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Immortal Bones AU

This is a McSpirk idea that’s quite a wild ride so hang in there buddies 

  • So, it’s the early 1400′s. Bones is a teenager who accidentally stumbles into the Fae world 
  • He gets tricked into a spell/curse thing 
    • “Doesn’t growing old with your soul mate sound amazing?” 
    • “Uhh… Yeah.” 
    • “We can make it happen. We can make sure you grow old with your soulmate if you —-” (I haven’t figured out what he’s gotta do in return but okay)
    • “Ah, yeah. Sure.” 
  • A few years later, training under a healer in the city, he meets Jim
  • And he loses Jim two years later to the plague
  • Forty years later, he meets Jim again. Jim is twenty years old and Bones??? Doesn’t understand what’s happening??? And Jim doesn’t remember him either what is going on??? 
  • Bones has no McFucking clue what is going on with his life, but around 1600 he remembers the Fae world and figures it out 
    • “Well fucking shit.” 

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The One Where Isaac Leaves

Summary: Reader has a crush on Isaac but he likes Allison. Starts in season 3b and jumps to 5. 

Isaac Lahey x Reader

Word Count: 3,636

Author’s Note: Yes the title is a Friends reference. I couldn’t think of a good title and I love Friends. There is going to be a part two. Not necessarily dealing with the story but I never cared for the Isaac/Allison story line. It bothered me that Isaac was living with Scott, in his pack, and he got with Scott’s first love. Well that was my 2 cents on that lol. Imagine #3 Enjoy :)  

Teen Wolf Tuesday! 

Part 2

Originally posted by teenwolf--imagines

You walked into Derek’s loft with Scott, Stiles, and Kira. Usually you were the one to keep the two boys out of trouble, but how much trouble could a rave be right? Stiles was going on about some key that he had no clue where it came from. You weren’t really paying attention though. There was too much going on around you. Your classmates were dancing to the blaring music while their bodies glowed in the dark. Of course you were only worried about one body in particular. Isaac Lahey. You began developing a crush on the beta werewolf a few months ago. You hadn’t told anyone; especially Stiles, for obvious reasons.

“…and I don’t know how it got there or what it’s for.” Stiles said to Scott talking about the new key on his ring.

“You wanna leave so we can figure it out?” Scott said.

A girl with an orange and white neon wig came over and kissed Stiles on the check. “Happy Halloween,” she said and she walked away smiling.

You raised your eyebrows in amusement smiling at your friend.

“It can wait.” Stiles replied to Scott, patting him on the shoulder as he began to follow the girl. “It can wait.”

Shaking your head you told Scott and Kira you were going to walk around and see who you could find. You were hoping Isaac would be somewhere alone so you could talk to him.

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ned insists on giving peter 16 birthday kisses n ned says happy birthday eVEry time he sees pete in the halls and calls it the most important holiday of the year aw (its my 16th today and its shitty whoops im projecting, my apologies)

when ned and peter are going back to peter’s place after school, just before peter is about to open the apartment door peter’s spidey sense shoots up his spine and he slowly turns to ned.

“ned. i have a question,” peter says calmly

“uhh…. yeah?”

“there wouldn’t happen to be a surprise party behind that door, would there?”

ned’s eyes go wide and he makes a squeaking noise, then clears his throat and tries to act casual. “haha, no, of course not”

peter raises an eyebrow. “really?”


“okay. i trust you. but just know that if i open that door and people jump out at me with cake and balloons, i will rain fire on you”

“that doesn’t really make sense – ”

“rain. fire.”

Babe Part Two (Lafayette x Reader)




“pt 2 of babe that was literally my fave oml”

Disclaimer- I do NOT watch Scandal, but I love the idea of Laf unabashedly loving it. 

A/N- (HUGE thank you to @londonbridgefalling for helping me with the French! <3 Also, apparently I’m in love with the idea of hamilsquad shipping lafayette and reader oops)

Words- 2,406

“You need to man the fuck up.” Hercules said, passing Lafayette another shot. 

