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Hey, Sans, I'm surprised that you're so happy. I mean, finally, right? But... It doesn't really matter, right? Eventually, they will come and everything will reset. He will forget about it, so why care, silly? =)

* ((… don’t let them get to you… also… how dare you anon, how dare you.. ))

Band romance.

Idol: Yeri.(Red velvet)

Prompt: can you do a yeri (red velvet) gxg romance one shot where you are a bassist on a band and she is one of your fans? ty ^^

Warnings: None?

A/N: When you run out of title ideas ^^^. Also I am musically talentless and have absolutely no idea how bands work (ples spare me).

Writer: Admin Kitty.

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Any ticklish headcanons? Hoshido and Nohr side.

  • Marx - Not at all. He’ll just stare at you as you try his tummy, sides, neck, armpits, thighs, feet, palms, back, knee, anything. Nothing will work. (of course, if you take Seigfried and run away, then you’re in trouble)
  • Camilla - Only in one very secret and unusual place she refuses to tell anyone. Many have tried to find it, but Elise is the only one who knows where it is. She thoroughly exploits this discovery. 
  • Leon - VERY. He is the most ticklish of them all. Do not attempt to tickle him unless you want to have random spells thrown at you as he makes every attempt to escape from the horrendous torture. (You can tie his hands up and then tickle him, but tying him up may lead to some… other things…. hhhhHHHHHHH) 
  • Elise - Moderately ticklish. She’s tiny and hasn’t built up a resistance yet, but she’s getting there. Leon was shocked when one day he wasn’t able to tickle her properly and that’s when Elise felt like she had finally transcended, but then Camilla promptly scared her with a tickle on her sides.