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Jensen’s Salon

It didn’t take Jensen long to realize certain things about Misha Collins—the guy is very smart, a little quirky, and absolutely, one hundred percent incapable of styling his own hair. It was bad enough that the show’s stylists always made the guy look so like he just danced on a train’s third rail, but Jensen soon discovered that Misha wasn’t any better with it, and it’s little things like that that tend to drive Jensen crazy.

He loves his friends and he wants them to be happy, and he knows that people feel happier when they look sharp. So Jensen will often lend a helping hand. It’s why he’s given Richard certain scarves—so that all his outfits can pop; and it’s why Jared started wearing beanies all the time—because Jensen knew how well they framed his face. And it’s not like Jensen thinks any of his buddies look bad without these little adjustments, but why not help them spice things up a bit? Why not make sure that they’re always putting their best foot forward? Appearances certainly aren’t everything but they do count for something, and that’s why Jensen wants to ensure that all his buddies look their best.

So after the third week in a row where Misha showed up to set looking like a cow had just treated his head as an ice cream cone, Jensen became determined to do something about it.

“We’re friends, right?” he asks suddenly, catching Misha by surprise.

Misha cracks a wary smile but then nods. “I would like to think we are.”

“Okay good” Jensen sighs, finally grabbing Misha by the arm and yanking him in the direction of his trailer, “because we need to do something about all—” he makes a floppy gesture towards the top of the other man’s head, “this.”

Misha’s hand shoots up to touch is own hair, and then he squints at Jensen. “What?”

Your hair, dude. This …” he gestures again, “this is not a look.”

Misha eventually drops his hand and shrugs. “I don’t really have a look. It’s not worth my time.”

“Looking your best isn’t worth your time?” Jensen counters, stopping in his tracks while sounding slightly offended by that idea.

Misha shrugs once more. “Who am I trying to impress?”

“You’re a public figure! You’re trying to impress practically everyone!”

After the third shrug, Jensen gives up on the speeches and continues to drag Misha up the steps to his trailer. “Well, if you don’t care then you won’t care if I try to make that mess on your head look a little better.”

“Go for it” Misha laughs, still sounding completely unimpressed by any of this.

Once inside, Jensen sits Misha down onto one of the stools by the kitchen peninsula and tells him to wait there, and then he goes to the back to grab all of his combs and hair products from his bathroom. By the time he returns, Misha’s eyes are wide as he looks at all the things filling Jensen’s arms.

“I don’t think I have enough hair for all of that” the man mutters, obviously second guessing his agreement to let Jensen style him. “Come to think of it—how do you have enough hair for all of that?”

Jensen rolls his eyes as he sets everything down on the counter. “I’m not going to use all of it, but I don’t know what I’ll need until I get in there.”

“It’s hair, not brain surgery, Jensen.”

Hey—hair can be complicated. Just ask your poor scalp. You must torture that thing!”

Misha frowns and then scratches at his head with concern. “Does it really look that bad?”

Jensen frowns some too. “Nah, man – look, you just need to know how to handle it. It’s not horrible … just … messy.”

“Isn’t messy all the rage these days?”

“Not a good rage” Jensen grunts, lining up the mousses and gels in order of hold. Once everything is ready, he smiles and claps his hands together. “Alright—here we go!”

“You’re way too excited about this” Misha mutters, spinning back around on the stool as Jensen comes around the counter to stand in front of him.

“I’ve been wanting to do this for weeks” Jensen admits, already reaching out for Misha’s head to get started.


It’s only then that Jensen realizes what he’d said, and it makes him blush a little. “Heh—uh, yeah, well … I just had some ideas of how I could help, ya know? Make all this look better.”

Misha stares up at him curiously but Jensen continues to avoid direct eye contact, choosing instead to focus on running his hands through the man’s hair, seeing which way it naturally wants to go.

“Well …” he says after a minute, “at least it doesn’t feel too coarse. Do you condition it?”

Misha makes an unsure sound before shrugging again. “I just use whatever my wife uses.”

Jensen nods, thinking about how much that makes sense. A guy who doesn’t really care about his appearance, probably wouldn’t go spending money on extra products just for him. “Alright, well—whatever she gets is pretty good.” Jensen pushes his hands across Misha’s scalp one more time, just feeling and playing with the strands. “Okay—so it seems like your hair naturally wants to pull to the left, so that’s what we’ll go with.”

“Usually things on me want to pull to the right” Misha laughs while looking up to catch Jensen’s eye. He then gives him a slow wink, quickly flicking his gaze downwards to try and emphasize his point.

Jensen groans. “Stop movin’ your head and be quiet, will ya? I’m trying to work my magic.”

Misha corrects his posture and sits up straight. “Take it away, Magic Man. I’m in your hands.”

Jensen groans again, but he soon focuses all his attention on the top of his friend’s head, trying to figure out which mousse to start with. After a second more, he reaches for the one with medium hold and extra volume, thinking that some lift might just create the image that Jensen has in his mind. And as soon as he has a generous amount of foam in his hand, he begins to work it through the dark locks of Misha’s hair—massaging here and twisting there, trying to make the tendrils clump together just right.

“How’s it goin’ up there, boss?” Misha asks, peeking at Jensen from the tops of his eyes.

Jensen steps back a bit before answering, pivoting in the middle to try and see his masterpiece from every angle. “I’m … not sure yet.”

“That’s a good sign” Misha hums dryly.

Jensen glares at him and then scoots up close once more. “Shut up—I just started.”

“Well, please, take your time. After all, I’m just here to help you get through beauty school. Are we practicing highlights next? Doing my nails?” Misha brings up his hands to his face and begins picking at his fingers. “I know my cuticles have been a hot mess lately.”

Jesus” Jensen moans, wondering why he expected Misha to be at all cooperative throughout this experience.

“We should get Jared in here too—you can braid his hair, or put it in a bun … no! Shave half of it.”

That makes Jensen finally crack a smile. “Dude, he won’t let me anywhere near his hair! He’s so protective.”

Misha grimaces as Jensen tugs some of the strands just a bit too hard. “Yeah—I’m starting to see why.”

“Oh shut it, ya wimp!”

After that, Misha smiles but he stays quiet, letting Jensen play hairdresser without any protest. So Jensen pulls the locks every which way, twisting and combing, running his fingers through it all and then starting over when it all refuses to work. And before he knows it, nearly twenty minutes have passed and Misha is starting to slump in his seat. “Are we—ya know, close to being done yet? It has been a long day.”

Jensen sighs before pulling over the other stool and sitting himself down as well, immediately going back to his work once he’s settled. “I just can’t … it’s not doing …” he bites his lip a moment. “It’s just not doing what I want it to.”

Misha laughs. “Now do you see why I never bother?”

Jensen grumbles but he doesn’t want to give up yet. With a determined breath, he runs his index finger across Misha’s hairline, tracing the edges of each strand—as if mapping it all out will help somehow. But just as he slips down over the man’s ear, Misha drops his chin a little, so Jensen moves his other hand over to lift it up again. He then sits back, finally taking in all of Misha’s face at eye level, thinking that it may help him figure out where he’s going wrong. While gazing at his hair, Jensen’s eyes drop down some—and he notes the man’s high cheek bones and strong jaw as well—and the way his large eyes tilt down slightly at the ends. He stares at the rough stubble covering Misha’s chin and upper lip, framing his mouth in a way that makes his lips seem impossibly pink. Jensen then looks at the man’s nose, realizing how it’s not the usual type of nose that would work on someone—but on Misha, it looks good. It fits his face—and his face overall, is a nice one to look at.

“Everything where it should be?” Misha asks, and Jensen suddenly realizes that he’s long since stopped playing with the man’s hair, and is now just staring at all his features while his fingers play lightly at the base of his neck.

“Oh—uh …”

Misha chuckles a little before quirking an eyebrow. “Do I look super sexy now?”

Jensen blushes again, finally glancing back at the man’s hair, which he has somehow—made worse. “Well, actually …”

He doesn’t let him finish, and with a wide grin, Misha stands up, eventually lifting his hands back to his hair and running them through with a few quick swipes. Then, with the tips of his fingers, he combs the strands over to the left, doing soft little twists once he gets to the ends. After his hair is parted just so, he flattens his palms and smooths down the sides behind his ears, giving his head a quick shake when it’s all said and done; and that makes everything bounce and lift—like the mousse was supposed to.

Jensen gawks up at him in shock, because after only a minute and a few blind, flicks of his wrist, Misha’s hair looks perfect, a beautiful example of “intentionally messy” and exactly what Jensen had been going for. “But … how?” he whispers, standing slowly to reach for Misha’s head.

But the man only smacks his hand away, wearing a smirk that would put the devil to shame. “I said it wasn’t worth the effort—I never said I didn’t know how to do it.” And with that, Misha grins, stepping around Jensen and smacking him on the ass before heading out the door. “Thanks for the head massage though!” he calls out, just as the door slams shut behind him; and Jensen would flip him off, but he’s still just too damned stunned to even try.


ok but… this is one of the flyers that were handed out at the event, it’s an ad for the haikyuu mobile game, donpisha match. it took me way too long to realize these are supposed to be the characters’ phones and social media accounts. pay close attention to the likes. holy frick.

hinata: i put together my own team in donpisha match! playing with this team makes matches and training refreshing! #mydonpisha

kageyama: don’t just put me in there! i would definitely hate being on such a noisy team!

hinata: kageyama~ don’t be shy~

kageyama: huh???

hinata: uhh… but yeah karasuno really is the number one team for me!

noya: yeah! all right shoyo i’ll buy you a garigari-kun!


tendo: this thing in donpisha match called “league match”~ i’m an s rank in the leauge match~! if you rank in the league match, you receive lots of items!

ushijima: i will accept challenges from anyone in the league match.

goshiki: ushijima-san what rank are you!!

ushijima: …….c rank.

tendo: wakatoshi-kun is so bad at games!

goshiki: i’m so sorry!!!!


oikawa: i added my memories and made my very own cork board ♪ iwachan look! look at my cork board ♪ i used the cork board function in #donpishamatch

oikawa: be sure to click like ♪

oikawa: iwachan? what do you think?

oikawa: he’s so moved he doesn’t have words ♪

oikawa: helloooo… iwachaaaan??

oikawa: iwachaaaaaaaaaaaan!!??


bokuto: hey hey heeey! i’m playing donpisha match! they talk if you tap them! and they move~

akaashi: you’re the only plain one, bokuto-san.

bokuto: …..shock

kenma: so that’s the clothes changing option… looks like they’re adding more and more…

kuroo: kenma gets talkative when it’s about games. don’t mind, bokuto (grin)

ok so me & ange were talking abt awakening sharingan w postive experiences & it made me wanna share a chart i made of the times sasuke awakened each of the tomoe in his sharingan

which is like yeah an embarrassing emo thing to do but listen there’s a weird gap where one of sasuke’s tomoe apparently develops offscreen - he suddenly has it before the chunin exams & no one knows how/why besides fans going “uhh training?”

so there’s no canon event that triggered the 2nd tomoe in his left eye…… i really like thinking abt it being a positive one

Like a cupid (Demetri Volturi x Reader)

