It’s interesting how people only seem to love you in the moments when they need love. How they don’t call you in 8 months but one morning you wake up with 8 missed calls and 6 voicemails and you get out of bed and you find it hard to move your feet. How you manage to carry yourself places anyway and how sometimes you find yourself leaning against the kitchen sink with your head on the counter and you can’t stop asking yourself why it is that you love all the wrong people, why it is that they can’t love you beyond moments. 

How the day you decide that you need to get on with your life, they knock at your door and you welcome all the ghosts home and you’re not afraid anymore. Now you’re sitting around the table talking over coffee. How you forget why you were trying to forget in the first place. How home doesn’t feel like home without them, so you never lock the doors. You start leaving the lights on. You leave notes that read, ‘Went down the street to grab canned apricots to bake a pie. Be back in 10!’ in hopes that if they happen to return while you’re not home, they will wait. 

How one day you really decide to get on with your life, you remove the welcome doormat and you change all the locks. You even move out of the country and how one night, you find yourself still in love with them. Even from there.