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Jesus Christ, you’re a sibling. Yeah. One of seven. Identical in every way. Well, not in every way.

Noomi Rapace in What Happened to Monday (2017) dir. Tommy Wirkola

Walking in on Peter Parker naked (Headcanon)

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Walking in on Peter Parker naked…

- you and peter were having a quick study session before your big chemistry test tomorrow

- that you knew you were gonna fail but’s chill you were so over the year already

- but if it meant spending time with the sweet, beautiful, and absolutely lovable boy you called your best friend, then so be it!

- peter was of course, going to ace it, but you honestly didn’t care whether you did or not you were exhausted

- as your eyes scanned the numerous amounts of pages you felt a pair of eyes glancing your way

- :)))))

- vibrant, bright brown eyes meet yours and smile at you adoringly, watching your eyes scan the pages


- it made no sense as to how someone could be so gORGEOUS AND INTELLIGENT AND SWEET ALL AT THE SAME TIME

- boy did you love that BOY

- peter was absolutely over the moon for you, thinking you were his everything

- lovely lovely lovely love between the two of you

- so much sweet love you honestly thought nothing about him could get any better

- you were completely and utterly wrong

- an hour after stealing cute glances and admiring the other without the other knowing !!!;), peter interrupted

- “Give me five minutes to shower I’ll be quick I promise”

- you obliged and watched him rush out of the living room and into his bedroom, shutting the door


- but, Peter said he’d be out in five minutes

- ok first off you really were supposed to be studying and not paying attention

- well, it wasn’t five minutes


- after scanning your endless notes and flashcards, your brain declared you were done and you set your things down to make way to Peter’s room

-  it had been around fifteen minutes and you were antsy because he was TAKING TOO LONG

- you knew you were going to open the door to find him sitting down on his bed on his phone

- headass said five minutes so your ass waited fifteen

- this about to turn fluff to angst REAL QUICK

- you feverishly opened his door and 

- holy mother of fUCK



- you knew it was so, so wrong

- but it felt so, so right

- there before your very eyes was your best friend, peter, standing in the middle of his bedroom

- STARK NAKED (lmao see what i did there)

- your eyes immediately felt drawn to the naked figure before you


- your orbs scanned his toned, very fucking toned, upper chest area all the way down to his six pack carefully

- thank you god, thank you

- your hormones were in a rage as your sculpted his v line immensely, the seemingly awkward feeling you were supposed to be enduring was gone

- you completely ignored peter’s embarrassing and flushed gaze as you obviously, scaled his naked

- both faces flushed with color at the situation

- you were feeling hot and antsy

- while peter was absolutely mortified

- this was the most embarrassing thing he’s ever had happened to him


- but before your eyes made it to his uh, PACKAGE

- peter instantly wrapped the fallen towel back around his hips in embarrassment



- your best friend, was hot as FUCK 

- how did you not know???

- he was naked and you were completely dazed because???

- ok that’s your new favorite outfit on him

- fuck the blue sweater, the SKIN was the new winner

- “Y/N!”

- your eyes wide you locked stares with him and your face turned BLOOD RED

- you had known he caught you staring and probably drooling

- “Uhm, uh, what? Sorry, I-”

- peter realizes your seductive gaze on him and smirks to himself proudly

- headass

- “Did you wipe the drool?”

- that little fucker


- the hormones between the two of you were so vividly seen it was almost comical

- as you exited the room, biting your lip to hold back the grOANS YOU WERE GOING TO EMIT FROM YOUR MOUTH

- peter was smirking to himself, wondering in his mind when he would ever get to see you stark naked (lololol)


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Request : “If you’re still taking requests could you do 27 and 33 with Tom?”

   + “Hey can you do a fic with #5 and #10 from your prompt list where Tom is the reader’s hubby and away on a press tour or something and she realized that she’s pregnant so she starts wearing his shirts he left bc she doesn’t was the media to find out before him?“ @karamelblobber 

+ “ooh prompt 10 with Tom?“

»  “Does he know about the baby ?“

»  “You’re paying a small price compared with what she’s going through.”

»  "Is that my shirt?“

Characters : Tom Holland x reader

Word count : ~1900

A/N : I know one of the prompts is missing but its only because I will put it in part 2 (if you guys want one I mean ???). This is my longer imagine so far and it’s 1:00am and I’m tired so sorry if that’s kind of shit ! I hope you like it though !!! Don’t hesitate to send me asks or come talk to me, requests are still open. THANKS LOVE YOU

Keeping a secret was hard for you, especially when you were the only one knowing it, not having anyone to talk with about it. The more the days passed, the more you were desperate. And also the more your secret was becoming visible. You were expecting a baby, and it weight heavily on your cosncience. Hiding it to Tom was really hard, he had the right to know since he obviously was the father, but it just always felt like the wrong time to finally spill it. He was away for a couple of months now and you promised yourself you’d wait him to come back to you to tell him the great news.

You took a deep breathe before opening the front door. Going outside was always such a hard thing, you were always worried about what the paparazzi would get on their photos, a gust of wind and a good angle and your baby bump would be exposed in a few seconds. That’s why you wore Tom’s shirts since few weeks, it was large enough to not reveal your new curves. If he heard the news from magazines and not you, you didn’t know how he would react. You knew it would be some sort of treason.

Paps’ flashes were focused on you and you could barely see the way to your car. You tried your best not to put your hand on your belly, it was a reflex you started having since you knew you were pregnant, but doing it in front of these vultures was breaking your cover. You made it to your car, hoping none of the paparazzi got a revealing photo. Then you went to work all stressed as always.

