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Spring Break Jams That Sizzle


MH resident MC, Holt Hyde, has one rule when it comes to bringing the musical heat: “If music can’t transform you it ain’t nothing but static.” With that in mind, we asked him to come up with a rocking monstertastic playlist for Spring Break.

1. “Scary and I know It” by LMFL (Little Monster For Life)

2. “Ghost & Stuff” by UnDeadMau5

3. “The Undead” Cobra Scare Ship

4. “13” Taylor Swamp

5. “Must Dance” Ghouly Gaga

6. “The Pursuit of Monsterness” by Kid Acula

7. “Moves like Nefera” by Mummy 5

8. “Dynamite” Tao Coffin

9. “Haunt You Like a Scary Song” Selena Gloomez

10. “Thriller” Monster Jackson 

A Stitch in Time with Robecca Steam


In an exclusive interview with new ghoul, Robecca Steam, the MHGG staff sought to pull out information that was previously locked tight in the catacombs. Like clockwork, Robecca opened up and shared a few things even we didn’t expect to hear!

MHGG: Thanks for taking the time to sit down with us, Robecca. I hear you can be quite a tough ghoul to pin down. 

Robecca: I will admit – I’m known to run a little behind from time to time. It’s an internal clock issue, so I hope you can forgive me for being late. 

MHGG: Of course! I think every guy and ghoul is dying to know more about your ultra steam punk rocket boots. Care to divulge?

Robecca: I’m a total scaredevil.  I get it from my dad.

MHGG: He was a mad scientist, right?

Robecca: Yeah, a wicked awesome genius. I share his love of scary-cool tricks and treats. I get a total kick-start when everyone stops to watch me do stunts high above the crowd. 

MHGG: How riveting! 

Robecca: I truly love to perform.

MHGG: I’m glad we got a chance to take a look at your inner workings, ghoul. Thanks for the sit down!

Robecca: I wouldn’t have missed this for the world. 

Spectra’s Blog Unearths Scandal

You could cut the tension with a cleaver in Mr. Hackington’s 1st period Mad Science lab this morning. Student bodies squirmed in their seats as each pondered how Rochelle could scare up so much drama between Deuce Gorgon and Cleo de Nile. The news of the boo d’état broke late last night on Spectra’s blog: “Gorgon drops Scream Queen and makes room in heart for Gargoyle,” read the headline that rocked monsters to their core. She was only confirming what everyone had been speculating for weeks. “Rochelle and Deuce have definitely been growing closer ever since they were paired up in Home Ick at the beginning of the scaremester,” reported Frankie Stein, “But this news is totally shocking!”

Or is it?

The Gory Gazette reported back in mid-March that something might be brewing between the creeperific friends. Did we correctly predict the end of Cleo and Deuce, Monster High’s reigning royal couple? Only time will tell.

Until then, stay tuned for up to the minute info on this late breaking story.

Photo from Suteki_Neko

UHHH Round MH: Rochelle teaching Scarisian in afterschool

For anyone dying to vaca in the City of Frights, Rochelle is offering a crash course in learning her native Scarisian! “Every monster should have the opportunity to travel abroad and if I can help just one student learn the beauty that is Scarisian to help them on their way, then I will be happy,” Rochelle announced. H.H. Bloodgood is the mastermind behind the program, citing that students seem to make the best progress when they learn from each other. “The ghouls helping ghouls program really inspired me this year. I am encouraging all students to share their talents so that others may learn.” Sign ups for Rochelle’s accelerated program are currently posted outside of the Ancient Languages Lab.


New Ghoul in School: Catty Noir to Enroll at MH?

Pop sensation, Catty Noir, has been the meow of the town with her clawesome style and scream-sational voice. Rumor has it that this furrrocious feline may be taking a break from performing and joining the ghouls of Monster High for the upcoming year. While we’re over the moon at the prospect of a new ghoul in school, we can’t help but be curious about her change of heart since Catty has told fans that purr-forming is her passion.


Unfortunately, Headmistress Bloodgood was not available for comment at the time of publication. Stay tuned as we claw deeper into this mystery! 

MH Mystery: Who Hacked Spectra’s Blog?

Headless Headmisstress Bloodgood is on the hunt for the guy or ghoul responsible for hacking into Spectra’s blog. Spectra claims to have floated upon a juicy bit of gossip, and was mere hours away from posting it when her server mysteriously crashed without warning!

H.H. Bloodgood found that Hall Monitor Rochelle Goyle had spotted a few furry monsters sneaking around the computer lounge just before the server crash. Rochelle thought the activity was strange, but before she could examine further she was drawn away by a loud crash at the other end of the hall. Upon her return, a thin tail was seen disappearing around the corner.

