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When designing features & functionality for elements like forms, carousels/slideshows, navigation, etc…, the first step I take is to research best practices and look at existing UI patterns to draw inspiration. If it works, why reinvent the wheel? But it’s always nice to throw in additional touches here and there to make the interaction more innovative for users. And don’t be afraid to think completely out of the box! It only took one app to make “Pull down to refresh” a revolutionary, standard interaction for reloading dynamic content on mobile. Here are some awesome pattern library resources I like:

UI Patterns


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User Interface Design Patterns

User Interface Design patterns are recurring solutions that solve common design problems. Design patterns are standard reference points for the experienced user interface designer.

This site will help you in two ways: You can read insightful design pattern articles and browse screenshot examples.

Interface Design Patterns (3) - Picture Manager
  • What: Use thumbnails, item views, and a browsing interface to create a familiar sturcture for managing photos, videos, and other pictorial items.
  • Use When: People use your software to work with lists or collections of pictorial things: photos, drawings, video clips, and so on. The list might be in a web page, or in an application, or both. It might allow editing by the owner of the content, or it might simply show the content to the public for browsing, viewing, and comments.

Cited from “Designing Interfaces” (second edition) by Jenifer Tidwell