/I just spent 5+ hours on a comic that isn’t even done yet, so have my new favorite Dave expression with bonus natural Dave.

I love this kid so much Ugh.

Phew! Shouldn’t have started such a huge project a few days before the con and a week before my thesis deadline. X___X But here it is. Though due to the lack of time, I couldn’t colour it properly like I wanted to.

For the Atlantis Scrapbook; every character who appeared in 3 or more episodes. Plus Telemon, because I forgot he was only in 2. And Eurydice, because girlwhowasntthere claimed I was evil for leaving Orpheus alone.

In case anyone would like to hang a print of this on a wall, you can get the A3-sized (300 DPI, without my thank you note) poster  h e r e.  
For the full size pic, use the download button (x) instead of just saving.

(If you’d rather wait for the properly coloured version… that’s coming, too. Eventually.)

ETA: Would you look at this!! x3 (Thanks for the gif, girlwhowasntthere!)

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aomine and 15 please!

15. Loud, so everyone could hear

You never really knew why, but there seemed to be a guy magnet inside of you…and Aomine Daiki hated it so much. You never really flirted with anyone, you’d never do that - especially not when you’ve been in love with Aomine for months already. However, some people in your university acted as if they haven’t gotten the memo yet.

You already warned your classmate about the boundaries that he should acknowledge, yet it seemed like he ignored the warnings and continued talking to you about stuff you’re not interested in. Oh how you hated him.

“Get away from (f/n)!” you heard a familiar growl coming from a near distance. You knew already who it was. You started trembling, afraid of what Aomine would do this time. The image of the latest guy he beat up because of forcing you to have lunch with him appeared in your mind. Such horror, to be very honest.

Aomine pulled you towards him, shocking your classmate and everyone else there in the process. The tension increased as Aomine’s eyes met those of your classmate’s, making sure that he’d melt into a puddle of goo.

“Listen, everyone!” your boyfriend yelled, not minding if he was creating another scene. “This student right here is mine,” he declared, tugging you closer to him before kissing the hell out of you in front of everyone. You felt your cheeks burn, adrenaline rushing throughout your veins. Your heartbeat was going crazy. This was the most outrageous thing the two of you have done so far and you didn’t know what exactly to feel. “So stay away from (f/n), you hear me?”

Everyone stared at your boyfriend with fear in their eyes. Well, Aomine did really look scarier than your terror professors.

“Daiki, I think they already underst—”

“…and I love this idiot right here. So don’t you dare touch what and who I love. Are we clear?!”

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Love is a delicate thing.

every little thing she does is magic - sleeping at last | animal - neon trees | heartbeat - scouting for girls | carol brown - flight of the conchords | modern love - matt nathanson | everytime - lincoln hawk | keep fishin’ - weezer | trophy room - slow club | say you’re just a friend - ahmir | love it when you call - the feeling | i wanna hold you - mcfly | young, dumb, and in love - mat kearney


I don’t know what to caption this with. I guess the caption is in the picture and that’s enough. I’ve been listening to songs and sermons about God’s goodness and my identity in that goodness. I’ve been having to change everything I thought I knew about loving and being loved. I was told in December that I was about to step into a love season with God and that was (and is) so scary because I don’t know what that looks like. I’m really good at loving everyone else but God. So I’ve been telling myself truths about God (mostly based off of Bethel songs but still good) like: “You don’t miss a thing. You don’t give your heart in pieces. You don’t tease us. You’re never going to let me down. You are good.” Etc.
Saying that makes me so uncomfortable. You know how in worship people say, “Tell God how much you love Him.” And I’m like “uhhhh ???” Haha. But this is all about saying, “Help me love You.” And He does. Oh look at that I found the caption. / #vsco #vscocam #Jesus #paint

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i’ll make love to you - three

for: empressgarrulous (i can’t tag you for some reason)

words: 364

character: akashi seijuuro

prompt: i’ll make love to you like you want me to

The night was quite a long one. All the business talk and fancy evening wear made your headache for some weird reason. The banquette had just finished and now you and your fiancé were finally in the hotel suite. It was quite dark and only the faint light being given off by the lamp on the other end of the room was being your help to see each other’s faces vividly.

Akashi first attacked you with slow, hot, and wet kisses. He then gently laid you on the bed and hovered above you. His neck tie was slightly loose due to all the tugging earlier while his hair was quite a mess since you kept on running your fingers through them while he became busy with your lips as waves of pleasure were being sent all over your body.

Hot damn. Akashi Seijuuro always found means to take your breath away, just like right now. Your chest heaved up and down as you felt your fast heartbeat in your chest – it was as if your heart wanted to escape out of the cage it’s in. The intensity of the eye contact grew greater and greater together with the tension in the air.

He lowered his head to yours, but stopped when his lips were literally a centimeter or two away from yours. “You’re beautiful. Always been and forever will be. I love you, (f/n),” he whispered. It was the first thing he told you ever since you entered the suite and his words echoed in your head for seconds.

You’re beautiful.

I love you.

They’re the things he always reminded you of every single day, but you’ve never gotten used to them. They still gave you goose bumps; still gave you the chills as if they’re being said for the first time.

When his lips finally met yours for the umpteenth time that night, his hands also traveled down your thighs and started caressing them in that specific manner that always made you crazy, made you weak, and made you feel like indeed, you’re the only one for him – it’s that manner that he knew you’ve always loved even though you never admitted it.

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oh you really reblogged it!! :O uhhhh, 16, 18, 39 and 41 please!! >.<

16.  I’ll love you if…
Talk fandom to me~ (。•̀ᴗ-)✧

18.  Most traumatic experience
I think it would be when I finished riding a little rollercoaster and my foot got caught under the wheel of the cart and they were going to start the ride again. (shudders)

39.  My favorite ice cream flavor
Green tea and sesame (not together. well that’s an idea….)

41.  Where I want to be right now
In bed. It is about to be 3am and I waiting for the chat before I sleep.