“No, you are not understanding! I can’t just pick her up!” Lafayette downed the shot and put his head down on the table. 

“Well, why not?” Alexander asked. 

“You have not met her.” Lafayette looked up. “She is…different.” 

“Well we wouldn’t know that would we?” Hercules said. “We haven’t met her yet dumbass.” 

“Yeah, what the hell?” John yelled. 

“I have my reasons.” Lafayette mumbled. 

“Which are?” Alexander opened his fridge and took out four beers. 

“Well I…” Lafayette wasn’t sure how to explain this. 

“Spit out!”

Lafayette looked. “I love her, but…but I don’t think she loves me, and I thought that if I introduced her to you guys , I don’t know, you might get close and she might-”

“Laf thought we were gonna jack his girl!” Laurens shouted. The three men erupted into laughter. 

“Lafayette are you kidding me!?” Alex said through laughter. “You used to be so confident! What happened?” 

“I don’t know! Half of me thinks that I could easily make her fall for me, I’ve had plenty of girlfriends mind you,” he glared at Alex in particular,”but the other part of me is terrified at the idea of things becoming awkward between us. We spend every day together, alone. If she doesn’t feel the same way, it’ll be too awkward to hang out together. We don’t have mutual friends. I’d never see her again.” Lafayette finished with a heavy breath. The rest of the boys were stunned into silence. After a moment, John spoke up. 

“Well the answer is obvious isn’t it?” 

Lafayette furrowed his brow at him. 

John spoke with conviction. “Persuade her to have feelings for you.” 

You walked up to Lafayette’s door and wiped the snow off of your jacket. It had been coming down in big clumps all day and there was no sign of it stopping. You knocked quickly, wanting to get out of the hallway and into his heated studio apartment. After a few moments, Laf opened the door. He stood there wearing no shirt and a pair of very loose, thin, grey sweatpants. He must have been taking an evening nap or something. You felt yourself staring. You and Lafayette had been friends for almost half a year, but you never really saw him like this. His hair was pulled back in it’s usual ponytail, but several curls were springing free. 

“Hey.” he said, his voice gravely from sleep. 

“Hi.” You slipped past him into his apartment. It was a place; all he could afford despite his family being rich. You turned around and saw Lafayette stretching his arms over his head, causing his toned muscles to ripple and his sweatpants to slip even lower on his hips. You pulled your gaze away and tugged your hat off. You heard Lafayette’s bed creak, and turned to see him splayed out across it.  

“You look freezing.” he commented. 

“You look…comfortable.” you said back. With a shrug, your coat was off your shoulder and your put it on one of his bar stools. 

“I am. You should probably join me. I’ll warm you up.” Lafayette winked at you. 

“Ha! You wish French dip!” You turned away from him and sat on the couch that acted as a divider between his “bedroom” and “living room”. 

“You wanna watch the new Scandal?” you asked, turning his TV on. 

“Only if you cuddle with me, babe.” He got up from the bed and walked over to you. You furrowed your brow. You and Lafayette had a bit of a “flirtationship” full of playful banter, but this was something different.  

“Okay.” You were challenging him now. He sat down next to you on the couch and pulled you into his lap, setting on the couch in between his crossed legs. Yep. He was definitely still shirtless. He buried his face in your hair. It didn’t mean anything right? French people are supposed to be affectionate. That’s why the whole cheek kissing joke came around. 