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You peered out of the small window below the clock tower of Volterra, eyeing the people below. You saw a couple arguing. You frowned, late twenties and they’re on their honeymoon. You poised your bow, aiming for the couple’s backs. This man was laid back, if this woman would drop the subject then it would blow over. You released the arrow and watched as it hit the womans back before turning into gold dust.
“Who-who are you?” 
You turned to see a male vampire eyeing your small wings. “Uhhhh…I’m (Y/N)…hi.”
“Uhhhm what are you-?”
“I’ll tell you what im doing here if you tell me who you are.”
“I’m Demetri…i live here.”
“Pleasure to meet you. This is my best shot, you know how it is,not being seen by humans blah blah blah.”
“Why do you have-?”
“I am fixing relationships Demetri, righting the wrongs that humans make.”
“Fixing their…like Cupid?” He said his eyes widened.
You made a face. “Uhh…yeah, like a cupid. Just not naked, or really sappy like that TV Show…and i’m real, cupids aren’t and neither is the toothfairy or the Easter bunny. Not to mention the job of a cupid is a very sugarcoated version of our job.”
“They got the small wings right…can you actually fly with those?”
“No, think of it like an evolution thing. Our wings are shrinking because we don’t really need them. We don’t really fly. I can hover?”
“So you’re going to fire that into someone?”
“…pretty much.” You shrugged. “I’ve spent a lot of time and effort on these two and i’ll be damned if they screw it all up on their honeymoon.”
“So that’s all you do.”
“Meh, sometimes i split people up.”
“What? That’s horrible!”
“Demetri, i just said that cupids sugarcoat our job. Humans think we make people fall in love and are all cuddly. No, we play God and decide what happens with each relationship. We bring people together, we tear them apart. It all really depends.” You said firing another arrow. “We break as much as we fix.”
Demetri moved to sit up across from you. “We smelled something odd up here. I think you’re pretty safe.”
“Oh, i’m harmless love.” You smiled, releasing yet another arrow. You sat up straighter in thought. “Funnily enough, your coven is my next set…and they’re below us.” You slid over and Demetri leaned over to see Afton and Chelsea below. “Afton and Chelsea.”
“Yup. Afton is getting a little bored of Chelsea’s crap and Chelsea…is Chelsea.” You aimed and fired. The two suddenly looked lovey dovey, like new lovers.
“Chelsea’s gift is very similar to your job.” Demetri noted.
“Chelsea’s gift is very condensed in comparison to our job.” You retorted with a slight attitude. “Okay so i gotta dash, still got a couple of hundred thousand people to deal with. I’ll see you around vampire.” You smiled before dropping down and apparently no one saw you as you lightly hit the ground, small wings extended.

Audrey Jensen - Stumbled Upon

Some sin of our girl Audrey because Jesus knows we need that - my first time writing smut so here goes

“Audrey?” You called out, turning the handle to your friend’s front door and peeking around. You figured she was probably in her room listening to music or something, so you started up the stairs. When you reached the last step, the door to the bathroom began to open.

“Y/N!” She exclaimed, clearly startled. Your breath caught in your throat as you saw what she was wearing. She had just gotten out of the shower and was currently towel drying her soft, raven hair. The loose grey tank top showed off her arms perfectly, in addition to offering a view of her black Calvin Klein sports bra that drove you insane everytime it made an appearance. The image of her strong thighs in only blue and white boy shorts made your mind go places you weren’t entirely proud of.

“Fuck,” you practically spat, desperately hoping that your cheeks weren’t as red as they felt. “Err-uh, I’m sorry. I knocked on your door, and then uh came in and called your name, but you didn’t reply so I figured you were in your room and then I got up here and now I know that you were in the shower which is why you didn’t hear me and now you’re standing here in front of me like this and I’m sorry to have caught you like this, but I’m also really not because you’re really fucking hot so.. Oh god I should stop talking,” you said, speaking faster then you ever have before.

No longer startled, Audrey folded the towel under her arm and reached out to steady you. She looked directly into your eyes and spoke surely, “Y/N, it’s okay. Everything’s cool, don’t worry.” She then proceeded to walk past you and into her bedroom, smirking to herself and maybe even blushing at your comment, but only once she was facing away from you.

You hopped from foot to foot, unsure of what to do next.

“Are you just going to stand there in the hallway?” She hollered from within her room, “it’s not like I’m putting on less clothes.” You could practically hear the smile in her voice.

When you went inside her room, she was laying on her back on her bed. Oh, if she only knew the things she made you feel (actually, you realized, she might actually know exactly what she’s doing to you. You know, after your little accidental confession moments earlier).

“So,” she began, leaning up into a sitting position, “you think I’m hot?” She inquired, not hiding the smugness in her voice or face.

You gulped. “Uhh, yeah.., I do.” You said quietly.

She got up off the bed and closed a lot of the space between you, “well I think you’re beautiful.” She spoke equally as quietly, her voice now devoid of smugness.

“You do?” Your voice barely a whisper.

Her hands now rested lightly on your hips, “how could I not?” And before you knew it, her lips were on yours. The kiss was soft, chaste at first even, but that didn’t last long. Her lips were chapped, yet soft, creating a wonderful sensation against your own. After a few moments, she bit your lower lip, asking permission for access to your mouth, which you granted without second thought. She slowly began to walk you backwards towards the nearby wall, before abruptly pressing you into it, making you gasp. She toyed with the hem of the bottom of your shirt, as you moved your lips to kiss along her strong jaw. You pressed a searing kiss to her pulse point and heard her breath hitch.

She pulled away for a moment, “is this okay, Y/N? Are you okay with this?” She asked, purposefully trying to slow her breathing, “Because I swear, if you kiss my neck like that, I’m not going to stop until I’ve made you feel so fucking good.” You watched as her eyes went dark.

“Yes, Audrey. I want this. I want you.” That was all it took. She was instantly on you, pressing your bodies flush against each other as she collected your wrists in one hand and pinned them above your hand. You whimpered under her grasp; fuck, she was strong. Grabbing the bottom of your shirt, she let up the pressure against you for a split second as she began to lift your shirt up over your head. This meant she had to let go of your wrists for a moment, in which you seized the opportunity to tangle your hands in her soft, damp, short hair you loved so much.

“So fucking beautiful.” She muttered against your lips, making you blush. Her hands made their way down to your ass, supporting you so you could jump up to wrap your legs around her hips. Easily, she carried you like this back over to her bed, as your lips pressed kisses into every inch of her neck. She laid you down gently onto her bed and stood at the foot of it looking at you with not only hunger in her eyes, but also a soft care and adoration.

“You tell me if at any point you don’t like something, or if something hurts, or just absolutely anything, okay? We won’t do anything you don’t want to. I want this to be the best for you. It’s not everyday you learn that you and your best friend have feelings for each other.”

Wow, she was a lot better at composing herself to create coherent sentences then you were, you thought to yourself. Your brain was still trying to process how she reciprocated your feelings. So you just nodded frantically. “Okay,” you agreed as you pulled the front of her tank top so your lips connected and she moved to straddle your hips.

“I want this off now.” You found your voice as you tugged at her top. In one incredibly attractive movement, she whipped off the grey tank with one hand and discarded it to the other side of the room. She was breathtaking and so unbelievably toned.

One of her hands pulled at your hair as the other reached around your back and undid your bra. She immediately attached her mouth to your left breast, working the other with her free hand. “Fuck,” you breathed and felt her smirk around your nipple. She flicked her tongue over your bud before switching to the other breast. Her hips grinded into your own, and you felt yourself grow wetter at an alarming rate, but you couldn’t find it within yourself to care.

She began to kiss lower, leaving sloppy kisses down your torso before reaching your growing heat. An involuntary moan escaped you at the sight of your incredibly gorgeous best friend between your legs, and you thought you were going to blackout before anything more happened.

“Please,” you whimpered as she ran her tongue over the incredibly thin and soaking wet material of your panties.

“Please what?” She said, looking up at you through heavy eye lashes, because of course she did.

“Please fuck me,” you pleaded.

“As you wish,” she quipped and took the hem of your underwear in her teeth to pull them down, all while maintaining eye contact. Once discarding of your underwear, she pressed a gentle kiss to each of your thighs before taking your throbbing clit in her mouth. She sucked at your clit in the best way possible, and you let her know as your head fell backwards with a groan and your back arched. She slipped a finger inside you without warning, pumping in and out in a agonizing rhythm. Her unoccupied arm pinned down your hips as they begun to buck up into her. Suddenly, she added another finger and picked up the pace.

“Au-Audrey!” You practically screamed. She hummed against you in reply, sending the most wonderful vibrations throughout your body.

Now, as her fingers and her mouth worked you in a wonderful collaboration, you grasped at the bed sheets with white knuckles. “Audrey, I’m close,” you sputtered between ragged breaths.

“I know, baby girl.” She twisted her fingers, hitting your g-spot, and it only took three pumps like this before she knew you were going to lose it. “Come for me.”

Pleasure shot through your body and your mind blacked out. Strings of expletives and her name were the only thing that filled the room in that moment, and the two of you were the only thing that mattered. She slowed the pace, but kept her fingers inside you, helping you through your white hot orgasm.

She brought her fingers to her mouth and sucked off your juices in a manner that was too hot to be legal. After crawling back up you, she pressed a light, tender and extremely caring kiss to your lips, letting you taste yourself on her mouth.

“Audrey,” you said quietly and a little shakily, “that was amazing.”

“You’re amazing Y/N. I can’t wait to explore every inch of you, if you’ll let me.” She said, nuzzling into your neck.

“I’d love nothing more.” You smiled.

“I can’t believe I’m in love with my best friend.” She nuzzled even deeper into your neck, not turning to look at you.

“Your best friend is in love with you too, you dork. Now it’s my turn to make you feel that good.” You kissed the top of her head with a smile before rolling so you were on top of her.

Payed to Date (3)

(Based on 10 Things I Hate About You film)

Pairing: Bucky x Reader (eventually), College AU

Summary: As soon as Steve starts going to his new school, he’s infatuated with Natasha Romanoff, the prettiest and one of the most loved girls. However she isn’t allowed to date until her ‘shrew’ older sister does and Steve is determined to find someone for her. Eventually, he does, but will his plan work? Or will it go down the plughole?

Warnings: cuss words

Word Count: 1.476

Author’s Note: Eventually you’ll have the Bucky x Reader, don’t worry! Here’s a little late part. Enjoy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 

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Masterlist  //  Masterpage  //  Part 2

Steve’s POV

Steve sat in the corner of the library, revising all the words he needed to know to teach to Nat. Somehow he had found the courage to go up to her and offer to be her French tutor and somehow she had eagerly accepted. So, he had been working his butt off, trying to learn a language he didn’t know anything about, just for the sake of his infatuation.

He was rocking back and forth on his seat anxiously when Natasha sat down next to him, “Hey.”

He looked up to see her gazing him in a cute red dress and her hair in a messy bun. He smiled, “Hey.”

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Kitt: *yaaaawwwwwwnnn* christ… it’s morning already???? uhggggg…. Oswald’s already up. He’s probably downstairs..

