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Title: Extraterrestrial 

Pairing: jongtae

Rating: pg-13

Warnings: aliens

Summary: AU where Taemin is a fallen star and Jonghyun is really confused

Notes: I was super inspired by this picture of taemin (below) and i just had to write something aoehgiosfgn

he was completely naked from head to toe, bare skin glowing just slightly in the pale light where the dirt wasn’t speckled over it. and his hair. his hair was an obnoxious shade of bubblegum pink. jonghyun edged toward the rubble hesitantly, prepared to bail if the naked kid in the hole gave him any trouble. his thumb was pressed against the smooth surface of his phone, ready to dial an emergency hotline at any moment.

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Irene: The ‘Irene’ I am showing is important, but I think ‘Bae Joo-hyun’, the foundation behind that, is more important. I keep worrying about how to live as a better Bae Joo-hyun. I always go up on stage nervous while thinking ‘I have to do better’, but I see our supportive fans’ stare at me, as if like they’re telling me “It’s alright, you’re doing good!”. I saw them supporting me, and then I realized that I’m not alone, so I was very happy and touched.

Okay so, @daveactualstrider has a coloring book tag in which they let people color in their lineart. I thought I should try my hand at it, because I had not colored anything in a while, and plus their art is quite nice. 

I hope you like it. :3c