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The sensation of cold finger tips on his face awoke him from the depths of slumber. As Luke opened his eyes he was awarded with the sight of his beloved, hair disheveled from sleep, shirt askew exposing his shoulder. He leaned forward placing sweet kisses from his loves’ neck up to his lips, pulling back a bit after hearing Ryan giggle.

“You know, I don’t understand why you still wear that damn eyepatch,” he sighed palming his cheek and running the pad of his thumb softly along the scar on and around his right eye. 

“Baby, we’ve been over this-“ 

“Yeah, I know, Luke, I just…” pouting he looked away and continued, “It sucks that I can only see all of your face when we’re alone.“ 

"Look at me, Ryan,” he paused, only starting up again when he caught sight of beautiful hazel eyes. “The guys think I’ve lost all vision in this damn eye, hell, most of ‘em think I don’t even have an eye…" 

He reached forward and around to the back of Ryan’s head to tug gently at the hair there as his face slowly heated up. 

"I…If I told them that my cat got pissed at me and accidently scratched my face, they’d never lemme live it down…" 

Ryan smiled despite himself, here his man was, right hand to the leader of an underground gang, face flushed cherry red, embarrassed to all hell. He pulled himself closer to his face, kissing the scar. 

"The, great and mysterious, Cartoonz,” he stopped, giggling slightly, before continuing, “thwarted by a cat." 

Inspired by this amazing fanart~ https://yandie106.tumblr.com/post/160435960931/ohmtoonz-office-style-wearing-classy-and-elegant
Hunk’s Backstory

(this (first part) is based off of some text post I saw and I thought it was cute and it makes sense as to why Hunk loves everyone and is soft and warm)

-Hunk’s mom and dad had been together in college (evidently creating him) but after about a year(a month or two after he was born) his father came out to his mother as gay, and his mother (relieved) came out as gay as well.

-They both agreed it would be easier to just raise him together though instead of fighting for custody, so they live in a house while also not being together.

-At age 5, his Father meets someone and at 6, they get married.

-At age 7 his mother meets someone and at 9 they get married.

-Hunk lives with his 2 mothers and 2 fathers in the same house, growing up happy and warm and safe with his mama and mom and dad and papa.

-His uncle (on his mom’s side) would often come and play with Hunk and had bonded with him.

- Hunk learned mechanics and how to tinker with his Uncle, his Uncle telling him that he would one day be good enough to go into space as the engineer to a pilot.

-His Uncle often told him of stories from when he was an active engineer (he had gotten caught in a work accident that left him unable to work at his old job) and it was always amazing to Hunk about how smart his uncle was, and how he wanted to be just as smart when he grew up.

-Hunk had met Lance when a friend of his Papa’s had introduced their son, Lance, to him.

-At first Hunk was very nervous so he had trouble speaking to him at first, but once they started seeing each other more Hunk started to warm up to him.

-After that they became best friends!

-Hunk and Lance would back each other up whenever the other was getting picked on or in trouble, they were nearly inseparable.

- Lance also knew Hunk’s Uncle, and just how much he meant to Hunk, and even how much he meant to Lance.

-Hunk’s Uncle would often help Lance with his homework, or if he didn’t understand something, Hunk’s Uncle would patiently explain to him out to do it.

-Hunk’s Uncle was much of a roll model to the two boys, a kind, honest man, with a warm presence and a way of calming everyone down with just a small smile.

-Not to mention his way with the ladies(Lance had always admired him, and will always, for this.)

-But at age 12 it had been announced that his uncle has cancer and most likely wouldn’t make it to next year.

-About a half a year later his uncle was sent to the hospital, and Hunk didn’t get to see him as much anymore, and after about a year, his uncle had been pronounced dead.

-Hunk was very…lonely after that. Drawing in on himself, distancing himself from everyone around him. The once glowing presence of Hunk seemed to dim, and grow cold the more time passed.

-That is, until his parents and Lance had come talk to him about his feelings. The emotions he tried to keep welled up inside him came flowing out like an avalanche, sobbing as he tried to hold onto as many of them as he could, holding on as tight as possible.