You clicked on his DVR and started playing the newest episode. You relaxed a little and leaned back into Lafayette’s bare chest. His arms were encircled around you, and your temple rested against his cheek. This was…new, but surprisingly, you didn’t hate it. In fact, you felt happy and safe. You tried to push these thoughts form your mind. Your friends had been telling you that you were in love with for months because supposedly he was all you talked about, which was not true. You just happened to spend most of your free time with him. They couldn’t be right though, because you and Laf were just friends. Yeah, you were only friends with the tall, toned, accented man whose arms were holding you closely. You were also very bad at convincing yourself of things. You found yourself barely paying attention to the TV, which was a shame because Olivia Pope is a bad ass motherfucker. Scott Fuley was still doing things to your heart though, which was weird because he hadn’t shown up on your screen, but that had to be the reason you had butterflies in your stomach and the tell tale feelings of attraction all over you. 

You sighed. Lafayette’s arms tightened around you. He nuzzled into your neck. That was not a “friendly” gesture at all. 

You moved from trying to deny that you had feelings for Laf to trying your damnedest to stop having feelings for him. You’d thought about what it might be like to date him, several times actually, but always managed to convince yourself that there were more cons than pros. 


You enjoyed spending time with and he rarely pissed you off which was something few had managed to do. 


If, no…when the two of you eventually break up, you would lose an amazing friendship.


A relationship adds all kinds of new pressure that you’ve never had to handle with Lafayette. 


Every single night could be perfect, just like this. 


You didn’t know what boyfriend Lafayette was like. You’d met plenty of guys you became a different, less desirable, person when they went boyfriend mode.


You probably look amazing in his T-shirts, and they probably smell like him no matter how much you wear them 


You two didn’t have any mutual friends, you’d be one of those couples who only sees each other or never sees each other. No in between. 


You could finally introduce him to your friends. 


He was an amazing cook. You could have date nights where you made dinner together. 


What if his friends hated you? What if his family hated you?


Lafayette already meant the world to you. 


Lafayette is extremely attractive, and his lips always looked very kissable. 


You could end up hurting Lafayette, and that would tear you up inside.


You’d have a guarantee that he’d always be around. He’d never “drift away” like friends did sometimes. 


Your mom would stop nagging you to “settle down”


Lafayette was French and if stereotypes have any weight, that meant he’d be good in bed. 


You’d have the world’s most amazing boyfriend


You already knew each other on a very deep level, meaning you could skip the awkward stag of a relationship


His arms felt right wrapped around you…


You’d be dating the boy who you had-

“That was a good episode.” Lafayette said. 

“Uhh yeah.”  you agreed, having no idea what had happened. You looked out the window. The snow was coming down even more heavily than before. You removed Lafayette’s hands and scooted away from him. “I should leave before the roads are covered.” Lafayette nodded but he looked…stressed. You set the remote down by him and walked to where you’d left your hat, coat, and gloves. 

“It looks like they already are.” you heard Laf say. 


“Look.” Laf pointed to the TV and you saw there was a warning interrupting the TV show that would’ve been on. 

“There’s low visibility and very icy roads out there. Residents are advised to stay indoors and not travel unless it is and emergency situation.” the weather lady remarked. Lafayette turned to you. 

“I’ll be fine.” you said dismissively. 

Non. No, you will stay here. It is incredibly dangerous out there! You could hurt! Who would I watch Scandal with?” Lafayette said. You sighed and nodded. “It will be fun! Like a uh…”

“Sleepover?” you suggested. 

Lafayette snapped his fingers. “Yes! A sleepover!” He beamed at you and you smiled back. You set your coat down. “Do you want something to eat?” Lafayette asked. You shrugged. 

“I could eat.” 

Lafayette walked around you into the kitchen area. He opened his small pantry, and you couldn’t help but stared at the way the muscles of his back pushed and pulled as he moved items aside. 

“Ahh I have all the ingredients to make quiches, or crepes!” he said triumphantly. You leaned against the breakfast bar and peered into the kitchen.

“God, you’re so…”

“So what?” he turned around eagerly. 

Foreign” you teased. He turned around. 

“Fine, maybe I won’t make you anything.”