Few hours after you came home from your day, ready to go to sleep and wrapped in your sheets, the reason of your stress called you on Skype. Tom’s face appeared on the screen and you immediately smiled knowing it was hard for him to take time for you during his press tour.

“Hello darling.” He smiled at you and directly his dark circles became more visible. Your heart broke seeing him so tired, but his morning voice gave you goosebumps and the only thing you wanted was to wrap him in your arms to take a nap. “I thought I could say hi since I have few minutes before going back to work. How was your day, love ?”

You two were married for few months now, and you’d still blush each time he’d give you cute nicknames. “I worked all day, nothing interesting. Tell me about your days, they might be so much more exciting than mine.”

You saw Tom shrugged, his eyes focused on his screen seemed to read something. “Yes, I love learning about new cultures, but I hate that you’re not here to learn with me.” You were going to respond but he cut you before you could. “Is that my shirt ?”

You instantly frowned. “Uhm, sorry what ?”

“There are pictures of you leaving the house. You look stunning but I look better in this shirt, sorry not sorry babe.” He giggled. Actually, his heart was warmed up by the fact you were wearing his stuff. He wasn’t used to it, you only wore his clothes as pajamas, when no one was looking at you but him. Seeing you out in his shirt made him proud, and he was glad you did so. People wouldn’t forget you were his.

You blushed, forced to lie. Well, it wasn’t all a lie, because you felt that way, there were just some parts of the truth hidden in what you told him. “I’ve been missing you so much I wanted to have your smell wherever I’d go…”

Tom suddenly pouted. “Give me my shirt back you thief.” He joked. “The world needs to see how better I wear it.”

You laughed at him being such a little dork. You loved him, especially when he was starting to act like that. He seemed so vulnerable and childish. The man you fell in love with. “I love you even if you think you’re better than me.” You admitted.

“I love you too. And… I already need to go. I’m glad I saw your face, darling. Can’t wait to come back home !” He sent you kissed, and after new “I love you”s he hung up.

The day after, you took a deep breathe before opening the door. It was for sure a daily routine you couldn’t wait to end. But now wasn’t the time. Not having to go to work today, you decided to go on your yoga class. You joined the club few weeks ago, thinking you were stressing too much and knowing it wasn’t good for the baby. When you’d found this class specialized for pregnant women, you didn’t hesitate.

This lessons helped you very much, and if you could you’d go every day. You felt good there, not thinking about the reactions of everyone when they’d find out, plus you made some friends, which you were lacking of lately. Every woman was inspiring, with their own stories. It was really supportive to meet them once a week. You couldn’t handle alone all of the stress you were getting from being pregnant, always asking yourself when to tell Tom since you didn’t want him to worry about you and the baby while he was away. Anyways having a baby was the next step of your relation, you both never seriously talked about this before, you just jnew Tom wanted some kids, it wasn’t surprising since he was from a happy loving big family. It was just that you were still young, he was always travelling for his work and you weren’t sure you could take care of thebaby all by yourself.

You took care of keeping your secret in front of the paparazzi and reached your yoga class, saying hello to your friends and already feeling relaxed just by being there. 2 hours after you were home again, searching baby stuff on your laptop.

A Holland was on your screen again, but this time it was Nikki on your phone. You took it as it started vibrating.

“Y/N ! I heard the news ! Why didn’t you tell me about it you secretive little thing !” You froze, there was no way she was talking about something else than your pregnancy, right ? “Congratulations sweetie ! I’m going to be a grandma thanks to you ! Oh my God, I just can’t wait ! How long have you been keeping the secret ?!”

“What the… Where.. Where did you see that ?” Your voice was shaking of terror. If Nikki saw it, then the entire world could see it, including your dear hubby. “It can’t be possible, you kidding right ? Please tell me you’re kidding Nikki it can’t be real !”

A silence took place between the two of you. You didn’t mean to explain anything, Tom’s mother immediately understood what was going on. “Does he know about the baby… ?”

“I’m so sorry Nikki.” Tears started falling down your cheeks. You told her everything, you told her the truth you were so afraid to admit to the world. Nikki didn’t hesitate, she drove straight to your apartment as soon as she knew, glad she didn’t call Tom first.

“I just couldn’t tell him. You know how he is, he would… Nikki, I’m so sorry. It just never felt like the right time, I wanted him to be home, rested.” You couldn’t stop crying, your hormones making matters worse. You were feeling like it was the end of the world. “He would have been worried, and now he’s going to be both worried and mad at me ! I fucked up real bad, there’s no way I can fix it !”
“Well he’s going to be a father, I hope he has the right priorities and will be more concerned about that than the fact you hid the truth from him.” Nikki’s hand was on your shoulder, rubbing it to comfort you. She’d sometimes hug you, making you cry even more. She ws such a sweetheart, but you knew deep down she was mad at you too.

“He’s so tired Nikki, I swear there’s no way I can do well. He’s all grumpy these days.”

“Anyways I’m here for you honey, if you need anything just ask. Thanks for carrying my grandchild, Y/N.” You nodded, and soon she left.

It didn’t take long before your phone started vibrating again. You were in your bed, wrapped around your sheets, crying to death, but you managed to grab your phone. Without any surprise, it was Tom. You picked up the phone, shaking. Did he know ?

“Hey babe.” His voice seemed a little bith harsh than usual. Something was totally going up in his mind. “Is this for real ?” Your heartbeat suddenly stopped. “Are you really pregnant ?” He insisted on the last word, you could tell he was mad, and you figured he was creasing his nose while talking to you, trying not to explode.

