Pairing: Mikaela Hyakuya/Yuichiro Hyakuya
Rating: Mature
Summary: Caught hiding in Tokyo by vampires, Yuichiro is dragged kicking and screaming to Sanguinem where he is put into the vampire equivalent of a whorehouse. That is where he meets Mikaela.
Notes: The courtesan!au no one wanted.

chapter one.

“Luckily for you, little human, you can aspire to so much more. As a courtesan,” Yuichiro has never heard that word before. “You will be given the finest Sanguinem has to offer. Three hot meals a day, more clothing than you could ever want, an education—a life in the lap of luxury, if you will. No blood donations.” Yuichiro feels hope swell and flutter to life in his chest. As if sensing this, Tepes smiles another one of her cruel smiles. “But you’d belong to me body, blood, and soul.”

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anonymous asked:

hey, i know you said you studied evolutionary biology, and I'm just wondering (if you're ok w saying, ofc) where you studied that? not a lot of universities i know have programs like that, and i want to go into that field too!

I don’t mind saying at all! I studied at McGill University in Montreal (Canada), and I guess I should really say I have a general biology degree with a specialization in evolutionary biology - it just meant that outside of my main required courses, such as basic genetics, cell bio, ecology, etc, I cherrypicked only courses falling under the “evolutionary bio” umbrella. I feel like this is probably the case for most large universities/colleges ??? ?

The trick is to check out course lists, read up on content and profs! Even though stuff that sounds good on paper doesn’t always pan out, you’re just as likely to come across something that didn’t sound great but was actually incredible. 

Honestly, 99% of the reason I chose McGill was for the one Vertebrate Paleo field course I read about and desperately needed to experience with the fiery passion of a thousand suns (which I did, and it was incredible) but that is not a general rule most people should follow.

A N Y W A Y, choosing schools and programs is the hardest thing you will ever do, I guarantee it, and changing schools or programs or stopping entirely will probably occur to you or happen multiple times but I believe in you and you can do it