“No wait,” You stepped around the bar into the kitchen. “Crepes sounds amazing.” you said sweetly. He looked at you and with an “mhmm” starting making the crepes. You sat on the counter watching him. One of you cracked a joke every once in awhile, but you mostly just stared. You noticed that when he concentrated really hard, he stuck his tongue out and bit it and his eyes narrowed. You didn’t know how long you had been watching him silently, but after a bit he turned to you. He seemed taken aback that you were looking at him, but quickly smiled. 

“Can you grab a couple of plates?” 

“What’s the magic word?” you asked. 

“Va te faire foutre” he said. 

“I don’t think that meant please.” You looked at him skeptically. You leaned over to your right, knowing exactly which cupboard the plates were in. Lafayette walked over and took them from you. Seconds later he returned to where you were sitting on his counter with a plate. 

“This one’s strawberry,” he said pointing, “and this one’s orange creme.” He gave you the plate then leaned forward and put his hands on the counter on either side of you, effectively trapping you. He was close. Real close. And goddamnit he was still shirtless. You almost wanted to lean in kiss him. 

Crepes. Eat the fucking crepes. Keep your mouth busy. 

You picked up the fork and took a bite of the strawberry one. 

“Oh my god.” you moaned. Lafayette raised and eyebrow at you, and blushed because of your foodgasm. 

“Is it good?” he asked sincerely. 

“It’s amazing. I want to have sex with this crepe.” you said. Lafayette laughed heartily and went to grab some for him self. You sat on the counter until your finished your food, and Lafayette leaned against it, eating his own. You hopped off the counter and put your empty plate in his sink. You looked at the clock. Only 9. 

“What now, captain?” you asked jokingly. He smiled. 

“You’re the boss.” 

“Hmmm,” you though for a second. “Movies?” Lafayette nodded then looked down at you,

“Do you want something more comfortable?” 

You glanced down at your skinny jeans. “Sure.” 

He walked to his dresser and started rifling through it. “Here this should be long enough.” 

“They’re probably all long enough.” you said, noting the size difference. You took the T-shirt from Lafayette and walked into his bathroom, the only room in his apartment with a real door. You slipped out of your daytim outfit and pulled the shirt down. It went down to about your mid thigh. You shrugged. Long enough. You had been right about one thing. You did look good in his T-shirts. You walked back out, and for a moment Lafayette could only stare out you with his mouth open a bit. 

“You have a stroke or something?” 

Lafayette snapped out of it. “No, sorry. What movie do you want to watch.” 

You picked one out, and the two of you watched movies together until your eyelids started to droop around one. Lafayette grabbed one of his pillows and some blankets and set up the couch for you. You smiled gratefully and laid down. Lafayette went to turn off the lights. 

“Night babe.” you said. He smiled at you. 

“Night babe.” 

You were plunged into darkness.

You didn’t know how long you laid there, staring at the ceiling unable to sleep. Your mind just couldn’t stop thinking about the Frenchman who was laying in bed feet away from you. You tossed and turned. You took deep breaths. You counted sheep. 

You didn’t care if he was just your friend or what he was; you just needed him. 

“Hey.” you called out softly. 

“Yeah?” He was still up. 

“Can…can I come in there with you?” 

Oui. Of course.” 

You slid the blankets off and walked around the couch to his bed. You could barely see by the moonlight He was laying there, still shirtless, holding the blankets up to let you in. You looked at it tentatively. 

“Do not worry, Y/N. I don’t have, how you say, cooties.” He smirked. You giggled and slipped into the bed next to him. His bed wasn’t big which meant the two of you were very close. He laid on his facing you. He smiled and let his arm drape over your waist. You snuggled closer and tucked your head underneath his chin. You could hear his heart beating. 

What a friend…

“Guys, I found it.” Hercules said triumphantly. Alex took Lafayette spare key from him and with the other two close behind, he slowly pushed open the door of Lafayette’s apartment. At first the couldn’t see much, but as John walked a little farther, he saw Lafayette in bed with some cute girl none of them recognized curled up against him. 