“Perhaps a certain feline wanted to keep one of her many secrets locked away in le coffin?” suggested Rochelle, who looked as serious as stone.

Stay tuned as we continue to follow this late breaking story!

Interview: Six Burning Questions with Cupid
  • STAFF: You’re new to Monster High. Where have you been hiding out previously?
  • CUPID: I've actually been here longer than most monsters realize, but don't feel bad about not seeing me, cause love is really good at hiding in plain sight.
  • STAFF: What can make teenage monster love last forever? Some couples in Monster High are chomping at the bit to know.
  • CUPID: Well the first thing I would say is that maybe they should rein in their expectations a bit. Love is a journey not a destination and looking too far ahead can put some really scary pressure on a relationship. You don't get to forever all at once; you get there one day at a time, so enjoy it!
  • STAFF: Shoot straight – what’s the true story behind Valentine’s Day?
  • CUPID: The true story? Once upon a time there were two monsters who exchanged gifts for no reason except that they loved each other. The idea caught on and voilà! Of course there's this vampire named Valentine who claims to have created the day just for Draculaura, but she's not the first ghoul to hear that story.
  • STAFF: How do angels really get their wings?
  • CUPID: Much like mine, they are totally standard equipment.
  • STAFF: Your pink hair is to die for. Any hair secrets?
  • CUPID: Thank you! I apply the same advice I give about relationships to my hair. You've got to spend quality time together, be patient when the unexpected happens, don't be neglectful, and it doesn't have to be perfect to be beautiful!
  • STAFF: One of the questions we've been dying to ask is this; are you a god or a monster?
  • CUPID: LOL! I'm a monster of course, a type of elemental, although I'm not exactly sure what kind. The reason I don't know is because I was left on the doorstep of my dad's temple when I was just a baby. He adopted and raised me, taught me the family business and so here I am.
MHGG Exclusive: Frankie on Planning Spring Break

Today the MHGG staff had the chance to catch up with Frankie Stein on her charged up spring break festivities. In this insider scoop you’ll only find on the Gory Gazette, right in time for FreakyFab 13, Frankie recounts how her parents reacted to the ghouls’ plans to visit the Great Barrier Reef.

MHGG: The Great Barrier Reef! That is quite far, how did you ask your parents for this totally voltage trip?

Frankie: I was so nervous I was sparking! I asked Mom and Dad if I could go on a trip with Lagoona, Gil and rest of the ghouls about a month before the Spring Break. I mean we were supposed to go by boat and… well, water and me don’t really mix. So, I was completely shocked when my parents came down to my room with a letter and a ginormous scrapbook. Dad said the letter was from Lagoona’s parents and it gave all the details about the trip to the Great Barrier Reef, including complete safety specifications on the boat that was supposed to take us there.

MHGG: You definitely have to take precautions in the water! 

Frankie: Oh yes, dad even created insulated bolt covers for me so that I could stand out on deck and feel the ocean spray without having to worry about shorting out. 

MHGG: Right on! How was their scrapbook? Was it filled with clawsome pictures from around the world?

Frankie: It was magnetic! Mom opened the scrapbook and started showing me all the places she and dad had traveled to before I was created. I asked, “Does this mean I can go!?” They both said yes and I got so excited my arm stitches burst! Dad and Mom ran to get some thread and when Mom bent over to help me, an old travel brochure fell from the scrapbook. 

MHGG: An old travel brochure? Of the Great Barrier Reef?

Frankie: No, it was a Skull Shores brochure. I was intrigued and started to read it while mom was stitching me up. I didn’t get to finish reading it before mom unexpectedly snatched it away from me. It was really strange too because she got this embarrassed look on her face and every time she tried to say something she would stop and start over. I think we were still staring at each other with our mouths open when dad walked back into the room.


MHGG: What did it say? 

Frankie: They had all their accommodations, amenities, food and activities listed but I didn’t get to finish reading it before mom unexpectedly snatched it away from me. It was really strange too because she got this embarrassed look on her face and every time she tried to say something she would stop and start over. I think we were still staring at each other with our mouths open when dad walked back into the room.

MHGG: Strange! What did you father say?

Frankie: Mom didn’t say anything, she just handed him the brochure and my arm as she left the room. Dad put the brochure in his pocket without saying anything and started sewing my arm back into place. When he was finished he patted my shoulder and said, “There, good as new.” I must have given him a look because he kind of sighed and said:

A long time ago your mother and I took a vacation to Skull Shores. It was my idea as I thought it would be a nice change of scenery from the rather cold and snowy regions we were accustomed to visiting. She was less enthusiastic since Skull Shores was so far away from… everything, but I convinced her that we would have a wonderful time and we did, at first. The locals treated your mother like a queen and there was even a film crew shooting a travel documentary, or so we thought, about the island. They wanted to feature your mother in many of their shots and we even talked about extending the holiday. Unfortunately everything was not as it seemed and instead of extending we left early. I thought I had gotten rid of all the reminders of that trip but apparently not. I shall remedy that situation right away and it would be best if we didn’t mention this to your mother again.

