uhg im so mad at you

Cole likes me?!

A bruiseshiping fanfic

I was on deck training when Cole came up to me. “Hey buddy” he said with an uncomfortable smile. “Can we talk?”

We went below deck and sat down across from each other. “What’s up?” I asked. “How are things with Nya?”
“Huh? That’s a weird question.”
“Just answer me.”
“Fine I guess… Why?”
“I was just wondering… I was thinking that we could - uhg - maybe we cou-”
Kai came downstairs and sat down next to Cole. “What’s up?” He asked looking at the two of us suspiciously. “NOTHING!!” Cole yelled to fast.
“OK…” he said. “Jay, Lloyd’s looking for you.”
“Oh, ok. Cole can this wait?”
“Yes.” He looked almost relived. “Go talk to Lloyd. We’ll talk later.”

Kai and I went up to find Lloyd. “What was that about?” Kai asked.
“No idea.” I say. “Weird how he was acting though, right? What could he want?”
Kai looks off and smirks. “I might have an idea.” He walked away giggling.
“What is with everyone?” I asked out loud.

“Over here Jay!” Lloyd is calling me from the training area.
“Have you talked to Cole yet?” He asked
“No we were about to talk, but Kai said you needed me.”
“Oh, well let me know when he talks to you, will ya?”
“Sure, why? What’s so important?”
“I’m not sure I should tell you…”
“Ok, Cole has a crush on you.”
I was shocked. Cole liked me? He’s a dude! I’m a dude!
“WHAT?!” I asked suprised.
“He told Kai and me last night after you went to bed. He wanted us to help him tell you. And now I have!”
I gotta talk to him! How long has he felt this way? Does he love me? That’s why he wanted to know about Nya.
“Thanks love doctor Lloyd!” I say running off.

“COLE!” I’m running through the bounty looking for him. He likes me? Do I like him? No…? “COLE!”
“Cole.” I turn around and he is inches away from my face. His eyes are so green, like leaves in the spring. “Lloyd told me how you feel-”
“WHAT!?” He looked like he was about to vomit.
“Yeah. But listen… I’m not sure I feel the same, that’s all.”
Cole looked confused.
“What did Lloyd tell you?”
“Well, he told me that you… like me.”
“HAHA! Oh my garmadon! You thought…? You belived him?”
“What’s really going on Cole?”
“I- I like Nya…Jay?”
Cole doesn’t love me? “Oh…” I sound sad. I’m not sure why though.
“Well I don’t wanna get between you to, I was gonna tell you. You mad?”
“No…” I walked away. I was confused. Cole doesnt love me, I should be relived, then why am I sad?

“How does this make you feel?” Zane was helping me sort though my feelings.
I was laying on his bunk and he had pulled a chair over. He had a notepad in his lap and was pretending to be a therapist.

“I don’t know! I don’t think I like him…”
“You don’t think?”
“Uhg! Zane what’s wrong with me?!”
“There is nothing wrong with loving your brother.”
“You don’t get it… I’m going for a walk.”
As I head upstairs I pass Kai.
“Hey man, how’s it going?”
“Eh” I don’t even bother with an answer. My mind is busy on other things.
I know I should talk to Nya. But what will I say? ‘Hey Nya. I dumping you for Cole.’
“Jay, where you going?” Kai was walking alongside me.
“I’m going for a walk.” I have no patience for his questions.
“Why I don’t I join to?”
This whole thing would be easier if I could be alone. But this does sort of concern Kai. What with him and Nya be so close. Maybe I should tell him.

“Haha! Oh man, that’s funny! You? And Cole? Yeah right.” Kai was laughing. He didn’t believe me.
“No man, really. I think I like Cole.”
“What? Really really?”
“I don’t know! It all so confusing!” This whole day has been an emotional rollercoster.
“What about my sister? You shouldn’t hurt her. It’s safer for you.”
“I’ll talk to her when I’ve figured it all out.” I’m so scared.

“What’s up Jay?” Nya look like she just finished working on her suite.
“We need to talk…” I’ve been dreading this moment for almost two days.
“So, we’re happy, right?” I asked.
“Of course.”
“Uhg- well I think- lately I’ve- hm. Nya. I’ve changed.”
“What’s wrong you can tell me. Please.”
“Nya, we’re not working any more. But don’t worry, it really is me.”
“I don’t like this Jay…”,
“Im sorry.” Nya has started to cry, but she’s being strong. “Who?”
“It’s funny you should asked.”
“JAY!” She’s mad now.
“I think I like… I mean, maybe… I like Cole…” I like Cole!
“Oh, it really is you…” she smiled, just a bit.
“Does he like you?”
“No. Actually he likes you…”
“Of course he does. I’m me…” She looked like she was ok with it, but still sad.
“We cool? I mean, can we still be friends?”
“Sure.” She wiped away a tear and stood.
“I love you Jay.” Was the last thing she said before she left the room.
I know that Cole doesn’t feel the same. I know it might not ever happen. But…

I’ve started my messed up journey that can only lead to pain and sorrow…
I love the earth ninja.

By lolofangirl.