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Caged (3)

Synopsis: What happens when Loki meets someone who actually calls him on his bullshit instead of running and hiding?
Word Count : 645
A/N: Hit me up if I missed any tags guys. Sorry this one is a bit short, I just really wanted to post.

Part One - Part Two

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  • Rogue: (morally struggling)
  • Sting: You're not just going to let him die like that, are you?
  • Rogue's Shadow: Don't listen to that guy. He's trying to lead you down the path of righteousness. I'm gonna lead you down the path that ROCKS.
  • Sting: Oh you come off it!
  • Rogue's Shadow: You come off it!
  • Sting: You!
  • Rogue's Shadow: You!
  • Sting: You!
  • Rogue's Shadow: You infinity.
  • Sting: Grr...!
  • Rogue's Shadow: Listen up, big guy, I got 3 good reasons why you should just walk away.
  • Rogue's Shadow: Number one: (point to Sting) Look at that guy! He's got that sissy... fur thing. Reason number 2. Look what I can do (starts doing handstand pushups)
  • Rogue: But... what does that have to do with anything?
  • Sting: No, no, he's got a point.
  • Rogue: Listen guys, you're sort of confusing me, so uhh... begone?
Kickass Cupcakes

Pairing: Jensen x Reader

Word Count: 1,996

Summary: You meet Jensen at his photo op and you two hit it off. You immediately like him and think there’s no way he feels the same. You are so wrong. 

This is it. No big deal. As long as you don’t faint or do anything embarrassing, you’ll be good.

Oh shit. You’re next in line. You’re about to do your photo op with Jensen fucking Ackles. 

Breathe, damn it!

You hear your number and you freeze. A volunteer is trying to usher you along making you snap out of your daze.

Jensen comes into view and you start walking towards him…until he turns and looks at you. You fucking stop and just stare at him. So much for not doing anything embarrassing.

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Curly Shepard x reader--Requested from prompt list

A/N: Again I am so sorry to the anon who asked for this. I forgot to look in my flip-flapping inbox because I have been busy. To make up for it, this is going to be kinda fluffy! (Excuse its baby length)

“Please, don’t give up on me.”

“(Y/N) look!” Curly shouts.

You two are on a date, which isn’t your ideal date setting. But anything with Curly is fine. You have been dating him for seven months. A considerably long time in both of your books. 

On this particular date, Curly decided to get drunk. Not blackout drunk, but the kind where you do stupid shit.

You look up and see your idiot of a boyfriend standing on top of the gutter of the bar. He lifts his hands up over his head, cheering himself on. You stare wide-eyed, scared that he might fall. 

It all happens in slow motion, but doesn’t everything like that happen slow. He tips forward, and then his feet slip out from under him. He doesn’t even have time to scream. He hits the cement with a thud. 

You gasp and run to him. You shake his shoulder, and lay your head on his chest–listening for his heartbeat. You sigh loudly in relief when it echos through him. A man who witnessed Curly’s tumble from the building rushes toward you. 

“Is he okay, ma’am?”

You stutter. “I-I don’t know.” 

The man looks at you. “Dr. Mark Barton.” He shakes your hand.

“(Y/N) (Y/L/N).”

“Nice to meet you, dear. Now tell me, who’s this and is he breathing?”

“His name is Curly Shepard, he’s my boyfriend. I think he’s breathing. I listened to his heartbeat and it seemed pretty steady. And–”

“Can you call an ambulance for me?” Dr. Barton hands you some coins. You nod and make the call at the payphone.

“Hello? Um my boyfriend fell off a building. He’s kind of drunk. We’re here at the bar on Cole Street.”

“Oh an ambulance is coming your way.” The lady on the phone says.

After a few long moments, you hear the sirens. Curly’s eyes are still closed. You quickly grab his hand and whisper, “Please don’t give up on me.” The EMT’s come and strap him to a gurney. He’s whisked away before you even got your goodbye kiss.

Curly has been…wherever he’s been for a long time. You’re tired and you want to go home and cuddle up with him in your bed. You want to wear his jacket that looks like a dress. You want him to kiss your cold cheeks.

“Ms (Y/L/N)? Curly’s awake–” You practically run to his room. The doctor chases after you. “Ma’am! Curly’s on–”

“Hey who’s this hottie, Doc?”

“Anesthetic.” The doctor finishes.

“So he doesn’t know me?”

“No, no, no. He does. He’s just high off of the laughing gas. He can’t keep anything in.”


“Have fun with it though.” he says as he leaves.

Curly sits up. “Wait Doc! You were my wing man!” You giggle, he’s cute when he’s like this. You decide to joke with him.

“Hi Curly.” you say as you walk closer to him, careful not to scare him.

He looks visibly nervous. “Uhh hey…You’re hot. No I–”

You smile softly. “Thank you. You’re not too bad on the eyes yourself.”

He grins back at you. “Do you have a boyfriend?”

You lift an eyebrow. “Why are you asking?”

“I’d like to know if I have a chance or not.” 

You look down. “Sadly, I do. Otherwise you’d have a really good chance.”

His eyes sadden. “Damn. Well I hope you’re happy with him. Any guy to have you, sure is lucky.” He’s so sweet. “I love him a lot.”

“Have you told him?” Curly asks. 

“No…mainly because I don’t know if he feels the same.”

He turns his head to the side. “What makes you say that?”

You sigh. “I don’t know. He just doesn’t seem like that kind of guy. The guy that’s committed and loves only one girl.”

“Well I love you, too, (Y/N).”

You look him straight in the eyes. “You weren’t under anesthetic, were you?”

“Nope,” he smiles. “Told you the doc was my wing man. Come here.” He lifts his arm up and you crawl over to him. 

“Are you sure it’s okay for me to be this close to you when you’re hurting?”

“I don’t give a fuck. I just wanna hold my baby girl.” He kisses your forehead and pulls you closer to his chest. 

“Oh and Curly?”

“Yeah, baby.”

“If you ever pull a stunt like that again, I’ll kill you then revive your ass.” He chuckles and pecks your lips.

“That’s my girl.”

