uh....an angel is watching over you or something

First Date

Pairing: Cas x Reader
Word count: 709
Warnings: Just a silly bit of fluff.
Request: ( Anonymous ) Can I request some fluffy Cas where he tries to give the reader a “human date” at home but keeps messing up - likes burns dinner and stuff.
Challenge:  This was written for @impala-dreamer​’s Winchester Bunch Challenge. My prompt was “Hey there groovy chicks.”

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Back in Heaven, Chuck lived in his own little temple just in the middle of those of the lower-ranked angels. It was surrounded by pillars and guarded by a few heaven hounds just in case Michael and Lucifer ever decided to throw a tantrum near him again. It was already hard enough to find inspiration, and he really couldn’t concentrate whenever there was noise outside while he was busy writing.

Chuck was sitting on a chair in front of his ancient desk, rubbing his chin while he worked on finding new concepts for his stories. His eldest son, Michael was just standing in the background, folding clothes and doing the laundry. It was a quiet afternoon in Heaven, and he wasn’t really in the mood to go out, so he kept his father company instead.

“Michael,” the old man turns around on his stool with a thoughtful look to watch his oldest son put his clothes back into the drawer, “Can I ask you something? But I need you to be honest with me.”

“Sure dad,” he says with a soft, uninterested sigh, “What’s the matter?”

“What do you think of my writing?”

Michael turns around, eyebrow cocked up with a playful smile stuck to his lips, “You wanna know what I think about your stories?”

“Well, yeah,” Chuck grabs the stack of papers from the desk and browses through the entire thing, “Since you’re the only one who’s around here most of the time, I’d like to know what you
think. Here, take a look - there are pretty funny dialogues I inserted in the beginning, too.”

His son grabs the folder of papers and takes a look, not exactly in the mood to do so. After a while of skimming the pages with his eyes and of Chuck sitting on his chair, patiently tapping his foot on the ground, he stops at a certain sentence and begins to chuckle and shake his head, handing the stack of papers back to his father.

“Don’t you like it?” Chuck asks as he takes it back, blinking in bewilderment,

“Eh - well, it’s…okay, I suppose,” Michael replies, rolling his eyes as he walks back to finish folding the washed clothes, “You could use some help on it, though.”

“Help? What for?”

“Your grammatical errors, the repetitive words and lack of synonyms - and not to forget, the small typos you leave behind,” Michael points at him, sending him a rather playful smile when his father pouts at him and turns back around, continuing to work on his story.

Hours pass by, and frankly, it feels like years. Chuck wants nothing more but just to bang his face against the wall on repeat and cry because he just doesn’t seem to find a good ending to put in his story. He’s about to give up until he hears the flutter of three pairs of wings and he turns around, sees Lucifer strolling in with a look of absolute anger on his face whilst his smallest son Gabriel trails behind with his pouch hanging at his waist, and finally Raphael who’s busy inspecting a butterfly on his finger as he walks in.

“Come on, Luce!” Gabriel groans, “This is stupid, quit being such a pain in the ass. I said I was sorry!”

“No, this is not stupid,” his older brother fires back as he searches for something in the drawer, throwing the clothes that Michael had folded all over the place. And of course that causes Michael to be angry too once he finds out that one shirt is flying straight at his face, “What you did, that was stupid. I swear if you ever scare me like that again and I end up in the lake just like last time - I’m actually going to–”

Using his grace, Michael pulls Lucifer back from the drawer until he ends up near him and can catch his brother by the back of his neck,

“You’re going to what?”

Lucifer huffs a breath, attempting to get out of his grip, “Let me go!”

“If you’re threatening your little brother, then I’d like to see you actually try doing something like strangling him while I’m around,” Michael scolds him warily and lets go off of him, throwing a towel over Lucifer’s head which makes him groan in exaperation, snatching it off before Gabriel can start giggling at how silly he looks, knowing him.

“Raphael, my boy,” Chuck coos, patting his knees to indicate him to come over, “I’d like to ask you something.”

“Sure, uh, Father, what is - oh!” his son suddenly shouts in astonishment, the butterfly beginning to flap its wings and ascend to the sky. He gasps in awe and jumps, trying to catch it, “Gabe, it’s escaping – help me catch it, please!”

“I don’t think that’s such a good idea…“ the youngest angel says as they watch it go for freedom, flapping its way out of the temple and Raphael quickly running after it.

