can I just say that I hate gender and gender roles and gender identity shit like. why can’t people just be people, dicks and vaginas are literally for reproduction and tits are for feeding the babies, why can’t things just stay that way, like what the fuck. and if I have tits and a vagina why am I automatically a she/her female,  why can’t I be a they/them or a he/him if that makes me more comfortable? why do people automatically assume every boy I’m with is my boyfriend? I’m a lesbian, I don’t like guys. I don’t like assumptions, and when they’re the root of society it kinda pisses me off.

let people be who they want, and respect their preferences. is that too much to ask?

Daily Doodle! 1/26/18

George Newman of UHF! (it’s Weird Al) (clearly) I recently purchased a copy of the movie and remembered why I liked it so much. It had so many great characters! From the main protagonist, to the camera guy, the janitor, and the secretary turned news anchor! I think I’ll try to draw all the characters, and if I never get to it, well, I’ll at least have had drawn Weird Al, (circa late 80s-early 90s)


Me talking about Wile E Coyote, honestly…