MHGG: Oh My Ra! Did that really happen?

Frankie: I believe so, but Dad gave me a hug and went to find Mom and for a minute I totally forgot they said I could go to the Great Barrier Reef with Lagoona and the ghouls. Voltage! 

MHGG: Fangtastic! Well, thank you Frankie for taking the time to sit with us. Ghouls, you can follow her voltageous journey with the rest of the student bodies, when “Escape from Skull Shores” airs on Nickelodeon at 6 PM EST/PST tonight!

It’s Easy Being Green!


It’s no secret that my favorite color is green! In honor of this magnificent color (and Earth Day, of course) the staffers at MHGG asked me to help celebrate all things freaky-fab and fangtastic about the planet Earth. All my ghouls know that I’m no shrinking violet when it comes to my biggest pet peeve: monsters that trash the environment. Plants and beast alike need fresh water, air and sunshine to survive. So here are a few tips on becoming a creeperific caretaker of this amazing planet!

 For starters make sure to save precious resources like water and energy by turning off lights when you leave the coffin, don’t leave the water running and unplug any appliances when they aren’t in use! You can also make sure to recycle, plant more trees and donate your old belongings instead of putting them in the trash. 

What’s the beast way to show that we appreciate the world we have? By going out and enjoying it! Hiking, biking, camping and even something as simple as taking a walk with your BFFs are monsterific ways to remember how beautiful our planet is and why it’s important to fiercely protect it!

7 Tips for Highly Effective Skullastic Smarties


We asked one of Monster High’s most studious bodies, Ghoulia Yelps, for some tips on how to be most productive in Study Howl. Here is what she had to say:

1. Do not wait to start your work until the last minute. If other students are distracting you, find a quiet corner to work in.

2. Organ-ize yourself! Take good notes and keep folders for each class.

3. Homework may be a drag but it has a purpose, if your dream is to invent the first time machine you are going to need to know basic Mad Science.

4. Prioritize. If your Home Ick recipe for brain stew is due on Monday and your math problems for Mr. Mummy are due on Wednesday, then brew the stew first!

5. Help your fellow guys and ghouls with their work; teaching someone else can help you learn it even better.

6.  Find a study body to quiz you on the material before a test.

7. If you get frustrated or tired take a short break. Go to the Creepateria for a snack; just limit yourself to 5-10 minutes. 

How to Stitch Yourself Together after a Broken Heart

From experience I know it’s easy to spend all day screaming “WHYYYY?! WHYYYY?!” when your heart is broken by another monster, but I’ve also realized it’s helpful to take a step back and reflect on why your spirits are restless. I promise that even you can move on, and with minimally recurring pangs of pain.

Steps To Stitch Yourself Together:

  • In the beginning, pamper yourself with long, warm bubble baths and plenty of herbal tea. It numbs the feeling of pins and needles.
  • Ritually practice your favorite activities that you used to ignore. With your focus on fun, your wounds will heal. 
  • Read good books like How to be Mystically Amazing in a Modern World and Patches Make Perfect: Your Guide to Psychedelic Love to keep inspired and realize there is a special guy or ghoul out there for you.
  • Focus on making yourself the beast monster you can be. Your karma and confidence will instantly rise to alluring levels, causing monsters to mysteriously gravitate to you.

When your initial mourning period is over, about 4 years, you will have the confidence to love again.


One Million Monster March


Breaking news, my dead-lightful darlings. We have finally creeped past the one million monster mark!  I am thrilled to see how many monsters are lurking our esteemed halls and as of today, there are officially 1,000,000 monsters enrolled at Monster High.  I want to thank each and every one of you for your fangtastic loyalty and love.

-Headless Headmistress Bloodgood

Feline Fatales: An Interview with the Werecat Twins


STAFF: Monsters have a hard time telling you apart. Does that bother you?

PURRSEPHONE: Only when it doesn’t suit our purrrposes.

MEOWLODY: Agreed. But if you need a clue, it’s as simple as Black and White.

STAFF: Do you ever get mistaken for werewolves?

PURRSEPHONE: Yes, and it’s very insulting.

MEOWLODY: Werewolves are so…ordinary…we are anything but…     

STAFF: Um, OK. So, what do you do for fun?

MEOWLODY: I love experimenting with the Law of Claws and Effect.   

PURRSEPHONE: Me too. Like the effect “Tuna Surprise” had on the creepateria

STAFF: Tuna Surprise?