Chuck clears his throat and shakes his head, looking at Lucifer who’s drying himself off with a towel, still pissed about the fact that the smallest one out of the four archangel has succeeded to prank him. His wings are still drenched along with his blond hair, and water is something that he loathes.


The angel groans, fluttering his wings that makes water fly all around, specifically targetting Michael’s face and earning an irritated growl for that, “What?”

“Can you give me your opinion on–”

“Your stupid stories again?”

“Lucifer!” Michael shouts angrily, stomping one of his feet to the ground.

“What, do you want me to lie and say that I love reading them?” he says, scoffing and rolling his eyes before throwing the wet towel to Michael’s face, “I’m not in the fucking mood for this. I might actually respond positively once Gabriel gets grounded instead me for my ‘lack of attention’ to what words I’m using and my 'bad attitude’!”

Before anyone can say anything to that, Lucifer growls in anger and stalks out of the temple.

“Well, he’s pissed…” Gabriel states with a smug smirk, but that quickly vanishes from his face when he catches the glare coming from Michael, “I mean, not that it entertains me in any way, you know…”

A few seconds of silence take over before Chuck exhales in disappointment and turns around on his stool, glancing at the last pieces of paper waiting to be filled with ink and the quill placed near it waiting to be used, “I guess I’ll just have to keep moving forward, then.”

Gabriel approaches and looks over his father’s shoulder, curious eyes of the fledgling taking in the folder that lies abandoned on the side of the desk which Chuck pushes off, letting it drop right into the trash can with another sigh.

“Dad, what are you doing?”

“Nothing, my son,” Chuck mumbles, rubbing his eyes tiredly before he stretches back into his seat, “Just writing my stupid stories, I guess.”

Michael looks up from the nearly finished laundry and watches as Gabriel grabs the folder out of the trash can and sits down on the chair next to his father, curious eyes drifting over the stunning handwriting as he takes the papers out and starts reading much to Chuck’s surprise. He doesn’t expect it, but also doesn’t say a word and just admires the view of his youngest son mumble the written words of the prologue for about ten minutes.

Out of the three archangels, Gabriel has always been the one to take interest to everything and learn to embrace it with open arms which Chuck appreciates the most about him.

“Dad…” the little archangel says, not glancing away from the words.


“This is a wonderful story.” Gabriel breathes, gently tracing the ink with his index finger, “Why didn’t you finish it?”

Chuck smiles warmly at the kind compliment, leaning onto his hand as he stares at the way his son flicks through the pages, “Because I couldn’t find a proper ending to it,” he says, “And it’s nothing someone would wanna read anyway. Too cliché and–”

“No, no, no. It just lacks…editing and…effort!” Gabriel nods his head and looks at his father with a simper stuck to his lips, whiskey eyes filled with hope, “You should find someone to help you develop the story, dad. It would make a great success if you just put a little more time in finishing it entirely, I promise. And fuck whatever Michael and Lucifer–”

“Son, your language.”

“Screw…whatever Lucifer and Michael say about your writing,” Gabriel says, smiling sheepishly his way in apology before putting the papers neatly back into the folder and placing it on the table, “I think it’s beautiful and you should be proud of what you come up with, Father.”

Those words catch Michael’s attention yet again, the piece of cloth he is currently holding suddenly  falling out of his hands and onto the ground when he watches Gabriel crawl into Chuck’s lap to pull his arms around the elder and hug him, loose golden locks falling over his closed eyes as a simple smile plays onto his lips. His heart swells at the sight, a simper appearing onto his face too at how speechless Chuck looks, having no clue how to possibly react. But he mimicks Gabriel’s movement at last, putting his own arms around his son to show his affection and appreciation.

“Thank you, Gabriel.” he says quietly, locking eyes with Michael over his child’s shoulder, “This is just what an old sap like myself needed.”

12x01: Keep Calm and Carry On

Aubrey’s Challenge: Write a fic about each episode in season 12.

Word Count: 1597

Version en Español

Originally posted by yourfavoritedirector

Your mother had chosen the absolute worst time to call with a family emergency that you couldn’t gracefully get out of. Dean had just left, loaded with a soul bomb, and everyone else was headed into town for a last drink before the world ended, or Dean killed the Darkness.

Then your mom called, sobbing. You had to leave everyone and drive over three states to comfort her.

Now you were on your way back to Kansas, anxious to get to Sam. The world was still around, and the sun was back to normal which meant that Dean had gone through with the plan and he was dead. Sam needed you. After three years of dating, you knew him well enough to know that he wasn’t going to be in a good place.

