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So I was tagged in this self rec thing by uhh @waterdeers i think hmm, and someone else but unfortunately I can’t remember ;3;
But yea… I’m feeling pretty good with my art lately… like… i like what I produce, just sad that it doesn’t go around as it used to I guess hmm. Even squeezed some traditional stuff I liked there too.
I’m tagging @louminx and hmn??? Uhh anyone who wants to do it!! U should bc it’s nice to go through your art and see that there are cool stuff there too :)


uhh its gay day or something heres ur local me

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a. age: 22
b. birthplace: Oshawa, Canada
c. current time: 11:03 PM
d. drink you last had: ice cream tea (chocolate)
e. easiest person to talk to: Kyle
f. favorite song: Love Never Dies - Apoptygma Berzerk
g. grossest memory: oh god uhh seeing people sick at my old job, when my daughter got her diaper off and .. yuh
h. horror, yes or no?: Hells yes
i. in love?: Yup
j. jealous of people?: No
k. killed someone: like Id admit it here ..
l. love at first sight or should I walk past again?: Yuh
m: middle name: Marie
n. number of siblings: none
o. one wish: for my daughter to grow up happy and healthy
p. person i called last: Valerie
q. question you’re always asked: is your hair real? i get it  a lot lately
r. reason to smile: my family
s. song you last sang: Twinkle Twinkle Little Star
t. time you woke up: 6 am
u. underwear: lmao i do have some on
v. vacation: best vacation is going to my hometown to see my mom and friends
w. worst habit: cigarettes
x. x-rays: foot, leg, hand, ultra sounds count I hope
y. your favorite food: hard to choose? ill say glazed donuts xD
z. zodiac sign: Virgo

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Oh i like to flip my knife cleaver
flip it in the air
Where will it land well i really don’t care
Inspired on THIS video (warning for blood and cuts and all of that (there is a warning in the beginning of the video but))

i don’t know if i should color it :0 – maybe i will do it later… (and add something else heheh)

This version of horrortale belongs to @sour-apple-studios

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Relationship Status: tfw no gf

Favorite Color: pink and pastels 

Lipstick or Chapstick: chapstick for these dry lips

Last song you listened to: WE SHOULD HANG OUT by con bro chill

Last movie you’ve watched: oh god… uhh… gotg2? i think

Top three characters: like, in general? my beautiful boy ike, kirishima is definitely up there, and i’ll just put the nail in my own coffin and say bakugou to round out this list

Top three ships: nasty stink boys (krbk), ike/ranulf, aaaaaaand either gaara/rock lee, zoro/nami, or jojo/caesar, they’re all at the same level on my list of favorite fictional date people

Books and manga you are currently reading: bnha and i’ve been reading the eye of the world series off and on for like…. a year… but i haven’t gotten very far

Top five musicals: les mis, mamma mia, rodgers and hammerstein’s cinderella, grease, every barbie musical

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Age: 19 (20 in a month)
Birth place: Miami
Current time: 12:38 am
Drink you last had: Strawberry milk!!
Easiest person to talk to: @attackonmomo
@foreverpersonafan and possibly my best friend Serah 
Favourite song: Part of me by neck deep 
Grossest memory: uhh idk 
In love: with possibly someone 
Jealous of people: NAHH 
Killed someone: Mebe
Love at first sight or should I walk by again: LOVE AT FIRST SIGHT BABE 
Middle name: Alyse (pronounced like uh-lease )
Number of siblings: 4 (including half siblings )
One wish: to stop being a depressed neet (if that’s too complicated I’ll take getting a pet hamster or some shit)
Person you called last: my brother??
Question you’re always asked: “Chloe,why the fuck do you own so many mugs??"
Reason to smile: I feel like I’m moving in life now 
Song you last sang: I am a say fight for me from Heathers??? 
Time you woke up: 10 ish 
Underwear colour: pink!! 
Vacation: i love going to ft Myers 
Worst habit: overthinking
X-rays: I had to get one done to see if I had bronchitis if that counts 
Your favourite food: gonna say vaca frita or anything pork related 
Zodiac sign: Gemini
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(full view please!) 

This is a Christmas drawing for Jady based off of one of her cute headcanons huhu (which was that Sora and Riku send each other letters via their dream eaters xD)

I’m so proud of this and so happy she liked it!!!

(Also, I used a bunch of origami/christmas patterns I found off of google images to make this, jsyk.)

hoho Merry Christmas!

alphabet soup

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a~ age: 15 in eight days!!

b~ biggest fear: uhh stinkbugs, manmade things underwater (thanks for pointing that out dan), lately a lot my anxiety has been pretty bad at night

c~ current time: 5:18 pm (17:18) (look at me so special getting used to military time)

d~ drink you last had: wasser

e~ every day starts with: usually instagram, sc, and tumblr. that should probably change to like meditation or something lol

f~ favorite song: no non ono n onono i like too many. give me an album and maybe i can pick a few lol. lately tho i’ve been listening to lots of harry styles and i love carolina, kiwi, and sign of the times (obvs)

g~ ghosts, are they real?: idk when it comes to this stuff i like to believe in it whether or not the proof is really out there just bc i feel like it makes life a wee bit more fun

h~ hometown: a boring place in pa

i~ in love with: ulrikke falch

j~ jealous of: tarjei sandvick moe and henrik holm (for differing reasons not the ones you might be thinking im gay) but a long term jealousy has always been towards dan and phil (but in a loving way)

k~ killed someone?: yeah i’ve been finding dead stinkbugs all day..you oughta lock me up officer ;)))

l~ last time you cried: uh idk i cry a lot i think i was listening to all my music on shuffle and cleaning and something made me think of henrik holm