“Tom.. Tom please listen I-”

“Listen to what, Y/N ?!” He cut you, understanding the rumor was true. “You lying to me again ? It’s not the first time you hide such important things from me ! Haven’t I told you to stop already ? I’m concerned ! I’m so fucking concerned, but it always looks like you put me off the important stuff when I’m away.”

It was hard to hear him say those things to you, acting like you didn’t care about his opinion or like he wasn’t anything to you. “Tom, darling…” Your voice was as shaking as your hands. You were so scared, scared of him being too mad he’d leave you. “I just wanted you to stay focus on your job…”

“And I wished I could have been here for my fucking baby ! Now tell me who knew.” Strict, he was so strict. You could tell your behaviour touched him deeply, his heart was broken because of you, because of your choices. Were you a bad person ?

“No one. It was only about me, Tom please, honey, don’t be mad at me. Please I wanted to tell you myself, I didn’t want it to happen this way.” Begging was the only think you could do now.

“I can’t believe you hid it from me, Y/N ! You lied to me, you could have told me so many times but you prefered lying, again and again ! Seriously, Y/N, fuck you, you really ruined it all this time !”

You whined. What did he mean by that ? Was he leaving you ? You wouldn’t be surprised if so, you felt like all you deserved was to be left. “Thomas, I’m sorry, I’m sorry !” You couldn’t just let him go after that. “I’ll make it up to you, please my love, please, I’ll take the next plane si we can meet !”

There was silence before Tom talked again. “I don’t want to see you right now.” Then he suddenly hanged up.


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Why Tyrion was actually worried

Tyrion: Your grace, we should ride first to Karlhold

Daenerys: My lord, you know the North, what do you suggest?

Jon: It would be better to ride first to Karlhold

Daenerys: Your assessments are always correct, we’ll ride first to Karlhold

Tyrion: …

Tyrion: Your Grace, I suggest you are introduced personally to all the Northern Lords, to win their sympathy

Daenerys: ah uhm sure… Where’s Jon?

Jon: Come with me, I’ll introduce you to the Northern Lords

Daenerys: It’ll be my pleasure

Tyrion: …

Tyrion: Your Grace, you should really try this pudding, it’s delicious

Daenerys: Uhm sorry I’m busy. What were you saying darl… I mean, my lord?

Jon: Try this pudding, it’s delicious

Daenerys: Of course!

Tyrion: (╯ಠ_ಠ)╯︵ ┳━┳

False Destinies || Peter Parker x Reader [soulmate au]

((prompt: You don’t have a name tattoo on your wrist, meaning you probably don’t have a soulmate but you didn’t want your friends to tease you about it so you had a tattoo made on your wrist about some name you picked at random because your friend said she wanted to see it soon. And then somehow there’s a person claiming to be your soulmate and they’re kind of cute and sweet so you don’t know what to do.))

prompt given via: http://silentpeaches.tumblr.com/post/125291322610/soulmate-au-story-ideas

okay, so ||broken dreams|| was slightly depressing, so lets have some fluff with a dash of angst for this story! I hope you readers look forward to it

warnings: none

**dont repost/plagiarize this story**

word count: 2,800+


When you were born, there wasn’t a single name etched on your right wrist.

In the world that you lived in, having a name etched on to the skin of your wrist meant that you were connected to your soulmate. Taking into consideration about the millions of people who shared the same name, people often told you that despite there being many Johns, Teresas, or Larrys in the world, they weren’t quite the same as your John, Teresa, or Larry.

That whenever you met the person destined for you, you would somehow know.

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anonymous asked:

also lol i agree with u don't be fooled about flowershop au thing, like my family owns a flowershop and it's a lot of work!

YEa like some ppl think working at a flower shop is all like ~aw and then a customer comes in and they want a cute gift for their s.o. and u give them a single rose and its all good~ but actually its like 5 old ladies come in at the same time, one of them wants a bouquet for her dead husband which she mentions in literally every sentence and its very uncomfortable, another one wants a flower that NEVER wilts, another one wants 3 bouquets for 10€ each but they have to look GIGANTIC and AMAZING, another one wants tulips even tho its the middle of fucking summer and another one wants a single rose but every rose u show her is “bad” and “ugly” and “already wilted” and “excuse me but why do u sell wilted flowers in ur shop??” and then u try to explain to her that theyre not in fact wilted but that was obviously the wrong move bc then shes all like “UHM SORRY BUT I KNOW WHAT IM TALKING ABOUT i have a garden myself!!! and im sorry to tell u this but those flowers are WILTED and u should THROW THEM OUT, im doing u a favor here sweety u should listen to my advice also im not actually gonna buy anything so bye ur welcome”

anyway sometimes its also fun

Fck Cancer.

Request: Y/N is known as Justin’s girlfriend/backup dancer. These past few months have been rough for Y/N as she experiences harsh symptoms which she later understands are symptoms of cancer and she is estimated to only live until next month, now she has to tell her family, friends and Justin.

You glance slowly towards the clock. 4:57 a.m. You let out a groan before flushing the toilet for the third time this night. You weren’t sure what was wrong but these past few months have been hell. You’ve been experiencing migraines, extreme fatigue and seem to never have an appetite. As unhealthy as it sounds, you decide to ignore it thinking it was just allergies or a phase.

You walk towards the sink and rinse out your mouth before taking a glance at yourself in the mirror. You touch you face not realizing how thin you became, you brushed the thought off thinking it was probably from appetite loss and overworking during rehearsals.

Yes, you were one of Justin’s backup dancers whenever he had a concert or tour. That’s also where the two of you met. Weird or romantic? You chuckle as you remember the thought of how you two met.

