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Marichat May Day 16+17: Flowers and Balcony visits

“It all started with a simple ‘thank you’…”

So I’m totally into the idea of Marinette and Chat using flowers as a way of comunicating between each other.

All the flowers here have a meaning

The flowers Chat has are White and Red Carnations, that mean ‘Pure Love’ and ‘Admiration’ respectively.

The flowers Marinette has are Pink Lilacs, that mean the start of a romantic releationship and Bellflowers,that mean Unchanging Love (i got inspired by this fic for the idea of the bellflowers)

The flower in Marinette’s hair is a Chrysanthemum, that means support and loyalty towards your friends (the flower that started everything)

And in the front view, there are yellow roses with red tips, that symbolize friendship budding into romance.

I did my research xD

its them™


I just want to conceal the gap in my heart.

But, even though that should be the only difference,

I just can’t replace it with any old gauze,

I’m dependent on your warmth.

The disease is called Love.

South Florida Gothic
  • “How far is Orlando?,” your cousins from out of state ask. “It’s about three hours away,” you tell them. Three hours pass. You are surrounded by a capitalist hellscape, and a mouse greets you “hello.” You don’t know how you got here. You miss your home.
  • It’s winter; an iguana falls out of a tree. It’s summer; the same iguana falls into the tree.
  • You work in a restaurant by the beach. A tourist tells you you must be so lucky to live in paradise. They’re right. You are lucky. You are very lucky. The tourist pays their bill and leaves. In the tip section are strange letters you have never seen before. Soon your luck will run out.
  • The sound of your trash can tipping over echoes outside. You assume it was a possum. A knock on your door. You assume it was a possum. Deep, incessant rumbling engulfs your home. You assume it was a possum.
  • Was that a gunshot or a firework? You play with the question amongst your friends. Was that a gunshot or a firework? It was too loud to be a gunshot. It was too loud to be a firework. It was very loud, and you are very afraid. Your ears are ringing, but no one else heard the noise.
  • They say US 1 ends in Key West, but you can’t be sure. You are afraid of where the road may lead. Your fear is not misplaced.
  • The local news informs you that a hurricane is coming. You board your windows, except for one. Have you always had that window? You look through it; where your living room should be lies a vast landscape riddled with carrion and the bones of animals you do not recognize. You hastily board the window.

Duty Can Wait

Fandom: Thomas Sanders/ Sanders Sides

Pairings: implied/platonic Logince

Warnings: fire breathing lizards, emotions[fAlSeHoOd], fluff

Tag list: @somewhatsanders @multi-fandom-mess-helpme @istolelittleredshoodie @mimiloverfox @loverofpizzaandallthingssweet @thecreativeartist @logically-asexual @kittenphy @fandomsandanythingelse @cinquefoilelove @loganpatton @marshughes


Roman collapsed on the bed with a tired groan, the silky sheets wrinkling around him as he sank into the mattress. Blue perched itself on the frame of the bed and chirped, curiously tilting its head at the prince.

“Not now, buddy…” Roman mumbled weakly into the blanket.

Blue hopped down next to him and chirped some more, and Roman rolled over onto his back with a sigh.

“When duty calls, a prince must answer.” he said plainly, which prompted more chirping, and Roman breathed out a laugh.

“You and Joan would get along splendidly.” he said, then groaned again, throwing an arm over his eyes to shield them from the rays of sunshine that had begun creeping through the dark red curtains.

The sun was just rising over the horizon, which meant the rest of the kingdom was likely still asleep; apart from a few select people that had been forced to spend the night chasing around fire breathing lizards through the dungeons, because some incapable guard had left the sewer gates open.

Roman had had enough around two hours ago and had sent Leo, Joan and Talyn to bed, because Leo had run into three doors in the span of fifteen minutes and Talyn had fallen asleep standing up more than once.

The lizard-creatures were officially gone (he hoped) and even though Roman had managed to handle it, the satisfaction of success paled in comparison to the utter exhaustion he felt all over his body.

Blue ruffled its feathers in frustration, climbed up his arm and pecked his forehead.

“Ow- hey, cut it out!” Roman tried, lazily waving it off with his hand. “Just let me rest my eyes for a few moments…”

The bird huffed, fully annoyed, and started pulling oh his hair.

“Ow, ow- ugh– what?!” Roman sat up, glaring at his companion.