Kitt: Uhggg, it’s so freaking early. Jesus isn’t even up and– uhh what is this??
Oswald: Hm? Oh, good morning, or should I say good almost afternoon.
Kitt: Boy!! Don’t you sass me. You know I actually HAVE to sleep unlike somebody in this house!!
Oswald: I’m a vampire, you know we have trouble sleeping.
Kitt: Yea yea yea, so you didn’t answer my question, wtf is this??

Oswald: “This” is our new dining set.
Kitt: Yeah but like, where did it come from?
Oswald: I made it. I have plenty of time to work on things while you sleep.
Kitt: :o WHAT??? Why do I make a living from kill– er um… “helping” people when you have this hidden talent? WE COULD BE ROLLING IN DOUGH.
Oswald: Ahem, what’s this we business? I did all the work. Besides, no. That would require me to actually sell things to people in daylight. Y’know… daylight. That thing that slowly kills me.
Kitt: Ah, right… well damn. Regardless, nice work hun! I’m starving @.@


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Back at the studio again, I have done nothing but features. I haven’t attempted to touch my album yet “I think I am going to call it a night homie, did you upload the song on Soundcloud though? So I can post it on my page?” It’s like six in the morning, I need to go home and sleep some. I did call Rylee when it just turned her twelve on her birthday so I don’t want to call her again, not at this time of night. She will scold me for being awake, Barbados is like three hours ahead of me but I can’t do it “it’s uploaded, you just need to post it on your page” my sound engineer said “cool, cool. Thank you, same time tomorrow. I am finna go now” I have nobody in the studio with me, I don’t bother because after all that shit, I am still annoyed with it. I also want my mind not clouded, grabbing my backpack “you want me to send the tracks?” he asked, placing my backpack over my shoulder “yeah send them, I will wait on the pay check now, send the beat to Tyga for me too” opening the door to the studio to leave, I am tired as hell.

I find it funny that niggas want to get jealous, just because I am keeping clean, they don’t like it. It’s weird, I see it for how it is, it’s like they want me to be bad. Pressing the elevator button, I haven’t checked on my phone in a while. Getting my phone out from my pocket, I am mad jealous of Rylee. She seems to be having the best time, her spirits are high after all that with her mom. I am glad she is having fun in a bikini, showing her body off, I mean I love it. That is a lie because I am seething, I hate it. She keeps baiting me with these pictures on Instagram, it is my fault. I did complain and now she won’t stop, she has text me twice. Unlocking my phone and tapping on her messages, stepping onto the elevator “wow” I said to myself, she done it again to me. Talking about do my legs look good in this, she knows my weakness. Looking ahead of me taking in a deep breath, the elevator doors slowly closed “hold up!” placing my hand between the doors so they didn’t close, I know this face “Bailey?” I said shocked “Oh, Chris” she stepped onto the elevator “what are you doing here?” the hell is she doing in this place “I was with Lo, he is in a different room” that nigga is really pissing me off “right, but he knew I was in there” I am feeling I want to go in there but I won’t “he did, you said you wanted to be alone” I remained silent, I just want to go now.

Stepping off the elevator “Chris” Bailey said behind me “what’s up?” turning around, I don’t wish to speak to a snake. I haven’t had the chance to speak to Rylee about it either, why ruin her time away “have you spoken to Rylee at all?” what a weird question “yeah, we talk every night or day. Whenever” I shrugged “oh, she hasn’t spoken to me since she left” why is she telling me this “she has a lot going on right now, maybe” I am glad Rylee doesn’t speak to her, she is a snake “are you both together then? You seem to be into her a lot?” licking my lips “you might want to speak to your friend about this, but if you was my friend I would tell you nothing” her face dropped “you have no right to say that, she is my friend. You have just come out of nowhere, you just want her for her face. Lo said you will get over it soon” I snorted laughing “right, Lo is slightly obsessed with Rylee. I am beginning to notice this a lot, how about you and him stay out of mine and Rylee’ relationship. I am about sick of people saying shit like that, you don’t know me. Leave me alone” why do people like to talk shit, leave us the hell alone.

Banging my car door shut, she done pissed me off. I feel like I am always the topic of conversation, I just want to be happy and clean. Placing my backpack down on the empty seat, watching Bailey walk off. I guess she ain’t got a ride, but if she wasn’t such a bitch I would have given her a ride home “fuck em” I said to myself staring down at my phone, tapping on Twitter after copying the link from my Soundcloud. I am missing Rylee like crazy, I can’t see my daughter because it’s not my time and my mom is in VA. Pasting the link on a tweet and writing a little something out ‘Today is a special day for you Sweetheart’ sending out the link.

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Feeling the weight of someone’s arm on my forehead, lazily reaching up and pushing the arm away “stupid” I grumbled turning onto my side. And again, my phone is ringing “my god” reaching over and grabbing my phone “what?” I don’t like being woken up “Happy Birthday bitch!! Wake that ass up, I miss you so much beautiful” Bailey screamed down the phone, a smile formed on my face “awwww Bailey, I will forgive you for waking me. Thank you” let me stop being lazy, it is my birthday. Turning onto my back, seeing Kyrie asleep next to me. I do love staying at family houses, we have to share beds and I have this boy with me “how can you be sleeping in Barbados, girl I seen your tan. You are looking bomb, who been taking those pictures? Cause you can’t be taking those ass pictures” letting out a giggle “my cousin, she is like my personal photographer. My grandma caught us taking pictures and told me to hide my skin, someone might kidnap you. I am like really? But anyways, it is so nice out here, I love it. So much happiness, just to be with my family” feeling a foot kick me, looking to the side of me “kick me again, I will break your feet” Kyrie smiled at me “who you cussing out? Do not tell me you are bullying poor Kyrie again?” she knows me well “he brings it on himself, he kicked me but anyways. Sorry for not keeping in contact with you, just so much is happening” I am happy she called though, Kyrie jumped out of bed and ran off.

Some privacy, at last “how is work? Is Daniel still upset with me?” he is forever upset “it is the usual at that place but they have moved us all, they put you somewhere else too. They wouldn’t tell me, Daniel is fine. He said he will call you later, he is a little butt hurt after seeing the pictures of you leaving the club with Chris Brown. He likes you so much” he is so annoying “I’ll be sure to ignore that call” I rather he just text me “so I saw Chris today, in the studio” she said, pulling a face “how?” I asked all confused “I was in the studio with Lo, he invited me” letting out an oh “oh that is nice” I know Chris was in there “Rylee, Chris was so rude to me, he really talked down to me. I mean I know the guy has no respect for women but I am your friend, I only asked how he was” my mouth fell open, that doesn’t sound like Chris at all “really? Was he drunk or high? That is not him” I don’t accept that “it was just him being him, I asked if you was both together and he snapped at me saying Lo has a thing for you, it was weird. He also had a female in the studio, he made us all leave and it was just them” I don’t need to hear this, I don’t want to know this “what did she look like?” I wonder if it someone that I know “erm she was pretty” is the only thing she said “like model? Was it Rosa Acosta?” he seems to fuck with her a lot “uhh yeah it is, he is a dickhead Rylee. Such an ass to me” I spoke to Chris, he told he was in the studio on his own. I believe him because it was so quiet, why would he do that.

I am not even going to deal with that, I am just in shock. I am reluctant that I am here and he is there but I do trust him, I really don’t know and will need to speak to him but what the fuck, why on my birthday. I am so sad now, I am so not in the mood for anything at all “she is coming!” Kyrie shouted, why is he being so loud “morning baby” my mom said, I couldn’t help but smile “hey mom” I am a mess, I only put on a loose sweatshirt “Happy Birthday my baby” getting down the last step, hugging my mom “thank you, I am just going to get some water” moving back from the hug “no Rylee, the family are waiting” my mom pulled me into the living area, oh god. The family are awake “Happy Birthday” they all said at the same time, I don’t know why I am getting so shy “thank you” hate it being all eyes on me.

Sitting next to my dad “you’re getting old now Rylee, you need to get married” here goes my grandma “mom, please leave her alone. Leave this conversation for another day, but look what I got my baby” my dad pulled a large bag out “this is from your mom and I” I am so excited for gifts “oh you didn’t have too” I grinned dragging the bag closer to me “I hope you like it” looking into the bag “oh my god! You both got me Louboutin’s, oh my god. Thank you so much!” hugging onto my dad “anything for you princess” moving back from my dad “thank you so much mom, this is all I wanted” clapping my hands, I got a pair now. Pulling the box out from the bag “I don’t know why these girls want all this” my grandma waved her hand around “just because you can’t walk in them anymore woman” my grandad said, these two are about to cuss each other out again “these are beautiful! Yes!!” holding up the heel “now you need a man” my grandma added, I sighed out “don’t sigh at me, you need to wear that bikini and those heels and get you a man. Unless you a lesbian” my dad is getting so annoyed with his mom.

Even though I am not speaking to my brother’s they did buy me a designer handbag, I had to say thank you to them. I am just going to let it go, for my mom’s sake that is “well I am glad you like your gifts, we will be having a little party for you. More family to come, you are happy aren’t you?” my mom asked “of course mom, you bought me to Barbados, I have got some new heels. I am seeing family, I love it. I have had a party in LA, stop thinking I need more. This is perfect” holding my mom’ hand “your dad said we have to get those heels, he was determined and why don’t you tell Grandma you have a man? I can’t believe you are dating that Run it Run it boy” I busted out laughing, my mom calling Chris the Run it Run it boy.

Touching my Black Pyramid chain lightly, this really makes no sense to me. Chris wouldn’t be rude to her, he would if she did something to him. I know him, I have spent so much of my time talking to him, or maybe he is not taking his medication but he has been really good with all that. I just don’t get it, why would he do that and why is he with Rosa, this makes no sense to me. I mean it will continue to make no sense to me if I keep on ignoring his calls, he knows I am awake. I logged on to WhatsApp and then posted the picture of my heels, why would Bailey lie to me too. What if this was all true and now my parents know about Chris “god” rubbing my face with my free hand “Rylee!” my mom bursts through the door “yes!?” moving my hand away from my face “come down, cousins are here. They all want to see you” smiling at my mom “that smile can’t hide the sadness, what is wrong? And who got you that?” she pointed at the chain in the box, looking down at it “Chris got it me for my birthday, it’s his clothing line” my mom held the box “oh dear god, this is so nice of him. He is spending money on you already? This must have cost a lot” nodding my head “it did, mom. I will be down soon” closing the box, I need to speak to him.

Three missed calls, a text. Didn’t really help that I posted that picture, he knows I am ignoring him. Sliding across to call him back, I will be devastated with him if it’s true and he is still fucking with her “it’s your birthday! And you called me back!” he seems really happy “yeah, I saw the missed calls. I was just a little busy” I lied, I was just busy thinking if he was being a dick or not “you busy? You can call me later, I have just woke up. Still in bed and shit” I hate these conversations, why can’t he just be good “late night at the studio then?” I said, that was my que to say something slick there “yeah, I had so much to do, I ended up leaving at like six in the morning. I do feel tired still” tired from fucking Rosa’ fat ass “hmmm, you should sleep then” I decided, I can’t be bothered to be speaking on this right now “Rylee, is everything ok? You seem a little off with me?” rolling my eyes “was you in the studio with Rosa last night?” the phone line went silent “what!? No? I was in the studio alone, you know this” he could be playing me off “do I really though?” which is true, I am already insecure because he is Chris Brown, he is a fucking player.