You walk out of the washroom, and suddely you began to lose balence. You quickly grab the chair next to you. Your grip was firm. You ngrabbed your phone on the drawer and dial Justin’s number. After a few rings, he picks up. “Uh hey…” You whisper softly over the phone.

“Babe, what’s wrong?” Justin says worried, you hated the fact that no matter how many times you tried to hide it, he would always know if there was something wrong.

“It’s nothing. I think I just have a cold or something. Probably due to the weather.” You say trying your best to sound convincing.

“Maaybe you should stay home. Don’t force yourself to come to rehearsal. I’ll let Scooter know, but for now you need to get some rest.” Justin says gently and you couldn’t help but smile.

“Thank you.”

Suddenly your chest began to hurt. You clenched yor chest with your hand at an attempt to reduce the pain but it wasn’t working. You tried your best to speak but no words were coming out, all you heard was Justin’s muffled words over the phone.

You began to let out a cough which led to one after the other until your chest began to hurt.

After a while you finally calmed your cough down and your chest hurt less. You heard Justin call your name multiple over the phone. “Sorry something just got caught in my th-”

What the- you thought to yourself. You attention moved towards your sleeve on where you coughed and noticed the blood.

“Y/N?” Justin says annoyed but you knew he was just trying to get your attention.

“Oh sorry uhm what were you saying?” You still were focus on the blood, you felt your heart race.

“I’m going to leave rehearsals early to go buy you medicine and I’ll be there to take car-”

“No!” You blurt out. “I mean no babe I swear I’m fine. I’m just going to drop by the doctors office then I’m heading straight home. You don’t need to leave.” You say nervously trying to persuade him that you were fine.

You didnt want Justin to agonize, that was the last thing you wanted. Besides he has a career to focus on.


“It’s nothing serious. I promise.” You say reassuring him.

(A few weeks have passed and Y/N has been in and out of the hospital for checkups without Justin’s knowledge. She finally received a call from the hospital.)

You tap your foot continuously, as you waited impatiently for the doctor to come in with the results.

What if something is wrong? You thought to yourself. You obviously didn’t want to think negative but there’s always a possible chance. You felt your heart skip a beat when the doctor entered. The two of you exchange ‘hellos’ as he takes a seat at his desk.

It was silent for a while and you felt your gut sink, something was definitely wrong.

“Ms. Y/LN I hate to say this but I have some awful news about your results…” he says lowly. Your heart was beating so fast your chest began to hurt once again.

“What are you trying to say?” You ask confused.

“I am very sorry Ms. Y/LN but you are diagnosed with lung cancer, stage 4….”

Lung cancer….stage 4?

“W-what?” You say shocked. You couldn’t believe what he was saying nor did you want to believe it.

Tears began streaming down your face as you tried to comprehend what was happening but nothing seemed to focus.

“No, no, no there’s got to be a mistake!” You say feeling tense. You didn’t want to be convinced it was true and you pulled out every excuse you could think of to make the statement false.

“I’m really sorry, but we ran multiple tests and they all came out…positive.” The doctor says. Your world came shattering and it hurt more than you could handle, physically and emotionally.

“How long do I have?” You manage to say.

“One month…”

“Justin she’s just running late…” One of the staff members say. Everyone was eating breakfast but the only person who wasn’t present was Y/N and Justin was beginning to fret.

“Even though, she would have answered my calls or respond to my texts…” Justin says still worried, as he dials your number once more.

“Bro, she’s probably avoiding you…I know I would if you called me that many times….” Ryan, Justin’s best friend says jokingly.

“Shut the hell up Ry” Justin says before shooting him a glare.

“He’s just moody because he didn’t get any morning sugar…” another member calls out causing the whole crew to burst in laughter.

“I fucking hate you guys!” Justin says with a stern tone but he can’t help but crack a smile.

(An hour has passed and the crew is packing up)

“There she is!” You head one of the dancers call out. Instantaneously all eyes were on you.

“Babe! Where were you?” Justin says as he jogs towards you worried.

“I’m sorry I’m late, it’s just uh-”

“Is everything okay Y/N?” Scooter asks worried aswell. You look at both of them as you place a fake smile reassuring them.

“Uh yeah I just had to drop something off at my moms place and it took longer than I expected…”

I lied I know but what I couldn’t do it, you thought to yourself.

“Hey…” Justin whispers as he places his hand gently on your face causing you to look at him. “Are you sure everything’s okay? You look pale-”

“I swear I’m okay!” You yell. You didn’t mean to raise you voice, it wasn’t your intention but all the questions made you feel sick. You sigh, avoiding eye contact. “I’ll just go talk to the choreographer to see what I missed. Excuse me.” You say before excusing yourself, walking towards the choreographer.

Scooter walks towards Justin, confused. “Is Y/N alright?”

“I honestly have no clue…”

You take a break from stretching as you see Scooter standing near the doorway.

“Hey Y/N? Can I talk to you for a minute?” He asks motioning you to come with him to the hall.

“Uh sure…” you say, slightly confused. Scooter has never interrupted a rehearsal unless it was about something important. You jog towards Scooter. “What’s up?” You say curiously.

Scooter take a few deep breaths and it was starting to make you worry. “You know you can tell me anything right?”

“Yeah of course, Scoot you’re like my dad.” And it was true, Scooter was the closest thing to a father figure ever since your real father left. You knew what you said was a lie but you didn’t have the strength to tell him the truth.

Scooter looks at you unconvinced before taking another deep breath. “Look, I’ve notice earlier you looked awful…no offence.”

“Wow thanks.” You say offended.