It chirped frantically and grabbed him by the sleeve, trying to pull him towards the door on the opposite end of the room; the one that led out of his world and into Thomas’ mind palace.

Roman frowned.

“But that isn’t until… wait, what day is it?” he pulled out his phone and checked the date.

“By Poseidon’s trident-”


He shot up, startling the poor little bird.

“THE BRAINSTORMING SESSION!!” he screamed, throwing his closet doors open. He put on his customary prince outfit in record time, hurriedly running a hand through his hair to comb it through.

“Logan will have my head..” he muttered under his breath, tossing his sword and dagger to the side. It was during times like these that he questioned why he had ever thought it would be a good idea to make his world in a different timezone.

“I owe you one, my dear feathery friend!!” he quickly waved a small thanks to Blue, who gave him a little chirp in response, before yanking the door open.

There was a flash of light and then he was gone, leaving the blue bird to wonder how he’d ever get anything done without it.



Roman’s head shot up from where he’d been staring off into space, blinking away the drowsiness that had suddenly crept up on him.

Logan lowered his hand, putting his notes over to the side. He had a look of near-concern on his face, which was completely different from the stoicism or exasperation that Roman had expected.

His lips were also moving… was he talking?

“Uh, pardon?” the prince asked, and he saw Logan frown.

“This is the fourth time you have spaced out since we began our brainstorming activity.” Logan repeated himself, apparently, and Roman shifted under his scrutinizing gaze.

“You are acting much less… enthusiastic than usual, and your body language is indicating signs of exhaustion, which I can only guess is due to a lack of sleep.”

Roman sighed heavily, reaching up to rub the bridge of his nose.

“I’m just dandy, teach. Don’t get all emotional on me.”

“What were we talking about before you got distracted?” Logan pushed on as if he hadn’t heard him, patiently folding his hands over his lap.

Roman opened his mouth to answer, then suddenly paused. He had no idea what they were supposed to be discussing, actually… wait, what were they doing again?


“I thought so.” came the immediate response. “When was the last time you slept?”

“I, uhm…” he tried, but his mind drew a blank once again. Wow, not even one excuse? And he was supposed to be the creative side. Wait, what time was it??

Okay, maybe he was a little bit tired.

“Okay, maybe I am a little bit tired…” he started, only to have his sentence interrupted by a very unwelcome yawn.

He could’ve sworn the corner of Logan’s mouth twitched into a smile. Emotionless bastard his royal bottom.

“I suggest we move this activity to another day, for when you will be better rested.” Logan said, in a tone that clearly allowed no protest, as he stood up. “Am I correct in my assumption that you skipped your ‘beauty sleep’ last night?”

Roman did not blush, thank you very much. He did let himself fall on his back with a groan though.

“Good God, did Virgil tell you to say that??”

“Yes.” Logan replied, all too casually for the prince to figure out if he was being serious or not, before grabbing the papers and leaving.

All the notes from their brainstorming sessions were kept in the library on Logan’s side of the mind palace, but the logical side insisted on taking them over to his room every time they indulged in anything that required them, for whatever reason.

Roman had come up with the idea that maybe the room just brought him comfort, but Logan would never admit to such an emotional thing, so Roman just let it be.

He yawned again, rolling over and nestling straight into the first pillow he could find. The bed wasn’t as soft as his own, certainly less fancy, and he was certainly feeling the absence of stuffed animals, but in that moment, Roman had never felt more comfortable.

Whether he’d passed out or fallen asleep neither knows, but by the time Logan came back he was out like a light, and if any of his fellow sides knew anything about him it was that he was a heavy sleeper; once he was gone there was no waking him up.

Now, if you’d ask Logan what he did, he’d tell you this: considering the fact that Roman had been visibly exhausted, he’d decided that it would be in both of their interests to let him rest, so that they would be able to return to their previous activity as soon as possible and maximize productivity.

He definitely didn’t smile, and he definitely didn’t shake his head with fondness, and he only tucked him in because it was cold, and he definitely didn’t choose grading tests over working on his laptop because it would be noisy.

And when Patton came in to bring him coffee later in the day he definitely didn’t squeal, and he definitely didn’t take a picture to show Virgil, and Logan definitely doesn’t still have that picture tucked away in one of his drawers.

That would be illogical.

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