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Sick - A yoonseok one shot

Genre: fluff? I guess? Idk? 

Word count: too lazy to find out

A/n: So uhm, I am sick and bored so I decided to write. Basically, if you read this, just have 0 expectations and then let me know what you think of it. Just keep in mind that I myself am actually sick so my brain doesn’t work correct. LEt me know what you think??? Pls. 

Summary: Hoseok is sick and Yoongi is too busy to notice. 

Now here’s the actual story: 

It wasn’t unusual to find the members of Bangtan working hard on a daily basis, whether it’d be dance practices or singing rehearsals. 

What was unusual, was Jung Hoseok not attending the practices. You would be able to count the amount of times he’d missed practices in
the past couple of years by using your ten fingers. Everytime was the same, he was barely able to stand with his own two feet yet he was still trying to
attend the practices to the point where the staff and the members had to practically tape him to his bed and even then he’d try to convince everyone
that he was okay to join. He’d only give in when Yoongi talked with him, explaining that if he attended he could end up getting all the other members sick
too and he could cause himself more harm by working while being sick. Those words always worked on Hoseok like a miracle. Partly because he didn’t want to
have all the other members sick too, mostly because the words came from Yoongi.

Yoongi always had a weird effect on Hoseok and vice versa. Whenever the other was around they wouldn’t be able to keep the smiles off their faces. They
were like puzzle pieces that fit together perfectly, they completed each other. Needless to say, they themselves were very aware of the chemistry between
them and so was the whole of BigHit. They still did have to keep their blooming relationship a secret from the public to keep their image. Or so the managers
told them and they agreed. It wasn’t easy for them though, but they managed, for the others and for themselves.

Usually when Hobi was sick Yoongi was there to take care of the younger rapper whenever he had a break from working. Even though he couldn’t be with him
all the time, Hobi appreciated the fact that his boyfriend, who was one of the most hard working people he knew, wanted to spend the little breaks he had
with the sick one, cuddling together in bed, even though the risk of the older boy getting sick (which never happened because no matter what, he just didn’t
get sick).

This time was different though. Yoongi was working extra hard due to a mixtape he was working on. When he wasn’t practicing he was writing and composing.
He was so focused on his work that he simply didn’t hear that his loved one was sick with high fever and was now trapped to his bed hoping that his
saviour would come cheer him up on his next break. See, there were no situtations that requiered all the boys to be in the same room at the same time so that
Yoongi could notice him missing. He simply thought that Hobi was in the dance room practicing while he was in his studio. In fact, he was so focused that he didn’t
realize when Jimin came to let him know that his boyfriend was half dead in his bed. He just mumbled something in an answer and rushed Jimin out.

It was late in the evening when the rapper finally looked at his phone that had blown up with messages.

12:45 the annoying maknae:

Hyung, your boyfriend is a walking zombie.

15:06 Jimin:

Hyung, get out of there, don’t you care that your boyfriend is practically taped to his bed? He’s basically dying.

17:15 Namjoon:

Hey, I know you’re busy but Hobi needs you, get your ass out of there

19:34 Hoseok:

Hey, so uhm, I might be sick or something and I know you’re busy and all but you need to take some breaks. Aish, just get over here once you’re done.

There were even more messages but Yoongi didn’t need to see them. Oh. Shit. He looked at the clock in the corner of his phone. God damn. It was already well past ten in the evening. He saved all the work on his laptop and basically ran to his boyfriends room.

Without knocking he opened the door and got in only to find a pale, slightly sweaty Hoseok sleeping in his bed, his right leg out of the covers, the rest of him
covered. Yoongi mentally slapped himself. Sure, it might not seem like a big deal but Yoongi hated that he wasn’t there when Hobi was like this. He knew the
staff had given him water and medicine, but it should’ve been him to help his sick boyfriend. Yoongi took of his hoodie and threw it somewhere in the corner.
He got rid of his jeans and shoes too, leaving him only in his boxer briefs and a big white t-shirt. He got in the bed and started leaving soft and careful
kisses over his sleeping angel’s face. His hand caressed the younger rapper’s hair and cheeks. Quietly, without waking the sleeping boy up from his slumber,
he murmured soft words. “I’m so sorry I wasn’t here today. I’ll be with you the whole day tomorrow, everyone and everything else can wait. I love you Hobi”.
Giving one more soft, loving kiss on Hoseok’s forehead and then fell asleep himself.

ok ??? but am i the only one who gets this really uneasy, nostalgic feeling when reading a very good book with amazingly constructed world and characters?? like when you stop reading for a bit and realize that your world is completely different and boring and everything suddenly seems wrong???? like uhm i don’t like it????

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Spring Awakening and Dear Evan Hansen!

Spring Awakening: 

Song I wish was longer: All That’s Known 
Song I wish was shorter: My Junk 
The one song I always skip: I Believe 
Song I sing the best: Uhm I sing Mama Who Bore Me decently well 
Song I still don’t know all the words to: I Believe 
Song that honestly deserves an award or five: Those You’ve Known 
Song that’s terrible but I still love: The Mirror-Blue Night 
Song that’s really good but I hate: The Guilty Ones
Song I think could change the world: Song Of Purple Summer 
Song I wish I’d written: Totally Fucked 

Dear Evan Hansen:

Song I wish was longer: Anybody Have A Map? 
Song I wish was shorter: To Break In A Glove 
The one song I always skip: To Break In A Glove 
Song I sing the best: I’m really good at Waving Through the Window in my shower 
Song I still don’t know all the words to: Good For You 
Song that honestly deserves an award or five: So Big/So Small 
Song that’s terrible but I still love: Sincerely, Me 
Song that’s really good but I hate: If I Could Tell Her (I don’t hate it, just not my favorite) 
Song I think could change the world: You Will Be Found 
Song I wish I’d written: Waving Through A Window 

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1. What is a recent happy thing in your life, and what is a current struggle (serious or not)? 