“Wait. Let me finish.” He says and you knew he was was being serious. “I couldn’t help but stare at your wrist, you had a hospital band?” He asks and your heart stopped.

“No I uh was just getting a checkup, I had a really bad cold and I thought I was coming down with somethig.” You lie, once again.

“I did some digging and Y/N you’ve been in and out of the hospital these past few months-”

“Scoot!” You yell, out of all people you didn’t expect Scootet to be the person to go behind your back and do some research. “You have no right-”

“I do! I have the right to know if something is wrong with your health. Now tell me what the hell is going on?” Scooter yells furiously. You were taken back, Scooter never yelled at you, and you have to admit you felt hurt and ashamed for keeping the secret from everyone.

You take a deep breath. You felt tears peak at the corner of your eyes.

“I have stage 4 lung cancer…” you say vulnerably. You couldn’t even look at him once you said it, it hurt too much. “One month Scoot, that’s all I have.” Your voice was shaking and your eyes became so watery all you saw were you tears repetively coming down.

“Why didn’t you tell us?” Scooter says almost in a whisper and you knew he was hurt.

“I was scared…” you say truthfully before looking down.

“Y/N you can’t keep something like this…”

“I’m sorry…” you sob once again and Scooter immediately pulls you in for a hug. He silently wipes his own tears.

“You need to tell the others….especially Justin.”

(Y/N finally told everyone, family and friends about her illness except for Justin).

“What’s going on?” Justin asks agonized but no one answered. He quickly walks towards you. “Why are you crying?”

You began to cry, more than you have today. You didn’t know how to tell him or how he was going to react. If he was going to be upset or angry? You didn’t want to know.

After a while you finally gained the courage.

You look him in the eyes and take a deep breath.

“I’ve been diaganosed with cancer…”

“W-what?” Justin says shocked.

“Stage 4, lung cancer….” you felt tears streaming down your face once more.

Justin runs his fingers through his hair, his jaw was clenched and he couldn’t even look at you after many attempts to get his attention.

“Why didn’t you tell me?!” Justin says raising his voice. You were taken back by his sudden outburst but understood he was just hurt.

“I was going to-” you begin to say but immediately get cut off by Justin.

Justin chuckles sarcastically, “When? The moment you’re gone? What did you expect was going to happen? That you would just be gone, some random person will explain it to me and everything would be okay?” He yells as tears were running down his face.

You felt sudden guilt, you hated to see him like that.

“Justin, take it easy…” one of Justin’s staff members call out.

“No!” Justin yells, everyone was now staring at us. “How the hell can I take it easy knowing my own girlfriend isn’t going to be here with me the next few months…”

That hit you. Did he expect this to be easy for me aswell? You thought to yourself.

“Jay…” you say gently as you try to hold his hand but he pushes you away.

“I can’t do this right now…” Justin immediately leaves the room, a few of the members plus Scooter follow him out.

“Justin!” You call out as tears ran down your face.

Your head choreographer walks up beside you and wraps his arms around you. “Just let him be, he needs time to adjust, its a lot to take in.”

You nod simply before getting ready for the show.

Justin was midway through his last song of the night. You danced and gave it your all, afraid that it was your last.

Suddenly, the music stops.

You stop dancing as you look at the other dancers confused and wondering if you should keep going. You watch as Justin adjusts his mic before centering himself on stage.

“Hey guys….” Justin says and the crowd goes wild causing you to chuckle. “Change of plans tonight I want to dedicate this show not just to you guys but to my girlfriend aswell….” he says as he turns to look at you, the crowd erupts into “aw’s” and excitement. You look at him shocked but you show him a smile to show your appreciation. He takes a while before speaking up. “Horrible news came up and my reaction wasn’t the best nor was it supportive, I was angry, hurt and bitter.” His voice was shaky and he kept looking at the floor. “Now I just want to do something special for her, so before the show I had help from my amazing friends and crew to put up this tribute video of Y/N it took a long time but every part is worth it… I hope while I play this tribut I hope you keep a small place for Y/N in your prayers and she needs all your love and support tonight. I know you may all be wondering what the hell is going on? That’s for Y/N to personally tell you guys when she’s ready but all I’m asking is to pray for her and for your moral support”. Justin turns around towards you and smiles. “So babe do you mind joining me over here?” The crowd goes crazy and you can’t help but smile, you let out a few laughs before heading towards him.

You suddenly hear the music to “Be Alright” one of your all time favourites begin to play. You felt tears streaming down your face but this time they were happy tears.

Justin begins to sing and you cant’ help but melt at the sound of his voice. As he sings, he would wipe away your tears, hold your hand and pretend to dance with you on stage causing you to laugh.

He then turns you around to watch the video and it just made you cry more as you watch your closest friends and family giving you motivation to keep fighting.

“Everything’s gonna be alright….” Justin sings the last few words before pulling you in a hug. The crowd erupts into screams once more. You whisper in his ear “thank you” before hugging him back tighter.

As the screams die down you both pull away, but Justin grabs your hands.

“I love you and nothing’s going to keep us apart not even what you’re going through right now. You’re not alone baby, I promise”.

You gently grab Justin’s face before pulling him in for a kiss.

“I love you Jay….thank you.”

Fuck cancer.

