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🎹 - An instrument that my muse can play or wishes they could play

“Well as most people know, I play the bagpipes, but its not common knowledge that I also play the Irish uileann pipes. I picked up the instrument on a whim, actually, ‘cause I’d been playin’ the Scottish pipes for about ten years, and I came across this set of uileann pipes in a local musicians store. I was intrigued by the mechanics of ‘em and the complexity in makin’ ‘em work. Took me about another five years to even get ‘em soundin’ decent but I’ve been fond of ‘em ever since. I genuinely think it’s the fact that the pipes - in both their iterations - are mechanically complex which peaked my interest and the music that came from ‘em that won my heart. I know they aren’t for everyone but I love ‘em… Think if I had the time, I’d learn other kinds of pipes but sadly my times taken up these days bein’ a Da and an engineer so, aye… that’ll have to wait!”