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Jazz band au: Jim on piano, Spock on drums, Uhura on vocals, Scotty on guitar and Bones on sax. They play every wednesday and friday night at the local bar Enterprise owned by Sulu. Chekov is the charming bartender who gives bad advice and Chapel is a waitress who Uhura always makes eye contact and smiles at when she sings love songs. Scotty keeps at least 2 glasses of scotch next to him during performances. Jim keeps winking at the audience. Bones writes most of their music together w/ Spock

Imagine Rand being a regular at the bar, and the band’s absolute favorite person to play for. 

She requests the same song every time.

She constantly yells from the audience for one of them to try to stage-dive. 


As you know I just got done with band camp. So my thoughts are just overflowing with it. So I present you headcanons, and these characters placed into scenarios that I experienced this year during camp. Including my almost fainting, which is almost word of word

Most of these things are things that actually were said and happened during this last week at camp (Bones is the bari-sax kid I have a crush on in case you are curious (It’s such a deep crush) All the shit bones says and does is what he does he’s also actually our equipment manager even though I gave Scotty that job)

I’ll also probably add more to this the more I think about it and the longer the year goes on.

- Christopher Pike is the long-suffering director that has to put up with these stupid kids.

-Jim Kirk is an international affairs student who is the head drum major. He was a trumpet before he auditioned. 

-Bones is a pre-med baritone sax. It’s understated but it supports the more soprano instruments with a steady bass.

-Spock need for exactness makes him a very wonderful and precise snare player.

-Scotty is a trombone, the easy going sort. But he is the equipment manager and must fight with the speakers and mics all the god damn time. That and making sure all the pit equipment to and fro safely. He’s always running back and forth.  let him rest. 

-Pavel is a Mellophone, pretty sweet, normal dude. Except for that booty short Monday tradition during band camp. But he does have the ass for it.

-Uhura is the section leader of the flute/piccolos. No one can touch her tone and articulation.  She’s also the music librarian. 

-Sulu is a clarinet. He’s chill and even headed. Probably the most normal. But he does get oddly competitive when it comes to section of the year stuff.

-Janice Rand is captain of the color guard and rules it with an iron fist with the choreographer. 

-Chapel isn’t actually in the band. But she was in high school so that’s why she hangs out with these losers.

I’m going to put the more in-depth HC under the cut so this isn’t too long….but it is long below the cut.