Imagine the RFA + Saeyoung & V finding out that MC composes songs for musicals

▪ You write songs for musicals?
▪ And you also make the plot?
▪ Wow!
▪ This boy is so amaze
▪ Much wow
▪ He’d listen to the entire soundtrack of the musical you made
▪ Would bawl his eyes out on the sad parts and wonder where you got the inspiration
▪ Won’t tell you that he cried
▪ Would probably join a club related to musicals

▪ Has probably played the lead role of one of your musicals unknowingly
▪ And when he finds out
▪ Gasp
▪ We
▪ Are
▪ Meant
▪ To
▪ Be!
I WAS MEANT TO BE YOURS if ya know what i mean… yes its a Heathers reference
▪ He’d audition for a role in your new musical
▪ And he got it!!! :D

▪ Songs written by MC + Zen playing the lead role
▪ 11/10
▪ Would watch tf out of it
▪ And when you’re making songs
▪ She’d quietly sip her coffee and listen to you hum
▪ Won’t admit it but she sings your sonfs in the bathroom

▪ Boi is conflicted
▪ He wants to watch it
▪ But Zen is the male lead
▪ But MC made this
▪ Would buy the most expensize ticket
▪ Thinks that Zen portrayed the character well
▪ He’ll never tell him though
▪ Would download E V E R Y T H I N G
▪ He’d support your musicals
When in a good mood, you’ll hear him humming a song from the musical

▪ He knows
Shh I know I know
▪ Well
▪ Cosplayed as the female lead
▪ Would probably sing the parts with so much harmony
▪ One man playing many parts? BRING IT ON
▪ Looks ridiculous but you love him

▪ You were in the middle of song writing
▪ You were in the mood to write the angsty song
▪ And
▪ You were crying??
▪ Uhh MC why are you crying???
▪ Shut it Saeran. Im in the middle of a song writing process
▪ Do you want ice cream or…???
▪ You’ll ruin my momentum. But thanks for asking. Give me hugs later
▪ Boi still dont know what to do
▪ You’re still crying your eyes out
▪ After finishing song writing, you both go eat ice cream and cuddle on the sofa

▪ Would listen to you talk about the plot
▪ Would help sometimes
▪ He likes the sound of your voice when you sing
▪ He cried one time when you sang with full emotions
▪ Thinks you are better than the actors/actresses

Oh, Baby - Part 2

Originally posted by tributeofasgard

Pairing: Dean x Reader

Word Count: 1,889

Summary: The reader gets distracted and crashes into Baby, making Dean an instant enemy. What happens when they get stuck working together?

Part 1

“Damn, Stephen Amell. You can save me any day.” You mumble to yourself. 

You’re mindlessly stuffing Cheetos into your mouth, completely distracted by a shirtless scene on Arrow.

You’re binge watching what’s on your DVR and enjoying a glass of wine…more like a bottle but whatever. Your first week at the bakery was pretty hectic. A lot to learn and a lot to accomplish, being wedding season and all.

And that damn Dean…what a pain in the ass. You could tell him the sky is blue and he’d fight with you saying it’s purple. Why are the good looking ones always crazy?

You hear a loud knock on your front door and you instantly groan. It better be someone good, you’re not happy getting up from your warm, comfortable couch. You assume it’s your annoying neighbor so you don’t bother with the peep hole, you just swing the door open.

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elreyciervo  asked:

Hello! Random, but i really like how in all ur pics of him, Clark/superman has yellow-red-blue eyes. It looks so cool! Do u do that for a specific reason or just because it looks cool? Thanks, have a good day!

mostly i just think it’s cool but theres minimal thought behind it!! i want him to look more alien, so that’s why he has yellow uhh, whites? i dont know the word but you know lol. the clear blue is cuz i always imagine him with freakishly sparkling beach-ocean coloured irises, and then the red ring is like, the energy gathering from his laser. then the white pupil is because i imagine his eyes work differently, like, he can take up more colours(and ofc the xray)


So here’s the story of the Arrow suit and how it changed to the Green Arrow suit. Snap style. Okay. We’re aiming the show from Arrow to Green Arrow and try to really show a difference in the personality. So they say to me, “How do we make it different?”. I saw the first sketch and I’m like “Uhh… I don’t know. It sorta looks the same. We need to think differently here. Why don’t we change the mask? Why don’t we change the color? Why don’t we add more black? Why don’t we, uhh, take the hood away? Change the bow? We could make it sleeveless? WAIT A SECOND! DID YOU SAY SLEEVELESS?” and that in good fun is how the Green Arrow suit came to be and how I came to be with very cold arms.

Tell Me Your Wish

Genie!DK | 13 Days of Sevenween

Word Count: 1,509

Genre: Fluff

“Excuse me.” You said as you weaved your way through the crowd of people gathered in front organic ice cream stand that had blown up overnight on social media, into the heart of the flea market no one knew about. The crisp fall air woke you up as you turned into a quieter corner of the market where your favorite stands were located.

“Y/N! You’re back!” the old lady from your favorite stall called as you approached her and the table covered in random trinkets in front of her. Everything on the table had been around for at least triple the time you’d been alive and there was the musty air of something you could never place a name on surrounding the stall.

You greeted the lady as you arrived in front of the stall and started scanning the table for new goods that the lady had brought into her stall in the past week since you’ve been there. You continued to talk with the lady as you looked through the content of her stall, but you eventually decided not to buy anything this week and to try again next week to find something you were confident you’d never regret buying.

“Ah, I thought you would like this and saved it for you because you’re my favorite regular.” The lady said as she pulled out a necklace from under the table. She handed you the necklace for you to examine and it wasn’t anything too special, just a gold ring on a very simple silver gold chain. You could see some sort of etching on the flat side of the ring, though you couldn’t make out what exactly it said.

Despite the simple nature of the necklace, the lady was right. You did like it and you liked it a lot. For some odd reason, the simple ring of metal on the chain was very alluring to you. Its dirty, golden sheen drawing you in with its air of mystery and possibility that you didn’t realize an old piece of metal could possess.

“How much?” You asked, as you reached for your wallet though you already knew you were going to buy it.

“Oh no darling, I’m giving it to you for free. Think of it like a loyalty reward for coming every week.” You tried to refuse, but the old lady kept denying the cash you tried in vain to place in her hand. “It has your name written all over it. I’m not taking any money for something that so obviously belongs to you. What else would I do with it?”

You sighed at her words, knowing that you could never win an argument with her and gave in, making a mental note to pay her extra the next time you bought something at the stand. She placed the necklace in your hand, and you thanked her profusely before heading off to the rest of the market and then back home.

Once you got home, you threw your jacket onto your bed and collapsed onto your mattress when the necklace fell out of your pocket.

You jumped off your bed and crawled over to the place where the necklace had dropped and sat  up victoriously with the thin chain in your hand. You gently blew the dust from under your bed off the ring before wiping it lightly with your shirt.

