uhh i forgot his full name

Fandom if/when something happens to Snowing: Emma is so selfish, what about baby Charming

Me: uhh

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in case some of you forgot amidst your constant complaining/whining he has a full grown older sister who can look after him who just so happens to have a son herself what a concept

20 Thoughts while watching "the Road" by ZTAO

- When did his name change from Z.Tao to ZTAO?  He almost has more names than Wu Yifan now.
- His mattress is on the floor.
- Stare into my soul Tao this is why I am here!
- Um Ms. Wedding-dress you need to leave you were not invited.
- That “Uhh” was so intense I almost forgot about Mark’s “uhh” from NCT U
- He’s way under dressed for whatever’s going on.
- Did he go to the Jackson Wang school of rapping??
- Men in Black 5?
- Why are we watching him sing with a black mask over his mouth?
- Oh he’s too good for the full mask #spoiled
- This dress is low-key pretty….
- I’m high-key jealous. 
- Why is everyone taking the stairs when there are elevators everywhere?
- “When you’re trying to be deep but Beats by Dre are sponsoring your video.”
- I have no idea what this is about. 
- That English would make Sehun proud. 
- “World’s Smallest Man Bun.”
- God Dr. Dre we already saw the “Beats” the first time!
- Anddd we’re left wondering about a pair of keys. Great.