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You’re Just Good With Babies (Part 10)

           To say that you were more than excited to have your babies was an understatement. You couldn’twait to hold them and show them off to the world. You were currently lying inbed hiding from the guys under the blankets. You stared down at the sonogram picture in hands smiling. At least you knew your children would never hurt you. You squeezed your eyes shut tightly as the tears came down. You buried your face into your pillow as best you could and sobbed. The argument flashed in your mind as his words echoed through.

“I don’t care! I’m done! I’m not ready to be a father!”

“Sam, come on you’re just drunk. You’re gonna be a great dad!” you smiled lightly. He shook his head.

“What don’t you get? I don’t WANT to be a father!!! I don’t want those fuckin kids!”

               You cried harder, clutching the sonograms to your chest. How could he not want them? He hasn’t even held them yet. You wiped your eyes and pushed yourself up. You slid the ring off your finger and scribbled down a note to Dean.

               ‘Dear Dean,

                                               Thank you so much for everything you have done for me, and the babies. They will know and love their uncle very well. I’m sorry but I have to go. I can’t bring children into the life of someone who doesn’t want them. I won’t allow them to be raised around that. Tell Castiel I said thank you for everything and thank you both for the wedding, I’m sure it was to be beautiful. But I can’t marry Sam. He should be sober by the time that you get this; I love you guys.

                                                                                                                                               Love, Y/N and twins

               You’d rolled the note up and slipped the ring around it before placing it on the library table in Dean’s spot. You quietly packed a couple of bags and took one of the spare cars from the garage of the bunker while they were sleeping. You drove and drove just watching the road and listening to the radio, you currently had no idea where you were and thankfully you hadn’t been contacted yet. You were sure the boys would try to track you down, and you were sure Sam would apologize for everything he said. Didn’t mean that he had to do it right now.

               You needed your space, you knew now that the only reason Sam got you pregnant was because he knew how badly you wanted to be a mom. Being 7 months pregnant and alone wasn’t exactly how you thought you would become a mom though. You were still in love with Sam, and quite possibly always would be. You felt the tears threaten your eyes once more. “You know, I know some things about little Sammy that you probably don’t.” A voice said suddenly beside you. You gasped the car swerving slightly. “Hey! Stay on this side of the yellow line! Before you kill yourself!” You looked at the man; he seemed middle-aged, short sandy blonde hair, blue eyes. He wore a pair of jeans and an olive brown shirt with a faded blue button down. “Who the hell are you?!” you asked moving your eyes back to the road. “I’m an old friend of Sammy’s. And you were just the person I was lookin for!” he grinned clapping his hands together.

               “Look, me and Sam broke up so I don’t-“ he cut you off and waved his hand. “No no, believe me, Sam wasn’t himself when he said those horrible things to you” you glanced at him. “Look buddy I don’t know who you are or what you are but just leave me alone. I haven’t done anything to you.” Your emotions were starting to get the better of you. “Who the hell are you?!” you asked as he laughed again. “Sweetheart…” he flashed a cocky grin. “I’m Lucifer, and you’ve got something I want”

               Dean paced the floor of the library. Cas appeared as Sam walked in sleepy with his hair going crazy. “where’s Y/N?” he asked groggily. “What the fuck did you say to her?!” Dean yelled. Sam stared at him wildly. “What are you talking about? I don’t remember anything from last night” he said rubbing his head. “yeah, well apparently you two got into and you said you didn’t want the babies and shes gone Sam. She left.” Dean said pushing the ring and note to him. Sam read through it quickly and felt his heart sank. “oh god no…I didn’t…I would never….Of course I want them. I…what happened last night Dean?”

               Dean shrugged “One minute we’re at the bar having a great time, you go to the bathroom and come back in a horrible mood. I figured she’d texted and asked when you were coming home. No big deal, it wasn’t until I had to drag you away from making out with some blonde that you got super pissed” Dean stared at the table. “But you didn’t remember anything…not even some fuzzy memories?” Sam shook his head. “I remember coming back to the bar, and finishing my drink…that’s it.” Dean looked at Castiel who nodded. “I can sense it…” Sam looked at him. “Sense it? What? What’s going on?” “Sammy, I think you got possessed last night at that bar. And I think there’s something more going on than just a random demon doing it.”

               “I’ve been called to Heaven. Something urgent is happening.” Castiel suddenly spoke. With furrowed brows he looked toward the boys. “Did she leave in a truck or car?” “The ole red truck was missing…why what’s goin on Cas?” Castiel nodded slightly.I’ve been informed that a red truck was found on the side of a highway, crashed into a tree. Personal belongings missing and all that was found was a sonogram picture…they seem to think….” Cas looked at Sam who feared the worst already. “They think she’s been taken…but aren’t sure by whom…something evil. The angels are cleaning up the wreck, so the police won’t get involved.”  Dean looked at him confused. “If a demon wanted her dead, he would have killed her last night. If they aren’t killing her then what do they want?” “It’s not what the demons want…it’s what…he wants.” Sam said staring at the table. “He? He Who? You mean….” Dean trailed off and glanced at Castiel who stared at Sam with a knowing look. “Lucifer…he’s not after her or me anymore”

“Lucifer wants the twins” he said staring at Dean

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#8. Three Hunters and a Baby

“Why the hell is she naked?!” Dean shouted.

“You were the one who was supposed to be watching her!” Sam yelled back.

There would come a time when you would be mortified about running bare-butt naked through the Bunker. But now was not that time. Now — now you were living the wild life.

Liberated, happy, and just as nature intended.

Well, almost as nature intended.

Technically, you should be over fourteen months old. But thanks to an unexpected encounter with a witch, biology had taken a backseat to magic and the impossible.

You saw Dean coming toward you and screeched gleefully, hands thrown up as your little rear went romping in the other direction.


Before you knew it, you were snugly cocooned in stuffy, green fabric. Your feet kicked, but no matter how hard they flapped, they still lost contact with the hardwood floor. 

Lucky for you, life up here was almost as entertaining as life down below. Your chubby fingers started pulling on Dean’s lip.

“Sammy, you find a way to turn her back yet?” Dean grumbled, trying to angle his face out of your enthusiastic reach.

“I think I’ve got something, but I’ll need to ask Cas to help me trans— uh oh.” Sam bit his lip to cut off a laugh.

“Uh oh? Why uh o— AW MAN, SHE’S LEAKING!”

WestAllen Week Day 3: Firsts

Title: a thousand times exchanged
Fandom: The Flash
Characters: Barry Allen, Iris West
Relationship: WestAllen

Rating: Teen

Word Count: ~3000
Summary: A series of first kisses between Iris and Barry. Disregards the BTS spoilers. Some fluff. Some tears. Some lolz. Mostly fluff though.

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Have a little faith.


Homeland meme → 4 relationships [¾]

“Carrie is building a professional intimacy with Quinn, which is often more meaningful for her than a conventional romance.” –Claire Danes