You were at the Colorado/Kansas border when your phone rang. Glancing at the screen, you nearly drove right off the road.

“Dean?” Disbelief and hesitant hope filled your voice as you pulled off to the side of the road to answer.

“It’s me.” His gruff, familiar voice brought tears to your eyes. Sam wasn’t the only Winchester you’d grown to love.

“Oh my god, Dean. What happened? How are you still alive?”

“I’ll explain later. Have you heard from Sam?” Dean asked, the worry in his voice carrying over the phone.

“Not since I left Lawrence,” you replied, heart skipping a beat. “Why? What’s wrong?”

Dean made a disappointed noise and spoke to whoever was in the room with him. “Y/N hasn’t heard from him.” Then he was back to talking to you. “Some chick was waiting in the bunker. She blasted Cas away and there was blood on the floor when I got back to the bunker. I hacked the traffic cams and saw a black SUV. I was just hoping that you knew where he was.”

“Did you get the license plate?” Panic filled you and you pulled back onto the road. Sam was in trouble and you needed to get to Dean so you could help find him.

“I’m running it now. I’ll call you back when we have a plan. And if he calls you—“

“I’ll let you know. I’m three hours away. I’ll be at the bunker soon.” You hung up just as a freezing cold sensation coated your skin.

Sam had to be alive.


“Hello, Y/N,” Cas greeted when you found him at the coffee cart Dean texted you directions to.

You nodded a greeting at Cas and pulled your jacket closer around you. You’d been freezing ever since you first phone call with Dean. “Hey. What’s going on? Find anything new?”

The angel shook his head, but then he glanced behind to the tables where people were seated. “Not with Sam. But, uh… There’s something that Dean didn’t tell you on the phone.”

“Which is…?” You prompted.

“Their mother. Mary. Amara brought her back.”

It was like your brain stopped working. Cas’s words didn’t make any sense. “Their… mother?”

You looked over his shoulder and searched the faces of the crowd until you landed on a blonde woman, watching everyone around her with a lost look on her face. She looked exactly as she had in the pictures that Dean had shown you once.

“That’s Mary,” you said in disbelief. “Sam’s mom. She’s alive.”

“Yes,” Cas confirmed. “That’s what I just said.”

“Here’s your coffee, sir,” the employee at the cash register broke in, sliding two coffees toward Cas. He took the cups and led you over to Mary. At your arrival, she looked over from where she had been watching a family playing on their phones. “You must be Y/N.”

She was even more beautiful up close. “Yeah-yes. I’m Y/N. And you’re… Mary. Sam’s mom.”

Cas slid one of the coffees toward Mary and sat down. You slowly settled into the chair opposite of her, unable to look away. This was the woman that Sam often talked to you about. He had told you how he wished that he could know her. Dean had memories with their mother, but Sam had only been six months old when she died.

And now she was sitting right in front of you.

“I’m sorry,” you apologized when you realized that a minute had passed and you’d been staring at her the whole time. “I don’t mean to—it’s just this is… unexpected.”

“For me too.”

“Right,” you hurriedly agreed. After taking a moment to glance around the world, you could see how much had changed in the thirty-some years that she’d been gone. “This must be really weird for you.”

She just lifted her coffee to her mouth and took a sip.

“I remember my first moments on Earth,” Cas filled the silence. “It’s jarring.”

Mary scoffed lightly. “One word for it.”

You weren’t good with people. It had taken weeks before you felt comfortable with the Winchesters. And your people skills, while slightly better than Cas’s, still weren’t the best. You had no idea what to say to your boyfriend’s mother who had been dead for the last thirty-three years.

This wasn’t exactly a situation that you planned for.

Thankfully, Dean came over then. He patted your shoulder lightly in greeting, knowing how much you hated to be touched, but also knowing that he was an exception to a certain degree. Sam was the only person that could touch you constantly without making you want to crawl out of your skin. Hugs from Dean were acceptable in small doses, but you could never seem to get enough of Sam.

“Good to see you, Y/N. I see you’ve met my mom,” he stuttered on the last word, still getting used to it.

“Yeah. Uh, did you find anything?” A slight breeze kicked up, sending a chill over your skin. The sooner you found Sam, the sooner everything would start feeling right again.

Dean explained about the sealed flight plans just before you saw the veterinarian’s car drive by. In the next minute, the four of you were on the move.


