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- If the dot is Sakhmet attacking
- Amaterasu the fire as her intended target…

Then the beetle symbolizes the fans who became casualty ? So the fans would share the same symbol as the Great Darkness… We assumed the Great Dark was linked to (a) god(s), but what if we got it wrong ? What if the Great Dark is not linked to the gods, but to their fans ? And the beetle swarm the manifestation of their “performance” and hunger for the gods ? After all, aren’t the “common folk” the very people the gods are supposed to be sacrificing themselves for ? And isn’t “the Destroyer”, whose power shares the nature and nourrishes the Great Dark, an “ascended fangirl” ?

Dangerous Liaisons Teaser

Coming up in the next chapter, Eric finally discovers his unknown obstacle when it comes to Jade :)….

“Because a decision I make for my own fucking body, is none of your Goddamn business, that’s why!” I scream, feeling white-hot fury sear through me. 

Eric glowers at me incredulously, rage twisting his features. “None of my business? How the fuck is this none of my business? You’ve been lying to me for months-” he snatches a plate sitting on the counter. I jump as he spikes it on tile floor, shattering it into a million pieces. 

“-and you dare to say this is none of my fucking  business?” he roars. 

Fire begins to burn in my eyes, as I feel my wrath rising. Confusion battles with rage, as I have no idea why we’re even having this argument…this isn’t something he should be upset about…and it’s not his decision anyway. 

“What….was that supposed to scare me? You’re so fucking pathetic. But you know what, let me try it…” 

An almost maniacal laugh escapes me, as I snatch an empty beer bottle on the counter. Hurling it with all my might, it crashes on the wall behind him. 

“Oh, is that how I can get what I want? Throwing things like a fucking toddler? Are you afraid of me now?” I snarl, as Eric shields himself from the spray of glass raining down on him.  

His face is mottled with rage as he finally looks up. Our collective fury radiates in an almost physical force around us, as we face off. My eyes narrow as my fists clench at my sides, as Eric’s chest heaves in anger. 

“How long Jade? Why’re you taking it? How are you even getting it?” he demands .

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Sneakers. Seriously: best cast ever: Robert Redford, River Phoenix, Dan Aykroyd, Sidney Poitier, David Strathairn, Mary McDonnell, James Earl Jones, Ben Kingsley...

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Never heard of it! I’m intrigued, but I would like it better if it was called Squeakers.

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Rejetより愛を込めてアイコンプレゼント!Part 1 (?)

「 パラダイスo'ウィスパー 」

「-陰陽師幻夜録- 我が掌で眠れ」



「クリミナーレ!F 」

「ミッドナイトキョンシー 」


「Dance with Devils 」 

「 ピタゴラスプロダクション」

comparison no one will make: trump withdrawing from the paris agreement ostensibly for economic reasons – especially economic reasons relating towards supporting manufacturing and heavy industry centers in his home country – honestly strikes me as pretty goddamned soviet.