m~ middle name: marie (look at that alliteration)

n~ number of siblings: 2

o~ one wish: that i could have another chance to meet dnp tbh

p~ person you last called/texted: both are my mom lmao i dont socialize with the youth anymore

q~ questions you’re always asked: what’s wrong? are you sad? (my face is just the face of depression if im not actively smiling)

r~ reasons to smile: puppies, my cat, happy lil old married gay couples, dan and phil’s happiness in 2017, the cast of skam, returning to old music after a long time and still loving it, that song that just makes you smile

s~ song last sang: man i had a huge karaoke session today while cleaning but i think i was mumbling acetate by volcano choir a few minutes ago

t~ time you woke up: officially like 10 am

u~ underwear colour: i think i got some tightie whities today it’s an intense laundry day

v~ vacation destination: i’d love to go to a bunch of different cities as i learn more abt international places. im probably going to germany in a few years so thats cool but its w school

w~ worst habits: jiggly limbs, biting my lip, clenchin the teeth (but at least i got a dental guard lmao)

x~ x-rays you’ve had: uh dentist ones, one time i couldn’t breathe easily so like at the er they took an xray of my abdomen

y~ your favorite food: oi idk it changes bc like my brain sometimes makes it seem like everything tastes the same EXCEPT THIS ONE KIND OF FOOD SOUNDS GOOD rn i really want some good cake and i dont even like too many sweets

z~ zodiac sign: gemini

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hey i got tagged in this thing

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rules: do 18 question thing and tag 20 other fuckers
name: elliott
nickname: n/a (skunk ape?)
birthdate: march 22
height: 6 foots
ethnicity: french and polish and other shit
favorite fruit: all (peach and pear mostly)
favorite season: winter but that’s just cause it doesn’t really get very cold where i live uhh rain is cool
favorite book: i cant read
favorite flower: this one

favorite scent: ok fuck off fuck you IM A DUMB FUCKIN STONER ASSHOLE THATS HOW IT IS but uhhhhhh weed
favorite animal: uhhehhhheuuuuhhhh bear? WAIT NO SLUG DEFINITELY SLUG
favorite beverage: urine
average hours of sleep: like 5 on weekdays and 12 on weekends i should fix that
favourite fictional characters: GREGUS FROM PUKE FORCE
number of blankets: 1 big motherfucker
dream trip: australian outback and stay there forever
tagging: i dont know 20 people on the internet so how about 0

Moar tag games?!?!

Cuz why not? I should be writing/sleeping or whatever, but my attention span demands it! Plus, like, wow, I’m flattered to actually get tagged in these things. Thanks @kayura-sanada

Name: Cori

Nickname: None irl, but I go by Remsyk, Rrasik, and Devi (short for Devistallion) online.

Zodiac Sign: Virgo, year of the Dragon

Hogwarts House: Ravenclaw, represent!

Height: 5'5"

Orientation: Uhh, open for suggestions? Was married for a while, but I guess I figured out the hard way I’m more in the asexual category.

Ethnicity: W.H.I.T.E. Like the color, lack of pigment, as white as ya can be short of albino. Unless I’m in the sun, then it’s red.

Favorite Fruit: Grapefruit, with or without sugar.

Favorite Season: Did I mention I was white? Autumn.

Favorite Book Series: Harry Potter, Black Jewel Trilogy, The Night Angel Trilogy, Game of Thrones, Wheel of Time, The Abhorsen Trilogy, The Merlin Saga, the Bartimaeus Trilogy, um… I’ll stop there, haha.

Favorite Fictional Characters: Can I say refer to earlier post? Duo, Keith, Shiro, Ryou, the Major, Batou, Tifa, Vincent, Ace, Rinoa, Riku, Sora, Bartimaeus, Saetan, Merlin, Morgan le Fay, Tyrion, the list goes on and on.

Favorite Flower: I don’t really have one, but I do like Amaryllus

Favorite Scents: Anything with spice, but not too much. An overwhelming majority of scents give me headaches.

Favorite Color: Any deep, dark, rich colors, especially deep purples and greens. I can’t stand washed out colors and pastels.

Favorite Animal: Elephants!!!!!!!!

Favorite Artist/Band: Rise Against, though Starset is quickly rising through my charts

Coffee, tea, or hot cocoa? Yes?

Average hours of sleep: I’ve been forcing myself to go to bed at a reasonable time so I can function at work, so 6ish hours?

Number of blankets you sleep with: Four, and two Chihuahuas

Dream Trip: Ireland, New Zealand, Japan, most of Europe, any of the above

Last thing googled: New Zealand, to make sure I spelled it correctly, haha

Blog created: Where would I find that? It’s been at least a couple years, but I’ve only recently been active on it

How many blogs do I follow? 110, phew

Number of followers: 51, which is pretty crazy. But does that number count the porn bots?

What do I usually post about? Sheith, Voltron, dash of Klance, fanfic stuffs, Gundam Wing, my random bits of nonsense that I need an outlet for, and bl goodness.

Do you get asks regularly? Nope. Though to be honest, I would probably be too nervous to answer any asks because who in their right mind would want to ask me something and then I wouldn’t want to bother them with a reply and then it gets put off and then next thing you know it’s like a month later and it’s still sitting in your box judging you. So… yeah.

What is your aesthetic? Swaying on the front porch swing, watching the waves of rain wash across the fields as the wind makes the leaves dance, conducting a soothing song that swells with the breeze, cooling the summer heat to a comfortable chill, not enough to force you inside, but enough to bridge the gap between evening and night. Those moments of twilight are truly special.