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if you dislike star trek just remember it being spelled backwards is rats kert which makes no sense just like your opinion

Not Without You

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Rating: Adult, Explicit, Mature

Characters: Jim Kirk, Reader, Spock, Uhura, Bones

Situation/Scenario: Reader is trapped on a shuttle that is about to fail/explode/fall out of the sky (I don’t know how to word that) And the crew is struggling to get her back on board. She is beamed out at the last second. Jim has already convinced himself she is going to die, she doesn’t, he proves how much he needs her.

Warnings: Almost death, Angsty, smut, romance, unprotected sex, AN UNEDITED HOT MESS

Author’s note: Sooo, I have not written smut since I had a kpop smut page. I apologize in advance, my skills are ruuustty.

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Not Without You

“Y/L/N to enterprise!” You yelled into your communicator. “I don’t think the shuttle is going to make it!” You yell as you try to pilot the damn thing closer to the enterprise. The ship had stopped at a class m planet to assist in delivering medical supplies to a research team. Everything had gone well, till it was time to return to the enterprise. The team on the planet had their pick of some supplies, and you had the remaining on the shuttle with you. You were supposed to have another crew member go down with you, but you had done this very trip to this team a few times before and didn’t feel you needed assistance.

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Working On The Enterprise Would Include

Okay so I did one for the Avengers and my friend who really likes Star Trek requested this so yeah here it is!

  • Stealing Kirk’s chair even though it may very well get you fired
  • Letting Uhura gush about Spock to you
  • Letting Spock gush about Uhura to you
  • Drinking with Jim and McCoy 
  • Collecting interesting alien souvenirs
  • Stargazing on the Bridge with Jim 
  • Taking lessons from Sulu in his spare time on how the damn ship even works
  • Pranking everyone with Scotty
  • Getting Chekov involved sometimes
  • But ultimately it’s Jim who finishes off the whole thing with a bang because he’s basically a ten year old
  • Spock being very cross with you after that
  • Sharing music with Jaylah
  • Learning languages with Uhura
  • Jaylah teaching you fighting tactics
  • Setting traps with Jaylah all over the ship and watching everybody burn
  • Helping McCoy in med-bay
  • Him acting annoyed but secretly he loves you because who doesn’t
  • Finding out when everyone’s birthdays are to throw surprise parties 
  • Going to Spock with your problems to get an unbiased logical opinion 
  • “Don’t do it, Jim”
  • “Okay,”
  • Ten minutes later
  • “Y/N, do you know why my sheets are on fire?”
  • Learning about engineering from Scotty
  • Scotty showing you good hiding places
  • Being on leave and getting stuck in situations you don’t like, in which you say “Beam me up, Scotty,”
  • Being sad because you remember that you no longer have you crew
  • But also being happy because you remember all the good memories and that they’re basically your family 
  • Hugs when y’all are back on the ship again
One Last Time

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Request: Would you like please make a Imagine Chekov properly saying goodbye to the ship’s crew? Because I need that - @putthephaserdownplease

A/N: I deleted the playlist a made to make my friend cry when I moved like a week before getting the request and it would have been such perfect mood music for this. I feel like that karma for making a playlist of song that would make my friend cry. Also Keenser’s totally find; you guys don’t have to worry. Little guy just got all tuckered out. 

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I think they are trying to tell us something here. I mean bones,kirk, and spock are all blue even tho jim is command which is yellow btw not blue. So basically chulu, spirk, mcspirk, spones, and mckirk and scotty x uhara is shipped by even the advertising department for this movie.


“Just the idea that in the background they’re, like, basically ‘I love you. I love you.’..” (star trek 2009 commentary)

Just imagine

Chekov being super touchy touchy when you’re in public. Like, he’ll just randomly grab your hand sometimes and give you little nose kisses. He just wants everyone to know that you’re his, after all. And sometimes, when he’s feeling really brave, he’ll even grab your thigh and give it a small squeeze.

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Hi There! So I am new to this and this is the first Imagine which I have posted. Lets just cut to the chase though!

NO PROMPT - However I am open to suggestions if people want to submit!

PAIRING - Reader X Kirk



The room around you was bustling as delegates from the Antican republic worked to cater to your every need. The dog like species had applied for membership within the Federation, they were so desperate to join that they even went to the trouble of arranging a special banquet to try and sway the Admiral’s decision.

Little did the species know, that the banquet was Starfleet’s perfect opportunity to survey their planet and decide whether the union was beneficial for both parties. Being the nearest ship, the Enterprise had been drafted for this political mission. The plan was simple enough, you had been selected along with a couple of science ensigns to conduct the monitoring of their planet inconspicuously while Captain Kirk, Lieutenant Uhura and Ensign Chekov took the lead in political relations.

