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name: Nozomi!

nickname: don’t have one lmao

gender: Female

star sign: Scorpio!

height: 1.63 (5′‘4′)

sexuality: Pansexual!

hogwarts house: none!!!!! (lmao srry not into harry potter :v)

favorite animal(s): all of them!! mostly felines 

average hours of sleep: at least 8?? i love sleeping so much

current time: 7:46 pm

dog or cat person:  both! 

blankets you sleep with: idk depends on the season, i love winter bc big warm blankets are the best

dream trip: America *eyes emoji* maybe Miami

dream job: something with animals! 

when I made my blog: I made this like one week ago?? lmao

followers: 1!!! i’m famous mom

why I made tumblr: i found it randomly and decided to join

reason of my url: i could say some deep stuff but tbh i was listening to vocaloid while trying to think of a name and “trillion years and overnight story” came up,,,,, lmao 

i don’t have anyone to tag but if u see this and u wanna do it go on!! :0

my go-to backpack these days, with my trusty bullet journal and some basic stationery in my muji pencil case (^o^)