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refs of a sort were requested for the regular characters i draw, so i quickly threw this together!! as far as i remember, these are the regulars for the art style i do here, some more personal characters/”sonas”/selves like true, and some more symbolic and my take on something, like the ‘angels’ i do.

obviously, howls is the biggest mascot for this blog, but fun fact, they’re actually a ‘shadow self’ of my sona for my regular art, shown in this ref here!

Guess What?

Pairing: Jared Padalecki x reader

Request: Oh okay can you do Jared x if your okay with Jared x Faith Details: Jared And Faith go live with their children Audrey and Asher padalecki and they tell more exciting news about faith that she’s pregnant if that’s okay Asher: 3 yrs old Audrey: 13 yrs old Both kids have brown hair And green and brown eyes( just giving you details of what they look like) i hope that Will do (by @faifre123)

Summary: You and Jared get back from a convention with an announcement/surprise for your kids, who are coming home (from staying at a friend’s house while you’re gone) in the morning. 

Warnings: some swearing, lots of fluffy making out, implied smut? i guess? (considering the fact that the reader’s pregnant?? logical step, amiright? lol), no actual smut

Word count: 1639

A/N: So freaking sorry for taking so long with this request​. It’s kinda been a rough couple weeks, and, seriously, I’m so sorry. <3 It was a good prompt, and I had fun writing it! (Also, I changed Faith to a y/n insert…) 
Requests are still open!
(GIF not mine.)

I yawned a little, opening the car door slowly. It was two in the morning, but we were finally back home after JIBcon. Jared slammed his door shut, and headed to the back of the SUV to get our stuff. He was about to grab a duffle bag when I wrapped my arms around his waist from behind and partially stood up on tiptoes, pressing a few kisses against his neck.

“We can just get it tomorrow, Jare.” I groaned, kind of just wanting to crash (and next to Jared preferably) after that long weekend and the flight home.

He pulled me in front of him, his hands sliding down my back and hooking into the belt loops on my jeans, tugging me even closer to his chest, his mouth brushing against mine gently, but I could feel a rougher undertone. “Yeah? Is that what you wanna do?” His voice was low as he whispered the words against my jaw. His lips touched my neck, and he started sucking and nipping at my skin there.

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So I was tagged in this self rec thing by uhh @waterdeers i think hmm, and someone else but unfortunately I can’t remember ;3;
But yea… I’m feeling pretty good with my art lately… like… i like what I produce, just sad that it doesn’t go around as it used to I guess hmm. Even squeezed some traditional stuff I liked there too.
I’m tagging @louminx and hmn??? Uhh anyone who wants to do it!! U should bc it’s nice to go through your art and see that there are cool stuff there too :)

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Random, but have any of the members ever mentioned what their ideal type is?

Q: What type of girls do you like? (First tell your name)

Shiro: I’m Shirofuku! I like those with lovely smile…
Tomitan: I’m Tomitake! Someone who is cheerful, always energetic and likes to eat would be good
Nokkun: That’s cause you like to eat, huh
Geru: I’m Forgeru!
Tomitan: He’s Forgeru!
Geru: Well…
Tomitan: Well…
Geru: Hey, don’t!
Geru: I like go-ahead and cheerful people
Zecchan: Yeah, someone who goes ahead lol
Geru: Not literally ww
Punta: Okay… I’m Pun-chan… I like kind people…
*Interviewers get confused about Pun-chan’s name cause he didn’t say the full one and Punta gets embarrassed*
Punta: Shiiiit… Shit….. Shit….. Shit….. Shiiiit…..
Nokkun: Okay, I’m Nokkuso. I haven’t come up with any certain type, I just love who I love.
Senji: Wow, some serious stuff right there
Nozaki: I’m Nozakibento. Mine is someone cheerful but steady.
Nokkun: Ah, I’m looking forward to hearing Zecchan! Will you say “a denpa”? ww
Zecchan: I’m Zeararu. For me it’s someone who would laugh at everything I say
Senji: I’m Nibansenji. Uhh, what do I say.. I like someone who has contrasting traits.
Zecchan: So like.. Really pretty, but with really smelly feet ww
Senji: Yeah yeah like that wwww
Aoi: ..I’m Aoi. …… …… What should it be… I like energetic people… And… Well… Well, I.. For me, it’s not really about the physical appearance… I just love who I love.

voice tag ヽ(〃・ω・)ノ
voice tag ヽ(〃・ω・)ノ

 wanna one voice tag!!

hello!! so i got tagged by dian @danielsoftgf to do the voice tag bc she likes to ruin my life BUT here it is and i think yall should get a bag of ice and some paper towels ready bc my voice will make your ears bleed :-)

1. State your name and username

2. Who is your bias in wanna one

3. Who is your bias wrecker

4. How long have you been a fan

5. Favourite song

6. Say all of the members names

7. Fave otp

8. Member you think has the best smile

9. Say Nae Maeum Soge Jeojang~

tagging: @laisgrl @heochannies @laignlin @perkwoojin @ongsecngwoo @ongjins @seongwoonie @wannasseu @seunghyuks @starrywinters @wannamoon @woo-jin-young 