Mary had strong hunter’s instincts and ended up saving your lives when she killed the British woman who had crashed into Baby on purpose. After everyone was cleaned up from that fight and back on the road, the car was filled with an uncomfortable, heavy silence. Dean and Cas were up front, since Mary had elected to sit in the back with you.

After half an hour where the only noise was the radio playing quietly in the background, Mary’s voice seemed extra loud, even though she was speaking in hushed tones. “You’ve been with Sam for three years?”

“Yeah.” You weren’t sure where she was going with this, but you turned to face her nonetheless. If she was alive, that meant Sam was going to want her in his life when you found him. So you had to learn how to get along with her. She was family.

“What’s he like? Dean’s told me some, but I want to hear what Sam’s like from your point of view.”

Your eyes caught Dean’s in the rear view mirror for a brief second. That small glance reassured you and gave you the strength you needed in order to open up to this virtual stranger.

“Sam… he’s strong. He’s a fighter for sure. But he’s also really sweet. I know, that’s a weird way to describe a hunter. But it’s true.” Mary’s expression was shielded in the darkness of the night. Maybe that was what gave you the courage to open up more. Mary didn’t want to know shallow things about Sam. She wanted to know why you loved him. What kind of a man her son had grown up to be.

“He’s kind of a health nut, which really sucks when all that I want is some chocolate and we have to run into town to get some. But it’s also a good thing, because he takes care of himself, and he takes care of me. When he hugs you, you just know that there’s going to be a happy ending, no matter what’s going on. That’s not something that we get a lot of in this life.”

Cas shifted in the front seat, and you knew that everyone was tuned into your words. You were sharing very private thoughts with everyone in the car. This was so out of character for you, but now that you were thinking about why you loved Sam, you couldn’t stop.

“When you’re talking to Sam, he listens. He really listens. He cares about every single thing that you say.” Emotions started bubbling over in the form of tears. Wherever Sam was, you had to find him. You had to bring him home. A life without Sam was no life at all.

“Mary.” You turned to fully face her. After a moment’s hesitation, you reached across the seat and grabbed her hand, lightly squeezing her fingers. “I love your son. Sam grew up into one of the best people I’ve ever met. He’s the kind of person that you would die for. But… but Sam’s the kind of person that you want to live for. That’s hard to find.”

There was a pregnant pause as everyone let your words settle into their bodies. Your skin started tingling where you were touching Mary, so you carefully extracted your hands and retreated to your side of the car.

Finally, Mary cleared her throat. Her voice was thick with unshed tears. “Thank you, Y/N. And I swear, we’ll find him.”

“I know we will.”


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Am I Making You Frustrated?

Summery: you loved playing head games, but Sam and Dean were practically immune to your advances now, not that you wanted them anyway. In an attempt to spice up the game, you decide to go for your favourite angel, not realizing the affects you can have on him.

Castiel x reader  

Word count: 1215

Warnings: dude, total make out scene, just saying. Uh, I don’t know, sexual frustration Kinda sorta?

A/N: English is not my first language! I’m sorry if there are any mistakes! (and not just spelling, like, wording and stuff. In my defence, English is very confusing sometimes.) 

It was a game you played with the boys, I mean, it was easy to get inside their head, especially being a girl and living with them. You loved watching them stutter and stammer at your advances, knowing it wouldn’t lead to anything. But lately it was getting less and less fun, they were becoming immune. That’s when you decided to set your eyes on another member of the Winchester family. Castiel.

You were hesitant at first, mostly because of your feelings towards the angel, but deciding that it couldn’t possibly hurt anything. You were going to see how long it took for Cas to get sexually frustrated, it almost seemed impossible which made you even more determined. Walking out of your room in a simple pair of blue plaid pyjama shorts and a black top, you were trying to figure out the best ways to get under Cas’ skin. Not paying attention, you smacked into Dean.

“Oh no” he groaned, running his hands down his face

“What?” you questioned looking up at him.

“Those shorts and that shirt only spell trouble.” he muttered walking past you.

As you walked into the kitchen, you noticed Sam munching on some freshly picked strawberries.

 “Mmmm” you said, picking one up. Climbing up onto the chair, you sat on your legs.

“Oh God” Sam muttered, looking at your shorts.

“Am I really that predictable?” you ask, throwing the top of the strawberry at Sam.

“We don’t trust you in shorts, not after the Impala incident.“

You smiled to yourself, “Oh yeah” that had been a good day.

“Hey Cas!” you yelled, watching Sam’s eyes go wide in realization.

