uhn uhn

17.03.16 ARASHI DISCOVERY - Hello to a New Adventure – Ohno Satoshi* [English translation]

Good morning. This is ARASHI’s Ohno Satoshi.

Today’s phrase come on!

“It’s time to say goodbye. But I think goodbyes are sad and I’d much rather say hello. Hello to a new adventure”

Easy-to-listen English. This is the words from US sports announcer Ernie Harwell-san.

This radio programme. ARASHI DISCOVERY.
After the broadcast on the 31st this month, Friday, it will come to an end.
It is decided to come to an end this month.

Well it’s quite a sudden.

Well, Kurihara’s programme, Morning Step, will also come to an end. At the same time. Well until the 31st this month, then come to an end.

Well, but, really. It started from 1st October 2002. It’s been 14.5 years. I’ve been doing it for 14.5 years.

Well, really everyone. Well… everyone who’s been listening to this programme all along. Really everyone, thanks a lot, really.

Well. 14.5 years. How many episodes have there been? So, five days a week, this programme. Then, one year, there are around 52 weeks. So, one year there are 260 episodes. And then for 14.5 years, there are 3,770 episodes. Still, well, there were also days with no broadcast, though.

During these 3750 days I kept speaking. At the beginning it was like, three choices to a question.

Next week. Well there will be bit a Special. Well there are still two weeks to go, next week, since long time, with Kurihara-san, I’ll directly do the radio programme with him. Probably it’s the first time since the 10th annual anniversary of this radio programme isn’t it?

Let’s do it. Um. Since long time. The two of us speak. We would like to broadcast this special version. Please look forward to it!

This was Ohno Satoshi’s broadcast!

* Only announcement part was translated.

pokemon antagonist battle themes

giovanni : blatant spoiler alert

maxie / archie: AGGRESSIVE TRUMPETS. (I guess we’re in hoenn.)

cyrus: surprisingly upbeat for a guy without emotions.

n: nothing says emotional breakdown like …steel drums?

ghetsis: arceus called and wants his drums back, dennis.

colress: three…two…ONE 

lysandre: lit version of the grunt theme. those harpsichords tho 

guzma: r-rrah cool cats uhn uhn *accelerates*

lusamine: woeeoeooe aliens. (is the pianist in the background ok?)

Some “Mad Max” Slang

Dag” - a goofy person or nerd.
Doof warrior” - doof is the noise used to describe bass in music (like the “uhn” in “uhn-tss”)…it’s the name of the guitar guy, appropriately.
Fang it!” - floor it / pedal to the metal.
He’s a crazy smeg who eats schlanger.” - basically, he’s a jerk who eats dick.
Snagger” - usually means sausage, but in context of the film, likely meant as an insult akin to stupid or idiot.

Anyone else pick up on more slang sprinkled in Mad Max: Fury Road? Also, if you haven’t seen it…seriously. Do it