“There, all better.” You said as you stared at the ring in your hand. Suddenly, something you couldn’t believe happened. The ring started to glow. What the heck? I knew I should’ve slept last night.

You rubbed your eyes in confusion, but the glow only grew brighter. It was shining a bright yellow color and there was a sudden “POP!” and a cloud of some sort of bright yellow mist surrounded you.

You sneezed as the mist tickled your nose and when you looked up again, the mist had cleared but there was a new figure in the room.

“Whoo, when I went into that ring, I assumed you’d call me out faster.” You blinked in confusion at the male in front of you as he turned to look at you in equal confusion, though he did a better job of hiding it.

He was wearing something that made him look like a conductor of some sort of symphonic orchestra and had really nice hair. It was styled up really nicely and though you had no idea who the heck he was, you had to admit that he was good looking with a sharp nose and jawline.

“Earth to Jin? You ok?” He asked, which confused you even more.

“Jin?” You echoed.

“Why do you look so lost? And when did you move? This is a new apartment.”

“Uhh, I think you’ve got the wrong person.” You cautiously said. He squinted at you before the realization hit him and he started apologizing profusely and introduced himself to you.

Apparently, he was a genie who had once been a companion to this Jin person who looked a lot like you, just with slightly sharper eyes and a small mole on the underside of their chin. He introduced himself as DK and told you that he had been stuck inside of the ring for 150 years once you told him the year.

He told you about the genie life and living with magical powers, but his eyes lit up the most when he talked about Jin. You’d be lying to yourself if you said you missed the light in his eyes when he mentioned this Jin. Jin was obviously someone that had been very important to him.

“So what happened after that?” You asked as he told you about the last time he’d been out of the ring.

“I don’t know.” He said, the bright smile that had been on his face the entire time he’d been talking starting to dim for the first time. “One day Jin sent me back into the ring and I haven’t been out since then. I don’t know what happened to Jin. I’m assuming that they’re not alive anymore, but I guess I’m tired of this happening. One of the problems of being immortal I guess.”

You didn’t know what to say when the smile faded from his face. You hadn’t known him for more than few minutes now, but he’d been the epitome of sunshine and happiness up until now and you wanted to put the smile back on his face.

“We could try and find out what happened to Jin if you want. I can try to help. I work at the library and I could try to go through some databases.” You offered DK. His eyes lit up at your words.

“Really?” You nodded and he came and enveloped you in a hug. “Thank you so much.”

Your face flushed as you hadn’t been been in a man’s embrace for a while, despite DK not really being human. You didn’t know what exactly he’d been through, but you were glad that you could help.

For the next few weeks, you and DK spent a lot of time together. When you weren’t looking through the databases for information on Jin, you two were in your apartment just fooling around. When you weren’t doing that, you were exploring the market where you’d gotten the ring DK had been in for years.

You found yourself getting more and more attached to DK as the days passed. Spending so much time together with him, you couldn’t help but start to develop feelings for the supernatural being. However, you tried to suppress the feelings because you knew it’d never work. 

He was a genie you were a human. Even if something happened, you’d just die and he’d be left on his own. Besides, you were pretty certain that he had feelings for Jin that still lingered from the last century.

You hoped to have DK’s feelings reciprocate yours. Sometimes those sparkly eyes that met yours would hold a bit of longing, you didn’t know if it was for you or Jin. You didn’t want to know, it was a bit silly for you to have feelings for a magical creature. 

You and DK laid on the grass at your local park. 

“You know, you haven’t made a wish yet.” DK smiled as he looked over at you. He excitedly sat up, looking at you with eager eyes.

You smiled softly, you knew what you wanted to wish for but just shook your head with a sheepish smile gracing your face. DK grabbed your hands gently, he made a pouty face, begging you to make one.

“I don’t know… I really don’t.” Your cheeks grew red with the lie you’ve just told.

He squeezed your hands, rubbing circles into them with his thumb. “I know what I would wish for you if I was you.”

“What?” You looked at him with intense curiosity. 

DK took a deep breath, he was smiling from ear to ear. “I would wish to be human.” 

“To stay with you.” 

Written by Admin Sea

Let Me Love You - Part 2

Pairing: Jensen x Reader

Word Count: 1,165

Summary: The reader has not heard from Jensen in over two years, he randomly calls one day and it completely turns her world upside down.

Part 1 

“You better be a fucking hallucination.” You spit out while staring at the perfectly chiseled man. Jensen tries to keep a straight face but then starts laughing. 

“What’s so funny?” You ask glaring at him. 

“I figured you would’ve kicked me by now. So this going pretty well.” 


“Are you gonna invite me in or…” Jensen asks with a playful smile. 

You roll your eyes while you unlock the front door. “I wasn’t planning on it.” You mutter with more attitude than you intended. 

You turn to look at Jensen and he’s giving you the biggest bitch face ever. 

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anonymous asked:

EEE your blog is so cute!!! Can I have genji, hanzo, Mccree walking past their fem crush training and they just like heart eyes all over the place and get flustered when she comes and asks why they have just been staring and they didn't even realize they were pleaseeeeee??? Thankss!

Thanks!!! And YEA BOI


Good thing his mask was on.

You waved a hand in his face and his head turned to look closer at you. 
“Were you looking at me just now? Do you need something?”
He paused, unsure what to say. 
“Uhh… No, I was… Just thinking. While staring. At nothing.”
His  lie couldn’t have been more obvious but you rolled your eyes with a smile.


His gaze was zoned in on your, your posture and grace. 

Unfortunately, he failed to notice the distance closing between you two.
“Hanzo? You’ve been staring for a while. You okay?”
He jumped, then scratched his neck. 
“Yes, yes, just… Thinking. My apologies. I must go.”
With that, he fled the scene, leaving you behind to wonder what he was thinking about that left his gaze so intent on you.


It really wasn’t a surprise to anyone he was staring at people.

However, his gaze landed on you too many times for it to be anything but a puppy crush.
“McCree, you’ve been staring at me for a few weeks now. What is it? Is something wrong?”

He jerked back into reality, tipping his hat down. 
“Uh, no ma’am, just a lil’ tired. And, uh, ya look nice.”
He stood awkwardly, giving you a nod.
“Gonna go catch some sleep now, if ya don’t mind.”

