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Marichat May Day 25: Akumatized Chat Noir

Im part of the peolpe who believes that instead of transforming a superhero, the akumatization is mostly painful than anything, since it’s another type of magic, corrupted magic, that’s trying to posses the holder.

also i wanted to play with some effects xD

p.s.: never let me look into my other fandoms because i’ll always put a wink to them


Hi, Freida. I, uhm… I wanted to apologize for everything. You knew there was more to life then just the islands, and I— I didn’t believe you. I know you can’t ever forgive me, but I am truly sorry.

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concept: gross monster widow

what if widow was a bit like an actual insect/human fusion. kinda like “the fly” in brundle’s early stages, sort of:

  • coarse sticky hairs protruding from her body and back. she can stick to walls with them.
  • a like a thin layer of mucus around her body
  • she doesn’t need to eat, but whenever she does she vomits acid over her foood
  • her teeth and nails sometimes fall off leaving a trail of slime
  • she has super strength and can rip off a man’s arm easily.
  • in a pinch, she can also(painfully) grow out underdeveloped raw gory insect limbs from her body(for example, when she wants to save a falling sombra and her arms are occupied) she doesn’t do this often, since she has to rip them off afterwards, eat them up and spit acid to close the wound. 
  • super heightened instincts and stamina. while she feels no “nuanced emotions”, she runs basically solely on instinct and gut feeling.

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Soukoku for the wedding ship thing (bc I am trash)

It’s ok we’re all Soukoku trash here xD Thanks for the ask!!

Send me a ship and I’ll tell you about their wedding!

Who proposed:

It was Dazai, but Chuuya didn’t accept for a really long time.

How they proposed:

The first time Dazai proposed, Chuuya just looked at the ring, scoffed, and said, “No.”

A month later Dazai tried again and Chuuya said, “Ask me again tomorrow.”

After six months of asking every single day, only to be rejected every time, Chuuya finally caved in, recognising that Dazai was serious, and said yes.

At one point, Atsushi gently asked Dazai whether he should consider giving up because it seemed as though Chuuya really did not want to marry him. Smiling, Dazai shook his head.

“I’m still going to ask tomorrow. I always do. He won’t say yes because he wants to keep hearing me say it. From the first time that he told me to ask him again the next day, he’d already said yes.”

Who stressed more over wedding planning:

They both stressed over it, but Chuuya moreso because he wanted everything to be perfect for both of them. Dazai just wanted it to be perfect for Chuuya, even if he didn’t show it.

Who had the wildest bachelor party:

Chuuya’s, but that was because Dazai ditched his own party halfway though and attended Chuuya’s, intending to hang out with the rest of the Mafia for once. Things got a little hectic. Kunikida and Atsushi had to come haul Dazai’s drunk ass out of there.

Who freaked out before the wedding:


He lost the ring.

Best man:

Chuuya’s best man was Akutagawa, while Dazai chose his current partner Kunikida over his apprentice Atsushi. Later Dazai would tell Chuuya in secret that before his death, he would have wanted Odasaku to be his best man.

Where they got married:

They had their wedding in a church in Yokohama, one that was under the jurisdiction of the Port Mafia. 

What they wrote in their vows:

Dazai to Chuuya: “I promise to be your partner in battle, your ally in conflict, your sword and shield in peril, your solace in sickness and solitude, and your companion in life, from this day till the end of my days.”

Chuuya to Dazai: “From this day and beyond, I give you my heart that I may be worthy of you. From this day and beyond, I give you my promise that I will cherish and honor you. From this day and beyond, I give you all that I have, that my faith and devotion may keep me by your side.”

Who cried at the wedding:

Dazai cried, because for once in his life he has reached a happiness that he never thought he would find. He finally found a reason to live.

Chuuya didn’t cry, but Kouyou did, seeing her boy all grown up.

None of them would know it, but Odasaku was there too, and he definitely got a bit teary.

What song did they have their first dance to:

Me and You by Kenny Chesney. Afterward the playlist consisted of songs that were chosen to wring each other’s hearts, e.g. Chuuya putting one of the soundtracks played at Bar Lupin, Scarlet Sky, and Dazai including the classic masterpiece Love’s Sorrow piano and violin duet by Fritz Kreisler.

(From my HC that Chuuya plays violin and Dazai plays piano)

Where did they go on their honeymoon:

Where else but Paris, France?

What did they do on their honeymoon:

Dazai still doesn’t have much appreciation for wine (or hats), but a highlight of their honeymoon was visiting the Pont des Arts bridge with Chuuya, securing a lock on the railing there and tossing the key into the river.

As for what else they did… ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)



J.K. Rowling, Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix

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Harry: "Before we play the next song, I just wanted to tell you guys that, I am so happy today because.. someone who means quite a lot to me, who means the whole world to me, actually, was finally able to join us today.." (1)

“He’s watching us from backstage, and I mean, I know that there’s nothing that he, there’s nothing that /I/ want more than for him to be able to actually, like, watch us from here, but it’s okay! He gets to be here, and that’s enough!” (2)

“I am so glad that he was finally able to join us! He’s been quite busy, working on an album and all, and you know, with touring and everything, I’ve been traveling a lot and we haven’t been able to like, stay together a lot…” (3)

“But again, I am so incredibly happy that he’s finally here, I know it’s selfish but I’d like to keep him here, with me, for as long as I could, even though we had a silly argument before I went on stage haha, so yeah… uhm, just wanted to say that, I love you so much, baby. I know it gets hard when we argue, we’re both stubborn, I know…” (4)

“But I love you so much, yeah? I’m so glad you’re here… I hope you’re enjoying the show so far, that you’d want to come and see us again. P.S. I want to dedicate the next song to my absolute number one and biggest fan, because he refuses to let anyone call him something else, haha! Here’s Sweet Creature.” (5)

why do y’all insist on hurting me like this


🌹💌 send these to tae and tell him i love him 😪💘

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Forgive me now
For I have sold my soul for gold
Washed up on shore
A thousand miles away from home
Just as I begin to settle in to these skin and bones, alone
I find the answers to questions I have never known