“He fucking did it!” John whispered. 

“Let’s get out before they wake up and we ruin their moment.” Hercules whispered, holding the door open. The other two nodded. Alex was at the doorway before he stopped and turned around. 

He walked over to the bed and pulled out his phone, snapping a picture. 

“I’m totally sending that to him later.” 

kinda feel like just… deleting my tumblr

So it appears the building we were to move into by the end of this year fell through..

Now it’s a mad dash to find a place so we can be out of here by Halloween? Uhh, yeah don’t see how that is gonna happen in just 2+ months. I happily volunteered to work from home!


High School!Au Series

Genre: fluff (based off the HS!Seventeen AU)

Word Count: 1,628

Member: Vernon

“Oh my god, Vernon is literally so handsome!”

“I know, right? And he’s such a good rapper too, too bad he’s not interested in girls, or anyone for that matter….”.

You rolled your eyes at your classmates’ usual tête-à-tête over Hansol Vernon Chwe, your school’s resident “rap star” and heartbreaker. Every single girl in your class had the hots for him, frequently setting love notes and chocolates and roses in his locker, crowding around him as he initiated “Diss Circle”, a rap battle between him and some of his fuckboy friends in European History, and suggesting lyrics he could jot down into his notes. 

But you had to admit, they were right about one thing: no matter who confessed to him, no matter where he was, no matter how sweet the occasion, Vernon always shut them down with a simple “nope” and a shit-eating grin. You didn’t blame him for turning down whoever pursued him. All the girls in your year liked him, and he didn’t want to hurt anyone.

And it was unfortunate that you liked him too.

You sat next to each other in English, Chemistry, and homeroom, and while it was irritating hearing him hum to some dumb rap tunes and shift the blanket in his lap, you couldn’t doubt his exceptional physique. With such a strong jawline, enchanting eyes, and heart-shaped smile, who couldn’t fall in love with him?

“Miss Y/L/N? Have you been paying any attention at all?!”

You stuttered as you tried to form an acceptable response to her inquiry. 

“Um I- uh- I mean um-yes. Yes I-I was, b- um -”

“Enough. Please stay after class today so we can discuss your disrespectful behavior.”

You groaned and slunked down into your seat, ignoring the stifled laughs of your classmates around you. Much to your dismay, Vernon started chuckling, his laugh not nearly being suppressed in the face of your demonic chemistry teacher.

“Mr. Chwe? Is it funny seeing your seatmates being reprimanded? I assume you would like to join us for a chat after class. Very well. We will be waiting.”

Now it was his turn to groan. He rolled his eyes and continued pouring lyrics into his notebook as Mingyu nudged him playfully.

“Hey, Vernon, maybe you’ll finally get a date!”

“Shut up, hyung…..”

After the bell rang for the end of the day and your classmates rushed out in a means to avoid last-minute homework, you stood up quickly and brushed a few loose strands of hair behind your right ear. You looked to your right and met Vernon’s piercing gaze. He immediately looked away, a rosy blush creeping up his neck to his cheeks and the tips of his ears. 

“So, would you two like to explain your immaturity from earlier today? Or should I make this shorter for all of us and file out behavior punishment records?”

You opened your mouth to speak, but were beat by Vernon.

“I’m very sorry for the distraction we created in class today, ma’am. I am positive Y/N wasn’t aware of her focus drifting, and you know I am an avid laugher. I would like to apologize on both our behalf’s. It’s been a stressful week, with the unit exam coming up this Friday, I think these things would happen normally.”

You nodded your head in agreement, silently stunned at his eloquence and quick mouth. Guess that rapping does him some good, you thought. 

“Very well, then. I will drop punishment records…… if, and only if, you, Ms. Y/L/N, tutor Mr. Chwe for my class. He needs to have a B to ensure he won’t have to retake the class.”

You were about to object, but weighed that this would look much better on your résumé compared to a behavior demerit.