Vandead Carnival Kou Chapter 3 Translation

Prologue   Chapter 1   Sub Scenario w/Ruki   Sub Scenario w/Reiji   Sub Scenario w/Yuma   Chapter 2   Sub Scenario w/Ayato   Sub Scenario w/Subaru   Sub Scenario w/Azusa   Chapter 3   Sub Scenario w/Kanato 

-Scene: Tarte Tatan-

*Kou and Yui Walking Around*

Kou: I’m sure it’s somewhere around… …here. Ah, there it is.

Yui: You’re right. There is a cafe.

Kou: Ah, those seats are empty. Here, come this way.

Yui: Okay!

What kind of drinks does a cafe in the demon world serve?

Kou: Freeze! Stop right there.

Yui: What?

Kou: Leave it to me. Can I do it?

Yui: You mean you pick the drinks?

Kou: Yeah, I’ll choose. Sound good?

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Jumin x Zen headcanons (Mystic Messenger)
  • suppose the MC is like a best friend to zen
  • he still acts the same- flirting and all
  • but no matter how much he flirts with her, he never really feels it
  • but she understands.
  • she knows when he needs someone
  • so when she suggests that Jumin doesn’t mean any harm, zen decides to give him another chance
  • jumin, on the other hand, reluctantly acknowledges the same thing- zen was only so angry because of his fortunate background and his…precious elizabeth the third
  • so when he approaches zen and offers him another commercial, zen is shocked
  • “why are you doing this?”
  • “don’t get the wrong idea. v asked me to do this.”
  • zen nods slowly. “it’s alright, i want to be the model for the cat commercial.”
  • hence jumin joking about finding another model.
  • “…are you sure?” he finally asks.
  • “yeah.”
  • “okay.”
  • the moments after that in their friendship come easier.
  • and it’s not long before zen recognizes an increase in his heartbeat around Jumin
  • don’t get him wrong- he still wanted to punch the idiot, but he somehow felt that jumin wasn’t that bad (or maybe he had never been)
  • maybe they had lacked communication
  • with that done, the party goes without a hitch
  • (and zen’s reputation is fixed).
  • from then on, there are less arguments in the chatroom
  • (zen and jumin have some pleasant conversations at night, after everyone else has gone).
  • seven shows up sometimes and jokes that they should just get together already
  • zen is very taken aback by it and spends nights thinking about what he said
  • the mc finally realizes his feelings but the one to bring it up first is zen (via text)
  • zen: i feel like you really understand me so…i wanted to talk to you.
  • mc: okay :)
  • zen: so…jumin…i-
  • zen: agh this is so embarrassing >.<
  • mc: you have feelings for him?
  • zen: NO!
  • zen: i mean…
  • zen: maybe
  • zen: he doesn’t seem so bad now.
  • mc: you talked to him?
  • zen: …yeah.
  • mc: i think you should tell him :)
  • zen: you’re not…weirded out?
  • mc: no, it’s definitely okay to be gay.
  • zen: well…i’m not gay.
  • mc: ?
  • zen: i mean-
  • zen: i like girls too
  • zen: i don’t know
  • zen: it’s just him.
  • mc: why don’t you tell him?
  • zen: i don’t think he feels…the same way.
  • mc: have some faith in yourself!
  • mc: what about your ‘great looks’?
  • zen: oh right right! ^~^~
  • zen: i forgot
  • zen: i really am good looking, aren’t i~
  • mc:
  • mc: just tell him.
  • zen: i’ll try
  • when zen calls him and asks jumin to meet up with him, jumin agrees (only because he never asks him to meet)
  • “what did you need?” somehow jumin asks this without sounding curious (but truthfully told, jumin is curious).
  • “um.” zen stops. “don’t look at me like that- gah!!” he tugs at his hair in annoyance.
  • “like what?”
  • “nothing- nothing, it’s nothing!”
  • “ok. what did you want to talk about?”
  • and the words come spilling out too quickly.
  • “i think…i like you.” zen then covers his ears (and mutters a lot of insults…why did he think this was a good idea at all?)
  • “what do you want to do then?”
  • “what?” he looks up at jumin, his arms dropping to his sides.
  • “i mean, what do you want me to do with that information?” jumin asks simply. “do you want to go out with me?”
  • “uhh…” zen looks at him wide-eyed, face beet red. “you don’t feel the same way, so it’s okay. you can just forget this ever happened. oh, and don’t tell the others!”
  • “but what if i feel the same way?” jumin smiles (a rare sight) and zen feels even more perplexed. “what do you want me to do then?”
  • “…go out with me.”
  • “fine, but you have to look at photos i have of elizabeth the third.” Jumin says w/ a pleased expression on his face
  • “why did I think this was a good idea?” zen groans.
  • but maybe that’d make him feel better about cats (he may never grow to love them because he’s allergic, but maybe he’d learn how to appreciate their pretty fur & intelligent eyes).
Intentions (Part 3)

Merry Christmas/ Happy Holidays guys!! I hope you have a good one. Sorry for updating really late,,somewhat late. School was in the way and I had tests expiring that week so yah,, sorry for the delay! I hope you enjoy.                      - much love, admin 143

  • Group: Got7
  • Members : Jackson & Jaebum (Mhmm, my bias & bias wrecker)
  • Pairing: it’s a secret!!
  • Genre: Angst, smut(///), fluff..
  • Requested: lol no  
  • Warnings: uhh cheating? Swearing?

Parts - Part 1, Part 2 

“ Hey Jackson… Do you think you could let me stay over for tonight? “

“ Why me? “ Jackson gave you an annoyed look. You’d probably give the same reaction if you were in his shoes. You knew that out of the whole group of Got7, he was the person you were never really close to and yet here you are, asking him if you could stay over for the night or even longer. You stood in front of him not knowing how to respond and he began to shut the door slowly. 

“ Wait- “ 

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Karno fanfic: Jealousy

This was requested by an anon. Thank you so much @elletxt for helping turn on my creative light bulb and help me with ideas for this last request. I hope you all enjoy it!

After spending all day in the heavens, Karno returns to the mansion and is invited to the common area with an intriguing smell. Karno finds you cooking in the kitchen and no one else is in sight. He watches you far enough so you don’t notice he’s there. He admires how concentrated you look when you’re cooking. He’s had your good before and will eat anything you put in front of him. He knows that the gods have their own favorite foods but you only cook for him, or so he thought.
“Karno! How long have you been there?” You ask in surprise.
“Not too long.” Karno chuckles at your cute reaction.
“At least give me a warning. You scared me.”
“I never intended to do that. I don’t ever want to put my goddess in an uncomfortable position.” Karno wraps his arms around your waist from behind and kisses your earlobe.
“I wasn’t scared in that way, I was just surprised. I didn’t expect you to come so early. Everyone is working hard in the heavens lately. It’s actually been a bit lonely.”
“Well, I’m here now, _____.” Karno smiles sweetly.
“Yes, but I need to finish making these.”
“What are you making today?”
Karno loosens his grip around your waist after hearing your casual response.
“Meatballs? Aren’t those Leon’s favorite?”
“Yeah.” You continue making he meatballs without looking at him.
“Are you cooking for Leon?” Karno finally asks after struggling to find the courage to utter those words, afraid of what your response was going to be.