I can hear my family outside, I need to go and spend some time with them “who told you that shit Rylee? I tell you everything” biting on my nail “Bailey called me in the morning and told me you was rude to her, you snapped at her. Said that there is something between Lo and I, and then you had Rosa in the studio, you kicked everyone out to have her in there, what is happening? What are you not telling me?” I am upset from this “wow! Just fucking wow. I didn’t tell you any of this shit because I wanted you to have a good time, I swear Rylee that shit is a fucking lie. That bitch is a fucking liar, she is trying to break us up. Fucking wow. That is all lies. I didn’t tell you anything because of everything you are going through, you didn’t need to hear my shit. I have been having a pretty shit time here but I kept that to myself. Bailey and Lo got it fucking coming” rubbing my forehead with my free hand “then you tell me what happened?” let me hear his side.

I feel I am between these two now “what is the point? You ain’t finna believe me, I am the guy that had sex with Rosa in the beginning like an idiot I am. I am the same guy that nobody likes and is a player as you say, what is the point?” pulling a face “if you think this relationship ain’t worth fighting for then it says a lot Chris” what is even wrong with him, I speak to him everyday “I ain’t say that! I am just saying why explain, you will believe the lies. You will still blame me anyways” he is so annoying “I am not even blaming you in the first place, trust me if I did I would have called you as soon as I got the call. I want to talk to you like an adult, I don’t believe anything. So tell me now” if he doesn’t then I am just going to put the phone down on him until he can act right “fine, so I have had a pretty shit time here. Just seems like everyone wants me to be that bad Chris, everyone seems to want to bad mouth me to make me angry. I was in the studio with the boys the day you got to New Jersey, Rosa came in and said I see you got some new chick. I didn’t want to know, I ignored her and she didn’t like it and then said maybe I should speak to my friends because they been talking shit, so I did. I spoke to them, Bailey been talking shit to Lo. She said that you told her that we didn’t have sex so I goes look, this shit ain’t got nothing to do with any of you if we did or not. So from that moment I knew that Bailey is a snake telling shit about us, so I saw her in the elevator mind you. I didn’t even know they was there, she came at me. Asking me if I am with you, I said ask Rylee. She got funny with me when I told her we talk every day and then said you never call her. She said Lo thinks we won’t make it, I swear down Rylee, that is it. On my daughter’s life, I love her so much. I never had anyone in that studio, I was busy making a song for you”

I didn’t even realise any of this was happening to him, he seemed so fine with things “why didn’t you tell me this before? I told Bailey that we didn’t have sex, just because we didn’t then. I didn’t think she would have repeated it” shaking my head lightly “I believe you Chris, I do. Just you know, she is supposed to be my friend. You was suffering, why didn’t you tell me this?” I am sad he didn’t share his problems with me “because I want to be here for you, I don’t know why Bailey told you that. I am so shocked because I don’t know her, you do. I promise you Rylee, I was busy writing. My problems are minor, we just have haters” fucking Bailey, I am not going to deal her until I get home “this shit happened on your birthday, I am sorry” Chris apologised “no, you didn’t do anything. Don’t say sorry, something that I am going to have to deal with” fucking bitch Bailey.

Sitting outside in my bikini, I did wear the chain Chris got me. I am with my man, I believed him as soon as he said about the not having sex thing. I took a picture of the chain and me, she can digest this shit the vindictive bitch, I would be happy for her, why can’t she be happy for me. Looking at my grandma, she is staring at my grandad “what is you secret?” I asked her “to what?” she has the same eye colour, I get this from her “keeping the marriage alive” she side eyed my grandad “I always keep him on his toes, your grandad was a handsome guy. Not so much now but he was, he had girls flocking. But I have the bomb pussy, he came back for more” I gasped “grandma!” my hand over my chest “don’t give me that, I never loved him. He made me fall in love with his charm, he treated me well” smiling at her “you have been out in the sun for far too long” my grandad interrupted us, you know what. Let me facetime Chris, I miss his face.

Hopefully he picks up that is, it says connected but no picture “ayyeee!” Chris spat “don’t you dare say anything stupid” let me warn him first “oh yeah, I got you. I am dying to put your picture up on my IG, you look so good in the chain. I am happy you facetimed me beautiful” he always makes me blush, it’s the way he stares at me “I miss you and also, I don’t want you to think I am upset with what happened. I do not blame you at all either, things like this will make us stronger. And also don’t ever think I won’t believe you. I just like us to talk about things” he looks so cute, he can’t stop smiling either “I get it, I just don’t get why people don’t want us together. I think we good you know; we don’t need people. I am still going to beat Lo, he needs it” side eyeing Chris “please don’t, you are better than that” placing the phone further down, so the camera is between my boobs “I thought we keeping this PG? You can’t do that” I shrugged smiling “who you speaking too?” my grandma spat “my boyfriend” I said “my mom calls you the run it, run it boy by the way” oh god, she is walking over to me “let me see this boy, come on. Don’t you lie to me” she said, I can’t stop laughing “oh is this the boy? Rose, it’s the boy. You told me you had no boyfriend” Chris is getting so shy, this is hilarious. He moved his face away “where is he?” my mom ran over “Hey, run it, run it boy. Come back” Chris bought his face back on to camera “hi Rylee’ mom and grandma” he waved, how adorable is he “he is handsome, Rylee he is a beautiful man” my grandma is so close to the camera, she needs to move back.

My mom and grandma are obsessed, I have to walk away with my phone because they was taking over “my mom took over back there, you see her. She even got her glasses on” Chris is still laughing “they cool, you should have left me with them” he thinks I would do that “Rylee, I can’t find my shoes” Kyrie said to me “uuuhhh, have you tried looking outside? I am sure I saw them outside, I am not doing it for you so go and do it and find them” he is asking me because he thinks I will go and find them for him “you mad mean to him” hearing Chris say “mean? I am not, he wants me to be his slave” walking up the steps “I want that too” Chris wishes I was his slave “right, if I am your slave then I will be walking around in my new heels in just my bra and panties on, you can’t touch me at all” closing the bedroom door behind me “No, if you are my slave. What I say goes, I just want you to sit on my face constantly” flicking the camera around while pointing my phone at the long mirror “why you doing this to me!?” Chris spat, he really can’t control himself.

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I already miss Rylee, we just spoke on the phone and I want to call her back. Placing my phone at the side of me, Rylee’ family seem really cool. Her brothers are dicks but other than that, they seem really nice. I just know that Rylee is the apple of everyone’s eye, she is the loved one, but it shows. I can’t wait for Rylee to be back in LA, I don’t mean to be clingy but she seems to be the only person to understand me. I am angry that Bailey lied on me like that, she could have cost me Rylee. It may be a bad thing to expose my relationship with Rylee to the world but then again, I am proud of her and I want to show her off. Blowing out air, Rylee’ grandma is crazy. She was checking me out, I think I have the family approval.

Staring at my Instagram, contemplating on whether I am making the worst decision or the best decision in posting a picture. I want to celebrate her too, I can’t hide Rylee forever though. You know what, fuck the world because that is my girl. Tapping the camera, scrolling down on my camera roll. I have the perfect picture for this, I kept that picture I took of Rylee when we went to Six Flag’s. Her side profile and smile, she is so damn beautiful. Tapping the picture, she will probably say that she hates the picture but it’s actually really nice. Pressing next to put a caption under the picture ‘Because you’re my greatest gift, I seal it with a kiss! Happy Birthday beautiful’ I don’t want to write too much, that is just perfect.

Now I can’t help myself, I am posting a second picture. The selfie she took of us at Six Flag’s, I would post so many pictures but I need to stop ‘She called me a corny nigga after this picture was taken! Can’t wait for you to come back’ I just remember every moment with her, it is funny that I do but I treasure every moment with her. Locking my phone, I guess that is it now. I just want to be happy and that is with Rylee of course, I just noticed that I have not left this house all day. I need to actually go to the studio, I might ask if Mijo will come with me. If I ever see Bailey, I won’t even look her way. Just because she will twist my words, I am just going to walk by her.

Just as I was about to call Mijo, Rylee’ name popped up. Picking the phone up “hey” she has called very quick after the picture posting, I hope she ain’t going to say why did you do that “oh my god Chris, thank you so much. My emotions are everywhere, I just listened to the song and then the pictures. What did I do to deserve you, thank you so much baby” she called me baby “it’s cool, the least I can do for you. I just want to make sure you have a good day, we are official to the world now” rubbing the top of my head “I don’t even care anymore, you made that song with me in mind? I don’t deserve that! I can’t wait to see you. Thank you, honestly. I don’t care about anybody else, it’s about me and you” I am grateful she is happy after all that bullshit.

Today could have really gone to shits, I am just happy Rylee is not like the other girls with the dramatics after she heard the lies “I’ll be back soon, how are you feeling now? You should have really told me if you was feeling that way Chris. I am always here for you, I know I told you about my mom but you should have said something” why is she so sweet, I don’t deserve “because that is mad selfish, making it about myself. I just want to do everything I can to make you happy, believe me Rylee it hurt me to hear you cry. My issue is just minor, I just get to see the real niggas for who they are” I can hear the music in the background, she should be celebrating her birthday “I am embarrassed that I did cry, I appreciate you for listening to me. I need to be happy for my mom, she is having the time of her life with everything. Oh yeah, you know my mom doesn’t know that I told you about this, she actually wants to meet you before she has her treatment. Now I told her that it’s a little too soon but she don’t want to look ill in front of you. It’s up to you but my family are inviting you to their home before that” I am shocked, they want to meet me “really? They want to meet me? I am shocked, I don’t mind. I am free whenever” meeting the parents, this will be different “we will figure something out, god. I can’t wait to see you Chris” I think I should let her go, I am taking her time “same, struggling without my girls. I better let you go though, it’s your party. You have fun, I am going to the studio and if I see them I will be good, for you that is” I still want to punch Lo in the face “ok, call me whenever you want though, I do miss you like crazy but goodnight noodle arms, if I don’t get to say it later” letting out a little laugh “you are just jealous that I have long arms, fool. Goodnight beautiful” the phone line went silent, it is like we didn’t want to disconnect the phone call. Let me do it, I am ruining her day already. Sighing out as I disconnected the call.

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yeah! connor's nails are always painted black, and i think theyre a little chipped? also for the character thing: jeremy, michael, and the squip

ALWAYS?? oh lord that made my day!! also ty!