The banquet was being held on a particularly beautiful beach; the sand which clung to your boots a blood red colour as it mixed with the black sea; the only light highlighting its presence being the warm orange glow from a nearby planet called Selay and the white dying light of the stars above you. Colourful paper lanterns painted by the children of the republic glowed as it bathed the vast array of foods before you in a dim light.

Everything was perfect… for an away mission.

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The Princess - Star Trek

“For your requests. I for some reason really like the secret wife trope. So how about secret wife with Kirk and only bones knows. But somehow the rest of the crew finds out. Hopefully that’s not to vague.”

The Enterprise was running through one last checklist before they could depart one of Starfleet’s resupply bases. Everything was routine, some things from the vault were offloaded, some non-replicated supplies were loaded, and the munitions were restocked. Everyone on the bridge was sitting patiently, waiting for the go ahead to depart, when Uhura sat up and held a hand to her ear piece. She mumbled a few things in response to whatever message she had received and turned slowly to face the captain’s chair, confusion very evident on her face.

“Uh Captain there is a small shuttle craft requesting permission to dock in the shuttle bay.” She said

“Ok…Who is it.” Captain Kirk asked slowly, unsure why you had such a weird tone.

“She says…” Uhura paused. “She says she is your wife?”

Kirks eyes went wide and his face froze.

Dr. McCoy, who had been standing next to him let out a low whist.

“Holy. Shit.” Bones chuckled to himself.

“The captain is not married… IS he?” Chekov whispered across the console to Sula who responded with a shrug.

Kirk stood abruptly, shaking himself back to reality.

“Permission granted.” He stated without emotion. “Bones, if you would please accompany me.”

“Oh I wouldn’t miss this for the whole galaxy.” The southern doctor said, a grin spreading across his face.

When they were both in the turbolift Bones turned to Kirk.

“Bet you never thought this would come back to bite you in the ass did ya?” He said, words laced with pure humorous joy.

“God. She was supposed to stay on that planet. We were never supposed to even see each other again!” the Captain groaned.

“I believe this is why they tell you not to sleep with alien princesses on strange planets before checking their law books.” The Doctor said, stepping off the lift.

“They don’t tell you that.” The captain mumbled.

“They should” They rounded the corner to the shuttle bay entrance where you were being helped out of the shuttle by a random redshirt.

“Son of bitch. She’s still gorgeous.” Kirk breathed.

“It’s only been a year, you were expecting her to change?” The Doctor chuckled.

Kirk ignored him and walked up to you.

“Y/N, don’t get me wrong, I am glad to see you…but why are you here?” He asked.

“Straight to the point hmmm James? I see you haven’t changed a bit” you said grinning.

“I thought we…I thought you wanted us to go our separate ways.” Kirk looked at you questioningly.

“Maybe we still will. But I thought I would let you meet her and then we could discuss what to do now…” You said.

“Meet who?”

You gestured to a woman behind you who stepped out of the shuttle craft carrying a bundle of blankets.

“Your daughter.” You said grinning.

Back across the room Bones saw Kirk go white as a sheet.

“What is the situation Doctor?” Spock asked as he and Uhura stepped into the bay.

“You remember last year when we stopped at that planet with all the waterfalls? Well Captain-Ladies-Man over there managed to sweet talk his way into that woman’s bed. They got caught and he found out she was a princess and apparently that planet doesn’t take too kindly to random men sleeping with one of their royals. By law both she and he would have been executed…unless they got married.” Bones explained.

“No.” Uhura said, a hand flying to her mouth.

“And it appears we have a Kirk-ling to deal with now.” The doctor motioned across the room where Kirk was being handled the bundle. The terrified, pale expression of fear was slowly giving way to pure adoration.

Uhura’s other hand flew to her mouth as she tried to conceal a squeal of delight.

“Fascinating.” Spock said bluntly.

My Human Mate

Leonard McCoy is your big brother, not by blood, but by choice. Your choice to be exact, he had taken you under his wing, and had decided to keep you in his little pack. He would make sure you were taken care of, and that you were not alone anymore.

“Len!! Hurry up! We need to get to the ship!”

The werewolf growled at you but heaved himself off the couch, grabbing his medical bag, “I don’t want to go to the ship”

“Tough shit, Len! I already commed Jim, he’s expecting us”

“I won’t be bullied by a human, or the pup”

“It isn’t bullying. Everyone is going to be there. I want to meet the crew! The only one I’ve met is Jim! You’re constantly bitching about them; I want to meet this pain in the ass crew!”

“You’re just a human, Y/N. There are too many creatures on that ship for you to be completely safe! It’s a hug risk for Starfleet to even put you on the five-year mission!”

“Jim is just a incubus! He’s practically human!” You shout.

“He was also trained to kill both Weres and Vamps!” Len lets out a low growl. You knew that he was nervous, you were his little sister, only 19 years old. Len also hated to fly, so that didn’t help.

You turn on the water works, knowing that your puppy of a big brother can’t stand to see you cry, “P-please, Len?”

