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To me, Rand is just a little bit lost. She enlists in Starfleet as a Yeoman to try out the whole space thing and see if it's for her, and she can try it out without having to go through the whole commitment of Academy. And she loves it, so she enrolls in Academy, and then she's a science officer, then a code breaker, and then a communications officer, and she jumps around never knowing exactly where she fits. In the end, she realizes that her life was so valuable because she experienced so much.

imagine rand talking with uhura, who swears that she just had a calling to languages

she asks if rand ever had a calling, and rand says no

not to anything in particular but to life in general, and to everything that life included

and thats what made it great

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It's starting to get cold here and I'm getting into a wintry mood.

Jim Kirk tried to sneak some of Uhura’s hot chocolate once and quickly realized that she puts enough cinnamon in it to almost melt his face. The only one on the bridge who can stand it is Spock.

On shore leave on alien worlds, they have competitions to see who can eat the hottest foods without breaking a sweat. The rest of the crew take frequent bets on the outcome.

@dripping-with-good-looks i could think of no better way to end uhura monday then with this cuteness! thank you so much for sharing!