-After that, Hunk felt that it would be best to just wear his emotions on his sleeve, Lance telling him to always come to him if he needed a friend.

-Once he turned 14, he realized he would be nearing the age that was allowed to join the Garrison, a school that would teach people from 15-21 engineering and piloting/other skills of that nature.

-Hunk had always known he wanted to be an engineer, but what kind? He could never decide on one but his mind always revolved back to his Uncle and how he would tell Hunk he would be good enough to accompany a pilot (Lance would always claim it would be him).

-Hunk never really wanted that, an engineer of course, but on a spaceship? With his sensitive stomach??? I think not.

-But when he…passed away, Hunk had remembered some of the last words his Uncle had told him “Never aim for lower than the best, and never give up. Be kind, be brave, and live the best life you possibly can.”

-Those words would always repeat in his head whenever he felt like giving up, invigorating him and inspiring him to keep pushing.

-Hunk had finally decided that he would aim to be a Pilot’s engineer. Knowing it would take a lot of work but would have a willing pay out.

-Never in his life had Hunk been so into studying and learning how to be a full engineer, memorizing the names for tools and just about every screw, wire, or other thing there was.

-Lance, seeing just how hyped Hunk was, went along with it and started training with him.

-Not for engineering maybe, but piloting. He would learn the names for the different buttons on the console, he would devote himself to learning the controls of all the newest planes and space ships that the scientists and engineers had thought up.

-Hunk, much like his Uncle, would help Lance with his homework and patiently answer his questions and had never once made Lance feel stupid for not quite understanding.

-Hunk and Lance would always talk about their dream school, the Garrison.

-When the time came for them to turn in their slips for the places they wanted to go, it ended up being about a year before they were officially accepted to the Garrison.

So yeah! That’s…about it for now…sorry this kinda hops from one thing to another it’s like…kinda late and I’m tired.

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How did you learn to speak english so fluently? I'm not a native speaker and I struggle with speaking soo much. Like, I understand what I hear perfectly, but when it comes to speaking I cant put together two grammatically correct sentences. Also, I have a horrible accent. Did you practice speaking in english or smth? idk what to do

uhm ive been learning english since i was 4 so :i watching movies w subs and listening to music helps a lot!! and watching youtubers that speak the language you wanna speak :o

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I love your high school AU!! (Your drawings are super cute!) U can use this opportunity to tell us even mooooore stuff about it if u want hint hint wink wink ;D .......

TYSM ??? im glad u think its good :^; and that u like my art <333!! i really appreciate it !! hmMM what could i talk about– how about!! okay, like ages?! Urbosa is a Senior and has Beef with Revali who is ALSO a senior who likes to stalk their friend group and likes to poke fun @ link a lot smh —! Riju is probably one of the youngest, being a freshman that is lowkey in love with Urbosa and how cool she is– she wants her to teach her how to be cool tbh!! 

uhMM!!! link, paya,  zelda are Juniors, Sidon is also a junior, but he’s a year older than link, paya, and zelda!! Zelda is friends with Urbosa!! And they get along v well urbosa is gay for her and !! uHM idk what else to talk about theres so much i just – dont KNOW WHERE TO START U FEEL ??? agfdjshkrau gdf im just overwhelmed that ppl like it ;0; 

[AO3] Text

Title: Text
Author: ssstrychnine
Pairing: Baekhyun/Kyungsoo 
Status: Complete
Length: Chaptered
Rating: PG-15
Genre: Angst, Fluff, Friendship, College!AU

Summary: Baekhyun is studying himself into an early grave. Chanyeol is giving Baekhyun’s number out to the people he pisses off. Kyungsoo just wants a bedroom with a door