• first impression - i have a feeling you’re gonna be an asshole
• impression now - [10 hr video of me saying “same”]
• favorite moment - I HAVE SO MANY uhh “cAusE SHe wAs CHeatInG O n MEEee”
• idea for a story - rich and jer being buds bc?? nice!! or him and brooke being buds!
• unpopular opinion - his dickish mistakes make sense bc he’s a teenage boy in hs (which sucks ass) and you shouldn’t demonize him for that ??
• favorite relationship - boyf riends ig
• favorite headcanon - the furry one i suppose

• first impression - name stealer ??
• impression now - Nice™
• favorite moment - his little entrance solo in more than survive
• idea for a story - maybe like an extended version of him at the hospital visiting jer and rich
• unpopular opinion - i don’t think i have any
• favorite relationship - MICHAEL AND HAPPINESS or boyf riends lol
• favorite headcanon - UH trans michael idk tbh

(the squip)
• first impression - lol
• impression now - [hissing noises]
• idea for a story - i have zero my condolences
• unpopular opinion - a w f u l (is that unpopular? not sure)
• favorite relationship - the squip and mountain dew red
• favorite headcanon - nonexistent




Pairing: StilesXReader

Y/N/N- your nickname (Idk if that is what people use but i just put that there incase anyone get confused)

A/N: So I have been kind of thinking bout this for a while and this is my first fic so please try to be nice. I love dirty talking Stiles just as much as the next reader and I understand that the real way Stiles loses his v card was in Eichen house, but I kind if wanted to do a more funny, realistic version of Stiles and the reader’s first time so like Stiles obviously isn’y gonna talk dirty the first time he has sex. I am going to start taking requests now. A massive thanks to @dumbass-stilinski and @writing-obrien for looking and editing a lot of this. Sorry for being a pain and I really appreciate it. I also want to write more fics but I have no idea what to write about so requests would be great. I already have begun a mini series. Okay, sorry for the long note I’m done now, Enjoy.


As soon as I became part of the pack, even before that, when Scott introduced me to Stiles in freshman year, there was a connection. We literally had eye sex for a solid 15 seconds before I heard his quiet, gravelly voice.

“Hi. Y/N, right?”

“Yeah aha, nice to meet you, Stiles.” I put my hand out for a handshake in an attempt to be polite. He returned the favour by grabbing my hand and bringing it to his lips, which sent a confusing shiver through me as he quickly pulled away.

“I am so sorry, I don’t know why I did that. Uhh anyway, Scott has been saying nothing but good things about you. I even looked on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and-wow what a disaster, this is the worst first impression I have ever made in my life. I’m gonna go before I make a fool of myself. I’ll see you at lacrosse practice Scott. It was really nice to meet you, Y/N.”  

Just as Stiles disappeared from the hallway, Scott said, “Wow, I have never seen Stiles so nervous and awkward. I mean, Stiles is socially awkward but that was a whole new level.”

“No that wasn’t even bad, I made it so awkward when I just stared at him for like a thousand hours without saying hello.”

“Y/N it’s fine. It’s not the last time you are going to talk to him. And when you hang out with him, it will be with the pack, which I will introduce you too at lacrosse practice. See you then?”

I nodded. When I thought I heard the last of Scott, he quickly turned around and whispered. “Oh and by the way, I was with Stiles when he was on your Facebook and trust me, he was really impressed with what he saw.”

That was two years ago; and I am still waiting for my two year crush, Stiles Stilinski to make a move. I always knew from the moment he placed his lips on my hand, we had a connection, and more than just a friendly one. We always hang out, but it’s never just us two. It can’t be because I literally have no social skills, especially with the opposite gender. I mean, Stiles is awkward with few social skills, but I was way worse. I can’t even focus when he is within five steps of me, he intimidates me, but it’s because he has no idea. Everyone in the pack knew how we felt about each other that even chemosignals weren’t obvious enough. There just was and is no time to do anything because we are always so busy keeping Beacon Hills safe.


I woke up on Monday and looked at the time, oh shit! I woke up at 7:30 am and a) not only did I sleep through my alarm, but my bus was coming at 7:45. I fell out of bed, ran downstairs, ate some cereal, brushed my teeth, grabbed my backpack and dashed out of the house to the bus stop.

I sprinted around the corner and saw the bus driving away from my stop. I finally stopped running and took a second, putting my hands on my head, breathing in and screaming. This has only happened to me nearly every day this term, and it’s only first term. The only way I can get to school is to walk.

I walked surprisingly quickly to make up time, as it takes forever to get to school this way.

“Miss the bus again Y/N/N?”

I turn around to see a blue jeep. Roscoe. Shit, it was Stiles stopping to talk, to me? ‘Okay just act cool.’ I said in my head.

“Yeah, how’d you know?” After I said that, I mentally face palm myself. Obviously he is literally seeing me walk to school instead of catching the bus.

“And I see you are going for the pyjama look today,” I was puzzled and confused with what he said when suddenly, I look down and my cheeks turned instantly red. I was getting ready so quickly, I forgot to put on clothes. I felt my insides fill up with embarrassment and humiliation. “If you want, I can drive you back home so you can change your clothes and then drive you to school.” I felt the insides of my stomach fill with butterflies. “I mean that’s only if you want to like not like you’re my girlfriend or anything and like I’m not your boyfrie-”

“Uh yeah, Stiles, thanks, that would be very helpful.” I ran to the car, maybe too fast, and Stiles did a u-turn to go back to my house.


The car ride was silent, a little uncomfortably so, until Stiles broke it. “Do you want me to turn up the radio?” His voice was a little shaky.

“Yeah sure.” I reply really quickly, making myself cringe.

For the first 30 seconds, it was just talking but then, one of my favourite songs came on: Baby got back by Sir-Mix-A-Lot.

Oh my god Becky, look at her butt

“It is so big!” I yelled but quickly stopped singing as I forgot where I was: In Roscoe, STILES’ JEEP!

“Why did you stop singing?” He chuckled and shot me a smirk.

“Because it’s so embarrassing I know all the words to this song.”

“Please don’t stop singing, I have to hear this now.” He winked at me and every muscle in my body, no matter how tiny, tensed in an effort not to show how much of an effect that wink had on me.

“Okay, if you say so.” A surge of confidence that I had never felt before rushed through me as I not only picked the lyrics back up, but I also turned the music up louder so I could get into the zone. I was either impressing him or just making a complete fool out of myself.


We finally arrived at my house, I opened the door and we walked inside. He was much closer to me than usual. Before I even thought about it, I moved away, feeling uncomfortable.

“Sorry Y/N/N, didn’t mean to do that.”

“No Stiles, don’t be silly, you know me, awkward.”

He chuckled and smiled. “You are so cute like that.”

I flushed a bright pink once again, and so did he. Did he just say I am cute?

I quickly try and brush it off. “Um sorry to be a real pain, but I didn’t get to have a shower, is it okay if I do that?”

“Yeah sure no problem Y/N/N.”

“Cool, well I won’t be long, make yourself at home.”

I quickly ran upstairs to the bathroom.


I didn’t think I had ever had such a quick shower in my life. Stiles Stilinski was at my house. I mean, he had been to my house before, but that was with the pack. I had only been with him when the pack was there, THE PACK WAS NOT THERE, IT WAS JUST ME BY MYSELF WITH MY CRUSH OF TWO YEARS! I wanted to be quick because I was missing out on time with him and secondly, I felt bad for making him wait. I dried myself and wrapped my hair up in my towel, leaving my body naked.

I turned to look in my wardrobe and yelled “Stiles!” to see where he was.

“I’m right here.” He quietly said, and I turned around to see him, creepily sitting on my bed, staring at me, naked, in the nude, WITH NO FUCKING CLOTHES ON! I screamed and quickly grabbed the towel from my head around my bare body.

“Oh my god Y/N I am so sorry I had no idea -”

“No Stiles, it’s fine. I’m stupid I shouldn’t have been walking around the house naked when I knew you were here. My bad, sorry.”

“Why do you always do that?”

“Do what Stiles?”

He proceeded to walk closer to me, barely an inch separating our faces. “Apologise for being yourself. You did it just then, when I accidentally walked too close to you. It’s not your fault.”

We stayed in that moment for what seemed like forever but in reality it was only for a minute.


“Yes Stiles?”

“Can I please kiss you?” You never thought those words would come out of his mouth.

“I’ve been waiting two years for that.” I said, not realising how desperate that came off.

“Oh really? Wow okay um, I literally had uh no clue, I mean well yes I did coz Scott kinda told me, and so did Lydia, and Liam, and Kira, Allison, Mason, okay pretty much everyone in the pack told me, um yeah.” Once again, your face flushed with many rosey tones of pink.

“Okay um, so are we gonna kiss?” You said with a low, croaky voice.

“Oh yeah, right. Okay, here we go.” He said.

We both leaned it so we met at 50/50. Our lips glide together in perfect synchronization. He moved his hands to the lowest part of my back, just above my only towel covered ass. I quickly squirmed and pulled away from him.

“Oh my god Y/N did I do something wrong?” The concern coming from his fiery amber eyes made my heart melt.

“No, it’s not you. It’s just, this is so embarrassing. I mean like I’ve had my first kiss and stuff, which was horrible by the way, but like I’ve never really gone past that with anyone and you putting your hands on me it just makes me nervous because no one has really ever done that to me before.”

“Wow Y/N, I never would have guessed that. You are so beautiful and intelligent, any guy would be lucky to have you. I really hope this doesn’t come off insensitive but, does this mean you are a virgin?”

“Yeah, it does.” I felt so embarrassed and stupid about it. Everyone else in the pack had done it, even Liam and he is a freshman.

“No, no, Y/N/N, there is nothing to be embarrassed about. I am too.” As soon as I heard him say that, I pressed my lips down on his.

Our lips once again moulded together making fireworks like the 4th of July erupt inside of me. It was an amazing feeling. A sudden surge of confidence rushed over me and I  broke the kiss and pushed Stiles onto my bed.

“Y/N, what are you doing?” As soon as he finishing talking, I unwrapped the towel, leaving myself  bare, completely exposed. Stiles’ eyes widened as he looked up and down my body. He quickly covered his eyes with his hands. “Oh my god Y/N you lost your towel again.” He shrieked.

“I know.” I moved closer to him and sat on his lap, “I want this Stiles, I think. Not that I know, I haven’t really done this before.”

“Me either Y/N/N, should we just see where this goes?” I nodded and reconnected my lips with his, and I felt those 4th of July fireworks erupting in me once again.

Stiles deepened the kiss by slipping his tongue into my mouth. It just felt so right. He bit my bottom lip and moved down to my neck and began to leave bright purple marks. I had no idea what to do so I put my hands in his hair and pulled, like in the movies. I heard him growl so I stopped. “Oh my god Stiles, did I hurt you?”

“No not at all, that felt really good actually.”

We moved back to the previous position and I moved slightly to maintain my balance.

“Oh my god Y/N please do that again.”

“What like this?” I moved again and realized what I was doing when I begin to feel his bulge grow against me.

I got up and layed down, pressing my back against my bed.

“Okay I have no idea what I’m doing but I’m just gonna go for it.” Stiles looked up at me and a flash of concern ran through his eyes. I gave him a nod of approval and he began to kiss me again. He then proceeded to move further down my body, blowing on the several purple marks he’d left which turned me into a quivering mess.

He reached my breasts and took one in his mouth, sucking roughly while fiddling with the other with his hand. The constant pinching, swirling and tickling caused me to let out a soft moan. He continued to drift further down, kissing my stomach lower and lower until he was just above my core. A weird feeling, like a throbbing began to build in my core.

I was deep in thought when suddenly, I felt a finger on my clit and I bucked my hips at how good it felt. “Wow” I thought to myself, “You are missing out on a lot?” He buried his face in between my thighs, causing me to moan so loud, it echoed through the whole house.

“I don’t ever think I’ve ever heard you be so loud before.” Stiles smirked, which caused me to flush and giggle. As I began to chuckle, Stiles pumped a finger into me.

