uh... oh... ah

She’s not even repeating the same moevements but okay.

I really don’t understand why she got so obsessed with this game.

Steven i don’t think-

-this is going to-

-resolve the issue.

oh i uh ah uhhh

Okay that’s… very interesting. Does this third eye have a specific purpose/ability? Why does Garnet have more of things than other gems, like how she has two gems, and now that? Is Garnet different from them?

Also she looks like in a complete trance, i don’t know how that game made her like that. Gems really must have a thing for beating meat.

Her visor disappeared when it was broken, huh?

Is that not a part of her body, like how gem weapons work? Can she make a new one out of her gem?

anonymous asked:

hello is this the police i'd like to report a murder yugi killed me with cuteness

!! Oh, uh, haha! Ah, thanks! Although I didn’t mean to murder you…..think I could bring you back to life? :3


✧ SouRin Week: [ ᴅ ᴀ y - ᴛ ʜ ʀ ᴇ ᴇ ]

☆ a p e r: Future Fish AU [ + Rule 63 ]

✧* в σ η υ ѕ:

– Yamazaki-san, you can’t whispers things when the person is basically in front of you (/ u n ú)/

Geoff Ramsey: Ah! Ah! Ah! Ah!

Jack Pattillo: Oh god.

Geoff Ramsey: Ah! Ah! Ah!

Ray Narvaez, Jr.: Uh-oh.

Geoff Ramsey: Ah! Ah!

Ray Narvaez, Jr.: Geoff, what’s happening?

Geoff Ramsey: Ah!

Ray Narvaez, Jr.: Geoff?

Geoff Ramsey: Ah!

Jack Pattillo: What’s goin’ on, Geoff?

Geoff Ramsey: Ah! 

Jack Pattillo: You alright, Geoff?

Michael Jones: Are you cumming?

Ray Narvaez, Jr.: I’m gonna close my mouth.


When you’re too lazy to make lazy day plans…
N: “A banana milk for you, a banana milk for me.”
You: “thanks”
N: “A blanket for you and a blanket for me.”
You: “thank you again.” *giggle*
N: “Now what do we do?”
You: “I don’t know…what do you want to do?”
N: “Well, I don’t know what I want to do so that’s why I asked you what you want to do.”
You: “Then I guess we should just do that all day. Ask each other what the other wants to do.”
N: “Sure. I like hearing the sound of your voice anyway.” *slurrrp* 

When you’re too lazy to talk…
Leo: “MhmmmmMhmmmmm…” *forceful*
You: “Mhmmmmm…mhmm…Taek”
Leo: “Hmmm?”
You: “Uh?…”
Leo: “Uh oh!”
You: “Eh?!”
Leo: “Ah!”
You: “Hnnnnnngh!”
Leo: “Ugh”
You: *swing your leg over his*
Leo: “Ohhhh”
You: “I love you.”
Leo: “Same.”
All: “Phahahaha”

Translation as you both lay face down on the mattress:
“Sigh. So now what? We got the whole day to ourselves? You want breakfast?”
“I really want a repeat of last night, Taek.”
*Don’t worry we’ll have eggs too!* *turns over to face you.**
*What else am I missing?!”
*Ugh fine, you can have pancakes too.*
*Swings your leg over his torso*
*Oh, yeah. I can definitely squeeze some orange juice too*
“I love you.”
“I love you too. We get each other so well.”

When you’re too lazy to get off the couch…
You: “Yep.”
Ken: “I’m dating a pro.”
You: “Well, I wouldn’t call myself a pro. But, I’m a good ass kicker.”
Ken: “But you haven’t even played this before!”
You: “So what? Now stop stalling and give me my winnings.”
Ken: “No!” *guards bag full of candy*
You: "Jaehwan! Give me the candy!” *reaches for backpack and it explodes causing candy to fall on the floor put of reach* "Now, look what you did!”
Ken: “No worries. I have another bag.”
You: “Okay, cool.”

When you gotta be active just to be lazy…
Ravi: “Let’s sleep,” said Ravi.
You: “Babe, we just woke up. Like an hour ago.”
Ravi: “This is true. But now the blood is rushing from our heads to our stomachs to digest the breakfast we just ate.”
You: “Wonshik…”
Ravi: “Fine! We can watch Netflix and chill then.”
You: “Wait…”
Ravi: *he hoists you over his shoulder causing you to squeal* “Then we’ll definitely sleep after we burn off all that breakfast." 

When you’re too lazy to look good…
HongBin: "Your hair is mess. It looks like a bird’s nest.”
You: “You have so much scruff. If I rub your chin it would scratch me.”
HongBin: “You have drool residue on the corner of your lip.”
You: “Your morning breath smells like…well it doesn’t smell at all like wtf HongBin.”
HongBin: “Magic.”
You: “Let’s go wash up.”
HongBin: “Lead the way.”
That British voice on Spongebob: Three hours later
HongBin: “Are you getting up anytime soon?”
You: “I’m waiting on you!”

Just too damn lazy…
Hyuk: “This popcorn needs more butter.”
You: “You’re right. It does.”
*awkward silence*
Hyuk: “So…the popcorn won’t butter itself.”
You: “I guess it won’t.”
Hyuk: “I can do this all day you know.”
You: “So can I.”
Hyuk: “…”
You: “…”
Hyuk: “I don’t want the popcorn anymore.”
You: “Me either…”

If You Will (1/?)

Ship: AHOT6
Summary: Michael is an unpresented wolf from a pureblood Alpha Family. After being forced out of his home by his mother, he sets on a path to find his mate, what he gets is not what he could have expected. 

Warnings: a/b/o dynamic, werewolves but like…not really.

Thank you to iwant-dontget for being a beta for this first part. I cannot believe I’m back on the path of a multi chapter again. Wish me luck.


In short, Michael Jones was a failure, a disappointment; to his family, his legacy, to himself.

Keep reading