Hyper-romantic pan Sirius determined that this is the year that he will not have 5000 crushes, thank you very much, he will control himself, the summer is over and it is the dawning of a new school year and look there’s James and Peter now and who is that beside them, lord, he’s almost tall enough to see in the window and he always had a thing for tall men and NO PADFOOT you don’t even know the man just calm down and —shit, is that Remus? That can’t be Remus, Remus is about 2 feet tall and drowns in all his sweaters, he can’t push the sleeves up his forearms, he has a round face and huge eyes and tiny wrists, he doesn’t have cheekbones and broad shoulders and long hands that can span the entirety of Sirius’ shoulder blades as he claps him on the back and oh no