“Stiles, that feels so good please don’t stop.” I strangled out those words as I felt all the muscles in my body tense up and the pit in my stomach increase.

“Fuck Y/N/N, say my name again that was so hot.”

“Stiles.” I moan as I come undone around his fingers and black spots start to blur my vision as I ride out my high.

Stiles falls down as lies next to me on my bed.

“Wow.” He says with a flabbergasted look in his face.

“That was-”

“Probably not that good.” He interrupts and turns to look at me and begins to play with my hair.

“Are You kidding, that was amazing. I want you to feel what I felt.” I press my lips to his for a quick short peck.

“Are you sure Y/N/N? You don’t have to just because of what I- ooh my god.” His sentence quickly changed into an exclamation as I undid the button on his khakis and pull down his boxers to reveal his massive, veiny cock. My eyes widened at the thought of fitting that whole thing into my mouth, so, I began by pumping his length up and down a few times, causing his head to roll back. Hopefully that meant he liked it.

I finally built up enough courage to put my mouth on his shaft and slowly but surely proceed further and further down and before I knew it, his whole dick was in my mouth. I begin bopping my head down faster and faster repetitively. He moaned my name several times which caused the throbbing sensation in my core rise up again. He started to twitch in my mouth and a salty liquid filled my throat and I swallowed it.

“Y/N/N as if you haven’t done this before, that was so good.” He kissed me, but quickly pulled away and asked, “Oh my god Y/N/N, is my cum still in your mouth?” The roughness of the word made me cringe.

“No Stiles, I swallowed it.”

“Oh my god Y/N/N, I can’t believe you actually swallowed it.”

“WHY ARE YOU NOT SUPPOSED TO AM I GONNA GET SICK?! GREAT HOW WILL EXPLAIN THIS TO MY PARENTS? YEAH MUM, I GOT SICK FROM SUCKING DICK!” Panic starts to fill me and just as I feel an attack come on, Stiles grabs me and pulls me into a hug. He pushes my head into his chest and grips tightly. The panic inside me immediately disappears. I feel so safe in his arms.

“No it’s perfectly normal. Scott says that most girls spit and it’s supposed to be impressive when they swallow. Not really sure why but just thought I’d give you that fact.”

I laughed and pressed my lips to his. It started off nice and slow but quickly turned into an extremely passionate rough kiss. We moved back to my bed again, Stiles lays me down on my back and he hovers over me. He began to lift his shirt up and I helped him. I took in every mole, muscle and area of bare skin on him. My hands roamed around his body as he smiled down at me.

“Y/N, are you sure you want to do this?” He looked up and flashed a look of worry, but it quickly disappeared when I replied. “I’m ready, Stiles.”

He lined his tip up with my entrance and slowly pushed into me until he filled me up all the way with his length. Both of our heads rolled back as he slowly began to pull in and out of me. He started to speed up a little, making me moan softly. I began to kiss him, tongues roaming around everywhere in each others mouths.

“Stiles, I want to try something.” I looked up at him and he had that stupid smirk on his face which I hate, but love at the same time.

“Okay sure.” I rolled us over so he is lying against the bed. I moved down so my legs were on either side of his hips. I lined my entrance up with his tip and slowly moved down onto it, earning a deep, throaty moan from Stiles, which caused me to shiver. I had never heard his voice so deep before, it was so sexy.

“That feels so fucking good Y/N/N, please don’t stop.”

I began to maintain a steady speed, but I couldn’t take it any longer, and by the looks on his face, neither could he. So I began to start moving up and down fast really fast, making myself moan ever louder than before.

“Stiles” I screamed.

“Please scream my name again, I love that.”

“Stiles! Stiles I’m so close to-”

“Me too Y/N/N don’t stop. Keep going.”

I slowly keep increasing my speed and before we know it, we both reach our peak and his liquid fills me. I sloppily fall next to him. I can’t move. I try to get up but I can’t. I freeze. Stiles begins to sit up and sees that I’m frozen.

“Y/N, what’s wrong?”

“I can’t move Stiles, like at all.”

“You are so cute. It’s normal. I think it’s from the fatigue of you know, what we just did, which was amazing by the way.” He began to blush which made me blush too.

“Yeah it was pretty fantastic, hey?” You flashed a smile at Stiles and it made him chuckle.

“So um, I’ll just put some clothes on and we can head to school?”

“Sure Y/N/N, um but before you do that, I just need to know, what are we?” A kaleidoscope of butterflies filled my stomach. I had waited for this moment for so long, I never thought it would actually happen.

“Well what do you want to be Stiles?”

“Y/N/N ever since I laid eyes on you, and I mean like in person not like when I stalked you on social media before you even came to our high school, anyway, I want you to be my girlfriend Y/N/N, will you please be my girlfriend?”

“Stiles Stilinski, you have no idea how long I have waited for you to ask me.”

He responds by pressing his lips to mine. “Let’s get to school.”


We finally arrived at school and just as we began walking up the stairs, he grabs my hand and intertwines his fingers with me. We walk through the big glass Beacon Hills high school doors and see the pack staring at us, jaws practically on the floor. We walk over to them.

“Heyy guys.” Scott winks at us.

“Hey Scott.” Stiles and I say in unison and we just laugh at each other, Stiles presses a kiss to my forehead.

“Oh my god, finally!” Lydia exclaims, “I can’t even smell chemosignals but I didn’t even need to it was so obvious and finally! Congrats guys.” Lydia raised an eyebrow and smirked at me. She was my best friend, she knew exactly what happened here.

“Anyways, first period is about to start, Stiles and I have econ so we better get going before coach yells at us. See you guys later. ”Scott beings to walk and so does Stiles, but he quickly tells Scott to wait and he comes back to me and places a quick peck on my lips, then runs back over to Scott.

Nothing else in the world mattered to me at this very moment, I had finally gotten what I wanted, to be with the love of my life, Mieczyslaw Stiles Stilinski and after waiting two agonizing, painful years, I finally got him.

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Can you do a klance fic where Keith is sick and Lance is surprisingly good at taking care of him despite his mood swings and bouts of delirium?

Me: “I’m gonna take some short fic requests, just a few drabbles or something!“ 

Me, at 3 am, 2k words deep in the first request: "fucgkin”

The first time sickness hit the team, it hit Keith. Hard.

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Cullen made Sasha so uncomfortable tbh. I keep thinking about how after he says all that “demons tempting me with the one thing I wanted but could never have” stuff and there’s that dialogue afterwards where the warden is like “uhh yeah I don’t think I should be hearing this” she wanted to find some hole to go hide in it made her skin crawl. That was like the worst part of the broken circle for her. She was like “okay kinda regretting killing the sloth demon I would gladly rather still be asleep right now”

I was trying to write something else and this happened instead. Untitled, 2000 words, set shortly after Poe defects to the Resistance, a little while before the events of the film, well before the events of the story I’m working on. A discussion with a mechanic on the care and maintenance of astromech droids. I meant this to be cute, but, TW for mention of droid abuse.

“You know,” Goss Toowers said, leaning in the doorway, “our mechanics are equipped to work on astromechs too.”

Poe glanced up at the Shozer mechanic, caught flat-footed; he had BB-8’s sensor array all spread out on a dropcloth in front of him, and it was clear as anything he was doing his own maintenance work, and he hadn’t planned on rubbing it in anyone’s face exactly, but this was a little bit irregular.

Great start to working with the Resistance, champ, he told himself. Very diplomatic.

“I, ah,” he said. He set the multitool in his hand down carefully. He was a bit nervous as a mechanic, especially with sensitive stuff like this; he always had to lay it out carefully and then constantly re-check and keep everything in relative position so he remembered where it went to put it back together. “You know, you guys have enough to do, keeping up with all the dumb shit I do to the damn craft, I figured, I’d just do the shit I know how to do and not bother you unless it was really a problem.”

Shozer facial expressions were hard to read, since they were big reptilian things; Poe really hoped this guy wasn’t as disgruntled as he looked.

“Fair enough,” Goss said. “But we’ve all been wanting a look at that little astro of yours, he’s different.”

“BB-8 is one of a kind,” Poe said, and it was a defensive catchphrase. He had a reputation for spoiling his droid, for being inappropriately indulgent of the thing, but it was all a pretty calculated plan, which he camouflaged by being really flippant about it. “And um. My mom never let me have a pet so I’ve kind of. Done all the things you’re not supposed to do.”

Goss made an alarming noise, but it was pretty clearly a laugh. “Pilots always fuck up their astromechs,” he said, “we’re used to it. What’s yours do now?”

“Ehm,” Poe said. “Well, I mean. I’m just cleaning the sensor array, I think the weatherseal is starting to go. But you mean, specifically or in general, what’s BB-8’s deal?”

“Yeah,” Goss said, “both specifically and in general. There’s only ever two ways this goes– a pilot either treats their astromech super shitty and the thing gets a complex, or the pilot treats it way too nice and it gets a complex. So I’m figuring, since you’re in here doing this instead of hitting on girls or whatever it is that you hit on, because that’s what pilots do, you’re probably the second kind. So what kind of complex does BB-8 have?”

Poe laughed so hard he almost lost his place, and had to take a moment to re-count the lenses of the sensor array to make sure he had them in the right order. “Oh,” he said, “so you’ve worked with pilots before. Fleet pilots are the worst ones, don’t you think?”

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*Sexy stories…So, you wrote a collection of smut fantasies? Mhmmm*

N: Hot jokes. Expect a plethora of his hot jokes. If he finds your stories, then he is going to read them. N wouldn’t let you live these stories down, and he would tell you how flattered he is that you can write such wonderful stories about him even if they’re…sexual. “I’m hot. You’re hot. It’s understandable why you would want to write such things and use me as your muse.”

Leo: Leo would be really surprised that you wrote stories to such an extent and he would feel a little embarrassed. A good embarrassed though. He wouldn’t continue reading them if you freaked out on him and would respect your wishes if you tell him to never read them. Even though Leo may be shy, you’d see the flattery written all on his face. “*blush laugh thing while putting his head down then goes make a sandwich* Like this.

Ken: Ken will read your sexy story collection because you wrote it and he’s the main character in them. Like N, he wouldn’t let you live the stories down, and he’d seriously ask you if this is what you expected from him. In other words, if you ask him to, then he will definitely deliver. DearlyB: Oh gosh.“Oh! So, this is what you want? I have to start living up to your expectations now! Keke.” Slap him.

Ravi: Ravi would be a little surprised at first, but he wouldn’t be freaked out by it. He’d ask you why you never shared this with him before, and compliment you on how well written they are. However, once he’s done praising your work, he would give you his creative opinion and give your stories alternate descriptions. Eep! “Woah. This is some great stuff. But I think I would have chosen the pool table rather than the kitchen counter.”DearlyB: I AM SO DONE WITH YOU CHEEZY

HongBin: HongBin would just laugh while he reads your sexy stories. It wouldn’t be a “haha these are funny” type laugh, but a more “my girlfriend writes sexy stories about me in compromising positions and places and my brain can’t tell my face to be flustered or blush from embarrassment”. He would stop reading them immediately if you asked, and he’d apologize if you mistook his reaction. “Uhh…I…the first story was really…yeah…”

Hyuk: Hyuk would be similar to HongBin. He would be a little embarrassed, but he would laugh because he thinks its funny. He would ask you where your inspiration comes from, and what made you want to write such stories in the first place. “Okay, so this is what you do in your spare time? Why? You got the real thing right here!”

