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I just watched the new trailer again, paused it at this moment and…

I´m laughing, cause it looks like Shuuichi and Miu are judging Keebo and are staring him down, while he´s just leaning away and is just like:

“U- uhm, I´m sorry ?” (,,꒪꒫꒪,,)


okay but seriously now I’m pretty sure Bakugou’s too convinced he can’t catch feelings to allow himself obvious stuff like jealousy and possessiveness lmao


this is the post @wockenxfuss​ is referring to:


Uhm, sorry I don’t mean to just crap on your feed because I really like it anyways

+ then proceeds to do exactly that …i can’t stand passive aggression esp. when you’re not really saying anything of value

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Kiss Art Challenge
MikaYuu 2  (kiss on the nose)
Requested by butterfliesturndtodust
Hope you like it♡ thanks for requesting! uvu

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Could you do headcanons of the reactions of the RFA when a small child goes up to them and proposes to them with a bunch of picked flowers?

Yoosung: He stops and blinks and starts blushing, because it took him so off guard and he does feel flattered. “M-me? You mean… ME?! REALLY? Are you sure?!” stop screaming, you’re going to scare the child away, Yoosung. Who’s the kiddo here? “S-sorry, but… uhm… don’t look at me like that– OK FINE, YES!” he could never forgive himself if he made that kid cry, but he can’t actually agree to marrying A CHILD, can he? He’s so overwhelmed, poor boy.

Zen: Chuckles and kneels down to their level, accepting the flowers with the sweetest “Thank you, little prince/princess. I’ll make sure to take good care of these” and he takes one flower – the prettiest – from the small bouquet he was just given and hands it back to the child. He’s not an actor for no reason, so he half plays along, there’s no harm meant and/or done in it. “Keep one. Effort needs to be rewarded. ”

Jaehee: She’s so in awe, children are so pure and sweet, it really warms her heart and her entire expression brightens into this beautiful smile. “Do you even know what exactly that means?” she chuckles, finding it so endearing to hear “Marry me!” from a little child. “It is a little early for that, don’t you think? But one day someone will be so happy to say yes to those exact words and that person who gets to be with you then will be so lucky.”

Jumin: He’s confused mostly. “Well… That’s pretty quick.” It might sound cold, but he’s learned to tune into a Prince Charming vibe for many business meetings and conversations with clients and work partners before, so not wanting to disappoint the child, he puts on a small smile. He crouches down slightly and places a hand on top of the kids head. “I’m afraid that’s not possible.” and if the kid’s gonna be sad, he’ll point to the flowers and say “don’t fret. Listen, flowers last much longer if you smile at them.” to cheer the little one up.

Seven: He gasps, really overly dramatic and he fakes to tear up. “Oh my!” he bawls, holding the small bouquet to his chest firmly. “I thought you’d never ask! Ahh, they’re so pretty and smell so nice, too.” Just seeing the child giggle at his overjoy and super-excitement is worth it all. He can’t help but to rumple up their hair too. “I’m looking forward to the giant cake at our wedding. What color do you think is best?”

「spilled coffee」

looking back and forth from his now stained school shirt to the male standing in front of him,he cleared his throat. “uhm,sorry about that.” he grabbed some napkins and started cleaning up the mess on the floor. “oh no,i should be the one apologizing.” the stranger said while helping jungkook clean up. “what’s your name and number? so i can pay for the shirt.” jungkook nearly choked on air,his soul leaving his body. “what no it’s fine,you don’t have to pay.” the male halted his actions,eyebrows furrowed. “are you sure? because i can-” he was cut off when jungkook signaled for him to stop talking and pulled out his phone. “how about you repay me with a selca?”

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