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Ghoul Rules Causes Stir, Inspires Spirits

With Ghoulia’s creeperific Ghoul Rules rally fresh out of the coffin, Spectra couldn’t help but conjure up a quick column of her own. This scaremester, she is committed to ensuring that spirits soar at Monster High. Let your freaky-fierce love for our UHHH-mazing school totally fly…We Are Monster High!

Spectra’s Blog Unearths Scandal

You could cut the tension with a cleaver in Mr. Hackington’s 1st period Mad Science lab this morning. Student bodies squirmed in their seats as each pondered how Rochelle could scare up so much drama between Deuce Gorgon and Cleo de Nile. The news of the boo d’état broke late last night on Spectra’s blog: “Gorgon drops Scream Queen and makes room in heart for Gargoyle,” read the headline that rocked monsters to their core. She was only confirming what everyone had been speculating for weeks. “Rochelle and Deuce have definitely been growing closer ever since they were paired up in Home Ick at the beginning of the scaremester,” reported Frankie Stein, “But this news is totally shocking!”

Or is it?

The Gory Gazette reported back in mid-March that something might be brewing between the creeperific friends. Did we correctly predict the end of Cleo and Deuce, Monster High’s reigning royal couple? Only time will tell.

Until then, stay tuned for up to the minute info on this late breaking story.

Photo from Suteki_Neko

Ghoulia Puts Freaky-Fave Ghoul Rules Into Action

Monster High’s resident ghoul, Ghoulia, was practically jumping for joy when she told our reporters: “I believe in celebrating the UHHH-mazing uniqueness of others and am organizing a Zombie Shuffle Flash Mob to help spread awareness that it is scary-cool to Be Yourself. Be Unique. Be a Monster.”

UHHH Round MH: Rochelle teaching Scarisian in afterschool

For anyone dying to vaca in the City of Frights, Rochelle is offering a crash course in learning her native Scarisian! “Every monster should have the opportunity to travel abroad and if I can help just one student learn the beauty that is Scarisian to help them on their way, then I will be happy,” Rochelle announced. H.H. Bloodgood is the mastermind behind the program, citing that students seem to make the best progress when they learn from each other. “The ghouls helping ghouls program really inspired me this year. I am encouraging all students to share their talents so that others may learn.” Sign ups for Rochelle’s accelerated program are currently posted outside of the Ancient Languages Lab.


New Ghoul in School: Catty Noir to Enroll at MH?

Pop sensation, Catty Noir, has been the meow of the town with her clawesome style and scream-sational voice. Rumor has it that this furrrocious feline may be taking a break from performing and joining the ghouls of Monster High for the upcoming year. While we’re over the moon at the prospect of a new ghoul in school, we can’t help but be curious about her change of heart since Catty has told fans that purr-forming is her passion.


Unfortunately, Headmistress Bloodgood was not available for comment at the time of publication. Stay tuned as we claw deeper into this mystery! 




Art Projects Take On New Unlife

This scaremester, guys and ghouls are dragging their bodies into art class with tons of spirit. “There is a fangtastic new enthusiasm for the arts here at Monster High and I am so thrilled to encourage it,” HH Bloodgood was overheard saying at a Parent/Creature conference.


With any unluck, this year’s MH Art Show will be absolutely legendary! 

Dynastic #GhoulRules Reign Over Monster High

This scaremester, Monster High’s most spirited student bodies are sharing their Ghoul Rules to unlive by. This week, we’re thrilled to feature Cleo De Nile’s dynastic take on the subject.


She told our reporters: “Furrrocious fashion and unique style can take you so very far in unlife.” The MHGG is ready to know…what do you think of Cleo’s exquisite advice this year?

These ghoulfriends totally nailed it like a coffin! Clawdeen, Operetta, Venus, Frankie, Rochelle, and Spectra dug up a killer GFF date today to celebrate their freaky-fab friendship. They started this Valentine’s Day with Coffinccinos at the Coffin Bean, shopping for swoon-worthy date outfits at the maul, and finally headed back to Frankie’s house to watch their fave romantic comedies.

New Pledge Reminds MH Student Bodies That “We Are Monster High”

We asked student bodies around the world to share what Monster High means to them and thanks to your responses, we have a new school pledge! 

H.H. Bloodgood couldn’t be happier with the final product, which has all the guys and ghouls screaming “We Are Monster High!”