Karno steps back and tries to regain his composure. He almost never gets possessive or jealous but he could feel it brewing inside of him.
He has so many questions running through his head but the only thing that came out of his mouth was, “Why are you cooking for him?”
“He won a bet.”
Karno can’t believe what he is hearing and keeps his thoughts to himself. He’s trying to sound unbothered when he speaks but he will give himself away soon.
“Why were you guys betting?”
“It was just something silly that happened one day when Leon returned from his duties.”
“So it was just you and Leon?”
“No, Teorus and Ichthys were there too.”
Oh great, the prince and the troublemaker were there too.

“What did you guys bet on.”
You turn around to face Karno and you laugh when recalling what happened that day before telling Karno the story.
“We betted that Leon would slack on his work all week. If he was productive, then I would make him meatballs and if he didn’t…” You pause to laugh again and compose yourself before finishing, “…well Teo and Ichthys would decide on that.”

“Wait, that’s why Leon has been doing so well this week?”
“Haha probably.” You turn back around to finish the meatballs.
“So you’re rewarding him for his productivity.”
“Yes, with his favorite food. It’s good motivation.”
“Why don’t you ever reward me for being productive, ____?”
“What do you mean? You’re always productive, Karno. I couldn’t reward you everyday.”
“Yes you could.” Luckily you aren’t able to see the smirk that is painted across the god’s face.
“Well if I rewarded you for being productive everyday, you should reward me too.”
“You don’t think I do? I always treat you sweetly when we’re on our own.”
“That’s just you being yourself. A sweetheart.” You quickly turn your head to give him a smile and turn your head back to the meatballs.
“I’ll be sitting on the sofa.” Karno says and you just nod your head and quietly say ‘ok’.

Karno’s jealousy slowly cools down but it’s not long until the minister of the Department of Wishes appears in the mansion.
“Mmm…something smells good.”
“Perfect timing! They’re still very fresh.” You take the platter of meatballs to Leon and hold it in front of him.
He takes a meatball with a fork and bites into it. He facially expression changes into a pleasant one as he indulges the flavor.
“These are really good…”
“Thank you!”
“…for a goldfish.”
“Come on, Leon. Admit it, they’re good.”
“I have more pride than to admit that a goldfish is able to produce such incredible meatballs.”
“Haha I’m not so sure. You could just snap your fingers and make some meatballs but you agreed to me making them for a reason and you worked hard this week for a reason, and that reason was my meatballs.”
“You have no shame for what you say, especially in front of a god.”
You are left in defeat from Leon’s egotism and roll your eyes.
“How do you tolerate this goldfish Karno? Ka–oh…I thought he was sitting here.” Leon looks around the room confused.
“Yeah he was here just a moment ago.”
Leon reveals his devilish smile and looks at you. You can’t help but step away from him as he stares at you.
“I think your God is jealous. Better go check on him little goldfish.”
“Don’t be ridiculous, Leon. Karno doesn’t get jealous.”
“Oh ho I’m not so sure.” Leon smirks and walks away leaving you alone in the large room. You head over to Karno’s room assuming that that’s where he is.


“Karno? It’s me, ____.”
Karno opens the door and pulls you into the dimly lit bedroom. He presses you against a wall and traps you with both hands on each die if your head.
“I’m yours, correct?”
“Wha–of course. But why–”
“And you’re mine, right?” Karno cuts you off.
“…I’m yours.”
Karno smiles with the look of satisfaction, “Good girl.”
“What are you doing Ka–”
“You said that I work hard, right?” Karno cuts you off again.
“Yes you’re a very hard worker. I’m so proud of you.”
“Do you think MY hard work should be rewarded?”
“Uhh well yes. What would you like me to–”
“I’ve already decided on my reward.” Karno answers without giving you time to process what’s going to happen next.
“And what’s that?”
“You.” Karno says quietly before his soft lips land on yours.
The first kiss was sweet but his kiss gradually becomes more intense and more passionate. You grab onto Karno’s blazer to pull him in closer to feel more of his heat. The quiet room is filled with heavy breaths and sloppy kisses due to the dimness of the bedroom.
“Now, now my goddess. I’m glad you’re eager but this time I’m going to take over. You’ll have to control yourself.”
Karno lifts you up and places you on the large bed. He removes his clothing so his upper body is exposed.
Karno leans in and whispers in your ear, “It’s still evening so I’m going to take my time.”
Your body shivers at the sound of his deductive voice and his hot breath against your ear.
Karno strips you of your shirt and kisses your neck. He goes down and nibbles all the way down to your collarbone. He takes his time by pecking your stiff nipples and having his lips travel as they please around your chest and abdomen.
“Ahh Karno.”
Karno doesn’t usually tease but when he does, he DOES. The only way you can think of quickening his tedious process is to provoke him.
“Mmm Karno. Are you…jealous?”
Karno freezes for a moment and then raises his head so your eyes meet.
“I don’t get jealous.”
“Leon really enjoyed his meatballs. It’s too bad that you missed his reaction.”
Karno continues to stare forward, deep into your sparkling eyes.
“Leon said that–”
“Don’t say another man’s name unless it’s mine in this bedroom.” Karno growls. “Tonight you won’t be saying my name, you’ll be screaming it.” Karno smirks.
Yes, this is what you wanted.
Karno snaps his fingers and the both of you are naked. Karno’s fingers feel hotter than fire as they trace ever curve on your body. You can already tell that your entrance is wet just for him. You feel Karno’s arousal on your inner thigh as he hovers above your smaller form.
Karno positions himself to go in and teases your entrance.
“Damn, my goddess really wants me.”
“Karno I want you, I need you. Please reward me.”
“This isn’t a reward, this is your punishment.”
You don’t even ask for what because Karno pushes his full length inside of you.
“Ahhh Karno!”
Karno is usually very gentle and steady but tonight he’s rough and stern with every movement.
“Mmm you’re even wetter inside.”
Karno moves in and out in a moderate pace with some rougher thrusts in between.
“Mmm ahh K-Karno ahhh.”
“____ you feel so good.”
The room is significantly hotter and the noises that can be heard are your moans, his grunts, and the action happening below.
“Mmm Karno faster, please go faster.”
“I’m in control remember, my goddess.”
Karno begins to make painfully slow thrusts. You move your body at the same pace as his hoping that he’ll pick up the pace soon.
“I can tell you’re frustrated.” Karno smirks.
“I just want you to fuck me. You’re the only one that gets this kind of reward. It’s for you and only you.” You kiss his lips sweetly.
“You are terrible, seducing a god like that. No wonder you can’t be among us gods in the heavens anymore.”
Karno lifts your legs and encourages you to wrap your legs around his waist and you do so. Karno pulls out for a moment and begins to ram into you relentlessly.
“Ahhh Karno!!”
“That’s mmm it. Scream my name _____. I want to hear you scream.”