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Request : Sent by @cutelilcurtain she requested , “ she requested , “ star trek, something along the lines of you being married to Kirk and trying to stay professional while on a mission but everyone teases you both”
Hopefully you enjoy this Image. Sorry if it’s Long and you find it boring and badly written. I’m running on 3 hrs of sleep lol Hope you enjoy and I Hope i got close to what you wanted! Here we go “Y/N” looking up your new husband was leaning close to you kissing your lips softly. You never imagine when you arrived on the enterprise that you would one be able to steal a kiss from the attractive captain but to be Lucky enough to marry him. You both just came back from your honeymoon, A Holiday that you Nor Kirk left the bedroom. Getting back to the enterprise you and Getting back to the enterprise you and kirk promised to keep your relationship professional while on the Clock. You both were able to do it easier while you both were hiding your relationship, but now that you were Mrs. Y/N Kirk. And the Entire ship Knew you were Kirk’s Wife. Kissing Kirk again before forcing yourself to push him away, “I got work, i’m sure my captain would be upset if I’m Late. I know i wont hear the end of it from Spock.” Kirk chuckled kissing you again as he spoke, “lets call in sick.” You shook your head, stepping backwards having the door open behind you as you got into the hall, “Come on Mr. Kirk, Spock misses you.” He laughed softly, fallowing you out. Getting onto the bridge your Friend Sulu saw you both walking onto the bridge as he and Several other started Humming “Here comes the Bride” a few other people laughed as you chuckled softly getting to your station “Ha-Ha Sulu” he chuckled as Spock spoke ‘Sir, we have a distress single on the planet of Dale.” Kirk slumped onto his chair rubbing his head, “Spock, Bones, Lieutenant Uhura , Y/N and I will go down onto the planet to see what we can do. Sulu you have the deck.” You stood up with Spock, and Uhrua joined Kirk in the elevator. Getting into the shuttle Bones looked at Kirk grinning. “you look worn out.” Kirk chuckled as Uhura and you rolled your eyes. Sitting down as she spoke, “they are so childish.” you nodded your head as she spoke, “how was the honeymoon?” “wonderful. Didn’t want to come back.” she laughed as Spock spoke, “understandable i hear Most people don’t want to leave their honeymoon.” Turning to Spock you spoke, “Nor will you with Uhura!” Spocks ears turned green as Uhura chucked pushing you lightly as Kirk told you all to focus as the shuttle started to Move. Once transporting to the Planet Dale, Bones spoke “your neck hurting Y/n?” you didn’t realize you were rubbing your neck, it was slightly sore as Kirk muttered for Bones to focus even those their was nothing for him to do until you reach the Planet. But you could tell But you could tell the small Jabs were getting to Kirk. You sat at your control doing your job. You Both knew a few people were going to be surprised about the Marriage since you and Kirk hide the relationship So well, No one knew you were Dating and your marriage was a Surprised. You Knew everyone was just having some Fun since they were so happy for you and Kirk. You knew it. Kirk? I think he doesn’t understand it was all in good fun. Which was ironic since it’s Krik the King of sly funny comments. It was quite for a few minutes until Uhura spoke, ‘how was the island? I heard it’s beautiful? In Hawaii.” You smiled going to answer saying along the Lines it was beautiful those you didn’t really know, the scenery from your window was beautiful, other then that you had no idea. Really. But She nor did all your closest friends Need to know that. Hearing warnng bells go off, you felt the entire shuttle shift to the Right, everyone almost fell out of their seats as Kirk stood up as he spoke,” Enough questions! The next person to ask about the Honeymoon, Or about why were sore. Or anything! I am turning this shuttle around and I’m getting a new group of people to help on the mission!” Spock stood up fixing his suit as he spoke, “we have no righto to talk about your sexual actives with Y/N.” Kirks eyes grew large , Seeing him Charge over to Spock as he Snapped “BACK OF THE SHUTTELE NOW!” Bones chuckled hearing Spock got put into Time out as Kirk came back to the front of the shuttle as he kissed your head. “back to work.” You laughed saying “aye-ayes Captain” As you all Flew down onto the planet. Once on the planet you all separated trying to find the broken ship that was damaged. Kirk partnered up with you , while Bones went off with Uhura and Spock. You walked with Kirk as he grabbed your hand kissing it softly. “you know you need to be more kinder to Spock, he doesn’t understand.” Kirk sighed heavily as you stepped infront of him pulling him closer to you as you kissed him. It surpirsed Kirk for a second, he pulled back grinning,” we need to be searching, Not kissing.” Laughing at your husband you turned forward looking off looking tryign to find the Ship. It took five hours but you were now finaly returning to the enterprise, Bones was in the back helping the injured pilot while Spock was with him. So you were sitting beside Kirk as he started asking for help using pet names like Dear, and Hun. Which only got your friends to start up the teasing again.

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Uhura is not a restful bed partner - she talks (in multiple languages), constantly switches sides, and is generally just all over the place. The first time Bones has to share a bed with her on an away mission, she accidentally kicks him in the balls.

Imagine Uhura ALWAYS waking up in the morning super rested and cheerful.

She looks over at Bones, who slept like shit out of fear for his life, and cheerfully asks him how his night was.

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To me, Rand is just a little bit lost. She enlists in Starfleet as a Yeoman to try out the whole space thing and see if it's for her, and she can try it out without having to go through the whole commitment of Academy. And she loves it, so she enrolls in Academy, and then she's a science officer, then a code breaker, and then a communications officer, and she jumps around never knowing exactly where she fits. In the end, she realizes that her life was so valuable because she experienced so much.

imagine rand talking with uhura, who swears that she just had a calling to languages

she asks if rand ever had a calling, and rand says no

not to anything in particular but to life in general, and to everything that life included

and thats what made it great

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It's starting to get cold here and I'm getting into a wintry mood.

Jim Kirk tried to sneak some of Uhura’s hot chocolate once and quickly realized that she puts enough cinnamon in it to almost melt his face. The only one on the bridge who can stand it is Spock.

On shore leave on alien worlds, they have competitions to see who can eat the hottest foods without breaking a sweat. The rest of the crew take frequent bets on the outcome.

@dripping-with-good-looks i could think of no better way to end uhura monday then with this cuteness! thank you so much for sharing!