I’m going to keep this rather short as I’m pretty tired and it’s late (in the central time zone of the United States) but I wanted to at least chime in on the Tom and Star dance that’s been going around now.

First: I hope it’s a flashback. I hope to Walt Disney it’s a flashback as to how they met and started dating (that was established in Blood Moon Ball).

Second: they look and kind of act younger, so that’s something.

Third: her wings are not visible in this clip.

Fourth: Ponyhead looks younger (I guess).

HOWEVER at :34 in the clip something that could argue that it is (unfortunately) not a flashback is her wand. Look.

That’s my two cents. As the name of my blog proclaims, it’s obvious I’m a starco shipper.

But I will give them this: this is very beautifully done. You gotta admit @brianwithanh does a phenomenal job with his music throughout the show and is perhaps nowhere more evident than in this clip! You truly don’t get the credit you deserve, sir!

And one last thing: I’m not a fan of winter, as we in the southern United States have no idea what we are doing when it comes to snow and ice (a topic for some other time) but I can’t wait for November!! Hurry up and get here!

So hey…

- If the dot is Sakhmet attacking
- Amaterasu the fire as her intended target…

Then the beetle symbolizes the fans who became casualty ? So the fans would share the same symbol as the Great Darkness… We assumed the Great Dark was linked to (a) god(s), but what if we got it wrong ? What if the Great Dark is not linked to the gods, but to their fans ? And the beetle swarm the manifestation of their “performance” and hunger for the gods ? After all, aren’t the “common folk” the very people the gods are supposed to be sacrificing themselves for ? And isn’t “the Destroyer”, whose power shares the nature and nourrishes the Great Dark, an “ascended fangirl” ?


”Some of the crew members call me Sparkles, because of Robin Sparkle from How I Met Your Mother. She’s a pop star in Canada and she’s really quiet about it, so they like to call me Sparkles. Actually, my stage name in Chinese literally translates to “Bright and Shiny.” It’s really embarrassing.”

Dangerous Liaisons Snippet

Things between Eric and Jade are about to go from bad to worse…

“Eric what is so wrong?” 

His head snaps back to stare at me in disbelief. Though I’m seething with rage inside, I sternly order myself to keep my shit together. 

He will not have the satisfaction of seeing me upset….he will not win. 

“What is so wrong?” I repeat casually, when he still doesn’t say anything. Shaking his head, he seems to finally find his voice. 

“Cut the shit… I know what you think you saw, but-” I raise my hand and cut him off. 

“I’m sorry, Eric.”

“What?” He asks incredulously, completely caught off guard by my calm demeanor. 

“I’m sorry,” I repeat. “I shouldn’t have been there. What you were doing is none of my business. You don’t owe me any explanations.”

I’m surprising myself by how well I’m doing with this. I silently resolve to keep my cool, no matter how badly I want to put my fist through his face. His eyes narrow as I plaster on a cold smile , confusing him more. 

“If we’re done here, I have to go…and I’m sure you’d like to go back to… whatever you were doing." 

He’s too stunned to respond, so I slip out of his arms and start to walk away. 

After I get a few feet, I turn back to face him. My eyes glitter darkly in the dim hallway lighting, as some of my anger simmers to the surface. 

“One favor I ask; if you’re going to try to get at me later, take a shower and wash whoever that was off you first. I don’t care too much for the scent of her perfume, and you reek of it.”

Quickly turning on my heel without another word,  I leave him in the tunnel completely stunned.  

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Rejetより愛を込めてアイコンプレゼント!Part 1 (?)

「 パラダイスo'ウィスパー 」

「-陰陽師幻夜録- 我が掌で眠れ」



「クリミナーレ!F 」

「ミッドナイトキョンシー 」


「Dance with Devils 」 

「 ピタゴラスプロダクション」