more elyza lex/lexark headcanons
  • elyza always wears her leather jacket and black boots and she would die for them (one time she went into a house full with walkers to get her leather jacket back, that girl is insane)
  • elyza loves to tease alicia, she does it whenever she can, even when they are fighting walkers (alicia says she hates it, but secretly she loves it and it makes her feel all kind of different emotions)
  • the first time elyza showed up she literally wore war paint and took down a walker herd with only 2 guns (alicia saw all of it and for the first time she throught she wasn’t as straight as she believed she was)
  • at some point, alicia shares her music with elyza and both of them are listening to it while falling asleep (elyza is mostly the big spoon and  to 100% a top)
  • elyza disappeard for 2 days and showed up with batteries/something to charge your phone because alicia was sad she couldn’t use her phone anymore
  • some nights, elyza likes to listen to alicias slow breathing, it calms her and makes her feel at peace with herself
  • their first kiss happens after alicia took down her first walker all by herself and she is covered in blood and elyza thinks she is slowly falling in love her
  • after that they make out whenever they can and alicia realize she is, in fact, bi and not straight 
  • elyza is just the gayest human you will ever find, even before the apocalypse happened
  • and they make out, like a lot, they are either fighting the dead or crash their lips together, there is no inbetween. 
  • the gayest zombie apocalypse™ you will ever see

ayyyy flowerboys are finally done. 

here’s some flowerfacts!

Roses - In addition to being a symbol of love, the rose is also symbolic carrier of secrets or tacit understanding. 


Gerberas symbolize innocence , “I’ll try harder”, 'You are my sunshine’.

Phil is definitely a man of love and a man of many secrets, Even up till today I dont think anyone can figure out his true personality, and definitely the most understanding guy out there hes the best ugh

Dan is basically as he once said, the sun from the teletubbies and he definitely is a man who tries to do better and even if this may be in an ironic sense there definitely is a sense of innocence in dan’s personality even if he tries to make it seem like he’s mature and stuff idk