uhh yeah that happened

panel 1: when you see your ex alive and well in an alternate timeline but he’s Sargerei

panel 2: tfw you joined the Sargerei because you went nuts after your wife’s death but then you see her again

Suburban Dad AU 5/??

Hello~! Look! it’s a new part ^^ Thank you to keybangs for being my lovely helper, and fangirling every time I have you read stuff. Also bat-nerut who began this lovely thing~

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Jonghyun plopped next to Jinki, throwing his backpack into the chair next to him. “I have an idea,” he said, catching his breath.

“For what?” Onew asked, poking his head around Jinki’s, and resting it on his brother’s shoulder.

Jonghyun waved at Onew and took a deep breath before he explained, “So you know how we want our dads to get together? Well I was thinking, because our concert is tomorrow, we should have our dads sit together, and I was worried that that wouldn’t happen naturally, so we should get them to carpool, and that way they’ll be stuck talking with each other during the concert.”

Jinki scratched his head, “I don’t see how that would get them together, but it’s worth a try. I’ll ask dad if your dad can drive us to our call time, and then he’ll probably think to pick up dad and and bring him to the show.”

Jonghyun shrugged and went to explain, but the teacher cut him off, pounding out warmups on the piano.

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The Chez Amy TV spot did not go as planned.

So I’ve been catching up on Sonic Boom and uhh… yeah as soon as the magic fun lumps joke happened in the Chez Amy episode, I knew I’d either be drawing some doofy Sonamy comic or some smut based upon it.  Unfortunately I took the low road and went for the Sonamy comic.

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there’s an echo here, dark and quick
echo of me and it’s too loud to think
to think straight. my thoughts too quiet
thoughts can’t overpower the echo.

the echo has a name and she speaks
speaks in my head, her name is teresa.
she whispers dark and quick, calls scared
dark and quick like death and its victim
but the victim is not her, thank god

the echo knows my name and she calls out
calls out ‘thomas’ like a shiver, like a prayer
shivering apart in my head is this echo
teresa, are you there? i am your echo.
let’s be like death and its victim
whisper quick, whisper dark to me

death and its victim whispered quick and whispered dark
an echo has been taken, shivered apart
teresa, are you there?
my thoughts are too loud on their own.
—  but teresa, my mind was made for two (e.p.)

asktidethegastrodon  asked:

Carrot@Ariados: Carrot slowly flies near her with a nervous expression "P-pardon me m-miss.. I um.. uh.. My name is Carrot! I umm... I'm delivering invitations to a event in SilverKeep Valley! Its um... a Winter Ball to be e-exact!" He carefully hands her a invitation "There is umm.. more information about it on the invite... there will be lots of umm.. snow.. and... pokemon and... food there!... I-it should be fun it think! Uhh.. yeah! Fun and snow! Yeah yeah!"

oh look i just so happen to have materials from the desert town on hand how did that happen