uhm I tried

packing, i tried on some clothes i remember fit differently when i went to the phillipines 7months ago. 

the hardest thing to overcome is that false memory of how happy you were when you were whatever size. was i happy crash dieting for a month before the trip just so i might look better in a picture? was it fun STILL worrying about food while ON vacation?

one day at a time, and it’s never something i’ll totally fix. it’s probably never going to stop being a struggle.

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Did C-na ever convince you to read any of her horror stories?

U-Uhm…I…I tried and I got through a chapter of one b-but…no…

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Hi Tris! Uhm, I ship you with Cal bc your hair and height and his tattoos and height would just be super duper cute, omg. Yup Cris is the new otp, it's official (also your hair is so vibrant, wth?? I love it!)

Hi! omg thank you. you have made my life ♥ . (also thanks! I used Splat for the first time :)


Ship: Cal | Lucas | Mikey | Ash

Bestie: Cal | Lucas | Mikey | Ash

Secret Admirer: Cal | Lucas | Mikey | Ash

Middle of The Night Mischief Partner: Cal | Lucas | Mikey | Ash

Best Part of Your Relationship: You have someone to bounce your thoughts off of. Whatever you say, deep, thoughtful, silly, whatever. He’ll discuss it with you. You guys aren’t afraid to think outside the box and it makes your relationship full of adventure and exploration.

 Big Spoon: You | Him

Cute Couple Habit: Surprise dates. Every so often, he wakes you up with a familiar look on his face. He tells you to get dressed, but won’t tell you where you’re going. You spend the drive to wherever singing along to the radio, his hand intertwined with yours in the middle. You ask for hints, but he never tells. And when you get there, it’s usually something amazing. He loves the look on your face with each new place.

❥  Summer Activity: Road trip. You get into the car, get your snacks and your drinks packed up, blankets and pillows in the backseat. You pull off of your street with no destination in mind. He’ll ask you to choose which way to turn and so the day goes by until you’re somewhere new. Then you’ll explore, asks the locals for their favorite places. And Ashton makes sure to take plenty of pictures along the way, to be hung up on your walls at home.

❥  Blurb: You take a deep breath, watching him knock on the door. He turns back, just a glance at your expression makes him swoop in, gather you into his arms. He strokes a soothing line down your spine and smiles, “Don’t be nervous.” You sigh, bite at your lip until it hurts a little, “I am. I am nervous.” He gives a warm laugh and shakes his head, “You have no reason to be. I’ve talked about you so much to her she practically knows you.” He says, and you can’t help but smile at that. “I promise. She already loves you.” He tells you with a gentle kiss to your lips. The door swings open and he slips his fingers into yours, giving you a wink, “Hey mum, this is her.”


Want This?

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i have the same problem with purchases (but on top of that i hate asking other people to spend money on me, like at all) and i actually think it's started making shopping/buying anything a really negative experience for me, which kind of sucks. what do you do to deal with it? anything? if so, do you have any tips on dealing with the stress around it (and occasional guilt)?

yes omg same i dont like ppl paying for me neither ugh its a real struggle, isnt it!! uhm well i tried to just put some money on the side and be like “yes im allowed to spend this on clothes and stuff” and then when i go shopping i feel less guilty oh and tell yourself that if youre really going to enjoy something its not bad to buy it, in fact thats a perfect reason to buy it!! hope i could help xx

“You’re so quiet tonight”

Uhm, well I tried talking, contributing to the conversation, but I was ignored twice, once I had to just butt in. It’s not worth it. Especially when I rehearse everything in my head 50 times before I say it, it just feels worse when no one listens, you’re still stuck on the same topic, and the conversation has already moved on.