On Set With The Maze Runner Cast
  • you: hey guys
  • you: oh my god
  • you: what are you--
  • random cast member: they're dancing
  • you: uhm okay
  • you: thomas you adorable little shit
  • will: YOUR ANUS
  • thomas: MY ANUS
  • you: okay that's just a little bit weird
  • kaya: okay we're playing fugitive
  • thomas: let's work as a team guys
  • *everyone runs away in different directions*
  • you: *facepalms*
  • you: so much for working as a team
  • you: where's ki hong
  • ki hong: over here
  • will: POW POW
  • you: um
  • ki hong: ONE TWO THREE
  • ki hong and will: NEWT
  • *burts into laughter*
  • you: right um
  • you: omfg what the fuck
  • kaya: they're having a pillow fight
  • you: shirtless?!
  • you: thomas why tf are you naked
  • thomas: don't act like you don't like it *winks*
  • you: just- just put some clothes on alright
  • you: dylan pls
  • you: what day is it today
  • kaya and dylan: TUESDAY
  • you: oh ok great
  • kaya: WICKED IS GOOD
  • dylan: jesus christ
  • will: POW POW
  • you: please just quiet down
  • you: dylan why are you skating with roller blades
  • kaya: the light up ones as well
  • you: oh shuck
  • ms.simpson: well done you
  • thomas: oh shit
  • you: thomas where are you--
  • you: and btw how did ms. simpson get here
  • dylan: BAILANDO
  • dylan : *picks up a broom and starts dancing*
  • you: oh no
  • dylan: did you just call me brien
  • dylan: brien o'dylan
  • you: how tf did the fans get in here
  • ki hong: YO SPIDER BALLS
  • will: wtf
  • you: ugh
  • you: i'm just so stressed rn
  • thomas: loosen up *hands you a drink*
  • you: *spits it out* tf is in this thing
  • thomas: i dunno it's gally's secret recipe
  • you: ugh i swear to g-
  • you: kaya where are you going
  • you: no kaya do not go near the snakes
  • you: dylan for once please stop dancing
  • you: what am i doing with my life
  • will: POW POW
  • if you don't know much about the maze runner (specifically their interviews and behind the scenes moments) watch https: //www.youtube.com/watch?v=UH-80QTl1dI and https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-72wKrjfb94)

Hi… Uhm.. I have been admiring your stories for a while and I love nearly everything you create.. I was wondering if I may request something? May a request a Reader/Spencer story? Reader is a ballroom dancer and meets Spencer somewhere that isn’t the BAU? He finds out she is asexual and they continue to have an amazing friendship and they are both happy? Thank you regardless if you do the thing or not!

Oh my word, bless you.  I am so honored that you are enjoying everything!  I hope that you enjoy this story, because here it is, comin’ ‘atcha!

Spencer was just strolling by one evening.  He wasn’t paying attention to his surroundings, and he didn’t have his nose in a book.

But the music flowing from the walls of a shop caught his attention as he stopped beside the window and turned his head.

And that’s when he first saw you.

Spinning around in your beautiful orange dress, gliding around the floor as your hair whipped around your cheeks and your smile covered half of your face.

He watched you dance number after number with you never even knowing he was there.

He made it a habit.  Every Friday night, he would get some food at the eatery beside the studio, and he would leave when he heard the music cue up promptly at 8 PM.

And he would watch you dance.

He never had any intentions of approaching you.  He never had any wishes to introduce himself, or know your name.  You were like a secret, a piece of a jewelry box that was all his as he watched you whirl around that floor.

But one Friday, you turned your head.

And you smiled at him.

The two of you stared at each other for a while.  Just…watching.


And then you moved towards the door.

He watched you disappear behind it only for the doorknob to jiggle, and as the door swung open, there you emerged.

In your orange dress.

“Hi,” you say lightly as you stare at him.

He analyzed your every move.  He saw your back straight and your legs strong.  He saw your kind features and your resting eyes.  He saw that, when you looked at him, it was with nothing but kindness.

No curiosity to pry.

No attraction to suppress.

No expectations to disappoint.

“Wanna come in?” you ask as you nod your head.

And for the first time, he cleared his throat and spoke to you.

“Oh-…oh oh oh, no.  I don’t dance,” he says.

“You don’t need to know how to dance here,” you smile kindly.

“Do you uh, do you teach here?” he asks.

And all you did was lightly nod your head.

He did think you were striking.  You may not be curious about him, but he most definitely was about you.

So, he followed you inside.

And he learned so many beautiful things.

He learned how to waltz, and how to shag.  He learned that he was never going to be good at the salsa, but that he could be very good at the tango.  He learned that he enjoyed your laugh, and that you were comfortable.

He learned that you were asexual, and for some reason that brought him some relief.

“I’ve never really had a friend outside of my work,” he said one evening before the dance party.

“So, me being asexual doesn’t bother you?” you ask meekly.

“Not at all,” he smiles as he takes a stab at his pasta.

“Besides, I believe that people of the opposing gender can be friends without it ever breaching a sexual aspect,” Spencer says.

“That’s a relief,” you breathe.

The two of you had frequent conversations about it.  You could tell that he had never actually known someone who was asexual, and you welcomed the questions.  He never judged you, or belittled you, or attempted to challenge you in any way about how you felt.

And it was such a relief for you.

He would talk about his work if the case was especially hard, and sometimes he wouldn’t want to talk at all.  He would just want to go to that little eatery beside your work, sit in your presence, and eat.

And you would always take him next door, after enough of the silence had been indulged, and you would open the studio just for the two of you.

And you both would dance.

Honestly Marvels lack of effective villains is why I kinda chuckle every time people are like “GIVE Fantastic Four back to Marvel” and think they’ll do an awesome Doom.

Seriously, look at the MCU so far.
Let’s look at all the memorable and effective villains Marvel has done in movies.

Obediah Stane = The villain who started off the MCU and…no one really remembers.
Ivan Vanko = Had a cool interesting backstory, but at this point is pretty much just remembered for “I VANT MY BYRD!” if even that.
Justin Hammer = uhm….he did a dance.
Loki = The only memorable one, but that’s more by luck of Tom Hiddleston’s performance and people woobizing him. Less likely to happen with Doom 
Red Skull = One of Marvels biggest villains, is generic and forgotten.
Mandarin = Hahahahahahahahaha I’m not even gonna get into this again.
Malekith = Did he even get a character?
Ronan = See Malekith
Ultron = A couple snarky lines but hardly seen as a threat or a competent villain by the end of the movie. Seriously, Power Rangers had a more effective evil AI.
Yellowjacket = Probably isn’t gonna be remembered by anyone.

The only area Marvel has shown they can really create an effective villain is in television (Kingpin on Daredevil) and for all we know that’s a one-off too (I hope not, but it’s possible).

Why do people assume all the wrongs with Doom would be done correctly?
Maybe we’d just get another shitty version?