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RP- Tina (to Tails): h...h..hi Tails, I just um...I like you, ok? Is that ok? Oh god, what have I done? *blushes and hides behind nearest person*

“Uh… R-really? I don’t know what to say…” -sweat drop-

“Other than you have some fine taste in foxes!”

“Heh, but uhh… that doesn’t really seem to be the right thing to say… I’m not that arrogant. Not quite like Sonic, anyway.”

“Thank you for having the confidence and bravery to tell me! I admire those traits in any girl! And I actually like the shy type..”

“Uhh… maybe I said too much now?”


here’s what i got recorded from the stream!! its weird at th beginning since i was Not ready to record this at all, haha

it gets suddenly louder at about 2:50ish and starting at about 15 minutes there’s some uh. less than favorable people in voice chat, as a warning

im sorry i wasnt able to get all of it! if someone has recorded more of it please lmk!!

oh sweet neon boy with a halo of halogen light. it tastes good, doesn’t it? to dance like this in the haze of the bar, one drink down with his eyes on you all glittering dark. it feels good like this, to get lost, fixated on the way his painted fingernails tap and shift, watch the full curve of his bottom lip and that grin that reaches the crinkles around his eyes. isn’t he handsome like this? and your heart is beating like a kick drum, because damn if he isn’t brilliant. with his kohl rimmed eyes, the lord of the pool table, humming close to you like a fallen saint, backlit by fairy lights. he’s falling in love with you alec but you don’t know that yet. you’re just a boy with long fingers, the taste of beer thick at the back of your throat and he’s the most handsome thing you’ve ever seen. you want to learn how his name feels in your mouth when his fingers are lost in your hair, don’t you? and tonight? tonight you can’t find it in you to feel guilty about that. because tonight magnus bane is watching you like you’re made of something greater than carbon and you’re realizing you were made to play this game.


colored in more of @duke-of-slime’s drawings, this time of his free to use icons of Lucio from Overwatch ;0

these were oddly difficult to color and I’m not sure how to feel about them but they still look alright :‘3c

i hope you like em!!


Zach’s Instagram from October 10, 2016.


OLDCODEX’s “Fixed Engine” Song List


The Red Lion is temperamental and the most difficult to master. It‘s faster and more agile than the others, but also more unstable. Its pilot needs to be someone who relies more on instincts than skill alone.