uhhh hat

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Describe your crush in detail~

hmmm, frog hat, uhhh nice brown eyes. . white suit, always dresses in it, really like its kinda routine look on him. doesnt say much but when he does it enlightens the world. cant cook shit but i still love him.

(jk lmao i dont have a crush ^^”)

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Uhhh, just wondering. I've kinda been hyperfixating on Portal for years annd I dont see whats so wrong about the 'Chell is Caroline's Daughter' headcannon? :'D Not trying to be rude tho

Nono, it’s fine! I actually liked that hc for a while. Most of the evidence against it is because Chell is Japanese and Brazilian. She couldn’t be Caroline’s biological daughter because that’s just now how genetics work. Adoption, while possible, seems a little unlikely but, as @starry-nightengale put it, it has less hard evidence. However, depending on how you see Caroline she probably didn’t have the free time to raise a child or the opportunity to go and adopt one.

tl;dr it’s biologically impossible and is a really hard headcanon to support with canon evidence

Meet the family

Chris’s room was a bit of a mess as he packed his bag. “Uhhh shirts, pants, socks…. hat! That’s what i’m forgetting. As he leaned down to look under the bed he found one of Kims’ shoes and grabbed it. "Kim, found the shoe you’re missing.”

trott: sips give them three reasons why they should subscribe to hat films, the best channel on the youtubes

sips: well reason number one it’s better than sips’ channel

sips: reason number two uhhh alsmiffy is in hat films

sips: and reason number three ummmm it’s better than uh sips’ channel. as well