uhm yeeah

i-believe-love-is-eternal said:Steve and Tony, that’s a lot of sexual tension over the alphabet. Why not just do the hyphen thingy? And quit arguing or you’re both in time out! *slaps ruler against hand*

bettycrockergonecrackers said:Why not hyphen, Tony? My uncle got his name hyphened after he married, so he could still keep his original last name AND his husband’s and his husband kept his last name. So you could be TOny Stark-Rogers.

roshytsunami said:Steve Tony if you guys are going to fight over your last names why not just combine them like Roger-Stark or Stark-Rogers?

“Um, yeah, guys, we know that. That’s what we actually can’t agree on - whose name go first.”

“I still think that my name should be first. After all, I was the one who proposed.”

*is getting tired of this* You know what, Tony? Fine, it can be your way and your name will go first–”

“YES! Stark : 1, Rogers : 0!”

“– after all, I was only the guy who started our relationship.”

“… Excuse me?”

“I’m just saying that if it wasn’t me asking you out and kissing you first, we would probably never get where we are now.”

“Well.. Uhm.. I..”

“Yeeah. Good thing I took it in my hands, if I left it all to you, you would still be staring at me through half closed door, and spending cold, lonely nights in your huge, huge bed. But you know, you would just do fine without me and maybe after few more years you would finally get the courage to ask me out.”

“….. Fine, your stupid name can go first. Just for your information, you just earned yourself the no sex card for trying to guilt trip me.”

“Oh really? You know that you’re punishing yourself that way too?”

“You know, I’m starting to miss those times when you thought that fondue was a word for sex and you were getting embarrassed from looking at women wearing bikini. Where that guy went? Can I take back my proposal and propose to him instead?”