Well, nothing really “big” happened, but I fell in love with Gaston and LeFou, which is awesome, because suddenly I find myself writing and doing vids and gifs again. Also I’m planning my first cosplay, so yay!

On the other hand, the university is getting on my nerves, because a lot of people somehow don’t do their job? It’s quite annoying.

2. What is a character that you identify strongly with, that you just “get”? 

Uhm. I’m boring, but I don’t know. Partly Luna Lovegood, partly Neil Perry from Dead Poets Society (which I haven’t read or watched in years, I just remember that I identified with him when I was in school, which was…like ten years ago.). Also Mia from La La Land and Summer from (500) Days of Summer.

3. What’s something you want to share, but can’t tell anyone in person (either because it’s too silly or too complicated or whatever)? 

In real life often fandom stuff, but I’m afraid that no one would listen (or I *know* that nobody is going to listen).

On tumblr…honestly? Sometimes I’d like to write people messages with “Get out of the tag if you don’t like it, let people like this character and this ship and waste your time somewhere else”. Oh and also tell people to stop changing facts (and that I love Casey Affleck and tumblr won’t change that, while we’re at it).

4. What’s an odd habit of yours?

Probably that my flat is a mess, but some things just need to be sorted (not only where I live) or I’m freaking out? Weird stuff my eyebrows sometimes do.
And that I watch the scene of Walking Dead where Carl loses his eye when I need to calm down.

5. What would you like to see more of on tumblr? 

More people accepting the favorites of other people.

6. What’s a name you’d like to be called (can be a nickname, a chosen name, or a given name)? 

Lani, which is a nickname. My real name is Melanie and it’s quite boring. :( Another option: My parents wanted to name me Robin or Bonnie first and I wish they did. But I’d probably think otherwise if my name really were Robin/Bonnie.

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Can you suggest movie/series? Anything that reminds you of Laucy? Or anything good will do. I'm bored :(

Love Rosie loljk. Idk, I only watch those extremely cheesy movies (childhood bff’s endgame, with midships) if I’m extra emotional. But uhm, if you’re just bored, it depends on what you like, I’m gonna give you my top recs in every genre:

1. Game of Thrones - war stories and everything in between (prepare to love every character and see them die in the worst possible way - no kidding)

2. Dexter - about a serial killer who works as blood splatter analyst (w/c is awesome btw), and kills murderers. (It’s set in Miami!)

3. The Originals - they’re EXTRA and EMO AF, but I love them anyway. (Kinda like laucy lol) and hey, it’s in New Orleans so go for the reach lol

4. Grey’s anatomy - watch it for the doctors and the drama, watch it for meredith grey and cristina yang the dark twisted sisters, watch it for mcdreamy and mcsteamy, watch it for lexi grey my poor baby, watch it for robbins and her little tiny humans, and for the love of god just watch it! Greek - sororities and fraternities. (idk, it’s chick flick i guess? But it’s light and funny)

5. Suits - watch it for Harvey Specter! (it’s about corporate law)

6. White Collar - watch it for Neal Caffrey (Matt Bomer) (A con artist works for the fbi to catch other con artists)

7. Elementary - Sherlock modern times

+1 PLL / Glee - different genres, I know. But like, watch it until Season 3 - SEASON THREE, you get me? because the rest belongs to the trash. (Except Glee’s S04E14 see it if you wanna see Dianna Agron (Quinn Fabray) go gay)

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hi ok im like 5'4 with a gay ass side shave and brown hair uhm my eyes are hazel????? i think idk uhm im pretty pale an boring and chubby and soft but i really like cats! and puppies!! and they way you drag people all of it is so good!! also did i mention how pretty i think you are? uhm date ideas right right well uhm id take you to the arcade maybe?? give u tons of monies 4 the games and then id drag u too and aquarium to see the fishies bc they r cute and then id buy u food!! and uh kisses! <3

the arcade and aquarium are rlly cute (the aquarium is one of my fave places to go, i love sea life) also pls im chubby too ur probably 100% adorable don’t hate on yourself!!! i’d go on a date with you! :)

describe yourself and i’ll say if i’d date you

Kissing Lessons

30 Days of Phan Drabbles Day 14

Kissing Lessons | Sequel to Tutoring. Phil makes due on those tutoring lessons (and on his implication of some kissing lessons as well). | Phan | Teen and Up | 906 Words

Disclaimer: In no way do I pretend that this is real or cast aspersions on Dan or Phil.

Prompt:  Dan and Phil go to high school together and Dan gets his first kiss with Phil (but Phil teaches him how to a bit maybe?) the more fluff the better.

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Critical Role Episode 72 - Percy/Vex Convo Transcript

Hello! Did this for me/anyone out there who needs it for reference or wants to read it and sigh because, fucking wow everybody. Conversation starts at 3:37:35 with Vex pulling Percy aside. I didn’t include the initial couple lines of confusion over whether Laura meant Percy or Scanlan, but otherwise I’ve kept all dialogue, including ooc & matt’s.

Laura: As soon as the cube comes out:

Vex: Can I… talk to you?

Percy: Sure, I’m just gonna do nothing but stare at that bloody ship if I don’t, so sure.

V: How are you? After dying.

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exo's instagram so far
  • luhan: yo
  • zitao: i need a haircut
  • sehun: *has a bromance with everyone*
  • lay: i love everything in this world,my life is amazing-lee soo man for president
  • chanyeol: have u ever noticed how cute I am *takes 10 selfies*
  • kris: i love u all, but goodbye
  • baek: i really should take more pride in my cum face
  • xiumin: make the peasants suffer