Karno continues to abuse your tightening entrance with his hard, thick length. You are unable to suppress the screams and moans that Karno produces with his powerful movements.
“Karno I’m going to cum.”
“Let go, ____. I want to be inside when you let go.”
“Ahh Karno!!” You finally reach your high which triggers Karno’s as well.

Karno flops right next to you as he’s trying to catch his breath from the intense activity.
“I’m so sorry if I was too rough. Are you all right?” Karno asks with genuine concern. He’s back to his normal self.
“I’m fine, though I might be a little sore.”
“I’ll be gentle. Think of it as an apology for letting my jealousy get the better of me.”
You can’t help but giggle at Karno’s chivalry.
“Karno I said it already, but you’re the only one that is able to get this reward. Just remember that. I might cook for the others or make them gifts but you have my love.”
“I love you, _____. My beautiful goddess.” Karno kisses your forehead.
“We might have to wait for round two for a bit longer braise the really wore me out.” Karno blushes.
“It’s fine we can just lay here.” You grab onto Karno’s hand.
“That sounds nice but my fingers and lips are still efficient.”
“Karno!” You lightly slap his broad chest.
“You don’t want me to do that tonight?”
“Well, I mean it’s not that I don’t want you to but I–uh–umm.”
“Luckily I’m in control.” Karno smirks.
His reward continues through the night and doesn’t stop until early in the morning when you wake up in each other’s warm embrace.

AfterMax part 4

My apologies to the mods for how long this fic is going to be. Sticking with short chapters and an update every two days, this one will last until mid-January - and there are already others in the works. (I can’t help it I just really like Max ok.)
(part 3)


“This is an unbelievably bad idea.”

Max had returned to the demon wiki, had scrolled through various websearch results, had read page after page of information about Alcor. He wanted to be sure that, despite the inevitably varied accounts, he had a clear picture of what he was dealing with.

He wasn’t prepared for the sheer variety of different accounts. While most sources agreed the demon was dangerous, there didn’t seem to be any real consensus on exactly how dangerous. On the other hand there were some sources that claimed not only was he not dangerous at all under the right circumstances, but he was actually completely ridiculous.

Max had a hard time believing the more far-fetched stories - until he remembered why he was reading about Alcor in the first place.

Now here he was, sitting in front of a circle carefully drawn on the living room floor, wincing as he squeezed blood from the small cut on his hand. He hoped that wouldn’t stain the floor - he couldn’t afford to not get the damage deposit back. When he completed the incantation the candles around the circle flicked out, and a dark shape formed in the center.

W̎͑ͤ͋ͦ̈͆͏̬̯H͈́̌̉̉Ő̢̠̣̩̞̠̓͌ͭͨ̈́ͧ͡ ̯̱̰̓̓ͥ̔̑̈́͘D̠͇͋̾ͦ̽͛̓̉ͅA̢͙͎͙̫̮͈̘͙͌̽ͣ̋R̨̭͓̬̺̭̤͊͑͛ͧͫ͗ͩ̂͊̕͠E̩̹̼͚̘̻̍̔̈́ͤͪͬͧ̀͜S͎͇̮̳̹ͣ ̡̡̲̜̬͂̾̑̔ͤ̂͊Š̸͉͔̞͎̖͇̪ͫ͛̀̈̽̎́̚͢U̢̢̻͓̞͓͕̎̄͐M̲͆͐͐̾̊͜M̺̙̙̏ͬͪͯ̔̾ͨͮ̃̀O̦͎̯̙̞͐̀N̶͇͍̜̝̱̲̱̔ͪ͗̓͟ ̷̛̣̣̺͖͙̖̦͗̐̓̇̕A̴͑ͣ́͌ͫͭ͏̮̻̜̝̲̝̙L̶̙̗̲̩̟̟̎̓͂ͩ͊̆̾͞ͅC̖̜̗̯͔̤̦̝ͮ́O̯͎͐̋͒ͮ̊̆̋͘͟Ŗ̼͗͐̃̄̾ oh. Oh crap. Uhhh.”

The demon’s shadowy murk vanished instantly when he saw who had summoned him. He coughed awkwardly, avoiding eye contact with Max. It was at this point that Max decided to ignore everything he’d read about Alcor being dangerous.

“Do you have any idea what kind of trouble I’m in because of you?” he shouted. He began pacing as he counted off points on his fingers. “Everyone thinks I’m falling in with demons, I might lose my job, my apartment, I might have to quit school…All your fault! What the hell, dude!”

Alcor shuffled uncomfortably where he hovered. “Well I uhh…I did apologize…sort of.”

“THAT! That did NOT HELP AT ALL! It did the exact opposite of help! I’m in this mess because of it! I know you’re a demon and all, but dude, why can’t you just apologize like a normal person!”

Alcor sighed. “Fine. I, Alcor the Dreambender, formally and like-a-normal-person, apologize for something I did on purpose in response to something that was entirely beyond my control. There, happy now?”

"Wait, what?”

“What? Do you really need me to repeat all that?”

“What was beyond your control?”

“Oh! Oh, that.” Alcor made a face. “The incident in…well, here. I was, uhh, intoxicated?”

“You were stoned.”

“Fi̠͕̪̜͈n̩̯̻̲̲e̥̦̥ͅ, yes, I was stoned. But don’t go thinking I got that way on purpose.” He muttered something that Max couldn’t hear, but might have included the words ‘stupid cultists’. “I usually do a pretty good job of avoiding the stuff, but nobody’s perfect.”