“Of course! I would love to be of any help!”, you said through gritted teeth.

“Very well. I will see you Wednesday afternoon, and you can tell me how tutoring is going. Have a good evening.”

You sighed as you walked into homeroom the next morning. You had tossed and turned all night, anxious of what Tuesday night had in store for you. 

“I mean, I’m pretty good at chemistry, but tutoring Vernon? I might have a heart attack from those stupid good looks!”

Arriving at your normal seat by the large window, the mid-spring breeze suddenly flitted throughout the classroom. Almost immediately after you sat down, you were passed a note by no other than the rap star himself.

Unlike to his “fronting” character, he was very shy, so you understood why he wouldn’t want to strike up conversation. You were completely fine with that since you always stumbled on your words when talking to anyone.

You stretched your neck in an effort to battle the urge to lay your head down and sleep all day, and then uncrumpled the piece of paper.

Hey, this is my number. Also, let me know at lunch how you would like to arrange our study session. :)

So this was really happening. You never thought this would be the way you’d finally interact with Vernon, but you welcomed it nonetheless,

The day flew by, and the plans were settled: you would walk with Vernon to the library, study chemistry, then go your separate ways. Simple as that.

But it wasn’t. Not now at least, as the awkward silence made you want to run away and go home, bail on this stupid tutoring service. It was a ten minute walk, but it definitely seemed longer.

“So, Y/N. What are we learning today?”

You shrugged, quickly explaining that today’s lesson would be based on the unit the upcoming test was on.

“I see……. I brought my notes if it would make it easier for you. I mean… you’re already compromising your own time to do something you don’t want to do, I don’t want to make you carry all the weight…..”

What? Vernon…… is actually very nice? When did that happen?

“Uhh, yeah, thanks a lot. We can use them for reference as a means to help the content really make sense to you, but I think my notes are very detailed.”

He pouted.

“Are you saying my notes aren’t good? Ouch, that’s harsh….”

Rolling your eyes, you opened the door to the library and decided not to make any comment.

As soon as you had both settled down in a quiet study room, you realized you hadn’t actually thought of how to begin the lesson. Noticing your restlessness, Vernon poked your right bicep with his tattered pencil.

“You okay? You seem nervous. I’m the one that should be nervous, I have to ace that test on Friday!”

Chuckling forcefully, you shook your head.

“I guess I didn’t plan on how to start the lesson, is all….. Is there anything you want to start with and work on the majority of the time?”

Now he was the one who was restless. He awkwardly rubbed the back of his head, all the while bouncing his left leg up and down.

“Uh, how about solubility? I’m having a hard time with aqueous solutions… Here’s my binder, so you can use my notes, if they’re up to par.”

He winked at you with his last sentence, and you giggled a bit, not wanting to distract him (or yourself) or hyper-inflate his ego. He passed his messy, torn binder your way, and you shuddered, appalled by the chaotic scene yet sincerely amazed at how Vernon could possibly do anything with this catastrophe. 

A few minutes had passed with complete silence, minus the sounds of your fingers flitting the pages, attempting to make sense of the “notes” at your mercy. You didn’t even notice that Vernon had been watching you intently this whole time. When you finally found the coveted solubility guidelines, your attention drew to Vernon, who was uncomfortably quiet.

“Is anything the matter, Vernon? I mean, I know it’s stressful having to hit the books this hard and with such little time, but I know you can do it. Just work with me here, okay?”

“Y/N….. It’s not that,” he said, shaking his head. “I wanted to tell you for a while now, but I didn’t know how to….. You see, I’m actually pretty good in school and enjoy learning. I even have a B+ in chemistry.”

Noticing your shocked and confused face, he continued.

“I can explain. Mrs. Y/T/N helped me come up with a plan so I could get you alone, and we even practiced our routine, that’s how serious I am about this! I needed to find alone time with you, because unfortunately, all the other girls in school like to crowd my friends and I during free-time, and if I did try to tell you in school, all hell would break loose….”

