uhm I tried

South Florida Gothic
  • “How far is Orlando?,” your cousins from out of state ask. “It’s about three hours away,” you tell them. Three hours pass. You are surrounded by a capitalist hellscape, and a mouse greets you “hello.” You don’t know how you got here. You miss your home.
  • It’s winter; an iguana falls out of a tree. It’s summer; the same iguana falls into the tree.
  • You work in a restaurant by the beach. A tourist tells you you must be so lucky to live in paradise. They’re right. You are lucky. You are very lucky. The tourist pays their bill and leaves. In the tip section are strange letters you have never seen before. Soon your luck will run out.
  • The sound of your trash can tipping over echoes outside. You assume it was a possum. A knock on your door. You assume it was a possum. Deep, incessant rumbling engulfs your home. You assume it was a possum.
  • Was that a gunshot or a firework? You play with the question amongst your friends. Was that a gunshot or a firework? It was too loud to be a gunshot. It was too loud to be a firework. It was very loud, and you are very afraid. Your ears are ringing, but no one else heard the noise.
  • They say US 1 ends in Key West, but you can’t be sure. You are afraid of where the road may lead. Your fear is not misplaced.
  • The local news informs you that a hurricane is coming. You board your windows, except for one. Have you always had that window? You look through it; where your living room should be lies a vast landscape riddled with carrion and the bones of animals you do not recognize. You hastily board the window.

Irene: The ‘Irene’ I am showing is important, but I think ‘Bae Joo-hyun’, the foundation behind that, is more important. I keep worrying about how to live as a better Bae Joo-hyun. I always go up on stage nervous while thinking ‘I have to do better’, but I see our supportive fans’ stare at me, as if like they’re telling me “It’s alright, you’re doing good!”. I saw them supporting me, and then I realized that I’m not alone, so I was very happy and touched.

About this Vixx's comeback..again

Listen. I usually don’t post anything on Tumblr. But this time i’m gonna speak even if people won’t care.
The problem here is that we’re losing hope.
Saying things like “oh but there are Exo coming back” or “the music shows are against us” isn’t gonna help, people.
I know this is a difficult situation but i also know that when we are determined we can do everything. Ok?
Please stream the mv, vote, do everything you can… fight like a Starlight :)