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as a rich kid, whose following your blog, I'm really insulted by the rich kids acheivements don't matter text post, that you reblogged. You hate us fine but you don't have to be a dick about it. and your tag #eat the rich is REALLY pissing me off. I'm unfollowing you.

😘😎🖕 bye


a dirkjake playlist

[ with focus on The Break Up and reconciliation ]

i’m currently blocked on the piece i’m working on, so i whipped together a quick cover to share a dirkjake-ish song list

tracklist under the cut (with lyrics)

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Forgetting to specify where in the scene a few characters are so your mental picture ends up like

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Quick Background: I’m a dwarf wizard who relies on his sack of 40 or so throwing hatchets more than his magic. My friend is the DM. We often lose count of how many hatchets I go through in one fight.

DM: Ok, so you hit twice…missed once…uh…

Me: I had like 32 when I started. Probably closer to 36.

DM: Shit, uh, ok…ah, fuck it. I hereby grant you a sack of infinite throwing hatchets. 

And that day, I had the most fun I’d ever had.  The only drawback was I had to give up Magic Missile for it…

The party part 13/?