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Can you do a tutorial for drawing heads and/or facial features? If you're okay with it.

Oh, deary, I’m actually.. Super honored that you’d ask !! But, I think, that at this moment I don’t have any good personal tips- I actually have a lot of trouble with recognizing faces and expressions (which is why I draw a lot of them, to learn) !! But, here are a few tutorials that I’ve personally found the most helpful (so don’t take this as any good masterlist bueh), and then a few links for other helpful stuff !!

Other than art-and-stref there are other great art reference blogs, you’ll probably find them easily but, if not just ask. I often look at other peoples art too to get the idea of how you can draw different facial features in different ways. Feel free to try my style for practice if you like it !!
So, I guess, happy learning and wish you luck with a kick on the butt !!


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