“Fine! We’ll go! But you had better stay by me the entire time, I don’t want you to be alone with anyone”

“How’s that gonna work when we ship off?”

“I’ll deal with that when it comes. For now, it’s just a get together where the senior members get to meet all of the new crew mates.”

“I know!! If I promise to stay by you, can we leave?”

“Yes, but you have to promise”

“Fine, I promise”

Meeting the mismatched crew/family is surprisingly simple. Sulu is calm, he loves his plants and his weapons, but he won’t tell you what exactly he is. Pavel is a feline Were, he bounces around, excited to meet and be pet by everyone. Nyota is a Vamp, she is professional, almost cold, but also willing to get to know you.

You stick your hand out, “Hi! I’m Y/N, I’m Len’s little sister”

Nyota’s lip twitches, “Hello, Jim speaks very highly of you, he said that you are a good influence on our temperamental wolf”

“I’ll show you temperamental …” Len growled, taking a step forward

You plant yourself in front of them, “I told you that I wanted a nice evening, and I want to get to know everyone. Now you put him away and play nice, you can growl and throw a fit later when we go out, but right now I want to go inside”

You storm past Len and call out to your friends, who are already there. Leonard quickly scrambles behind you, not wanting to let you out of his sight. There had been no sign of Jim or Spock and Len refused to allow you to be alone with either of them.

“Where’s the Captain, and that green-blooded hobgoblin?”

“They went out to see the Admirals, said that they needed to speak to the two before our meeting, presumably about your girl over there” Nyota said, sipping her wine.

“Good, I don’t want any surprises. Y/N needs to be kept safe”

Ny raises one perfectly manicured eyebrow, “You think either one of them would hurt her?”

“She’s special, probably a mate to some supernatural creature. Were’s might not be telepathic like Vamps, but even I can tell that her mind is special. It’s one of the reasons I took her into my pack, she would have been eaten alive otherwise.”

Nyota nods, “I notices that as soon as the two of you arrived. Her mind is extremely compatible”

Len growls, “Stay away from her”

“I don’t want, Y/N. You don’t have to worry about me, or anyone in this room right now. They would have made a move is she was theirs, but be wary of the two who are not yet here. If her mind is that compatible with a strange Vamp, I don’t even want to think about how compatible she would be to him”

You run back over to Len, “What’s wrong?”

“Nothing, pup. Just catching up with an old friend”

“Alright, well the others said that Jim and Spock are here, so I’m going to go meet them”


You jerk back, surprised at the sudden outburst, “Seriously, what’s wrong? You were fine a few minutes ago, and now you’re acting weird”

At that moment the turbolift opened and Jim and Spock step into the Rec Room. “Captain, I do not understand how you cannot smell that, or even feel that. Are Incubi truly that close to humans?”

“Come on, Spock! Don’t be mean! You know my kind isn’t telepathic unless someone is dreaming! I can only smell Bones and his little sister, Y/N”

“Perhaps Doctor McCoy knows where the smell is coming from”

You glance at Len, “Do we smell funny? I don’t think I smell funny”

Your eyes shoot up when Spock lets out a low growl, “Leonard, step away from my mate”

“Your mate? I don’t even know who you are!”

Spock sniffs the air again, “You are human”

Rolling your eyes, you put your hands on your hips, “Obviously. Now you two need to get in there, introduce yourselves, and sit down. No one wanted to start eating with the Captain and Commander here”

You walk away, hiding around the corner. You really want to know what is going to be said about you.

“She is my mate” Spock announces. You hear several people raise their voice at the announcement, but you can’t really focus on them. Spock thinks that you are his mate!

“Are you aware that you think rather loudly?”

You yelp. You hadn’t even been paying attention and Spock had snuck up on you. “I-I … um … sorry?”

“You have nothing to be ashamed of, ashaya. I would enjoy getting to know you better. Your mind is extremely compatible with mine and I believe that you would be an optimal mate”

You can hear Len snarling and shouting in the other room, “You stay away from my sister you green-blooded hobgoblin!! I’ll tear your throat out!! Don’t touch her!”

“I-I think you make Len really mad”

Spock’s lip twitches in a small smile, “Worry not about the doctor, ashaya. Nyota and Jim shall calm him down in time for dinner.” He holds out his arm for you and you place a hand at his elbow, “Now, are you amiable to being courted by me?”

You can’t stop the blush that appears on your cheek and Spock inhales, “I think that I would like that, Spock”

“NO, PUP, NO!!!!” Leonard howls

Spock chuckles quietly, “Do you believe that Leonard will challenge me, my human?”

“I don’t think so, he’ll be mad for a while, but he’ll get over it, as long as you treat me right”

“I will treat you like a princess, ashaya. However, if he does challenge me, I will enjoy defeating him in front of you”

You chuckle and shake your head. These boys are going to be the death of you. You are the sister of a wolf, and the mate of a vampire. How the hell is this ship going to survive that?