“Vernon, please get to the point.”

Sighing, he stated,

“I like you, Y/N. I’ve liked you for a while now, and I was just too scared to say anything or do anything. You’re so friendly and caring, and so pretty, too. But I don’t care about looks the most. You just radiate warmth and I couldn’t help but be attracted to you…… So, Y/N. This is my confession. What do you say?”

At a loss for words, you fumbled in your purse for your phone. Vernon, quickly deflating, noticed and held his breath. You held up a finger, asking him to wait. You snatched your phone as soon as you felt it, and went straight to the messaging app.

*DING* One New Message From Y/N!

I accept. ONLY IF you let me come to your rap battles downtown and support you :)

Throwing his head back and laughing at your cuteness, he offered his right pinky to you.

“It’s a deal.”

- Written by Chorizo

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(Bringing it back) M!A: Finn now has cat ears for the next 10 asks

[k-kitty ears again? what’s next, you guys making me say “nya?”]

{i would so totally pay to see you do that}

[b sTOP]

(sorry this is hella late!! stuff happened and uhh yeah also yes, ik it’s not proportional it was a little rushed kjffdjshdk

aLSO. i gave him a tail and tried out blue blush,, i like it better than the pink.

hint to embarrass finn /fluster him: comment on his ears, pet behind his ear, comment on his cuteness etc etc


M!A has begun

“But since I met you baby, love's got a hold on me”

“free, on my own – that’s the way i used to be
but since i met you baby, love’s got a hold on me 

ooh it’s got a hold on me now”

Wash wakes up in a pleasantly warm haze that lasts about two seconds before he registers the sweat sticking to his back, the stiff crick in his neck, and the presence of someone leaning over his lap. Then the haze is over and Wash is twisting his company’s wrist over their head and said company is yelping, “Ow, ow, ow, ow, ow! Same team, same team!”

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ateliefloresdaprimavera  asked:

Can I ask for #4 ans #39 for Frank Castle, please?

4. irresistible + 39. secret admirer

For some reason or other, you always seemed to be getting into trouble. It was like you were a trouble magnet, attracting the mobs and other low life’s attention just by existing.

First, you got your bag stolen by some random crook.

It had made a reappearance at your apartment door that night almost miraculously. You decided not to kick a gift-horse in its mouth, and you didn’t question it.

Then, you had almost gotten robbed, again, only to find that the criminal dropped dead in front of you before he could do anything.

You didn’t question it.

Another time, you had almost been attacked, but the criminal had, again, crumpled to the floor with death.

You didn’t know how it happened, or who was looking out for you – you knew no one in all of Hell’s Kitchen, but you didn’t question it.

That is, until you heard about the largest, most controversial trial that Hell’s Kitchen had ever seen involving the vigilante known as the Punisher.

Something seemed so familiar about him, like he exuded a certain air to him, but you weren’t sure.

You didn’t question it.

There was a time, about a month later, where someone knocked on your apartment door quickly, almost impatient-like. You never had visitors, so you didn’t think that the knock actually came from your door. Until there was another knock.

When you cracked open the door, who else were you to find but the man identified as Frank Castle.

“Can I…?” You began, “Can I help you?”

You could’ve been mistaken, but you were pretty sure that you heard him gasp.

You could’ve been mistaken it, though.

“Y/N?” he asked, and you narrowed your eyes on him.

“How do you know who I am?” you asked, and he shrugged.

“You have a habit of getting into trouble, that’s all,” he said.

And that’s when you noticed the blood gushing from a wound on his side. “Oh, god!” you exclaimed, “You’re bleeding!”

“Uhh, yeah,” he added. “That, you know, happens a lot.”

“Well, don’t just stand there!” You told him, “Get in, get in!”

And so, you pushed him into your apartment and unknowingly pushed him into your life.