MEOWLODY: Let’s just say one very large can of tuna mixed into the creepateria fro-yo machine had the effect of more for us and less for them.

STAFF: You realize this is being published on the MHGG, right?


Creepateria Announces Epic Change in Lunchtime Procedure


The skies are eerily blue and the trees are a swampy green, which can only mean one thing - spring has finally sprung at Monster High!

Student bodies turned their scowls upside down when the Creepateria announced this week that it would be serving lunch outdoors on the haunted lawn. If the program is successful (and weather permits) it might even lead to more outdoor meals in weeks to come.

Headless Headmistress Bloodgood warmed to the idea of bringing lunch outside after the Student Body Council presented her with the uhhhl-timate proposition. There was, of corpse, one simple caveat - students are responsible for picking up their own trash. Student Body Council member Venus McFlytrap has volunteered her lunch breaks to monitor her fellow bodies.

Staffers can’t think of a better way to celebrate the fangtastic weather!

Skull Shores Vacation Makes Big Splash


Many student bodies will be hitting the beach this spring break, and Lagoona Blue and her ghouls are no exception. “I was totally stoked when my parents invited me and all of my friends down to the Great Barrier Reef for break,” Lagoona reported. “I started packing floppies and wedges the second I got off my iCoffin.” Her friends were also sparking at the bolts to take part. Sources say every monster in Lagoona’s crew has been chatting non-stop about the trip for weeks.

“It will definitely be a furrrocious journey like no other,” Clawdeen told MHGG. “I think everyone will have such a wild time when they see all of our howlarious adventures.” The Monster High Gory Gazette agrees. Capture a look for yourself when “Escape from Skull Shores” airs on Nickelodeon at 6 PM EST/PST on Friday, April 13th.  

Bominable Reaches Peak, Seeks Gold for MH

It’s not every day a reporter requests an assignment that she knows will force her to feel like a major fish out of water. But, criky, some friends are worth the trouble! Lagoona Blue here, reporting live from the Monster High Winter Game Finals in Diadem Peak. Being related to marine life, I may hate the cold but I’m totally stoked to be here supporting my BFF Abbey Bominable in her Superpipe Snowboarding competition (I wouldn’t miss this for anything)!

Abbey definitely iced the competition from the start of the tournament. Obviously feeling at home on those wicked cold slopes, she brought a maxed out, totally awesome boarding trick that majorly impressed this cold shoulder crowd. Abominable fun fact for everyone following along at home - a superpipe is a half pipe with walls over 16ft high! Her scary-cool 360 grab as she flew over the wall was a sinister sight to see. Only somebody with Yeti genes could pull off something that cold blooded.  And how did Ms. Bominable prepare for her big competition this morning? With a hearty breakfast of cheese of the yak and pancakes, naturally!

We’re having a fintastic time but I’ll be a frightened dingo if I don’t to get back to Monster High soon!  She definitely doesn’t need the luck, but I’m keeping my fins crossed Abbey steals the gold and will come home a champion.

Lagoona Fishes for Aspiring Synchro Swimmers

Lagoona Blue, expert certified swimmer, and Monster High’s very own swim team superstar is stoked to be offering summer lessons! Staffers have learned she’s taking applicants for a very special synchronized swimming class. Blue expects the course to make a huge splash on campus.

“You may be a tadpole confused,” Lagoona explained when asked about her choice for summer lessons. “Synchro, as it’s often called, is a wicked cool combo of swimming, gymnastics and dance performed in the water to music. It’s totally fintastic.” Originally known as water ballet, this sinister sport has also made its way into the Olympics.

Even Clawdeen is getting on board to ensure her ghoul is a splashing success. “My mom showed me a montage of old movie scenes with swim-capped ghouls forming circular patterns in an ornate pool, how clawsome is that?” she said. Clawdeen has since offered the resources of the Fashion Club, stating that they will sew their “fingers to the bone, if it means creating furrrocious costumes for Lagoona’s class.”

If you’ve never had the chance to see synchro up close and personal, now’s your chance to join the action in a monsterific way! Sign up sheets will be posted outside Coach Igor’s office all month. 

MH Revisits Monster Roots


Celebrate Friday the 13th by travelling back to your roots and unearthing your monster heritage!  The Monster High Administration has transformed everything to black and white in honor of the howliday. Creep around Monster High Facebook, Twitter and YouTube for totally retro, freaky-fab fun that you’ll have to see to believe.

But the campus festivities don’t end there. The Black and White Skull Shores special is also set to air on Nickelodeon today at 6pm PST. Students are leaving their coffins and planning to attend viewing parties to see the ghouls take on a mysteriously new spring break destination and find out that it’s not always about where you are now, but what clawsome background you came from!