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uhurr durr gaems are 2 hard

Brianna Wu is nothing but a sensationalist who thrives off of any type of attention she can get portraying herself as this hero of women in gaming while jumping on every chance to put herself in a negative light so that she can turn that around by acting like a tough victim. Even accidentally writing a negative post about herself and her game on steam while forgetting to log out, before quickly deleting it. Her actual abilities aren’t noteworthy and her input is less needed than a Kotaku list of favorite mountain dew beverages. She brings nothing to the table but loud ignorance and a duct taped together attitude of entitlement and being right while she’s 90% of the time so, so wrong. 

Anyone who thinks that she’s a good voice for social issues in gaming and saying what should change and is wrong in gaming in general might as well go play Sonic Boom for the rest of their lives since they love making bad choices.