Skull Illustration

This is my first time using a graphics tablet to draw, and I must say the results are pretty good even though I mainly use pencil on paper and photoshop to edit. It’s also the same skull I’ve used in my icon.

I used a Wacom Bamboo Create Pen & Touch tablet and this took about 4 hours in total. 

Transparent + non-transparent versions.

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So I moved out the other night. My best friend and girlfriend and I snuck all my things I had packed throughout the past few months near the middle of the night and took it all to my best friends house. Knowing my parents would be frustrated with my choices I decided to leave a note trying to be respectful and thank them for the things they had done for me. 

I woke up the next morning and not long after my mother texted me asking where I was and I told her to read the note. She then texted me, “Call. Now.” I called her and she gave me the options of speaking with her at the house or coming over and talking to me in front of my friend’s family. I didn’t want to put them through that drama so I said I would meet her at the house. Heading over there I warned my friend that the police might have to be called. 

She parked outside my house while my parents tried to get me to come inside. I said no and then they told me repeatedly too. I refused over and over. They then told me to sit down on the steps. I said no. They then began to patronize me telling me how cowardly and foolish I was for thinking I could just leave. I told them I legally had the right to and that I did not have to answer their questions.

 My mother then demanded to know if I was a relationship with my friend and I said no. She then asked about my girlfriend and I decided it best to just say the truth and I said yes. They practically lost their shit telling me how wrong it is to like someone of the same sex. I began to internally panic because this wasn’t the first time they found out I had a girlfriend and last time the isolated me from anyone and cut off all lines of communication with her. My mother then asked if I had had sex with my girlfriend and when I said yes they were appalled. 

My mother then hugged me saying that she loved me but when I tried to move she refused to let me go. My father then went over to my friend in her car, opening her door and said, “Thank you for holding her, we’ll take her for the day.” He then slammed her door shut and I started screaming at my mother to let me go but she refused. I looked at my friend pleadingly trying to get her to call the police but she was terrified and I don’t blame her. 

She made the right choice and left. My parents then both carried me inside and made me sit in a chair. My mother sat on me for a while asking me questions before she moved off of me. They asked why I thought I could get away with this and why I would chose my girlfriend over them. I told them I had to get to work which was at 8 and they both laughed and gave me the option of either calling in to let them know I’d be late or just get fired. 

I said I would call them but I didn’t know the number so when my mom got up to get the phone book I then dialed 911. My father, realizing I called someone yelled at my mother to take the phone from me. The only words I got out were, “Hi, I am currently-” then my mother ripped the phone from my hand and hung up. They demanded to know who I called and I said 911. They then began telling me I was lying and that if I had they would’ve already called back. I said I was being honest and then after a short, but painfully wrong while there was a call. 

My mother picked up then I began to scream for help. My mom walked out of the room so they wouldn’t hear me and my dad cruelly laughed saying, “You really think you’re going to get away with this?” I sat there silently for a few moments before I realized I had a clear path to the door. With no second thought I sprang up and unlocked the door throwing it open as my father yelled no, only an inch away from grabbing me. I then ran as hard as I could down the street when I saw a lady walking her dog. 

I ran up to her and asked if I could use her phone to call the police and she worriedly complied. I then called and began to explain my situation to the dispatcher. She asked the required questions and if I could stay on the phone. I said I would for as long as I could. My father then drove up in his car, telling me to get in and I said no. I explained to the dispatcher what was happening as he pulled his car around to corner me. He continually told me to get in the car but I refused. 

The poor young lady I borrowed the phone from was obviously confused and frightened. The house I had stopped in front of was a lady I knew and she was continually asking what was going on. My mother then dove up and told me to give the girl her phone back and get in the car. I refused but she physically forced me to give her the phone. My mom then forced me in my fathers car and I briefly explained what was happening to the lady outside the house. She responded with, “Well your parents know what’s best for you.“ 

I said no and then my parents drove me back home. My mother then came out to get me and gripped tightly to my shoulders telling me that she had just spoken with the police and I didn’t have the rights I thought I was entitled to. She walked me inside and in front of my siblings started telling them, "Your sister is a lesbian. She would rather be with her girlfriend than with you.” My poor little brother and little sister who are only 11 and 13 began to become heartbroken at hearing these things. 

My mom was about to continue when the police showed up. One officer took me outside to speak with me and I explained everything. The other officer spoke with my parents. When they finished the officers spoke it over then switched to talk to me and my parents. I don’t know what they told them but I was told I had the right to leave. I am utterly disappointed with what my parents did. They would rather put me through the same emotional abuse they had before than accepting my choice. They would rather fix me than accept me.