uhhh idk why i made this

Cheap (kinda) Mascot Head (thing idk)

Time for another missing pictures build \o/ so uhhh… I had another prop I made, (specifically a lantern) that I have basically zero pictures of building, but! I took quite a few pictures of this:

my Tonberry head. Total approximate cost: $15 give or take $3-5 of materials I already had on hand. Disclaimer: the total cost is low because I have a tiny head.

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Heyhey, headless!flug is a dullahan and BH has his head, which is the only way to defeat a dullahan. When head and body are seperated they lose their memories and are doomed to wander until they find each other again. What if BH promised Flug his head back once he made BH rich, so that's why he's working for bh

i like that idea!! but…

uhhh… thing is Flug isnt a Dullahan?? at least not my version of headless!Flug 

he’s simply just… headless, or decapitated

either, he lost his head in the plane crash on Black Hat’s roof, and BH (idk why yet) brought him back to life but kept him decapitated, i guess you can say its a way of reminding Flug that he literally owes BH his life. As for his head, I’m not sure where BH would be keeping it or if he kept the head at all– he doesnt tell Flug about it either, and Flug is too afraid to ask.

or, … Flug is just headless from the very beginning lol


If you’re looking at these pics like, “dude why didn’t you close your shades and clean the glass,” 1. the shades are those woven ones you have to tie and untie and I’m a lazy shit. 2. I actually DID try to clean it but didn’t notice that I made everything worse until after I started taking photos and if you know how hard getting a good pic of a fish is you’ll know why I didn’t retake them. Aaaand also I’m a lazy shit.

ANYWAY, I thought I’d put these up since I haven’t posted photos of my tanks in… uhhh… idk man, probably forever. Still trying to fill in the back of the big tank with plants, it’s a slow process since I’m taking bits and pieces from the existing ones to fill the space instead of buying more, haha. Could probably get another amazon sword, though.

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🌷 and 📖 :^)

🌷: favourite blogs

@t4e (ajsdhksa ofc), @yugyeomish, @holyfuckmark, @markgot7, @trademarklee, @kimyugeom and @jacksonwangblog these are some of my Favorite blogs!! i really enjoy seeing you all on my dash

📖: tell a story

uhhh.. well recently when i went to rome with my classmates, the last 3 nights of the trip, a lot of them went out drinking, meanwhile me and my roommates were just chilling in our room until late at night… and kinda as the night went on, more and more people would cramp into our small as fuck bedroom (idk why our room became like.. a Meeting place for everyone??), and at one point we were like 10 people in a room actually made for 3 lmao.. and we we’re kinda just talking about random stuff while playing cards and eating sweets waiting for everyone to return before the curfew.. and like my bed was Right by the door, and then suddenly this one dude from my class, wasted as Fuck just banged on our door and it opened and he just yelled “hello!!! it’s me!!!” and fell Right down onto my bed while i was there and i just sakjhdka wtf get off of me i was legit scared he was gonna puke on my bed he was so drunk jfc (he got off btw someone came and collected him he was Heavy lmao)

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How do you want to be remembered?: not by that hetalia post i made 3 years ago but, idk?? doubt anyone will remember me lol *fingerguns*

Do you consider yourself a leader?: i can be, but typically no

What would be your perfect day?: skyrim all day with chinese takeout i can constantly chow on and some fizzy lemonade, all with no interruptions

Who’s your favorite band or solo artist?: uhhh Florence and the machine prob

What do you do when you feel bored?: play ipod games or sleep

Who is your hero and why?: dwayne the rock johnson, because he is dwayne the rock johnson

What music makes you particularly happy?: anime ost’s or classical

How do you handle stress? I dont

What do you enjoy doing for fun?: Drawing, playing skyrim, reading, or watching youtube stuff

Do you like to read?: yes!!

Do you believe in soul mates and true love: i believe in the concept, though any soulmates ive met have either let me down or are too far away for me to hug, not sure about true love tho

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quiet nighttime.
cool street cool air cool girl.
snapping fingers in rhythm
to midsummer heart beats,
all so even and exactly similar
that mine shake the darling buds
as much as the next guy’s.

cool street.
feet crush ground
in an unforgiving relationship.
feet are feathers and mothers.
feet are constant ticking of clocks.
feet are trains of thought
leaving footprints in the snow and gravel
grating as they go.

cool air.
breathe once for clarity, twice for recollection.
lungs filled with icy winters
wake sleeping bears
and exhale the sparks of the crackling fires through limp tongues.
the juxtaposition of the unsaid.

cool girl.
you can’t relate anymore
the leather jacket feels thinner
and you slowly melt into anything but right in the mirror.
eye contact was made up
by those who can afford to choke
on perfume and tight gags.

use up the last candle
to move into the age of headlights.
it’s always brightest before the
greatest hits.
cool street cool air cool girl.
quiet nighttime.


It’s the end of the school year and everyone’s getting ready for the summer but before cosima is ready to say goodbye there is a special teacher she wants to quickly see

excited and nervous she runs into miss cormier while walking down the halls and hands her the cupcakes she made especially for her as a thank you for the all the studying she helped her with if uhhh you’d like to call it that

yup I went there idk why bloomington or loving annabelle inspired me for this and I really really suck with putting things into words