Hello, everyone! It’s been a while since I did a follow forever and since I recently hit 2.5k, I decided to do another one. [My favorite accounts are in bold.] ☺

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thank you guys so much for following me and putting up with the mess that is my blog. i love you ☺

can you imagine bucky trying to desperately rub off the star on his metal arm and just completely breaking down because he can’t? he’s not strong enough. which makes him think: what if he’s not strong enough inside? will he do what he did again? he wasn’t strong enough to resist all those times, it’s all on him… “it wasn’t your fault, Buck,” says Steve, “they brainwashed you.”

bucky wishes his right arm was metal to scrub off the star on his left. but the one he has already caused so much pain. what would another metal arm bring?

he breaks down all over again. 

I hit 4k followers, can you believe it? ‘cause I can’t! I haven’t done a follow forever since I hit 1k so here is another one

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This is my first follow forever ever! It took me a while to do this, but I think you’re all here. My dash is so great thanks to you guys, you are all fantastic! Anyway, here you go:

I’m with you till the end of the line

“Tumblr family” (friends, crushes) and IRL friends. I’m so thankful to have you around here on my dash. You’ve got my ultimate love, thank you for making my Tumblr adventure incredible! ♥

Who do you want me to be? How about a friend?

Mutuals. Thanks for following me back, I love you and I would love to talk to you guys more frequently, so feel free to come to me anytime you want. Keep the awesomeness going! :D


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Follow Forever!

This was meant to be my 500 follow forever, but it ended up being closer to a 600 follow forever (I reached 600 much faster than I ever thought, I don’t know where you come from but I love you all??!), and you all voted for me to do a follow forever; so here it is!


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I love you all!!!