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Tonight, Uisdeann was going to have fun. There was only so much moping around the apartment she could do, and with some alcohol in her system, she felt like she could take on anything tossed in her direction. The redhead walked around the bar with her drink, striking up some conversations with the other folk spending their night here. Laughing lightly,Uisdeann decided to refill on her beverages and sat at the bar next to particular man that took her interest. "I haven't seen you around, ya new?"

Arian had passed by bars each time he walked back to the house, each time wondering what it would be like to go into one. His time in his cage did not do well for his adult experiences. Finally he decided to go into one and get a drink. It would be his first, but definitely something he wanted to do. Sitting at the bar, he ordered some beer and lightly drank it. It tasted funny but he could see why others liked it so much. Nursing it, he thought he would just finish the bottle and then leave. But when a lady sat next to him, he looked her over briefly. “Ah…yeah. First time.”


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Carlos could feel his nervousness build up as he worked on the finishing touches. Glynda was on her way over for the shared meal that he had promised. But now he was wondering if she would even like his cooking. The tall Asian purse his lips while he finished placing the food and drinks on the table, rearranging a few things to make it perfect. Now, he just had to wait for her to arrive...


Glynda had a hard time convincing Griffin that she could walk to Carlos’s house on her own. She didn’t tell him that it was a sketchy neighborhood, but he knew anyway. So he was adamant on walking her. But of course, she didn’t want him interfering. He had his alone time out with his friends, she could as well. 

But here she was, walking with Griffin. He did agree to part with her before reaching the house, but he just wanted to make sure she made it there safe. It was honorable enough. 

Now near the home, she parted with him and strode up to the door. She had yet to feel nervous but now she was trembling. Oh, she hoped tonight would go well…. With a shaking hand, she knocked on the door.

((AAAAAaaaahhhh I’m finally posting this~
This is my Secret Santa pic for the lovely Adrian-mun (book-boy-adrian-volkov) ! <3 A fluffy pic featuring her OC, Adrian, with Uisdeann~
I hope chibi are ok, I was on a roll with chibis when I started drawing this and I though it might turn out adorable… >////> meep

I really liked coloring this and it’s been a while since I’ve done backgrounds too! It was a nice and enjoyable pic. ^^

But most importantly, I hope you like it! And happy holidays~! >v< //huggles))

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Anastasia quietly trotted down the paths she remembered Marianne taking while helping her escape. "I remember it being this way...," she mumbled, holding the box that contained a cake close to her. The small girl worked hard on his earlier today and would be devastated if anything happened to it. Now that she was in a familiar area, Ana walked up to the house the looked like it was the one she was in prior. With a shaky hand, she knocked int he door. 'Hopefully this is the right house...'

Arian felt a little weird being home all alone at the moment. Everyone went out with their significant other for the night. From what he picked up, they all needed to have some time for themselves. The house had gotten crowded over the days, so he could understand. Not that it helped his mission. But he decided to just get close to them and ask Ravi to come back with him. He didn’t want to have to use force on his own family…. But still, now it was strange to actually be in a house, free to move about. What could he do…

He didn’t have much time to think before he heard a knock at the door. Who could that be? He opened the door, looking down at the little girl standing there. “Um…hello?”



Christmas gifts for a few close friends! Sorry that their linearts, they won’t be colored until after Christmas ; 7 ;

So, first batch is Uisdeann, Leroux (I SUCKED BADLY AT HIS CLOTHING  CHOICE PFFT–), Dante, Raie, Natalia~ I tried to modernize their clothing, and kind of use clothes that met their personalities! I hope I gave your characters justice! Thank you guys for being amazing friends to me, and awesome RPers~ <333

Bottom gift is for Chii/Lucas-mun of our OTP LucReg! Chii has been an amazing friend to me for the loongest time and she really desrves this present~ <333 I am really proud of this and I can’t wait to color it! I hope you like it Chii <33333

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Now that they were finished with dinner, Lilani let the little girl down from her chair and let her run around till the mother could get the few dishes they had cleaned. The small girl waddled toward the closet and hopped around while chanting "Banku! Banku!", wanting someone to open it. Lilani looked around the corner to see when the commotion was, "Oh, she wants to build a blanket fort. Hey Dante, would you like to join us?"

i-am-the-strange // uisdeann-udolf

It was quite nice of Lilani to invite him to dinner. He was more than happy to spend some more time with her and Liwayway. He was really enjoying the time they’ve spent together…. After dinner, he carried some of the plates to the sink before going over to watch Liwayway. He turned to face Lilani when the little girl was asking for something. He smiled brightly when she translated for him. “Really? I would love to! It’s been some time since I’ve done something like that.”

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"Your strap is twisted...."

“Eh?” The brunette stopped in her tracks and glanced down at herself, indeed the strap around her thigh was not in it’s place. “ah… O-OH! H-How embarrassing—!” She quickly attempted to fix it, a huff escaping her mouth as she looked back at the orange haired miss. “Thank you-! I thought something felt rather off about my uniform today.”

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