Travel UI Kit (Freebie) by Five

Second UI Kit - part of the Ultimate UI Kit crafted in Five agency. Designed for brands and designers, aim of the kit is to speed up your work process and help you achieve the more professional and pixel-perfect look.

Something I’ve been working on at my full-time job! Feel free to use it, share it, like it :)

35+ Incredible Freebies for Web Designers, October 2015
October came with incredible freebies for web designers which we have compiled in this article. #freebies #graphicdesign #fonts #uikits #mockups #templates

Here we have another collection of freebies for your web and graphic design projects. Let’s have a scuba dive across the galaxy of unique fonts, creative icons, striking mockups, web templates, and other constructive resources for design ventures. This time we are equipped with UI kits, icon packs, mockups, templates, vectors, fonts and more other constructive resources for you.