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Before Vanderwood Met 707

This idea randomly popped in my head. Note that it’s a fanmade backstory

Also not necessarily what I think happened to Vanderwood. It’s just a random fic, okay? XD 


Before Vanderwood Met 707

Note: “He” refers to Vanderwood throughout the story

  • Growing up, he’d been a poor boy
  • He had only a mattress to sleep on, which he had to share with his parents
  • they barely had enough food everyday, skipping many meals… but his parents made sure that he ate every meal
  • he had no toys to play with, unlike all the other boys
  • but… he wasn’t lonely because he had his parents by his side
  • His parents, although poor, saved up money just to buy him a skateboard for his 8th birthday
  • He absolutely fell in love with it.
  • See, there was no TV at home, no toys to play with, hardly any furniture to even look at…
  • He only traveled between home and school, and he loved school because he could finally do something… but even then, the kids there bullied him, making fun of him for his shabby clothes and plain lunches
  • The skateboard was the only gift he’d ever received for his birthday, and the fact that it was from his parents only made it that much more special
  • He took it everywhere, even when he was still just learning how to ride it
  • He spent the summer with his father, learning how to do cool tricks and ride it smoothly
  • and once he mastered it, he traveled everywhere he could with the skateboard
  • Yes… those were the days.
  • Those days were years ago in the past already.
  • His parents had died early on of weak health, considering they never had proper meals and saved it all for him…
  • He’d been left to fend for himself, using what little savings had been left for him, stealing money, and working part-time jobs after he turned 16… He managed, but he was forced to live out on the streets alone
  • One day, he decided to take the old skateboard to play, feeling nostalgic. …He really missed his parents. They were all he ever had.
  • He tries to skate at the park, but… he’s already long outgrown the shabby board by now.
  • He lost his balance, falling over his feet, and the skateboard flung itself to the road, just as a car drove over it, smashing it to pieces.
  • “N-no… no, no, no, nonono,” he mumbled, chanting it over and over to himself.
  • “Tsk, look what you’ve done to my car, kid,” the female driver scowled, criticizing him in a low tone, getting out of her car to inspect for damage. “Pieces of your damned skateboard are stuck on my tires!”
  • He’s still numb with shock, unsure if he should feel apologetic, or grieve for the loss of his only happy memory with his parents first. “I… M-madam, my skateboard, I… uhm… what.. s-sorry… uh…”
  • The lady looked over him, analyzing him critically. “Hm… y’know what kiddo, you look pretty healthy even though you clearly live on the streets… I have a job offer for you. I’m sure you’ll consider it– you’ll be able to work there forever and make a living. However, you’ll need to abandon everything you’ve ever owned, including your identity.”
  • He had no choice but to give up his name, even though, like the skateboard, it was one of the few things his parents had been able to give him. 
  • Instead, he named himself “Vanderwood,” abandoning his name and life so that he could start anew.
  • But at the very least, he would remember.
  • He would remember his short-lived time with his parents, his struggles on the streets, and his battles to keep living.
  • He had abandoned the name his parents gave him, and everything he ever owned, but these memories could never be taken away.
  • FIN.
|T h e O n e| Part 1

Overall Summary: Finally, they actually plan on having a female character join the supernatural cast. A long term female is something they haven’t really experienced before.  But here you are, down to earth and prepared.

Chapter Summary: Finally, your agent calls you back! You got the gig! You did it. Finally after a week of waiting you can break into your happy dance and call your parents. You finally were on the official cast member list. Now, just to meet the guys you have heard tons of hype about. Off to Vancouver you go!

Warnings; None in this Chapter?

Word Count : 1583

~ Master List ~


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Priest!Twelve x Clara AU  -  Inspired by mrscartoon’s post
Thanks to themagicofvenice for having told me about it and sorry for the waiting

Clara is a new teacher in town, so far from the suffocating city. He’s the local priest, he was born there. She loves her job. He doesn’t exactly hate his job, it’s just what he has to do. She loves to walk, she has a new town to discover. He loves to draw, especially the statue in his garden, which - he thinks- its seems to move everytime you don’t look at it. That’s how they met, she was walking by his garden-stone wall and he was drawing. Clara loves her job and she absolutely loves to walk because she can meet him everyday. He doesn’t exactly love his job, but he’s sure that God exists, especially now, looking at their entwined fingers and the happy smile on her face.

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Ah, need help confessing to Arthur? NO NEED >:3 *Slams Alfred's head to Arthur's making them kiss then runs away* NO REGRESSSSSS

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Just what I need, part 7

Harry Styles - 2357 words

You can read part 6 here.


We don’t even make it into the flat properly before Harry presses me up against the door, hiking one of my legs against his hip and pressing his crotch into mine, lips attacking my neck at an instant. A breathless moan leaves my lips as I loudly let my head thud against the wooden door, mouth slightly ajar as I feel Harry’s hands roam my body.

“You have done nothing but tease, Y/N. How would you like the same treatment?” Harry breathes against my lips before his hand cups my neck and our lips meet in a passionate kiss. My tongue swipes along his bottom lip, silently asking for access which he grants me immediately. Our tongues battle for dominance as both his large hands cup my bottom, hoisting me up against the wall, his pelvis keeping me in place. “Ah – Harry.” I breathe, not capable of answering him but hoping he would do no such thing. I had been silently craving him since the first time I had laid eyes on him, although I might have denied it to myself.

I start swirling my hips against Harry’s pelvis, our mouths hungrily fighting one another. I feel the pressure of my back against the door dissipate, Harry carrying me as if I weigh nothing along the hallway and towards my bedroom. A heartily chuckle leaves my lips as my body bounces off of the bed a bit, my upper body immediately supported by my lower arms as I sway my legs up and down. Harry is staring at me with a hunger in his eyes, the normally sparkly orbs clouded by lust.

“Who ever thought having a zipper in front would be so handy.” Harry smirks as he lets one knee rest on the duvet between my legs, one hand resting near my head as the other toys with the zipper near my cleavage. Slowly and steadily, his fingers grip the zipper and he drags it down my body, his knuckles brushing against my newly exposed skin, goosebumps arising where his touch burnt my skin.