Max crossed his arms. “Yeah okay, so you accidentally got stoned. That doesn’t explain why you poofed into my apartment and started acting like the second cat I never wanted.”

Alcor groaned and facepalmed. “Okay, look kid, there’s an extremely simple explanation for that. Unfortunately, it involves the kind of information I can’t share without making a deal.”


“That’s how it works.” Alcor shrugged. “It shouldn’t cost you more than a treasured book or a family photo album. Although that’s just the easy version.” He grinned wickedly, and Max noticed his sharp teeth for the first time. “The thorough version costs a lot more.”

Max shook his head. “The only thing I want right now is for you to fix this situation you got me into. I want to keep my job, I want to keep my apartment - which I need a new roommate for, by the way, thanks for scaring off my old one - and I want to finish school here without any more trouble.”

A strange look crept over the demon’s face as he thought about the request. Max suddenly felt like he was going to regret whatever happened next.

“Alright kid, I can do all that for you, but here’s what I want in return: you let me pick your new roommate.”

“…Really? That’s it?” Max stiffened. “Wait, you’re not gonna hook me up with a total creep or some kind of cultist, are you?”

“Relax. You already know the person I have in mind. Now,” Alcor held out his hand, wreathed in blue flames. “D̸̨͞o̢ w̵̛e͘͝ ̛͝h͘a̡vȩ͠ ̨a̢ ̧de̷͢a̡͡l̕?”

Max started to reach out, paused a moment and took a deep breath, then clasped the demon’s hand.

“Deal,” he said.

Peter just can't take his eyes off of me even though I'm not trying to get his attention or I'm busy doing something and he just finds me really breathtaking and then Felix notices Peter staring at me and he starts making Pan realize his feelings for me because Pan keeps on denying it

Pan’s p.o.v.
“You can stop watching her, you know that right?” “What?” “The girl” “what about her, Felix?” “She’s been here 4 days, it took her 3 days to come out of her shell and talk to the other boys and she still is a little shy. Gawking at her won’t help Pan…” “what do you mean?” “Isn’t it obvious? You haven’t been able to take your eyes of her since she got her. I’m talking about you liking the new girl” Felix says smirking at me, “I do not. She’s the only girl on the island, I’m just making sure she’s alright” “I don’t buy it… come on, Pan. You like her” I shake my head, “like you said, she’s been her 4 days, she’s probably a little freaked out by everything” he chuckles and glances over at her. “Here’s a thought. Maybe she wouldn’t be so freaked out by everything if you stopped staring at her” he walks away and I sigh. I mean, yeah, Y/N is beautiful, she’s absolutely breathtakingly gorgeous, but I don’t like her… or maybe I do? I don’t know.

“Go and talk to her” “What do you want now?” “Stop watching her and go talk to her” “I can’t do that” “and why not, Pan?” I sigh, leaning against a tree. “Because you’re right. Felix, you caught me. Okay? I like Y/N” he smirks at me, cocking an eyebrow at me. “told you so. Look, here’s your chance to talk to her. She’s not with the other boys anymore, she’s just sitting there on her own. What could go wrong?” he shoves me in her direction slightly, urging me to go on. I slowly walk over to Y/N, but not too slow so that I look creepy. I sit next to her and breath heavily. “Uhh, hey?” Of course… good start… not. She looks at my slowly, her glance soft, before whispering a soft “hi” I smile at her, hoping to make her feel a little more comfortable with me. She smiles back quickly before looking away. ‘Don’t freak her out. Start of slow. Can she hear my heartbeat? What is happening…?’ “Don’t hurt me” I look at her confused as she glances at me, “please?” A begging look in her eye. I pull her into a hug, rocking back and forth slightly. “I would never hurt you” my gaze catches Felix’s. He smiles, crossing his arms over his chest, mouthing ‘told you’. I look down at Y/N, quietly whispering, “I like you too much to ever hurt you”

A/N: Okay, so I had this planned in my head last night but I’m a dork and didn’t write it down after telling myself I would remember it… but yeah. Hope you like it

Stand By Me

A/N- As I’ve never used cocaine before (surprisingly),so I had to research the effects it has on the body. Some parts may be incorrect but it’s what google told me haha! It’s a bit shorter than the first one, and nothing much really happens so sorry if it’s crap.

Massive thank you to the lovely learningacceptanceme for being my beta, she’s amazing!

Part 2 -

When Rae saw Finn approaching the dance floor, she noticed his demeanour was different to when she had last seen him. He was on edge, looking around and constantly wiping his nose. As she called Finn over to her, she noticed that the effects of her pill were slowly, but surely, wearing off.

“You okay, Finn?” Rae asked, a concerned look washing over her face.

“Uhh yeah girl… Why? What you mean? Do I not look okay?” He spoke so fast, Rae could hardly understand him.

“Chill out, you just look a bit… umm weird. You’re acting like something’s wrong!” The way Finn had snapped at Rae had shocked her, she couldn’t help but respond to him in the manner.

“What? No, I’m fine.” Rae raised an eyebrow at him, not believing what he was saying, “Rae! Seriously, I’m good. More than, in fact. So stop going on and back off a bit yeah!” He only noticed when he finished speaking that he was shouting at her. He consciously wiped at his nose again with the back of his hand, and began fidgeting around.

“Fucking hell, Finn! I only asked if you were okay! Honestly don’t know why I bother with you sometimes! Such a prick!” And with that, she stormed off.

Finn ran his hands though his hair, feeling frustrated at how the conversation had gone. Okay, so he might have been a bit snappy with her but he just wanted to enjoy himself without being bombarded with questions. He was unsure of whether to go after her or leave her alone to enjoy her night like he wanted to do his. His train of thoughts were disturbed by Archie placing a hand on his shoulder.

“Just seen Rae, she’s proper pissed off with you!” Archie commented as Finn turned to him.

Finn rolled his eyes, before replying. “Ha yeah, that sounds about right! She kept going on and on, asking if I was okay! Swear she was me mam, not me girlfriend!” Archie shook his head at Finn’s comment and stepped closer to him.

Holding Finn’s face, he checked his dilated pupils. “Jesus, mate! I thought you weren’t gonna take much. You’re absolutely fucked! I told you to just stick with what we had! Why does no one listen to Uncle Archie eh?!” he sounded pissed off, this night definitely wasn’t going as planned.

“Seriously Arch, you need to stop calling yourself that!” Finn snickered at the nickname that Archie had given himself, “And I’m fine, completely and utterly fine! More than that, I’m on cloud fucking nine, mate!” Finn answered, becoming completely delirious.