“Y/N, I don’t think that’s a good idea-”

“Nonsense, it’ll be fun.” you say

Without a moment to spare, Cas appeared at the kitchen table beside you.

“I believe Dean had said it was a “day off”. Is something wrong?” the angel said using air quotes and squinting.

“Nope.” you said biting into the strawberry slowly, eyeing Cas “I just wanted to know if you wanted to hang out.”

“Oh-uh, I-I guess I could spare a moment away.” he said as he averted his eyes away from your mouth, a blush seeping across his face.

“Y/N…” Sam started but you cut him off.

“So whatdoya wanna do?” you ask, watching the angel.


“Hey! Stop hogging all the strawberries!” you yell at Sam and lean over pressing into Cas, his face close to your chest. Quickly he looked the opposite way. But not before you notice the blush that spread across his face. As you tried to grab for a strawberry, Sam pulled them away.

“I think you’ve had enough.” he says smiling.

“Oh really?” you reply, leaning into Cas even more.

Cas instantly reached over, grabbing a strawberry from the container and thrusting it into your face. You laughed and, instead of taking it, you bit the fruit. Looking up you saw a wide eyed Cas. This was a lot more fun.

“Do you think you could help me move all these books into my room?” you ask pointing to a pile of books behind Cas that you’ve been meaning to bring to your room for the past few weeks.

“Yes, I am happy to help.” Cas replied, looking at you.

“I’m sure you are.” you threw a wink Cas’ way and watched as his eyes went wide.

Getting up from your chair, you bent over and grabbed some books, throwing a look behind you, you noticed that Cas was looking anywhere but at you.

“You coming?”

“M-Mmhmm.” Cas mumbled grabbing the remaining books and transporting to your room, leaving you to walk.

You shook you head and laughed. This was much more fun.


“Oh come on Sam, its just harmless fun.” you say as you walk to your room.

By the time you got to your room, Cas had put away his pile of books, they sat messily on the bookshelf. Laughing you set down your load.

“Okay, how should we organize them?” you ask


“Alphabetical it is” you say as you start to arrange the pile of books. It was quiet as the two of you worked, until you remembered that you had stolen Deans i-pod. Walking over to the small bedside table, you turn it on and set it to the song that had been playing previously, some random classic rock band. Walking back, you noticed how stiff Cas looked.

“You okay Cas?” you asked from behind him.

“Hmm? Yeah, fine” he said putting up more books.

Right. Grabbing books, you both worked, listening to music and occasionally chatting. As the books started piling up, it became harder and harder to reach the top. Reaching on your tippy toes, you could feel your shirt start to ride up as you tried to push the book into place. Without warning, Cas’ hand was placed on your hip as he reached up and helped you with the book. Lowering yourself, you noticed that Cas slowly removed his hand, staring at the place where it had once been.

“I think there’s one more book over there.” you say pointing to the single remaining book. Cas walked over and grabbed it as you leaned against the bookshelf. Walking back over, Cas looked at the single remaining spot for the book, and it was right above where you stood. Trying to place the book on the shelf, you couldn’t help but press yourself against Cas a little, sliding the book into place he gasped as he felt your body against his.

“What are you doing?” he said breathlessly.

You smiled and shrugged. As Cas was about to step back you grabbed his tie.

“Y-Y/N-” he stuttered.

“Yes?” you questioned innocently.

“I don’t think you understand the affects you have on-”

“Lets find out.” you say smashing your lips into his. At first you feel his surprise as he jerks back, but that disappears in an instant as you grab a fist full of his hair. This is not usually how the game plays out. But you weren’t complaining. Cas places a hand to the back of your neck and the other on your hip, brining you in closer to him. Tugging at his hair, you hear him moan into your mouth. At this point, you don’t even remember about the game you were playing, this had been what you wanted for a long time, you just never thought it would actually happen.

Breaking away from each other for breath, Cas started to pepper light kisses down you jaw and neck, resulting in a small gasp from you. Placing both hands on the back of his neck, you pull Cas in closer, his two arms reach out and wrap around your lower back, pushing you into the wall with his hips. Tugging at his hair once more, you heard the angel grunt as his lips found yours again. Side stepping, you broke away from the angel even though you instantly regretted it. You heard Cas whine at the loss of contact and his puppy dog look broke your heart.

“What were those affects you were talking about?” you question, smiling.

“Oh I think you know.” he says pressing his lips into yours once more. This time, you didn’t pull away.