I’ve been working on a new version of Character Generator, this time, effectivelly upgradable and friendly in case of glitches or typos.

It’s already working 100%, but I still wanna tweak some details before I put it out there for you guys. :) I’ll also be contacting some of my friend artists to pre-alpha try it :P if you guys roll something interesting to draw, it should mean it more than works, to wich case I could die happy.

I had some work programming this little dude. And believe me, I think it’s one of the simplest ideas I’ve ever had. But I can guarantee it works exactly as I intended it to. So yeah. That happened. I’m pretty happy with it.


Starting about 5:05, Jakub Linowski talks about tips for running A/B tests on lower traffic sites. 

- Test mirroring: Ex. increasing purchase for ebook page. There are very similar ebook page types. Duplicate the exact same changes on those similar page types. Add those results together. 

- Run the test longer to reach significance

- Grouping more changes, larger changes together means there will be a larger overall effect which can be detected even on low traffic site

 - Focus one step up the funnel. Like adding e-book to the cart above purchase. There may be a larger effect at that earlier stage that can be detected.


These Pointless Fake User Interface Animations Are Simultaneously Beautiful And Hilarious

From popular media shout outs to gratuitous moving mechanisms, this video is delightful and hilarious. From Peter Quinn, an art director and motion graphics expert at Blink in Vancouver, who designed these assets for After Effects, for sale here.

Super fun, pre-animated, sometimes looping, customizable Fake User Interface assets, as editable After Effects comps. Just drag and drop to quickly create and customize FUI layouts to suit your projects.

- Christopher

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CREATORS LIBERTY #3 UI/UX Designer Meetup -Graphic Recording-