It was Archie’s turn to give Finn an eye roll, clearly unimpressed with his best mate. “Yeah right, whatever you say! But I’m putting my foot down now Finn, you don’t touch anything else! You hear me? NOTHING!”

Finn was trying to listen to Archie, honestly he was. But he was in a world of his own, like he said, he was on cloud nine. He noticed everything around him became so much more intensified. The energy that flowed through him was immense, like he could burst out of himself at any given moment. He felt on top of the world, as if he could conquer anything. He just stayed there for a while, dancing and taking in the way the cocaine made him feel. He didn’t even notice Archie walk away, tutting and shaking his head at him.

It had been about forty minutes since Finn had last seen Rae and he felt all over the place. One minute he had been loving life, relishing the way his mind and body felt. But then he’d started the journey of coming down; he felt worn out and run down. The temptation to take more was strong, stronger than he thought it would be. The urge he felt was like nothing he’d experienced before and knowing that he only had to reach into his back pocket, spurred it on even more.

Finn spent a few minutes deliberating with himself on what to do and decided to go and find Rae instead. When he spotted her, she was laughing and dancing with the lads. A wave of anger spread its way through Finn as he saw her turn and whisper something in Archie’s ear. He knew that Archie was gay, hell the majority of Lincolnshire did, thanks to Stacey bloody Stringfellow and her gang. And he knew that Rae would never ever do that to him, but he was in no state of mind to be rational about it. He felt exactly the same as he had done last summer when he saw them kissing. He felt betrayed, even though they were doing absolutely nothing wrong. He was being paranoid, he knew that, but he couldn’t shake that feeling off.

Finn watched them together a bit longer before he finally gave in to temptation and made his way back to the toilets. He headed towards the same cubicle as before; it was a sense of de-javu for Finn as he got out the pouch of white powder and his still rolled note from an hour before. He followed the same routine, only this time he decided to do two large lines instead of just the one. The feeling inside his nose that was fairly new to Finn; was now a feeling he was beginning to love. And he loved the way that in 15 minutes time he’ll be out of it, leaving everyone behind whilst he was up in the sky. He quickly left the toilets, heading outside for a smoke.

Whilst he was passing the dance floor, heading for the outdoors, he quickly glanced back to Rae. He slowed his pace down as he caught her eyes. She gave him a certain smile, the smile that he knew meant that she was sorry, sorry for storming off and ignoring him all night. Finn instantly felt like a massive dickhead, not only for snapping at her before, but for going back into those toilets and doing what he did. He pointed towards the exit, and she nodded her head in understanding.

He made his way through the doors and around the corner of the building. He was about to pull out his tobacco tin when he saw a glimpse of raven hair blowing in the wind. He smiled fondly at her as she walked over to him. An awkward silence fell over the pair, something that neither of them were used to. It was a few minutes before either of them spoke. Rae went first. “Sorry about before Finn, y'know, I didn’t meant to upset you.”

Finn shook his head at her, feeling incredibly guilty. Not just for taking the drugs, but for losing his patience with her. He knew it was the drugs talking and not him.

“No you don’t have to apologise Rae,” she opened her mouth to speak but Finn grabbed her hand and carried on, “I’m sorry too though, I don’t know why I reacted like that.”

Rae smiled at him, and gave his hand a squeeze. “It’s fine, we’re fine now, yeah? Let’s just forget about it and enjoy the rest of the night. I’ve missed you, been stuck with Archibald all bloody night. Even when he’s off it, he still manages to ramble on about shit!” Rae giggled as she finished her sentence and Finn let out a throaty laugh. He loved it when it was like this, the way it felt so right.

But then as she continued talking about how her night had been, he could feel the drugs kicking in. He could feel his heart beat getting faster and faster. He knew that Rae would find out what he’d done so he come up with a plan in his head that would get him away, not just from her but from everyone. Just so he could enjoy this feeling without everyone judging him.

He tuned back into Rae, she was saying something about Chloe snogging some guys face off. “It was gross, he looked old enough to be her father! People his age shouldn’t even be here! Izzy was saying that Chop said he works with…”

“- Listen I’m just gonna have a smoke and I’ll be right in. Go and find the gang and buy everyone some drinks yeah?” Finn interrupted her mid sentence, determined to get away from everyone before they realised what he’d done. Rae stared at him before shrugging her shoulders. “Hmm yeah okay, your round though Finley!” she winked at him, and then left his hand go as she turned around to go back inside.

He couldn’t get away fast enough, deciding to walk and smoke at the same time. He found himself getting lost in a world of his own. He let his feet take him wherever they wanted to. He didn’t know where he was heading but he knew he had to get away from them. He didn’t want them to see what a state he was in. He could see in the distance a few cars and he squinted a bit to see if he recognised any of them. As he approached them, he saw one car that he thought was Choppers only when he tried to open the door, he realised he didn’t have the keys.

Soon enough, the tired, run-down feeling returned to his body and he felt like it was taking over him. He was absolutely boiling, the sweat was literally pouring from him and he could feel himself becoming drowsy. He suddenly collapsed to the floor, the cold grass against his heated body was a relief to Finn. And as soon as he had started to cool down, he had dosed off and was drifting into a deep sleep.


Finn woke up the morning after with a strange feeling inside him. It took a few seconds for him to readjust to the early morning sun, beaming into the car. He blinked a few times, and rubbed at his eyes. He looked to his side and saw Izzy and Chop, who were so close together you couldn’t make out where one ended and the other started. As he started to move his body, he winced. The pain in his head was unbearable, like he’d taken a few blows to it. In the passenger and driver seats were Archie and Rae.

Suddenly bits from the night before came flooding into his brain. He remembered seeing them two together dancing and laughing, he remembered feeling an insane jealously, he remembered ending up back in that cubicle and he remembered having a talk with Rae just after that. But from then on, it was blank. Completely blacked out.

He was brought back from his thoughts at the sound of Izzy and Chop stirring awake beside him. He waited for a few seconds before he faced them. Izzy gave him a massive smile, all teeth and gums and he instantly grinned back at her. He loved that about Izzy, loved that she could make him smile even though he felt like he was dying a slow, painful death on the inside. He then looked at Chop, who was placing a kiss on top of Izzy’s red mane. When Chop finally looked at him, he wasn’t greeted with the gap-toothed grin that he’s used to. Instead he was met with a frown, and a look that Finn could only describe as one of huge disappointment, a look that he had never received from his Da before, let alone Chop.