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My inspirations <3
they deserve much more but for now some pixel art! as I said I found it pretty fun so I continue doing it xdd
there is still part 2 for some others insp :3c
I had fun with all of them, they are all so unique and cute! <3
hope you like them I did it with all my love uvu <3

and uhm…what else to say…senpai notice me?… 

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These two have been sitting on my desktop for a long time being very close to being done. I’ve been working on quite a few black and white commissions lately (and other series of black and white pieces c;)  and so I wanted to do something with color and these were a good quick fix and I got to feel like i finished something o-o. 

Anyway. As usual I am still toying with them but I like where they are for the time being. I’ve always found that both of these cards always mean different things than I thought they did, so I wanted to try to design them in a way that made sense to me (in the context of all the other cards so far, of course). 

Thirteen down, nine to go! 

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You still ache for him, don’t you? No matter how much you try to steal yourself away from his shelf where the collection of girls he ruined were displayed, you still pin yourself to where you are standing, as you stare at him, waiting for him to finally gaze at you again and pick you. But he didn’t. He won’t. He would just look at you with pity and go back to collecting other girls who are as naive as you.

You would turn your back and pretend to forget all the nights you spent thinking how perfect it could be to feel your head rested on his shoulder or how it would be nice to roam the streets of Paris while holding his hand. You would get up from your bed every morning even if you didn’t sleep at night and try so hard not to look for him in the faces of strangers you bump with in the terminal of the train. You would bite your tongue every time it itches to utter his name but you would end up swallowing your blood mixed with the bitter taste of his memories.

You would feel this fury for him every time you realize how much time he spent formulating a fake love you believed in. You would get mad at yourself even more every time you realize how much of a fool you were for believing in him. But at the end of the day, when memories start to caress your skin again like an old friend waiting for a company just for tonight, you could never deny the fact that you miss him. You miss him not matter how much bullshit he put you in. You miss him even if you still can’t find yourself after losing it inside his pocket. You miss him and you want him back but you shouldn’t anymore.

You still ache for him and the wave of pain gets stronger than the last time it hit you until you’re drowning in the middle of the ocean of fantasies you used to build.

Hey, it’s jeongguks grill ya girl, Nikki, back at it again with another follow forever \ʕ•ᴥ•ʔ/ I didn’t include everyone i’ll do that in my 3rd one when i hit my milestone i promise but these are some of the blogs !! (ily all tho)

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oh my god Hide and his smile will be the death of me, like, seriously ;;

hey I’m done with my art school entrance exams :’) I was super stressed so here, have some nerve soothing HideKane fluff

isn’t it funny how I drew Hide and Kaneki in two completely different styles hahaha ha    haha….haaaaa


okay but luke would totally be that guy who’d make you slide around the house with him in your socks and he’d accidentally bump into you and he’d just giggle and catch you before you fall but end up slipping and falling too