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Yo! You have any recommendation for yuri manga?

from the top of my head umm.. 1. Girl friends 2. Murcielago 3. Kase-san 4. Shitsurakuen 5. Tamen de Gushi (chinese webcomic) 6. bunch of comics from like lezhin or comico i should probably read.. uhh.. 7. Beloved (chinese webcomic) started reading thanks to the art, dropped bc of nearly 30 year age gap :’)

and i guess just go on dynasty-scans.com and find things you like. theres like a whole bunch with tag warnings

uhh !!! i made some fan art a long time ago but i never tagged you in it sorry !!! (and i added the trench coat because uhhh design choice dsajhfdjkhgajkh) im like super not proud of this because its super old jadhgjf !! but uhhh i hope you like it !!

(You should be so proud of it, it’s amazing!!! The smile is so awesome and the coloring is phenomenal, plus the trench coat was a great choice!!! 😍😍)

Oh i like to flip my knife cleaver
flip it in the air
Where will it land well i really don’t care
Inspired on THIS video (warning for blood and cuts and all of that (there is a warning in the beginning of the video but))

i don’t know if i should color it :0 – maybe i will do it later… (and add something else heheh)

This version of horrortale belongs to @sour-apple-studios

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Sorry to dash all your hopes, but... We read your tags

Uhh…*sweats nervously* you do? I mean…*clears throat* you do.

Look, my tags are purely organizational. Just, you know, for scientific purposes. Educational. not at all talking about dicks and death in the same sentence

Anyway. Just gonna go now. Hide into my hole.

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“Oh my god, I was joking, you didn’t have to buy me that.”

Requested by @bitchyteen16

“C’mon guy!!” You yelled to the boys while you and the guys were exploring the town you were stopped at for a day or so. Walking past shops, you saw a cute little gift shop you just had to look around in. You were a few feet ahead of the boys who were all walking in a little group, talking about the dumbest things.

“Lets go in here.” You said stopping at the entrance of the shop.

“What is this place?” Calum said as he began walking closer to you.

“It’s a gift shop, lets go, I want a souvenir or something.” You said opening the door. 

“Alright. We’re going in here.” Calum said to Michael, Ashton and Luke as he held the door open for you.

An old lady welcomed you as you walked into the little shop filled with t-shirts and knick knacks. You were looking around at everything the store had to offer. 

“What about this shirt (Y/N)?” Calum was holding up a shirt that said ‘World’s best Grandma’. 

You rolled your eyes scoffing. As you walked around you heard Ashton ask Michael,

“Should I get this shirt?”.

 You looked to where his voice was and he was holding up a tie-dye shirt that said ‘Best Dad’.

“You should get it Ash!” You yelled.

“(Y/N) says I should get it? Should I Michael?” Ashton giggled.

“Get it mate.” Michael said uninterested in Ashton, while he was looking at some candy.

“I’m gonna get it.” Ashton said laughing at himself.

“Ooooo.” You said in awe noticing the stand with necklaces. Looking through hundreds of necklaces you saw one that stuck out to you. Untangling it from the many others there, you pulled it from the rack to get a better look at it. Calum walked up behind you resting his chin on your shoulder.

“Should I get this necklace?” You asked Calum.

“It looks fuckin cool.” He said.

“Do you have enough money?” He asked you.

“Uhh…..” Pulling out your wallet you pulled out 10 pounds.

“This is all I have.” You said.

“How much is it?”

Finding the price tag, it read £20.

“Aww don’t have enough. I’ll get something else.” You said putting it back. You walked off somewhere else leaving Calum at the stand. 

“You should buy it for me.” You said jokingly.

After a few more minutes of looking around you didn’t see anything else that interested you.

“Let’s go in like 5 miuntes.” You yelled to the boys.

“I’m gonna pay for this, and we’ll go.” Ashton said going to the register while Michael, Calum, and Luke were talking.

“Let’s go!”Ashton said with his bag in his hand ready to leave.

You pushed the door open holding it open for the boys as they spilled out of the shop. First Ashton walked out followed by Michael, Luke and then Calum.Each thanking you for holding the door.

“Here.” Calum said putting a bag in your hand.

“What’s this….” You asked him letting go of the door.

“The necklace.” He said with a small smile.

“Oh my god, I was joking, you didn’t have to buy me that.” You said. You felt a bit bad that Calum wasted his money on you.

“It’s ok, it was only 25 pounds. Plus I never get you anything even though you’re like my best friend.” 

“Calum you di–” You replied before you were cut off.

“Accept my gift (Y/N) and c’mon before we loose them.” Calum said kissing your forehead and jogging up to the boys who were a few yards down the road.



hi yeah uhh i just wanna say that you should support autistic people who have noticeable stims! like! if they don’t rub their fingers together to stim but they do have to hand flap! or if they need to chew on things (like pens!)!!! please don’t tell them that it looks weird!!!! or tell them to stop because of that!!!! seriously guys!!!!!