uhh so i made a thing yeah

Tag Meme!

Tag ten people that you would like to get to know better!
I was tagged by @seekerbabe, Thank you for tagging me! 

Name/Nickname: my names Deonna but everyone calls me D

Favorite Colors: Blues and soft pastels 

Last Song I Listened To: “Internet Pirates” by Ghost Town

Favorite TV Shows: Transformers prime and Animated also The Amazing World of Gumball

First Fandom: Transformers.. it was the only show i would watch as a kid

Books That I’m Currently Reading: uhh I’m actually for once not reading a book.. wow

Worst Thing I’ve Eaten: well my little sister made me try those bean boozled thingys and they were pretty bad so i guess yeah

Favorite Place: in my room in front of the Xbox with a blanket and the heater on

I tag @erikaskerzz @levitatetohell @totallytrailbreaker @cannibalisticcutie @sveene @xyaoibuns @cloudsaysthings @carsassians @pyco-circus @roriloz

(its alright if you dont do this)