“It’s not quite fair of you to stay clothed, don’t you think?” My fingers toy with the hem of his shirt and I receive in return is a smirk, his tongue darting out to wet his lips as his eyes hungrily stare me up and down. “Not quite, no.” Harry returns as his gaze catches mine, his fingers gripping that same hem I was toying with to pull the shirt over his head in a swift motion, exposing his toned abs to my wandering gaze.

His hands push the dress to the side, rubbing his hands along my waist before his fingers catch the sides of my knickers. Our eyes meet again as he pulls them slowly, almost teasingly, of my legs and puts it into his back pocket. He leans back up, his lips ghosting over mine as his fingers slightly brush over my hot core, drawing a loud moan from my lips in an instant. “So willing.” He hums against my lips, kissing along my jaw and neck as his fingers curl around my back to undo my bra. In the meanwhile, my fingers fumble with the button of his jeans, popping it open swiftly and pushing them just a few inches down his hips. My lips find the swallows I had indeed dreamt about that night, trailing along the ink as my hands roam.

He assists me by pulling his jeans and boxers off all the way, kicking them off of his ankles at the end of the bed as he throws my bra to follow his clothing. I feel his cock press against my folds and immediately my hips buck up to gain even the slightest bit of friction, Harry moaning against my shoulder before he sinks his teeth into the tanned flesh.

“Harry, please –“ I breathe, not capable of more words as both our bodies react to one another, hips bucking in sync as my hands roam over every piece of exposed skin I can reach. I stop our motion and grasp his hard member in my small hand, guiding him towards my entrance. He doesn’t say anything, his breathing becoming harsher as his tip brushes my entrance.

A sigh of pure bliss leaves my lips as I feel him press past my entrance, his pelvis meeting my skin as he breathes out, eyes clenched shut and his hands fisting the sheets. “Fuck.” It leaves his lips like a whisper, his lip drawn between his teeth as he bites down harsh enough to draw blood.

His thrusts start out tentative, trying to test the waters and I suck in a harsh breath as he starts moving. I never expected for him to fill me up like this, the feeling completely different from whenever I had spent the night with Liam. My legs wind around his waist, pressing him closer to my and sinking my barely there nails into his back. “Harry – More..” I moan into the air, pressing my heels against his bum to usher him into a faster pace.

He notices my needs and he picks up speed, thrusting faster and harder and I feel like I’m in Heaven. I’m gasping his name, hands roaming over his back, with particular sharp thrusts digging my nails into his back and letting a high pitched moan leave my lips. I hear Harry groan something that resembles my name, his breathing picking up as I feel his heartbeat hammer against my naked chest. “’M close.” He whispers, his fingers disappearing between our joined bodies to rub my oversensitive nub and I spiral into an orgasm, shrieking out his name as I keep being fucked into oblivion.

It takes a few minutes of me trying to regain my breathing and Harry continuing slamming into me before he stills his movements and a grunt leaves his lips before he drops his heavy body onto mine, his harsh, labored breathing heating up my neck. My fingers trail over Harry’s spine and I see him visibly shiver. It takes a few moments for him to regain his strength and when he does, he drops next to me with a loud huff, pulling the duvet over our naked forms.

Harry slings an arm around my waist and hauls me into his chest, heartbeat hammering against my back and his breathing brushing along my ear shell. Our harsh breathing is the only thing heard throughout the dark flat, Harry’s evening out soon as he falls into a deep slumber. It takes me a while for sleep to overcome my senses, eventually my eyes drifting closed to Harry’s steady heartbeat and his breathing down my neck.


Harry isn’t here when I wake up. Instead I wake to his heavenly scent plastered against my sheets and a hollow feeling in my chest. Oh and I might feel miserable too from the amount of alcohol I had consumed in the course of a few hours. I breathe loudly, groaning as I stretch my sore limbs and snuggle further into my duvet. I’m not going to get out of this bed today. I’ll cancel Louis.

“Y/N?” I hear Harry’s voice echo through the hallway as he whispers my name, his head peeking from behind the slightly cracked door. “Yeah?”
“Oh great, you’re awake. I made you breakfast.” Harry smiles as he pushes the door open further, revealing a platter with lots of delicious foods splattered across it. “Oh you shouldn’t have.”
I wonder if he remembers last night and if we are supposed to speak of it. I didn’t regret it one bit, even though I was slightly intoxicated, but it might be that Harry does. Liam and he had become somewhat more than acquaintances over the course of a few months, and he is technically stabbing his friend in the back with a knife that holds my name on it.

“I figured you might feel like shit, and I wanted to be a great friend.” Harry smiles as he sets the platter onto my lap, sitting down next to me and grasping the remote control of the television in front of us. “Do you mind?” I shake my head no as I push a piece of deliciously cooked bacon past my lips. “Oh Harry, this is amazing.” I moan, closing my eyes as I enjoy the taste of perfectly cooked bacon. “I – uh – glad – to hear that?” I see Harry shift uncomfortably underneath my covers and I hold out a piece of bacon towards his lips, him immediately shaking his head.

“Oh no, I made it for you.”
“Well I want to share with you. Open up.” Harry takes a bite and I stuff the rest in my mouth, granting him with a wink and leaning against his now shirt covered torso, shoveling small bites of food past my lips. “Did you mean what you said last night?” The silence and tension can be cut like a knife right now, as my panicked brain tries to think of whatever the fuck I had said to him yesterday that he wanted to bring up, and this gingerly too.

