Jung Jaehyun: First Heartbreak

You’ve been wondering this for a while. Will Jaehyun ever break up with you and leave you one day?

It hurts to just think about it. He was and is your first boyfriend after all, and sometimes firsts don’t work out. You’ve been with him for a year though, but you had all these questions running through your head.

Every time you look at him, you get anxious and think that one day you may never get to see those loving eyes and that sweet smile he gives you every morning and every night. it constantly worries you and keeps you up at night.

You come to a conclusion that this means you really, and I mean, really, love him.
You’re self-conscious of every thing you do and say around him, scared of making mistakes.

Jaehyun has always been a good boyfriend and bestfriend to you, but a few months ago, you started feeling insecure. Were you being a good girlfriend to him, too? Were you doing enough? You think that Jaehyun did something to you, because he’s been making you question all of this. But you try to tell yourself to not overthink so much about it and just enjoy Jaehyun’s presence. Appreciate the moments between the both of you in the present.

Because if Jaehyun really left you one day, you wouldn’t know what to do. That would be your first heartbreak.

But two years later, you’re so sure that he won’t be your first heartbreak because he proposes to you under the shining stars on a summer night.

magnus bane was full of something volcanic, something like stardust, something that could be sharp and hard or as calming as the subtle murmur of a stream. he had seen hell and it’s many levels, fought his way through many battles, summoned demons in his living room and slipped through lifetimes full of so many different kinds of feelings. but here, surrounded by the heady humidity of the greenhouse, hidden by palm fronds and the heavy scent of low hanging flowers, magnus was acutely aware of what exactly alec did to him. 

it wasn’t his mouth - though that did play a part in it - nor was it the way his fingertips were lost in his hair, or the energy that pulsed through him, runes giving off smoky burning power and the raw energy in his blood humming underneath it. it wasn’t those specifics, it was everything, everything alec was, pressed up against the glass wall, kissing magnus like he needed it. the only way to describe this feeling was magical. it was fireworks under magnus’s ribcage and sparks stuttering at his fingertips. it felt like unleashing something apocalyptic, and yet it felt like absolute calm. and now it was leaving him feeling flattened, pulling back from the kiss suddenly, blinking, staring at alec unfocused amidst all of the greenery that made the edges of his eyes glow.

alec stared back, hazy and soft, with swollen lips, messy hair shoved back off his forehead, the deflect rune dark underneath the heavy shadow of his jaw and magnus felt like the world was spinning a little slower and around him in a perfect circle. alec parted his lips to speak, confusion flashing over his features, but magnus didn’t give him a moment, as that feeling surged through him and the only thing he knew was he needed more. he needed that mouth again.

they kissed in the diffused light of the greenhouse, magnus’s fingertips pushing up under alec’s shirt, and magic licked at magnus’s fingertips, making alec sigh against his mouth at the subtle warmth.

Honestly Nier Automata needs a T Shirt date DLC more then anything in the world with 2B and 9S. Ideally with the Pods and A2 tagging along and third wheeling it SUPER hard.

Pod 153: Proposal, complement her posterior

9S: Uhhh….

Pod 042: Negative such complement is to subtle. proposal, complement her thicc child bearing hips.

9S: Uhhhhhhhhhhh…………..

A2: Wait can Androids have kids? Shit we need to get you two condoms.