You didn’t question even that.

panel 1: when you see your ex alive and well in an alternate timeline but he’s Sargerei

panel 2: tfw you joined the Sargerei because you went nuts after your wife’s death but then you see her again

Translation: Dette er Even (This is Even) 01.12

Jonas: I’m pretty starving

Mahdi: Me too

Magnus: I’m really tired.

Jonas: Are you coming or not?

Isak: I’m not coming.

Jonas: Oh, come on!

Mahdi: It’s the best pizza ever!

Magnus: Just ask somebody in class if they can take notes for you?

Isak: It’s not so fucking simple. You guys don’t have to skip, but I’ll have to skip if I’m-

The guys: One hour??

Isak: Yes, one hour!

Magnus: You can just practice at home for that fucking test..!

Isak: No, I can’t..!

Jonas: You can, though.

Isak: No, research shows you learn much more by attending (a lecture).

(The guys laugh, and Even approaches)

Even: Hey boys.

Isak: Guys, this is Even. Even, this is the guys..

(Even shake hands with the guys)

Even: So, what’s up?

Mahdi: We’re ready to get some food, but he has one more class, so-

Even (mouthing): Too bad..

Mahdi: ..we’re trying to get him to join us, but he’s not so interested.

Magnus: OH! Oh, YOU’RE EVEN! Sorry, man, I’m Magnus! Nice to meet you!

Even: A pleasure.

Magnus: I completely forgot..! This is the guy who threw us out, right?

Jonas: Nah..

Magnus: No, it was him (Isak) who threw us out, because of him (Even) ! Yeah, you threw us out, because of this handsome lad.

Isak: I didn’t throw you out! They were going to a party.

Jonas: Yeah, with you.

Magnus: It was very sudden, like..”Guys, GET OUT! Even’s here!”

Isak: You were going to a party!

Magnus: Uhh yeah, with you. But then it didn’t happen ‘cause you wanted to hang out with him.

Even: Yeah, but I think it was for the best that you weren’t there.

(They laugh)

Mahdi: Totally agreed, we need to get laid, guys..

Magnus: Okay, done! We’re getting pizza.

Even: Enjoy, guys. Nice meeting you.

(they shake hands again)

Magnus: BYE! (goes in for a hug)

Even: Oh..! Bye..!

Magnus: Guuuys!

(Isak’s phone rings, no caller ID)

Isak: Hello, it’s Isak.

Sonja: Hello, it’s Sonja.

Isak (whispering): It’s Sonja?

(Even takes the phone)

Even: Don’t fucking call Isak.

Isak: What..why d’you do that?

Even: Don’t talk to her.

Isak: Why? What does she want?

Even: She wants to control you.

Isak: Control me? How can she control me?

Even: Because she doesn’t like people who lives freely and are genuine.

(Even kisses Isak, Isak pulls back)

Even: You’re so FUCKING HOT, Isak!

(Even leaves)


Suburban Dad AU 5/??

Hello~! Look! it’s a new part ^^ Thank you to keybangs for being my lovely helper, and fangirling every time I have you read stuff. Also bat-nerut who began this lovely thing~

You can read the rest here:

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Jonghyun plopped next to Jinki, throwing his backpack into the chair next to him. “I have an idea,” he said, catching his breath.

“For what?” Onew asked, poking his head around Jinki’s, and resting it on his brother’s shoulder.

Jonghyun waved at Onew and took a deep breath before he explained, “So you know how we want our dads to get together? Well I was thinking, because our concert is tomorrow, we should have our dads sit together, and I was worried that that wouldn’t happen naturally, so we should get them to carpool, and that way they’ll be stuck talking with each other during the concert.”

Jinki scratched his head, “I don’t see how that would get them together, but it’s worth a try. I’ll ask dad if your dad can drive us to our call time, and then he’ll probably think to pick up dad and and bring him to the show.”

Jonghyun shrugged and went to explain, but the teacher cut him off, pounding out warmups on the piano.

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