Reasons Why You Submitted: *wipes tear* so this is like THE MOST relatable fic of all regarding what it feels like to go through uni along with the truckload of inseurites about the future and stuff. Yet it’s light-ish. And fluffy. It’t has that proverbial Baeksoo dynamic we all love with Soo being kinda cold and very blunt and has murderous tendencies but still he’s a cute little button and Baek is just a noisy and hella smug little shit. AND THE WRITING!!!  cuz damn the writing matters. beautiful af. beautiful af in the way, super fun sentene structure and kind of rambly, but niiiiiiceee rambly in the way that you totally feel like you’re in baek’s head. Oh! and chanbaek friendship. Super goood chanbaek friendship. Chanbaek friendships r the beeest. Uhm, idk what else to say to advertise this fic, but i really hope this suffices cuz WHOA. WHOAAA. if u went like WHOAAA after reading, pls let the author know how much WHOAAA u felt :D 


I’ve revised my commissions sheet, so hopefully this one is better than the first one I made.

Just to recap some of the more important bits down here:

–Instead of sending me a private message, I’ve set up an email. So if you’re interested, please email me at othermaya98@gmail.com and put ‘commission request’ in the title, so it’ll be easier for me to find!

–Each tier has a set price, and the cost to add additional people. If you want me to do something that isn’t specifically listed here, ask me about it and I’ll see if I can do it :)

–Please be VERY specific with what you want, especially if it’s an OC. I want to draw something that’ll make you happy, but I can’t do that if I don’t know exactly what you want. I can send you progress pictures as I work and make little tweaks for you, but it’ll be much easier for both of us if you can provide references from the beginning.

–I’ve nothing against the things I said I ‘can’t draw’, I just…can’t draw them well. So save us both time and don’t ask me to do anything listed there.

…I can’t think of anything else to write so…if you do decide to commission me, thanks in advance! And if you have any questions, you can email me about that as well!

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Uuuh, 6 - please! Really want to know what you will make with that sentence!

Thank you :D 

Okay, this one got really sad… oops? Don’t worry though, it’ll all be okay. It’s also a bit ridiculous at some point, but yeah IT’S FAN-FICTION. I CAN DO WHAT I WANT :D. (also, sorry if this fic is kinda ooc, i just really wanted to write this) 

Warnings: Mention of abuse. 

6. “Is there a reason you’re naked in my bed?”


I walk though the hallways of Watford campus. I feel slightly light-headed after a night out with Agatha. She likes parties and I kinda like her, so that’s that. 

I have no clue how late it is when I walk into my shared dorm room. I look over at Baz’s bed, but I don’t see my roommate there. I wonder if he’s out as well. He doesn’t occur to me like someone who would like to party, but who knows. Maybe the fact that he’s quiet and mysterious doesn’t mean he’s not up for partying. I shrug to myself. 

I sit down on the edge of my own bed, bending down to remove my shoes, when I feel something. Or rather someone. 

I look behind me and see Baz asleep in my bed. Not just that. The duvet is not fully covering him and I can see the side of his right butt-cheek peeking out. I jump up from my bed, gasping.

Baz is naked asleep in my bed. 

I stare at him. He’s lying on his stomach, his face hidden, his arms around my pillow. I look over at his bed. Should I sleep in his now? 

I look back at Baz and trace my eyes over his exposed skin. I should wake him up. If I don’t he might move in his sleep and then he might not be covered up anymore. 

“Uh. Baz?” My voice is loud and clear in the quiet room, though my head feels drowsy. I hear a soft groan coming from Baz.

“Baz? Is there a reason you’re naked in my bed?” I ask him. He’s awake now. He looks up, sleep drunk but clearly shocked as well. I watch him sitting up, his body moving in an odd way, as if he’s struggling. The duvet falls of his chest, luckily it still covers the parts that need be covered. I take a better look at him and gasp. His face, his chest, they’re covered in bruises. 

Baz stares at me, eyes wide and gleaming. Panic shows in his face and I can see his chest rising and falling quickly. 

“Baz?” I choke out.  

He starts to cry. 


I look at Simon and I realize what’s happening. I realize what I have done. 

I try hard to push down the memories from earlier that night. The fear of being weak an powerless. They outnumbered me, which wasn’t hard since I was lone. They punched me to the ground. 

Simon watches me with a pained expression and I feel the tears running down my face. He wasn’t supposed to find me like this. This wasn’t supposed to happen. 

