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Name: darby

Nicknames: darbs, darb, uh..im looking to go by a different name atm though and i like frankie!!

Zodiac Sign: virgo

Height: 5′4 (1.65)

Orientation: probably bi??

Ethnicity: white

Favorite Fruit: probably bananas,, they taste bomb in smoothies

Favorite Season: autumn

Favorite Book: things the grandchildren should know by mark oliver everett

Favorite Flower: sunflowers and those rly big daisies

Favorite Scent: that rain smell??? like when ur in the forest right after it’s rained!!

Favorite Colour: forest kinda green!

Favorite Animal: uhh idk maybe dogs?? but i also have this weird love for tasmanian tigers??

Coffee, tea, or hot chocolate: tea or hot chocolate i guess

Average Sleep Hours: what’s sleep i don’t know her (3-7???)

Cat or dog person?: mm probably dog?

Favorite Fictional Character: keiiiith!!! jAKE peralta! buffy summers, mulder n scully..,,, wirt from otgw

Number of blankets you sleep with: kjdkjk between 1 and 3 usually

Dream Trip: england, but to the peak district!!

Blog Created: june 2015

Number of Followers: 273

Tagging: @cinderlla, @witchpidge, @finnickscatchingwater ksjkf i have so many cool mutuals but im too aFRAID

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I got tagged by the lovely @cosmiczero115, thanks for that!

Rules: answer the questions and tag 20 blogs you want to get to know better

Nicknames: Queen of Hell, Devil, Jigsaw, Mira-nee, Mylady

Star sign: Cancer

Height: 166cm

Time right now: 9:43am

Last thing you googled: how my new shedule should look like xD

Song stuck in my head: Believe by Cher (but why omg..)

Last movie i watched: Uuuhh idk

Last tv show i watched: Does Nanatsu no taizai count? I mean it was on Netflix (’:

What im wearing right now: black sleeping shirt 

When i created this blog: Uhh… like almost 2 years ago? Idk

The kind of stuff i post: Music, Anime & Manga, Psychology, Cats, Memes, Aesthetic, Hair… uhhh… a lot

Do i gets asks regularly?: Nah (but I would love it)

Why did i choose my url: well “theblueunicorn” was already taken… and apparently “thebluefuckingunicorn” was taken too… so tumblr added the “blr”

Gender?: Female

Favorite color: Blue

Average hours of sleep: somewhere between 5 and 14

Lucky number: 4, 7, 3 (in that order!)

Favorite characters: Omg a lot.. Karou (Dosab), Issa (Dosab), Liraz (Dosab), Eileen Belserion, Juvia, Mirajane, Flare Corona, Shiro (Dmwl), Fox Sin Ban, Laxus Dreyar, … SO MANY MORE, PLEASE ASK FOR A FANDOM THANK

Dream job: Psychologist

Number of blankets i sleep with: 1-3

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Woozi Fic 36

its been a while XD or at least it feels like forever since i put out a woozi fic SO HERE WE GO this ones pretty long somehow and uhh…yeah if you havent really read some of my other fics i like when the members play games XD SOOOOO if you watch Running Man this is a treat for you if you dont dont worry itll still make perfect sense XD oh footnote i guess: Kim Jongkook is REALLY good at name tag elimination for those of you who dont know XD OK! HOPE YOU GUYS LIKE IT XD

“I cannot believe we’re doing this,” you laugh as Woozi holds your hand, swinging it back and forth as you walk down the sidewalk.

“Oh, come on,” Woozi encourages. “It’ll be fun.”

“FOR YOU!” you shout back. “You live for stuff like this! And I’m gonna DIE out there!”

Woozi laughs and looks ahead as you two and the rest of the members head to the park. “You’re not gonna die! I’ll make sure of it.”

“No, that’s not fair!” DK yells from just behind you. “You guys can’t be on the same team! There’s too much bias there! You’d be unstoppable!”

Woozi twists around to glare at him as you chuckle. “Fine. But the odds are we’ll be on the same team.”

“Actually, it’s a fifty-fifty chance,” Dino corrects. “So the odds point to either one.”

“Okay, fine,” Woozi admits. “But I wanna win! I need good people.”

DK scoffs, “Whoever gets you automatically wins!”

“That’s not true! I’m still smaller than all of you guys!”

“But you’re way more vicious!” DK argues.

You and Dino laugh as you all enter the park. “OKAY EVERYBODY!” Seungcheol shouts from the front of the crowd, stopping in the center of the field. “YOU ALL KNOW THE RULES! THIS IS ‘NAME TAG ELIMINATION!’”

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i keep telling myself to start practicing painting but big paintings intimidate me out of doing it, so i’m starting on ‘default photoshop size’ (which is a pretty tiny)

this started out as an effort to design faun gal, but i don’t like the palette for her so it’s just a general practice

This kinda looks like something out of a Dr. Seuss book