Thanks for asking!
-Admin Cheezy ^_^

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Ask Error!Sans 1
Ask Error!Sans 1

((Original comic here

I’m pretty proud how this turned out while testing out Error’s new voice. The only thing I hate is the background noise. I was hoping to space the dialogue a little but it made the background noise that much more noticeable. There wasn’t any noise I heard while I recorded, so is it possibly my mic? I dunno, someone give me advice on how to improve the quality!

So yeah, I plan to play with it because I love this voice. Any requests? It doesn’t have to be CQ’s work I try dubbing. And, uhh…I’m still considering the ‘potential” possibilities of what I can do that involves me posting on a certain blog. For now though, any requests you got? I’ll try to give it a try.Just send it through asks!

Error Sans and the comic belong to @loverofpiggies / @askerrorsans ))

He's Your Brother & Cheers You Up // 4/4 5SOS Preference



You didn’t want to spend the rest of you summer holidays in a hospital bed. But when the doctor came into your room, your ideas for the best summer was crushed. You did a silly thing with your friends that caused a broken arm.

“Uggghhh.” You groaned when the doctor left, leaving you and your parents alone.

“It’s alright honey, we know you wanted a good holiday but it’s just two weeks left of it.” Your mum tried to comfort you.

You weren’t ready to go to school yet. Especially with a recent broken arm. So when your parents left you sunk down in the bed and tried to sleep the two weeks away.

You were woken up by your phone loudly ringing from the bedside table. You groggily took the phone.


“Y/N!” Cal said excitedly on the other line.

“Oh hey, it’s you.” You mumbled. You went to sit up straight, struggling with only one arm which was being used to hold up your phone to your ear.

“Well slow down, don’t be too excited to talk to me.” Cal laughed sarcastically.

“Sorry, I’m just not in the best of moods.”

“What’s wrong? Summer holiday not going as planned?”

You smiled. Cal was one of the very few people that understood you. “You could say that to my broken arm.”

“Shit Y/N! What did you do?!” He said.

“Eh, that’s a whole different story.” You said.

You talked to Cal for a long time. Even though he was your brother, he was one of your best friends as well.

“Hey Y/N…” He started.

“Why do you suddenly sound so serious?” You joked. “Tour getting too lonely?”

“I just wanted to tell you to take care,” he sighed, “I know I’m not home often and I miss out a lot. I mean, I missed your first broken bone! I would’ve filmed that!”

You laughed, “I know you would, that’s why I’m glad you weren’t there.”

“But I’ll make a promise yeah? When I get back home we’ll do everything like it was before I left. I promise that, little sister.” You could just imagine him grinning. He always did when he called you ‘little’.

“Okay,” you said, “but you sound so homesick.”

“I am,” you didn’t mean to make him sound upset, “but I’ll be home soon so don’t go breaking anything else without me recording.”


You knew you forgot something important the moment you entered your house. There were suitcases by the front door and loud voices in the kitchen.

“Mum?” You called out.

“Y/N’s home! Finally!” You heard you mum.

When you walked into the kitchen you almost screamed. “Hey.” Michael greeted you.

You let him take you into a hug and hugged him back quickly. You watched your mum from the corner of your eye and heard he say, “The family is finally back together.”

“Oh Mum, not the tears again.” You heard Mikey mutter. Your dad just laughed at your mum.

You excused yourself from the kitchen and went straight to your room. It should’ve been a good day for you seeing as your older brother is back home after months and months of being away. But today wasn’t exactly the best day of your life. Even though you were still young a breakup was a breakup. You boyfriend who you have been with for a while, decided to end things. He said some pretty horrible things that you can’t forget.

So when you walked into your room you didn’t even have the energy to shut the door behind you. You just fell straight on your bed and cried.

It was probably a couple of minutes when you heard someone at your door. “Uhh Y/N…”

You quickly turned around and tried to wipe your face. “Um yeah Mikey?”

He looked worried a little scared. “Are you alright?”

You laughed softly, “Yeah.”

Mikey awkwardly made his way into your room. “Can I sit…?” He pointed by the spot next to you on the bed.

You just shrugged. This situation was unusual for the both of you. You and Michael didn’t exactly have the best loving sibling relationship. He did his own thing and same with you, not minding each other. You two didn’t fight much but you two didn’t talk much either.

“You were crying.” He said.

“Yeah, I know.” You said lamely.

He smiled a little. “What’s wrong?” You just played with your fingers in your lap and stayed silent. “I mean, if you want to tell me. I know we don’t have the best communication skills but I’m still you brother.” He nudged you lightly by the shoulder.

“Do you remember BF/N?” You said quietly.

“I think so… your boyfriend right?”

“Well you can call him my ex-boyfriend now I guess…” You let him think about it himself. You didn’t want to talk much anyway.

His eyes widened and he kinda just choked down a joke just to not make the situation worse. “Oh.”

You just nodded lamely and sat there in silence. You could tell Michael wanted to say something with the way he was impatiently tapping his fingers.

“I didn’t like him anyway.” He mumbled. You just smiled slightly at him. He looked down at you and notice the awkwardness and the space between you two and sighed. “I know you’re not in the mood to talk, so I’ll do the talking. You’re going to go through some crap days. There will be some days that will be shittier than this. But there will also be some days that will be you’re happiest. I know we aren’t the best brother and sister but I still care for you.”

“Thank you.”

“I’m only home for a short time so I don’t want to stay here with a sad sister. You can be sad after leave. But for now smile.” He poked your cheek. You laughed and little and forced a smile.  “And if that prick comes back here trying to get you back, promise me something yeah?”


He laughed before replying, “Kick him right in the balls.”


You were on your bed and felt absolutely so bored. When you logged onto skype you scrolled through you contacts trying to see who was online. Before you had the chance to call anyone, you were getting a call yourself. You immediately answered with video when you read Luke’s name.

“Hey!” He said excitedly and waved.

“Hi! How’s everything wherever you are?” You smiled widely.

“We’re in Italy right now and it’s going great!” Luke said. “How is everyone at home?”

You just shrugged and tried to fight off a frown. “Alright I guess.”


“He’s doing good. Keeping himself busy.”

“Jack and Ben?”

“I think they’re doing good as well.”

Luke tilted his head and furrowed his eyebrows. “You think?”

“I mean, they haven’t been over much. And whenever I’m home Dad is gone or busy.” You said.

“Is anyone home right now?” He asked. You just shook your head. “They left you home alone? You’ll probably throw some party or something.” When you only gave him a quick laugh he sat up straight and looked at you worriedly. “Are you okay?”

You sighed, “Not really.”

“What happened?”

You liked how you felt like you could tell your brother anything. “That’s the problem. Nothing’s happened. I’m at home and no one is here. No one is ever here. Mum’s over there with you being a tour mum. Dad is trying to busy himself with work sine you and Mum are gone. And Jack is never around since he moved out. Ben’s trying to get a life of his own so there’s no time for him to hang out with his baby sister. And well you’re in Italy so there’s no need for explanation for that.” You huffed a piece of hair out of your face after you finished your rambling.

The whole time Luke just watched you carefully with this expression on his face. “You’re lonely.” He said quietly.

“I mean… if you put it that way it makes me sound depressed or whatever.” You didn’t want him to feel sorry for you so you tried to lighten the mood.

“You know Y/N, you can always call me.” He tried to reassure you.

“Yeah, but when? I didn’t even know what country you were in let alone a suitable timezone to call you.” You said.

His hand brushed his hair back and he leaned back. “I know it’s hard that everyone is busy and I get that. I mean, I had you whenever I felt a little lonely. I know that it’s not the best situation for us as a family as well, being apart sometimes. But don’t you ever think that if you call me at some strange hour whenever, that I will not pick up when I see my little sister’s name on my phone. I will answer that call faster than Usain Bolt.”

You laughed at him. You smiled gratefully at him, “Seriously Luke, thank you.”

He smiled at you with a happier look. “No problem. Now tell me what I’ve missed.”


You thought that finishing school would be the best thing. It felt like that in beginning, until there was the added pressure of the future put on you. After you got your HSC back all you were ever asked was ‘what are you going to do now?’. You replied with a different answer each time because you didn’t know the answer yourself.

“… and here is Y/N!” You mum walked into your room with her phone held to see her face.

“Y/N!” You heard Ash’s cheerful voice sound through the phone.

You smiled widely and let your mum hand you the phone. “Here, talk to her.” She said.

She left your room and you were left to FaceTime Ash. “How has the sibling been doing? I heard you got a good ATAR.”

You nodded proudly, “Yep, remind me, what was yours again?”

He laughed while shaking his head. “Nope, not going to answer that.” You stuck your tongue at him. “So what are you going to do now?”

You groaned and fell back on your bed. “Don’t start Ash. That’s literally all I’ve heard all week!”

“Well I mean, it’s a valid question.”

“Yeah but I don’t know the answer! I thought finishing high school would be easier but I don’t know what I’m going to do. I literally have no clue. Mum wants me to start applying to Uni’s and getting into courses. That would be great, if only I knew what to do. Obviously Lauren and Harry aren’t bugging me, I mean Lauren’s barely started high school and Harry’s still in primary school. And you’re well… you. So Mum doesn’t have to worry for anyone but me.” You breathed in heavily because of your little ‘speech’. “I just… there’s so much pressure and I don’t think I can take it.”

Ash listened to every word you said, nodding in understanding. “I felt the same, well sorta. But I had the idea of the band. I’m lucky I had them to help me with my future. And you don’t have to feel like you’re the only one, you have me. Tell me, what are you interested in.”

You thought for a second and looked around your room. “I don’t have an idea for a job but I know I want to go and see places. Maybe around the world.”

He had a thoughtful look on his face before it brightened up. His smile was wide and he looked excited. “You know, you don’t have to go to Uni straight away if you don’t feel it.”

“Well then what will I do?”

“Come with me.”

Your jaw dropped slightly, “Did you hit your head with your drumsticks or something?”

He rolled his eyes but maintained his smile. “Shut up, I meant come on tour with me. You’re a legal adult now and the next leg of the tour will start in a few weeks so when I get back home for a bit I’ll help you get ready. I’ll get Mum in on it as well. She might need a bit of convincing but it’s worth a shot.”

You bit your lip, “I don’t know about this Ash…”

“And plus, I need family here. Being homesick sucks.” He said.

“Ash that’s a lot to offer.” You knew you wanted to but it was a big deal.

His eyes lit up. “The boys love you! Well obviously not in that way, I’d punch them first. But if you did and they did then I guess I can’t stop that. I won’t stop you from dating them but it would be weird and-“

You laughed loudly. “Ash shut up! That’s not the point.”

“Oh right!” He laughed with you, “I’m just saying that it would be good to get you out in the world and then maybe you can see the world and figure out what you want to be.”

You smiled at him. “I say yes, of course. But you’re telling Mum, not me.”

He sucked in a breath. “Okay fine.”

“Thank you Ash.”

