoknek, hogy felmondok akkor meg idoben mert majd marcius kozepen kezdenem kell az uj helyen. megcsinaltuk irasosan a dolgot, majd masnap mikor mentem be, hogy megallapodjunk az utolso napomon, nagy volt a csond. delutan 4kor irtam vegul nekik hogy mi lesz, azert nekem is tudnom kene. 
majd behivtak a targyaloba es kozoltek hogy nem tartanak igenyt a felmondasi idomre, ma megszunik a munkaviszonyom. ami egyertelmuen azt jelentette hogy egy masfel honapra munkanelkulive tettek, minden fizetes nelkul. 
persze en kotottem az ebet a karohoz, hogy dehat ilyen nincs! hiszen felmondasi ido! egy honap! egy honap!!! de sajnos ez nem igy mukodik. 
ket percem volt osszepakolni es kiraktak az irodabol. 
eletemben nem alaztak meg meg igy. oriasit csalodtam a fonokben es ugy az egesz vilagban. es iszonyat atverve erzem magamat.
nyilvan tulelem ezt az idoszakot valahogy. es marcius 16tol ott mar az uj poziciom egy sokkal de sokkal jobb cegnel. csak egyszeruen nem tudom felfogni hogy ezt csinaltak velem, mikor az egyik legjobb munkaerejuk voltam, kifogastalan munkavegzessel. es szerettem. es nem ugy terveztem kivonulni majdnem egy ev utan hogy szorongatom a kabatom, azt az undorito szonyeget bamulvas, a konnyektol homalyosan latva, ugy hogy senkitol nem tudtam elkoszonni. pedig ha valamiert akkor eppen azert a par csodalatos emberert szerettem ott dolgozni akik a kozvetlen csapattarsaim lehettek.

szoval tanulsag?
nemtudom. lelepek nemetorszagba par hetre, aztan elfelejtem a dolgot.