uhh.. have you guys posted this

So uhh, I drew this thing

Last night I posted casually in the tag and I completely forgot about it. All of a sudden, I got a notification. The another..then I started having about 10 of them all at once. I stayed up until 4am last night just watching my poor ipod spam me with notifications.

So I thought I would draw a quick thing to show my reaction to it (also look who used a jack quote)

tl;dr: Smol girl who gets like 1-4 notes on a post gets surprised at a post getting 2000+ notes.

I want a Person of Interest post telling people to watch it to go viral.

Like, when’s the last time you’ve seen a queer, sociopathic, not feminine at all woman of color on a show that isn’t demonized? Or at all really?

Or the last time you’ve seen a hacker and killer for hire (another woman by the way) constantly flirt and have canon feelings for another woman?

Or the last time you’ve seen the broody, quiet, baddass main guy NOT be paired with the baddass, aggressive main woman, but rather, they have a brotherly relationship.

Or baddass female villains that are never ever sexualised and have deeply complex personalities.

Or a scifi show about Artificial Intelligence that doesn’t demonize or idealise AI’s?

And it’s a funny, action packed, incredibly well written show. And they all co own a dog together. Named Bear. BEAR!!

Person of Interest doesn’t get a fraction of the recognition it deserves and it pisses me off.

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i've been hearing around the place you're grooming for kids? thats kinda shit if its true dude that selfie did kinda ring pedophile to me though so its not a surprise

Uhh what? No, I’m very much so the complete opposite of that. I have even made a post calling someone out who was using my commission as a profile picture for a babyfur thing.

That rumor is as much of a fact as saying I’m straight and not gay at all.

Fyi I’ve been in a serious relationship with an older guy for almost two years. I dislike dating younger people even if only a year difference, I don’t do it

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nickname: misha technically is a nickname so :-)
height: 5′6 
last thing i googled: warsan shire quotes
fave music artist: adele, beyonce, lauryn hill, hozier, sia, literally so many lol
song stuck in my head: trndsttr - blackcoast
last movie i watched: uhh that movie with james franco and the guy from breaking bad i forgot what its called
last tv show i watched: criminal minds :))
what are you wearing right now: hoodie and gym shorts b/c im about to go to bed lol
when did you create your blog: late november/early december 2016 idk exactly
what kind of stuff do i post: hockey and memes mostly
do you have any other blogs: @suits is my main blog!!!
do you get asks regularly: like every day? no
why did you choose your url: hockeyurl for a hockey blog… it fits
gender: cis female
hogwarts house: idk probably ravenclaw
pokemon team: ????
fave color: rose gold and turquoise
average hours of sleep: who is she? probably 4-5 though
lucky number: 14&16
fave character: luke skywalker,,, thats my kid
how many blankets do you sleep with: just one
dream job: mental health counselor or speech pathologist tbh
following: 58 people 

Happy 2017!

This blog has grown so fast, I can hardly believe it. What turned into motivation for myself is now a collective, a hive.
A family.
I’d like you guys to know who it is that you follow.

My name is Jay, and I am a student double majoring in biology and music. I work with nonprofits ranging from immigration rights to worker’s rights, and have done a lot of volunteer work teaching kids. I move January 5th out of state for school, which I am so excited for, and my super amazing boyfriend, P is going to stay with me for a few weeks, which is really exciting. Uhh Will post more later bc I am not sure what to say yet
Uh hello? Hello hello! Uh hello and welcome to your new summer job at the new and improved Freddy Fazbear's Pizza! I'm here to talk you through some of the things you can expect to see during your first week here, and to help you get started on this new and exciting career path. Uh now I want you to forget anything you may have heard...about the old location...you know. Some people still have a somewhat...negative impression of the company...uhh...That old restaurant...was kind of left to rot for quite a while...but, I want to reassure you, Fazbear Entertainment is committed to family fun and above all,


Two things I want to point out about “We Need to Talk:”

Rose’s view on humans seems to have change quite drastically by the time she was pregnant with Steven. She didn’t start off as an all-compassionate, all-loving leader – at least not in the respect most of the fandom perceived her as. While she does know human have dreams and she doesn’t want to lead them astray with the impossibility of a relationship with her, she doesn’t really, as Greg puts it, respect them in the same regard she respects the Crystal Gems. For her, they’re almost like toys – things that make the earth beautiful, but simply that: things. Entertaining, funny things that come and go out of her life without much consequence on her part. And while she has said she “loved” other human beings in the same way she loves Greg in the flashback, it seems like they really were phases akin to a child and their favorite new doll.

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Hey uhh… I have a question!!
So I have had this pictures of some furries I met at the renaissance faire awhile back, probably last year I think?
I know the who the one in the pink and yellow fursuit is (Rhapsie!), but the others I don’t.
If anyone knows the names of the other two fursuiters, please do tell! If you ARE the other two fursuiters, then it is nice to find you guys again :)
If by any chance these fursuiters would NOT like this picture posted, I will kindly delete it.
Thank you!


So, uhh. This is my 1989 tour outfit. In case you’re confused, I’m Meredith (cat) dressed as a doctor. Haha get it?? Like it’s meredith dressed as meredith idk I’m so lame. I’m really nervous to post these pictures and even wear the outfit but I’ll be okay. I have really bad social anxiety so going somewhere dressed up like this is really hard for me but I’m so exciteeeeed anyway. I hope you guys don’t think this is a dumb idea or anything. (tho its a bit silly) And taylorswift I love you so much and I’m seeing you on September 17th at the 1st Columbus show. I’ll be in section 211, row H, seat 3 if you wanna you know.. meet.. hit me up. :p 1989tourcostumes taylorswift also plz reblog this thx kiddos