uhm sorry what

Uhm. Ok??
WHAT KIND OF RIDE POKEMON IS MACHAMP ANYWAY?? why does the player character look at him like he’s a sparkling prince here to save them by CARRYING THEM BRIDAL STYLE
What the actual fuck
Does he have to wear gloves though??? Am I toxic?? Oh sorry machamp doesn’t want to touch you
Oh my god I’m getting bridal carried must wear a HELMET AND KNEE PADS

… Someone in game freak had to go to a meeting and say, look how about this

rickastromega  asked:

Uhm sorry to ask but, what did the fandom do to make you hate Kl//ance?

alrighty so….the reason why i hate kl//ance is because of the discourse and its god awful fandom and there are some nasty kl//ance shippers who are an//tis and they bash and attack sh//eith shippers. also, kl//ance owns literally 90% of the fandom and i feel uncomfortable seeing it all over the place (bless tumblr savior) like okay i dont mind ppl shipping kl//ance, im cool with them but if theyre the kinda of people that attack others just bc they dont like the “other ship” then thats the end of it. back before the discourse, i used to like kl//ance! i liked shipping both sh//eith and kl//ance but then shipping wars happened then the discourse happened and i cant look at kl//ance the same way again because of that. i can’t enjoy it w/o being reminded that i was attacked by them….


“Thank you for tonight, Leon. I really appreciate it.” Cheryl smiled. It had gotten pretty late before they’d decided it was time to head home.

“And, uhm.. I’m sorry for what I said last time. You know, about your parents. Angela told me about it.”

“You didn’t know. It’s fine.”
Leon shrugged, “It’s something I’m still dealing with, but I shouldn’t let it out on other people. You were just trying to be nice, I think.”

“Yeah, something along the lines of that.”  


uhm? im sorry what was that lauren ?