I remember coming here earlier this night, limping and bleeding. I remember not being able to think straight. I remember feeling gross. I remember the hot water of the shower too hot on my skin. After the shower I hadn’t put on any new clothes. Any moment make me feel short of pain through my body. I had just stumbled into bed, crying. 

But I went into the wrong bed. I hadn’t been thinking. Or maybe I had. I had wanted comfort. I had wanted safety. The only place that had felt safe was Simon Snow. Simon, my roommate who I’m afraid to talk to. He’s so out there and I’m so in here, but I loved him for it. Love. I had hugged his pillow, breathing in the scent, whilst I had cried. 

And now I’m crying again. Simon here with me. 


“What happened?” It comes out like breath. 

Baz doesn’t answer, he just goes over into serious sobs and I have no idea what to do. How did these bruises appear on his body. A body that is usually full of grace, but now it looks broken and weak. 

“Baz, please, can you tell me what happened?” I ask him, my voice cracking. Baz just shakes his head and I step closer to him. His sobs break my heart. 


Then Baz lifts his hand and takes hold of the sleeve of my shirt. I tugs on it. I sit down on the edge of the bed, facing Baz. I try to ignore the fact that he’s completely naked under the duvet. My duvet. 

“Baz? Did someone do this to you?” No answer. “Baz who did this?” He stays quiet, whilst the tears keep coming. 

“Can you take off you clothes?” He suddenly asks me, his voice sounding broken and raw. 


Baz looks down at his hand, still holding my sleeve. “It’s intimidating. I feel too exposed compared to you. Can you please take off your clothes?”

I give him a shocked look. “You can just put on some clothes?”

He starts sobbing again and I feel bad, though I don’t know what I did wrong. 

“I’m sorry, I think I’m going crazy. It’s just, I can’t put on clothes,” he tells me. “It’ll hurt…” 

I nod. I think for a moment and I nod again. Alright. We’re doing this. 

“Okay, but don’t look at me, when I’m naked I mean.”

“I don’t want to,” he says. “But will you… Will you hold me?” His voice is so soft that I can barely hear him. Though the words strike me; one by one. I can hear the shame he feels when asking me. 

“Hold you?”

He nods choking on a sob. I can’t stand the sight of him; smashed into pieces. I realize that I want to hold him. I want to make him whole again. 

I sigh, “Okay then. But… Can you look away as I dress down?” 

“Yes,” he says and he just simply closes his eyes. 

I start taking off my clothes. This is ridiculous. This is absurd. Still, I go through with it. All I care about in this moment is making Baz feel safe and at peace again. 

“Baz, don’t open you’re eyes yet,” I warn him, “but can you just, uh, scoot over?” 

He does as I ask and I lift the duvet, not looking down at his body. I get into his bed, feeling the warmth of him tingling on my bare skin. We are facing each other, his eyes are still closed but I can feel his breath spread out over my face. 

“You can open your eyes now,” I whisper. 

B A Z 

I open my eyes and look into Simon’s startling blue eyes. He’s here, he’s really here to comfort me. I want to cry again. 

I bring my hand up to his face and brush his cheek. “Will you hold me now?” 

We shift awkwardly into a proper position where Simon’s arms are around my middle and my head is on the curve of his shoulder and his chest. At some point sensitive parts touch and we both freeze. I shortly realize what exactly it is we’re doing and I almost freak out, but Simon holds me and I feel safe. 

“Thank you, Simon,” I tell him.

“It’s okay,” he whispers. 

“Sorry if this is uncomfortable for you.”

“Is it uncomfortable for you?” He asks me.

“No.” All I feel is safety and I start to cry. I cry because I’m relieved I have Simon to hold me now, something I’d never even dreamed of. I cry because my body aches and life isn’t fair. I cry because it’s just all too much. 

But he’s holding me and it’s okay for now, so I let it all go, knowing he’s here to comfort me. 


                                                                         T H E W A R E H O U S E .

                                                                                       ain’t no rest for the wicked