“Anything for the little sis.” You stuck out your tongue at him again. “And remember what I said about the boys and dating them. I don’t mind but-”

“Shut up Ash!”

Mystery Girl: Stiles Stilinski/Teen Wolf Imagine

Your heart was racing like it never has before. Was this the right choice? Was this a good idea? Of course not, this is the worst idea ever thought of. But the cold was getting to you and all you wanted was to be warm and in dry clothes, even if that meant sitting in awkward silence. You clutched your waist where you had a giant gash. You thought it was healing but it now was turning purple and stinging. It was either knock on the door of your cousins house, the cousin you haven’t seen since you were eight, or turn and go back the a little old house with a crazy drunk werewolf and a weak mother. And you knew if you didn’t that you would be worse than dead. You walked up to the door but before you could knock, it was already creaking open. 

You expected to see a little kid with skinny arms and black hair, but instead you saw a big, tatted, man. He starred at you for a long moment, you starred back. “…Y/N?” You sucked in your breathe realizing that this was real life. “Hi Scott.” His shocked expression grew into a smile. “I don’t…uhh…how are you? Hows my cousin?” You smiled awkwardly and put your hair behind your ear. “Uhh i could be better.” You said motioning towards your soaking wet body. “I see. Uhh yeah come in please.” You walked through the door remembering the smell of your favourite house. 

You sat in Scott’s hoodie and sweat pants on the couch when he made tea. “I know you are probably wondering why the hell I’m here and why now after..jesus a very very long time….” He handed you your tea and sat next to you. “Well sort of. My dad said that he was doing investigations down where you lived and heard a few things about your stepdad and mom…so I’m guessing maybe it has something to do with that?…” You took a breath relieved that he already understood a little bit. “Well the short answer is yes. But it was a bit more complicated.” You took a sip of your tea. “How did you get here? I mean when you showed up at the door you looked like…like you had been through hell.” You laughed. Thats exactly what it felt like. “I uhh took a train, four buses, and a hell of a lot of walking and hiking.” You said. “Well sounds….fun.” He said sarcastically. “So wheres your mom?” You looked around the silent house. “She has the late shift. She won’t be home until the sun comes up but I’m guessing your really tried and it is getting pretty late.” He stood up. “yeah to be honest i have been trying not to pass out this whole time.” You put your cup down and followed him upstairs. 

So you can stay in here, ill be down the hall. Theres extra toothbrushes in the droor, if you get hungry or anything just go eat. You can shower too, theres a bathroom down there, and if you need any other blankets there in the closet.” He said as he showed you around the house. “Scott, i think you are forgetting that i have been here many times. I can get around.” You laughed and then yawned. “Oh yeah…forgot.” He laughed. “Ok well, goodnight.” He said and you both walked towards your rooms. “Oh and y/n…” You turned to look at him. “Im glad you came here. Your safe here…” You smiled. “I know.” You said and then went in your room. 

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Jerk Hemmimgs - L.H

“Hey baby how are you today” Luke the school asshole said into your ear, “well it was fine until you got here” you scoffed “well I can make it better if you come to the party with me” he said. “ I would rather kiss a dog then go to the party with you besides I’m not planing on going so fuck off” you said slamming you locker and walking away from him towards the front school doors. “Hey Y/N” you best friend Calum said coming up to you “are you going to the party later today?” He asked “uh I don’t know Cal” you replied “c'mon Y/N let’s have a little fun tonight please” he begged giving you a pouty puppy dog face , you sighed and agreed “fine I’ll go then” you said walking out the school building going home to get ready. You put on a high waist black skit a plain white sleeveless t-shirt and your all black converse, just as you finished curling your hair and doing your make Calum had send you a text message asking if you were ready, you replied telling him you were walking out the door just as he was walking towards your house. “Ready to go have the best night of our lives Y/N?!” He asked excited and ready to party “Yes Cal now let’s go before I change my mind” you said tugging on his arm
“alright alright” Calum said chuckling and walking towards the party , you both arrived to the house to see it was already full of people “well, here we are Y/N shall we” Calum said, holding your hand walking you inside the party towards the kitchen, omfg Y/N , Calum you guys made it help yourself to anything you wanna drink Y/F/N said leaving to go do something else “Calum I feel weird here” you said get closer to him “Just loosen up Y/N you’ll have more fun” he said handing you a beer “I’m gonna go look for the bathroom I’ll be back” you told him stumbling through the crowd of drunk and sweaty teens making your way upstairs when suddenly you were pulled into a room and pushed against the wall. “I thought you weren’t gonna come here baby girl did you lie to me?” Luke said
“Get off me asshole” you said trying to push him away but his grip was too strong “aw look at you trying to pretend you hate me , you know you want me as much as I want you” he said starting to suck on your neck leaving you a hickey. “S-stop it Luke” you stuttered out trying not to let him know you were enjoying it
“Oh cmon babe you know your enjoying this” he said into your ear moving his hand down to your thigh and slowly moving it up under your skirt getting closer and closer towards your throbbing core. “I said s-stop Luke” “not gonna happen” he said sticking a finger into you “Luke” you moaned out “finally I get to hear you moan my name* he said smirking after and pumping his finger in and out faster. You felt yourself closer to your climax , "Luke I-I’m” you started but he interrupted “oh no no no sweetheart” he said pulling his finger out and pushing you down on to the bed and pulling your skirt and panties off “w-what are yo–” you began as he started eating you out his tongue pleasing you “Such a pretty little pussy just for me” he said and began flicking his tongue around. You moaned his name out grabbing on to the bed sheets , his tongue made you feel so good. He stopped and quickly undid his pants and pulled down his underwear, you but your lip staring at the size of his member, “like what you see ,don’t you baby” he said biting his own lip playing with his lip ring you nodded as he kissed you roughly once more then grabbed hold of your thighs spreading them apart and then thrusting into you quickly
“Fuck LUKE!” You yelled out in pleasure him hitting your G-spot with each of his deep and rough thrusts his pace quickened causing you both pleasure “Fuck Y/N” he muttered his thirst becoming sloppier and slower meaning he was close to his high you , yourself felt your walls tightening around him , you close to your orgasm as well “L-Luke” you managed to say in between breaths “I-I’m-” you started he cut you off “hold it till I say you can” he said demandingly , he thrusted a few more times finally tell you “Go ahead Y/N let it go all over daddy” he said as you both reached your highs. “Fuck” you both said staring at each other. He pulled himself out and laid down in the bed next to you “Daddy luke are you serious?” You asked looking at look he leaned close into your ear “be quiet or daddy will have to teach you another lesson” he whispered smirking “I thought you hated me by the way Y/N , What happened ? Daddy make you feel good and change the way you feel about him?” He joked “actually yes I used to hate you but I guess daddy can change a girls mind” you said kissing him once more and getting dressed “bye daddy” you said winking and leaving him in the room and running into Calum as soon as you walked out “So Y/N did you ever find the bathroom?” He asked looking towards the door you just exited.
“Uhh yeah I did” you said biting down on your lip thinking about the things you just did with Luke.


Luke Imagine - Crutches

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Author: Julia

Luke Imagine - Crutches

“Are you sure you’ll be okay?” your mom asked as you stepped out of the car.

“I promise…I’ll be fine,” you reassured her. She was nervous about letting you go into a mob of horny teenage girls alone, especially considering you had broken your foot a couple weeks ago and were crutch-ridden. “I know how to work these things.” Truly, you didn’t. You hated these stupid things. They made your armpits sore, they smelled bad, you tripped over them, they got in everybody’s way, and they weren’t one bit attractive.

“I’ll be in the parking garage right down here,” she told you.

You grabbed the crutches and hopped out of the car onto one foot, waving goodbye to your mom as she drove a few blocks away. Your drawstring bag was heavy on your back. It contained a Sharpie, your 5SOS CD, a water bottle, a small camera, and some food. You had no idea how long you’d be waiting for them to come out of the talk show.

It was honestly a disaster getting through the crowd with your crutches. You were constantly putting them down on someone’s toes or smacking someone in the face or just generally taking up too much room. You could hear girls whispering about you from every direction.

“Why did she even bother coming?”

“They’re not gonna feel bad for her or anything if that’s what she’s trying to accomplish….”

“She’s taking up too much room, she really needs to move to the back.”

Everything that came out of these girls’ mouths was ridiculous and uncalled for, but you were here for the boys and that was it. Most of the girls were being nice about it and letting you through, but some of them….

You pushed their comments out of your mind and took out your Sharpie and your CD in preparation for seeing their beautiful smiles.

After an hour or so of contemplating every move you made, you heard rustling coming from the front of the crowd and then screams from every direction. Everyone shoved forward at once, causing you to stumble a bit, but you caught yourself.

You tried to shove your way closer to the front near the barricade, holding your CD up in front of you in the hopes that one of them would grab it and sign it for you. You were pretty successful, getting to about the second or third row, when all of a sudden you heard someone yell.

“Get your stupid fucking crutches out of here!”

Before you could even turn around to see what was going on, everything fell into a blur and you were on the ground. You heard murmurs around you in the midst of the screaming still occurring, before you heard an Australian accent call out.

“Did somebody just fall? Is she okay?”

A couple girls helped you up and when you stood, you were locking eyes with Luke Hemmings.

“Are you okay?” he asked again.

“Y-yeah, my crutches, they…,” you muttered, completely forgetting how to speak in front of him.

“Get her to the front!” Luke told the rest of the girls, and you could feel the tension in the crowd rise as all the other girls began to envy you.

You were practically pushed to the front.

“Are you sure you’re okay?”

“I promise, I’m fine. It’s not the first time I’ve fallen on these,” you laughed. Was that a stupid thing to say? You were so nervous.

He smiled at you and seemed to forget what he was doing for a moment. “Oh, sorry, do you, uhh…do you have something I can sign?” He cleared his throat.

“Yeah, uhh…here.” You handed him the CD.

“Do you like it?”

“Like what?” you asked.

He pointed to the CD, laughing. Duh! How could you be so stupid?

“Oh, oh! The CD! Of course, I love it! I love it.”

“Thanks,” he said. “What’s your name, darling?”

His words made your heart practically skip a beat. “Y/N. It’s Y/N.” You wanted to make sure that he heard you right over all the screaming.

“Pretty,” he said, “pretty name…shit, I have to go, fuck, sorry, sorry I shouldn’t swear this much….”

You chuckled as he signed the front of your CD.

“Can I – hang on!” he yelled to the other boys. “Here….” He pulled out an old paper out of his pocket and handed you the marker. “Here, write your Twitter.”

You didn’t know why he needed it, but you scribbled it down quickly. He grabbed it, muttered “Thanks beautiful,” and ran into the car, which quickly pulled away.

You felt stares from every which way and you realized that all of these girls had just seen you give your Twitter to Luke Hemmings.

You texted your mom to come get you quickly, and as you were waiting for her to pull up, you admired Luke’s signature on your CD.

You hopped in the car as fast as you could before you saw a Twitter notification pop up on your phone. It was a direct message.

@Luke5SOS: Y/N- you were so lovely todayI couldn’t help but be nervous when I was looking at youcan we meet again please? I don’t think I can get you off my mind after that

Your cheeks blushed bright red and you quickly typed back.

@Y/T/N: of coursewhen and where?

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