all of our late asses: uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh hey the cast and writers of be more chill we took your musical two years after production and made it like, like, super fucking gay. we’re having a great time. hope you’re cool with that 

the cast and creators of be more chill: everything you’re saying? all of this? it’s all canon. you kids have fun 

freezer burned broccoli !!

<><><> ( Julie & Marie )<><><>
( WIP )

it’s their birthday today :DDD ! yöööy ~
but as you can see I haven’t finished the drawing yet… TwT
I also thought about drawing them traditionally AND digitally like this. Maybe yes, maybe no, still got other sketches left ;w; ehehheeeeee
I’m currently working on the traditional one… ! I’M HURRYYYIIINNGGGGGG !! qwq

nevertheless, hope u like it so far ( ÖwÖ) <3

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