“Uhm – Sorry I don’t know what you’re talking about?”
“Oh uhm, never mind.” Harry seems like he is restraining himself but I decide to let it go, just nod my head. It’s pounding with a hangover and I’m just glad he didn’t run away to search for another flat after last night.
“The party was fun last night.” I breathe, slightly hoping Harry would bring up our night together but he doesn’t utter another word but a breathless yes.

“Women just keep throwing themselves at you and you are partially oblivious to it all.” I chuckle and I get Harry’s elbow in my ribs, making me wheeze even more. As I open my eyes again, I notice Harry and I only being a few centimeters apart. My eyes flitter from his eyes to his lips. Harry leans in and of course our moment has to be ruined by my phone vibrating against the night stand. I sigh, mumbling an apology as I press the phone to my ear.


Harry seems shocked and I am too, of course. Liam had been gone for over more than a week without a single trace left by him. “Y/N, you still there?”
“Yeah.” I breathe and solemnly watch Harry get out of bed and trail out of my bedroom. My heart sinks as I see him leave but I am still wondering why Liam would call.

“I’m sorry I left on such bad terms, Y/N. I’m sorry about the way everything went and I want to ask you for another chance.” I sigh into the phone.
“Liam, I don’t think that is such a great idea. Things had been going wrong between us in the last months and I do believe this might be to the best.” I breathe as I hear him gasp through the phone, biting my bottom lip between my teeth as my nails pick at a loose thread on my duvet.

“Y/N, what the fuck? You know we are great for each other! I – Is there someone else?”
My breathing stops momentarily, my heart beating heavily against my chest. Was there?
“I – I don’t know.” I sigh out eventually, deciding to be honest with my best friend of fifteen years and with myself. I didn’t know yet. But I was sure I was developing feelings for the boy with his charm.

“It’s Harry, isn’t it?” I decide to keep quiet this time. Liam curses loudly into the receiver and I almost drop the phone in shock before scrambling to get it back against my ear.
“I fucking told you he was a bad choice as a roommate Y/N! Are you going to throw away three years of a relationship for some vague kid that shows up out of fucking nowhere?!”

“He is not a fucking bad roommate! And I didn’t throw away this relationship, you did when you left for Spain without a fucking goodbye! Even if I have feelings for Harry, it is none of your business right now!” I fume into the receiver, clutching my phone tightly in my hands, my knuckles turning white from the force. “Y/N, please.. Give me another chance.”
“Stop using my fucking name in that tone you know how much I hate it! I am not a wounded animal!” I groan out harshly, squeezing my eyes closed and pressing my thumbs into my closed eyelids.
“And no Liam, I’m sorry. I wish you the best of times in Europe.”

With that, I end the call and groan loudly before throwing my phone to the other end of the bed. I press my flattened palms against my eyes, making me see stars as I kick my legs against the mattress.
“Y/N?” I don’t respond as I feel Harry’s body dip the side of the bed again, one of his hands landing on my elbow comfortingly before pulling my arms down.

“Is he angry about me staying here?”
“Of course he is. I didn’t know he could be this stubborn, but it’s for the best like this.” I sigh, granting Harry with a small smile as I let my fingers toy with his pointer finger.
“Like what?”
“I think we have just broken up officially and for good. It’s for the best like this, I just wish I still had my best friend after all of this.”

“Then would it be inconsiderate of me to ask you out on a date just now?” Harry averts his gaze and I think my eyes might bulge out of my head, my mouth opening and closing like a fish on dry land.
“I’m sorry, it was stupid of me to ask so close after your break up. I – “
“No Harry. You want to go on a date with me?” A nod of his head makes a giant grin break out on my lips, my bottom lip pulled between my teeth as I try to suppress that stupid grin of mine.

“I would love to.”

Lots of love,
L. xox

au: vixx as school boys in a rock band (su!fbb)┌

“but we’re just doing what we want to do.” [cr]

Up10tion Reacts to Spilling Coffee On You

Hey guys! Sorry I didn’t get to all the ships but I have a few in my inbox so I’ll get to them, they are open again! Thanks for the request and I hope you enjoy!! ~Uma

P. S. I thought using the reaction shots from the “Catch Me” MV!

Originally posted by up10-sons

JInhoo- “OMG! I’m so sorry!!” *would be extremely flustered for a few moments and then come to his senses and gets you some napkins*

Kuhn- “Oh crap!!!! Here lemme-….” *would be so flustered and embarrassed that he’d go ahead and start cleaning you up himself and embarrass himself even more*

Kogyeol- *would immediately take action, no questions asked* “I’m so sorry!! Here are some napkins, do you need anything else?”

Wei-  “Oh crap! Sorry Y/N!!! *a surprised and flustered Wei* *would need a moment to recollect and then starts to help clean you up*

Bitto- *internally* “oh my god. WHAT DID I JUST DO* 

*externally* *gif*

Wooshin-*laughs out of complete embarrassment* *doesn’t say anything but just helps clean the mess*

Sunyoul-  “NO! Sorry!! Are you okay?! I’m so sorry” *apologizes repeatedly and helps you clean up right away*

Gyujin-  “Oh my gosh I’m so sorry” *is really disheveled and needs a second to calm* 

Hwanhee-  “oh…. Crap…uhm……. Sorry!” *doesnt know what to do and just tries to figure the situation out* *flustered lee hwanhee*

Xiao- “Oh crap, omg, what did I- I’m SO sorry!” * would be so disoriented that the amount of words coming from his mouth in a minute is unfathomable* *doesn’t even help, he’s so immersed in apologizing*

These gifs are all made by me so please give credit if using! Thank You! ~Uma